How To: Unlock NAND on the HTC Evo 4G



I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST do our How To Root the HTC Evo 4G procedure, then come to this one to unlock NAND.

2. You would unlock your NAND to load certain custom ROMs (like Cyanogen’s).

II. Setup ADB

1. Do our How To Setup ADB procedure. Once you can see your device’s serial number at the end of the procedure, then come here to continue.

III. Perform a Nandroid Backup

1. Turn off your phone.

2. Turn it back on by holding down volume down and power until hboot mode comes up. Use the volume down button and click power to select recovery.

3. Once the phone boots into recovery scroll down using the volume down buttons to Nandroid and select it. Then select backup and wait for it to finish backing up.

4. Once it is done, select Reboot System Now and wait for the phone to boot back to the normal home screen.

III. Unlock the NAND

1. Download the following files and save them to your computer.
recovery2.img (if this downloads as recovery.img, simply rename it to recovery2.img)

2. Plug the phone into the computer via USB and mount the sd card so we can transfer files to it.

3. Unzip the and file and put their content on to the root of the sd card (not in any folders on the sd card just on the sd card itself).

4. Copy the recovery2.img file and the file (do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip) to the root of the sd card (not in any folders on the sd card just on the sd card itself).

5. Unmount the sd card on your phone. Then go to Settings > Applications > Development > and make sure USB Debugging is ON.

6. Open the command prompt on your computer by going to the start menu and typing cmd and hitting enter.

7. Type the following into the command prompt with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd c:\AndroidSDK\tools\
adb shell
cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image
chmod 755 /data/flash_image
/data/flash_image misc /sdcard/mtd-eng.img

8. Once that is done, turn off the phone.

9. Turn the phone back on by holding down Volume Down and Power until HBoot mode comes up.

10. It should automatically find the PC36IMG file and ask you to confirm. Select yes and wait for it to finish flashing.

11. When it asks you if you want to reboot select yes. (It takes a long time to load up the first time, be patient).

12. Once the phone reboots to the regular home screens, make sure it is still plugged into the computer and go back to the command prompt on your computer.

13. Type the following into the command prompt with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd c:\AndroidSDK\tools
adb shell
cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image
chmod 755 /data/flash_image
/data/flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery2.img
reboot recovery

14. Once the phone reboots into recovery mode, navigate with the volume buttons and use power to select Wipe Data and select it.

15. Select reboot system now and you are all set! Now you can go to our procedure below and flash any Evo ROM you want.

IV. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Evo 4G procedure.

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  • GSRacer

    My 4g stopped working after using unrevoked3 to root my phone and unlocking nand. What can I do to fix it?

  • jay

    to everyone having problems at the cmd prompt, i don’t know why he told you to unmount your sdcard before running the commands but you absolutely do not unmount it. u disconnect from using ur usb connection as a flash drive and make sure debugging is enabled and make SURE your sdcard IS mounted. sometimes adb doesn’t like a bunch of stuff on the sdcard, i had to backup my stuff to my laptop, format my sdcard in all fat32 (got rid of the apps2sd ext3 partition) then put the downloaded files onto the card just as explained. worked like a charm. 😉

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  • anothermike

    I have the same problem as mathew. it says when i do the hboot and wait for the pc36img to update it fails and says “Main version is older!, Update Fail!” and then asks if i wanna do a reboot or not. Anyone else got this? Anyone else can help?

  • Uriel

    I have followed the steps as provided but im stuck on step 11 (11. When it asks you if you want to reboot select yes.) My phone doesnt reboot, it keeps boot looping into recovery.

    • Uriel

      Forget it, i started over from step 8 and it updated everything once again and rebooted. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • scott

    Hey I am able to get to #14, but when I reboot I get a red triangle -excalmation- icon… I have a sprint evo 4G froyo 2.2 and recently got an update from sprint..

    I revoked3 no problems..

    Please help :*(

  • scott

    weird, I did it like 2-3 times, and it finally wokred 😉 THANKS!

    • Pspunbricker

      hey scott i have the same problem but mine says update failure

  • Montyq72

    Once your rooted is it then alright to re-install htc sync and use it?


  • Montyq72

    Once your rooted is it then alright to re-install htc sync and use it?


    • TheUnlockr


      • rafael

        THE unlocker man i need help bro your the best my phone is stuck at the bootloader screen i did everything radio update v2 fail bootloader fail HELP


    error opening /sdcard/recovery2.img: No such file or directory ……HELLP

  • pilxes

    Hello David,

    I came all the way to #10 but along the way the Radio_V2 says Fail FU /then Bootloader- Fail IC

    Now the Phone Restarts but still hasn’t loaded it’s stuck on the hTc EVO 4G Logo

    pls. help thanks.

    • olie

      im having the same problem. im stuck on the white htc evo 4g screen. wont boot past. plz help

      • Bianka Giselle

        did you ever get your evo to rcover? i need help!

    • Cubanboy4life25

      bro im having the same promblem how do we get the phone to work man im so lost

    • Bianka Giselle

      did you get this to work? i am having the same problem as you and i can’t get any support… plz help! my email is

  • Albert Romero

    Same problem as the other fail on Radio and on bootloader stuff on htc evo 4g screen. can we get some help please

  • Albert Romero

    anyone with the same error with the fails get the RUU and you can go back to stock and save yourself

  • Marc Cerulli

    Help my phone bypassed bootloader radio_v2 fail pu TP was also bypassed

  • Marydei

    My phone don’t automatically find the PC36IMG file Any recomendation?

  • Muelgrub2003

    Does this mean that if I rooted the EVO 4G gingerbread with the new rooting method that just came out a short time ago for Gingerbread, that I don’t have to do this step?

  • 3rvin

    great instructions. How about the the tablet, is it the same procedures?