How To: Root the HTC Evo 4G (Unrevoked Method) Updated 09.20.10

I. Before You Begin

1. This is the easiest method available to root.

2. This method will also flash a custom recovery image so you can start flashing ROMs immediately.

3. On your computer, go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > and Uninstall HTC Sync if it is installed before you continue.

II. Root and Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Download the Unrevoked Rooting App

Unrevoked (Updated 09.20.10)

2. Double click the Unrevoked program you downloaded. If using Windows, then click here and download the drivers and install them manually.

3. Once the drivers are successfully installed, double click the Reflash program to open it.

4. Once the driver is successfully installed, turn off the phone by taking out the battery and putting it back in. Then push power to turn it on and get it to the normal home screen.

5. On your computer, right click the Reflash file and run as administrator. It should open Unrevoked and say “waiting for device”.

6. On your phone, click Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON.

7. Plug in your phone into your computer via usb cable.

8. It should automatically locate your phone that is plugged in and you can just follow the prompts to continue.

9. Done! You are rooted and have a custom recovery image!

UPDATE: Unrevoked 3.21 automatically unlocks NAND for you, so you can just continue to flash a ROM.

III. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Evo 4G procedure.

Big thanks to the Unrevoked Team!

  • Leo R. Gallego

    How come I get, “Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?”

  • Leo R. Gallego

    How come I get, “Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?”

  • Guest

     does this work for htc evo shift 4g?

  • 360junkies

    before i do this do i need to to downgrade? i dont wanna brick my shit

  • do i need to downgrade to 2.2 or not?i dont want to attempt it if i have to.

  • Mikie L

    After you received firmware question what did you do to fix it?

  • Liljuliet72

    It wont allow me to find to the drivers to reboot my phone. Im confused.

  • kimmloverr

    where can i download android 2.2 firmware at. can’t seem to find it anywhere.THANKS!

  • App1978

    how can i upgrade my android with unrevoke

  • randy burton

    can not download unrevoked any more whats other way to roo thtc evo 4g

  • super_smurf187


  • Srini9997

    Everything went fine installing drivers and everything, but now after powering down the phone, removing the battering, putting it back in and powering it back on. And plugging it in via usb to my laptop and did the run as administratorthe Reflash file.

    It says “Device ‘speedy’ is not supported at this time.” And “Recovery image: ClockworkMod Recovery”

    Could you please help me out here.


  • Josh_mcminn

    I did the downloads as promped. When I plug in my phone via usb it never starts, just says waiting on device….help please!!

  • Liz

    Wait if I root my evo.will I get free internet

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