How To: Root the HTC Evo 4G (Unrevoked Method) Updated 09.20.10

I. Before You Begin

1. This is the easiest method available to root.

2. This method will also flash a custom recovery image so you can start flashing ROMs immediately.

3. On your computer, go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > and Uninstall HTC Sync if it is installed before you continue.

II. Root and Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Download the Unrevoked Rooting App

Unrevoked (Updated 09.20.10)

2. Double click the Unrevoked program you downloaded. If using Windows, then click here and download the drivers and install them manually.

3. Once the drivers are successfully installed, double click the Reflash program to open it.

4. Once the driver is successfully installed, turn off the phone by taking out the battery and putting it back in. Then push power to turn it on and get it to the normal home screen.

5. On your computer, right click the Reflash file and run as administrator. It should open Unrevoked and say “waiting for device”.

6. On your phone, click Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON.

7. Plug in your phone into your computer via usb cable.

8. It should automatically locate your phone that is plugged in and you can just follow the prompts to continue.

9. Done! You are rooted and have a custom recovery image!

UPDATE: Unrevoked 3.21 automatically unlocks NAND for you, so you can just continue to flash a ROM.

III. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Evo 4G procedure.

Big thanks to the Unrevoked Team!

192 thoughts on “How To: Root the HTC Evo 4G (Unrevoked Method) Updated 09.20.10”

  1. what should i do if when i get to the “other devices location” and android 1.0 is not there. it just says usb device

  2. I am stuck on the reflash. It says waiting waiting for device. I checked the usb debugging and closed and reopened the reflash and it’s just stuck. Any suggestions?

      1. I had the same problem, just unplug it and plug it in, mine took 3 times doing it and it finally recognized it, ran through the process and rooted it wonderfully.

  3. what’s up .. i’m trying to unlock my Evo so that i can used on a Arab network ..that is available in the middle east . is this safe? can it be done? will i lose any information that is currently on my Evo ? when i get back to the states will i be able to reset it to it’s original state . thanks in advance -Me

    1. Toby,

      Rooting a phone does not unlock it from its network so this procedure has nothing to do with you switching networks.
      The other issue with what you said is that the Sprint Evo is a CDMA device, does the company in middle east you want to use it on use SIM cards? If so then no matter what you do to the Evo you will never be able to use it on the Arab company because they are different technologies and the Evo has no SIM card slot.

  4. Did h-boot and everything and unrevoked wont recognize my device, i have closed unrevoked and reopened 3 times and unplugged and replugged my evo. HELP

  5. Nevermind, it recognized it for some reason now. haha, it is in clockwork recovery now and i dont know what to do…

  6. Ok seriously? You all NEED to mention that HTC Sync has to be removed from the PC. If you have Sync installed…then unrevoked will hang at the ‘waiting for reboot’. Did it to me multiple times before I found answer out on Droidforums. This is serious step that should be included.

  7. unrevoked will not recognize my phone, just sits there telling me to connect my phone. USB debugging is on. what am I doing wrong?

    1. if you purchased an app its stays saved onto your google account once you log back onto the phone from recovery mode it will ask you to log into your google account, once you do that you can go to the app store and whatever app you have purchased it will let you install it back onto your phone!

    2. Devin,

      Google syncs your purchases.. It may delete the app off your phone but so long as you log in with the same GMail account when you go to the Market it will show it under Downloads as “Purchased”. You simply click on it again and it redownloads, no need to repay.

  8. ok if i root my evo whats going to be the consequences besides void warranty?
    can your phone go back to original stock rom if you accept ota updates?
    what will i benefit besides froyo?

    1. Jonathan,

      You can always unroot the phone and send it in for warranty without them knowing it was ever rooted. There are a lot of benefits like free WiFi Tethering (root and then install Wifi Tether, Google it) and the main benefit is loading custom ROMs. Benefits to loading a custom ROM are newer versions of Android (Froyo), overclocking, extra RAM (through Swap), tons more customization options through out the OS, get rid of HTC Sense/Motorola Blur or add them if you don’t have them, and themes to name a few.

      There are no reasons to use an OTA. The OTA’s are always turned into custom ROMs that you can just flash and 9 times out of 10 you can get a custom ROM based on the OTA WAY FASTER than sitting on your thumbs waiting for Sprint (or whatever carrier) to send it to you.

  9. I am running 2.2 and it came up “failed to flash recovery image” Did I do something wrong or does this not work for froyo?


  10. GREAT everything worked out great….

    Still have a question on how to put on flash… and how do i restore it to factory, if need to send in to sprint for updates and what not.

    Thanks alot

    1. Mike,

      To get Flash you need to load a custom ROM with Android 2.2 on it (go to the Load a Custom ROM procedure and pick a 2.2 ROM, like Cyanogen’s for instance) then go to the market and download Adobe Flash 10.1 and you’re all set.

      To unroot use the How To Unroot Procedure.

    1. Benny,

      2. Double click the Unrevoked program you downloaded. If using Windows, then click on the file that appears called Hboot Driver and follow it’s instructions to install the modified HBoot drivers.

  11. I’ve tried this three times now it still won’t work. I know it’s something I’m doing wrong. I’m on the Evo 2.2 and a mac. Is it the 2.2 that isn’t allowing it to work?

    1. Wil_M,

      Noone has been able to test it on 2.2 yet. That’s probably the issue honestly. Give it a few days and we’ll see if the UnRevoked team comes up with an update for the program.

  12. i got stuck on the part where after you download the usb driver and extract the files, but i can’t find it under the device manager. I don’t know why it’s not showing up. HELP PLEASE

  13. I have my phone rooted on 2.1, if I update through sprint to 2.2, will it brick my phone or just unroot it?

    1. Predator,

      It’ll just unroot it. Your better off just loading a custom ROM based on Android 2.2 like Cyanogens (if you dont want HTC Sense) or a different one if you do (search XDA or our downloads page for one).

  14. First of all, Thanks for the Videos and also the How To’s
    I would think its a a good idea to let others know that the rooting Video for the Evo you have is only good for 2.1 Not 2.2 seems lots of guys are jumping on 2.2 and loosing there tethering access Thinking that the video you have works for 2.2, Just a heads up, and would save people headaches :o),
    Any News on Rooting 2.2 yet or close without having to use a custom Rom ?

  15. hey there, well iw as trying to do all this and i get an error that says: “fail to flash recovery image” at first i thought it was the htc sync but i looked for it in my pc and can’t find it besides i never installed it, anywho the thing is that i get the same error each time and i did everything it needs to be done, many times! lol but is not working for me, any1 knows why this is happening? can i get help, i just need to root my phone for the wife tethering. 🙂

  16. I am trying to root my HTC incredible. I go thru the entire process unrevoke does its thing but at the end it gives me this message: “Failed to flash recovery image.” Please help!!!

    1. John,

      If you have updated your Incredible then it might not work in this procedure. Unrevoked is releasing a new version called 3.2 that will be able to fix your phone. Soon as it comes out (which should be any day now) we’ll replace the link here on this page and you should be good to go.

  17. the enrevoked is just saying waiting for device….i tried it over and over and it still says the samething…how can i redo the whole thing over…because the enrevoked is not working for me but the previous steps work is just this step is stuck at waiting for device….urrggghhh i dnt no what to do anymore help please

  18. Ok iam on 2.1 still because i dont want to loose my WiFi Tethering, is there a way to do this with Froyo 2.2 wihtout having to add a custom Rom ? do i have to unroot before i download 2.2 ? also if i add a Custom Rom that has 2.2 rooted already means i dont have to download 2.2 first then add custom room, or should o download 2.2 then add custom rom that allows me to wife tether? Thanks

  19. Most instructional texts or videos are incomplete and are really geared toward the more experienced user that assumes you have a fair amount of Android rooting knowledge. I have tried several other peoples methods without success because a step was missed here or there. However, TheUnlockr gets it right and doesn’t miss a step. A huge thanks to you for your efforts in helping us slightly less than efficient rooters!

  20. Hello. I am on the “ROOT for DUMMIES” list so if Im not mistaken I can ROOT my phone with the LINKS above. The original post was July 2010 but it looks like you updated in September 2010, correct?
    My next question is, I do currently have my phone rooted but I still have the 2.1 version software. I have not updated one tie because I didn’t want to lose my root or Tether. Please help

  21. Rooted my Evo 2.2 with all OTA updates. Barnacle (both versions) does not work at all and WiFi Tether connects but with the 169 address. It does ask me to allow superuser permissions. HELP!

    1. Got the wifi router to work which is all I wanted but now Google paid apps don’t show up. In fact, apps such as Slingplayer are gone and if syncing is left on it is removed from my Evo. Help!

  22. Can you please explain this step in more detail?

    “2. Double click the Unrevoked program you downloaded. If using Windows, then click on the file that appears called HbootDriver and follow it’s instructions to install the modified HBoot drivers.”

    I have downloaded reflash_package.exe from for Evo to my desktop. Where do I see the file that is called “Hboot Driver”?


    1. I edited the procedure. There was an OR after that line and it had the drivers for you to download, I just removed the line and now everyone should just download them manually to avoid confusion.

      1. Bingo for me.
        The instructions on your site are very useful and easy to follow. Thank you.
        I got a new EVO from Sprint the other day and rooted it in the first hour, and I am able to use Wireless tether without a problem.
        One advise to other people attempting this is, read instructions carefully and take it SLOWLY. I recommend rebooting the computer once the drivers are installed, just to make sure that it is good to go. The Unrevoked program is very easy to use and give it time to finish, dont assume that it’s hung or not working when it’s doing it’s thing.

  23. i just tried this on my EVO i received yesterday and it doesn’t work…it goes thru the boot sequence and says it was triumph but it still not rooted

    1. I have the same problem with Evo that I just got last week. It says it was successfully rooted but it does not work. Tried multiple times and followed instructions exactly.

  24. it doesnt show other devices under device manager. and if the other devices tab isnt showing i cant get to the android 1.0…

    any help?

  25. You guys aren’t crazy i am having the same issue. All drivers are installed, it goes to root my phone, mentions something about triumph, and then reboots again. however it does not load the recovery screen where it should load on the rom.

    Here is another forum Someone else started with the same issue


  26. I’ve downloaded the unrevoked rooting ap and the driver but when I try to follow the instructions for the driver my computer is not pulling up my htc hero under devices.. I don’t know how to continue, does unrevoked work for the htc hero? it’s an android 2.1..

  27. i did everything but then when i plugged it in and it did the whole unrevoked install thing on the phone it never opened up the Clockwork recovery MOD what do i do? do i run the unrevoked again?

    1. Where in the procedure does it say that it will automatically open the clockwork recovery? Just continue with the procedure if you didn’t get any errors and go to the next procedure linked at the bottom.

    2. Where in the procedure does it say that it will automatically open the clockwork recovery? Just continue with the procedure if you didn’t get any errors and go to the next procedure linked at the bottom.

  28. i follow all the steps but my evo 2.2 doesnt just turns back on instead of going to clockwork mod recovery .. what am i doing wrong or not doing ?

  29. i follow all the steps but my evo 2.2 doesnt just turns back on instead of going to clockwork mod recovery .. what am i doing wrong or not doing ?

  30. i follow all the steps but my evo 2.2 doesnt just turns back on instead of going to clockwork mod recovery .. what am i doing wrong or not doing ?

  31. This process works for the Evo 2.2 I guarantee it. Sorry I don’t know what you did wrong since I wasn’t standing over you when you did it. Try to start over or check for more info.

    1. I am trying to do this as we speak and I am getting an error when unrevoked starts. The error basically says that it failed to push recovery… and is shutting down. Any Ideas?



  32. the build number of my evo is 3.30.651.3 could the problem be that the unrevoked method has not yet been updated ? because i have tried the steps at least five or more times

  33. I have done this before on my hero and it work out great. On the Evo there seems to be a problem pushing the recovery.img file to its proper location on the phone. I have used Simple Root and Unrevoked3 with no success as of yet. I am currently running the 2.1 updated-1 version of driod and it will hang when using Unrevoked when running root. So i figured I need to be in 2.2 for this verison of Unrevoked to work. It there an archive location where I can get the older versions of unrevoked?

  34. It should still work. I’ve seen Evos on 2.2 stock get rooted using this method with that version of unrevoked, but check for more info and older versions. Let us know what happens!

  35. hey im trying to root my evo and everything is going good until it says waiting for root, its not doing anything now, anyone have a clue of what to do next? im new to this stuff sorry

  36. ive tried this a million times with my evo running android 2.2 i get to the the screen where you pick hboot usb and it shows the same thing as hboot does with like “no file image or wrong image” something like that… then it just reboots and nothing happens unrevoked just sits there and says waiting for root.. any idea?

    i have the debugging checked and everything

  37. I’ve also tried………stuck on “waiting for root (safe to restart if this doesn’t work, I followed everything you have on the video……..need help

    1. Lordwilliamthegreat

      i’m getting the same problem, i’ve tried on both our mac and win7, with the drivers installed… help anyone?

      1. Me too ive tried different ways with PC36IMG and this way for hours but it keeps on giving me “Waiting for root (safe to restart if this doesn’t work”

      2. Me too ive tried different ways with PC36IMG and this way for hours but it keeps on giving me “Waiting for root (safe to restart if this doesn’t work”

    2. Hey I had the same issue and for me at least I just plugged my phone into a different port and it worked just fine then

    3. Cantesendmejunkmail

      You can NOT follow the video with the new written directions. They contradict each other. The written way worked great for me on 3 different EVO’s

  38. Hi there, I’ve tried this unrevoked method to root my EVO several, SEVERAL times and i have been unsuccessful all of those times!! I have followed the directions to a “T”, but nothing is working!! Is it because I have the Update? If so, what do I do next? I am at my whit’s end!!! Help!

  39. I received the following on my phone (black background)
    E:unsupported radio version
    E: update failed. check /sdcard/soff.log.
    E: error in /data/local/
    (Status 42)
    Installation aborted
    /tmp/recovery.log was copied to /sdcard/clockworkmod/recovery.log. Please open ROM Manager to report the issue.
    Any help, thoughts, info?

  40. I received the following on my phone (black background)
    E:unsupported radio version
    E: update failed. check /sdcard/soff.log.
    E: error in /data/local/
    (Status 42)
    Installation aborted
    /tmp/recovery.log was copied to /sdcard/clockworkmod/recovery.log. Please open ROM Manager to report the issue.
    Any help, thoughts, info?

  41. I had issues also but was successful. I noticed I had Lookout running at startup. When I removed the app totally and didn’t run any anti-virus stuff – it worked perfectly. Might try this if you’re having trouble….

  42. Ive tried rooting on 2 different computers now and I have had success in the past but i just got a new evo and i keep getting “error: failed to get root. is your firmware too new?” have any suggestions?

  43. someoje help want to do this but does it delete all your apps and contacts and stuff like that someone please help

  44. I’m at the last step, but when reflash is installing into the phone, I get “Internal error: installing package failed.” Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  45. hey i am using my mac to root but there is no drivers i am new to mac so have no idea to what i have to do i am waiting to unrevoke it but it says waiting for device.

  46. Thank you! I’m not sure if it worked or not but if it did then that was WAAAAAAYYYY easier than i thought it was going to be.. I did it a little different than you did but it took like 5 minutes and it was done.. I didn’t have to do anything except turn on the debugging and wait for it to say “done”.. I’m guessing it worked since i now have the little Superuser ninja. Evo 4G / Android version 2.2 / Software number 3.70.651.1….. I just got this phone in November and I’m pretty sure it has the latest software just in case someone was wondering… Thanx again…. Steve

  47. has anyone had any problems after unlocking their evo? I rooted my samsung moment and had all kinds of problems after i did that and could not unroot it. just wanted to know before i attempted this…

  48. I keep getting an error when it starts to Root the device. quote “Error: failed to get root. is your firmware too new?”

    I have Android 2.2. is that too new?

  49. Unlockr,
    I have the HTC EVO 2.2. I am… happy with it. I am thinking of rooting the phone to use its full potential. I find your site VERY helpful, thankyou. My business partner is about to FINALLY upgrade to a smartphone. I was wondering what your choice device is and your opinion on EVO.

  50. when I reach clckwork mod recovery i have no option for nandroud abd it says v.6… instead of what it says in video

  51. Hi. Tonight I attempted to root my EVO. It currently has the 3.70.651.1 OTA update, running Android 2.2

    I opted to download the latest version of unrevoked for my system. Since I am a Linux user (ubuntu 10.10), there is no need for special drivers and the instructions indicate to just run the reflash binary. So from a terminal, I run “gksudo ./reflash “, authenticate the new process with the root password and watch…after a few minutes, if fails with the following error: “Failed to flash recovery image”

    I’ve followed the instructions from the unrevoked site very carefully.

    If you can shead some light, I’d be grateful.

  52. How about if you’ve used unrevoked 3.21 and it flashed your NAND but didn’t realize and then you try to unlock NAND with PC36IMG and it screws up your phone. I try to update via PC36IMG and it tells me that Radia fails-pu and now my phone will not operate. I’ve tried using adb but am not getting anywhere because it says “system/bin/sh” not found. Can I fix this?

  53. This is Awesome! This is the only instruction guide that has gotten Unrevoked to work for me! Thanks so much!!

  54. i had to get a replacement evo and i am trying to root it and it goes through the process and then it says running root then i get the error is your firmware too new? 

  55. Very nice! Worked perfect on my HTC Evo. I was skeptical at first but after watching the video I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do it and said F it, I’m gonna do it. Glad I did. Soon I’m going to switch from Sprint to Cricket and this was one of the first steps I needed to take to get that going.

  56. Okay so I completed the root and now I can’t update the phone with a service update from Sprint.  Is this normal or did I do something wrong?

  57. I have rooted my phone and I am pleased but I am unable to install the system updates.  Can someone explain in basic language what I need to do to install the system update? 

    Do I need to unroot my phone?

  58. Marksublettejr

    I have 2.3.3 Evo 4g, can get through evrything but fails and asks if my firmware is to new? Ya Think?:)

  59. i went step by step and it asked me if my firmware is too new and that there is an error: failed to get root…what did i do incorrectly?

  60. Everything went fine installing drivers and everything, but now after powering down the phone, removing the battering, putting it back in and powering it back on. And plugging it in via usb to my laptop and did the run as administratorthe Reflash file.

    It says “Device ‘speedy’ is not supported at this time.” And “Recovery image: ClockworkMod Recovery”

    Could you please help me out here.


  61. I did the downloads as promped. When I plug in my phone via usb it never starts, just says waiting on device….help please!!

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