How To: Load a Custom ROM on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / HTC Glacier

I. Before You Begin

1. This method is for flashing a custom recovery image and custom ROM.

2. You MUST have done our How To Temp Root and the How To Perm Root / S-OFF procedures for the MyTouch 4G BEFORE coming to this procedure.

II. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Once you have done the above to procedures, open the Market on your phone and search for ROM Manager (Free).

2. Install it.

3. Open the ROM Manager app and click Menu, then Settings and turn ON Delete Recovery.

4. Click Back and then select Flash Recovery.

5. Choose your phone model and then let it flash the recovery.

6. Click Reboot Recovery and you should be put into the custom recovery image screen. If so, you are all set.

*If you get a phone with a red ! symbol when you reboot into recovery that means it didn’t stick. So just take out the battery and put it back in then turn the phone on and repeat steps 3-6 over and over until you get a black screen with green writing on it instead of the ! screen.

III. Flash a Custom ROM

1. Head to our ROMs section and choose your specific phone. Then click on one of the ROMs and select which one you want. Download it and save it to your computer.

2. Once it is saved, plug in your phone via USB cable and mount the SD card so we can save files to the sd card.

3. Copy the ROM’s .zip file over to the root of the sd card (NOT in any folders on the sd card, just on the root of the card) (do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip).

4. In the custom recovery screen, select Nandroid then Backup and backup your current ROM.

5. Then select Wipe Data.

6. Then select Apply .zip from sd card and choose the ROM you downloaded earlier.

7. Once it is done flashing, click reboot system. Once it reboots, you are all set. Enjoy!

IV. (Optional) Overclock the Phone

1. If you want to overclock your phone, head to our How To Overclock Your Perm Rooted T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / T-Mobile G2 procedure.

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66 responses to “How To: Load a Custom ROM on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / HTC Glacier”

  1. Mr White003 says:

    i did step by step from youre video and rooted my phone fhlashed the phone whit update-Ice-Glacier-v1.1.2-Themed_signed everything went well except wont get 4g signal only gets edge signal how can you help me whit this problem???illd be very glad if you could help me fixed my signal problem thanks att mr.white

  2. Jslenzi says:

    If this is done how can one go back to the original rom? Is it simple or would it mess up the phone?

    • Cheecho06 says:

      In Step 3 part 4 he tells you to do a backup. So if you don’t like this ROM you can restore your backup. Or flash another ROM… Now if your talking about going back to stock and unrooting your phone, then you would go to the How To Unroot video.

  3. Angels714 Jc says:

    how long does it have to take to boot up???

  4. Swanny says:

    I am running Iced Glacier 1.1.2 seems to be working great. Do I just backup…wipe and load the upgrade like then? I am unclear if I need to do any thing more than that.

  5. Mikeysmith84 says:

    how can i flash a new rom and keep all of my apps? i hate flashing new roms and then having to redownload everything on my phone! any help would be great thanks.

  6. Mikeysmith84 says:

    how can i flash a new rom and keep all of my apps? i hate flashing new roms and then having to redownload everything on my phone! any help would be great thanks.

  7. Tomato says:

    How can i revert back to stock? The unrooted guide seems confusing and i don’t even know if that is to revert back to stock. Please help!

  8. Jslenzi says:

    Got a custom rom loaded, problem is that the roms gorilla and iced dont fix the bluetooth problems, like connecting to a bluetooth keyboard or wii remote, any suggestions

  9. Jerrymneal says:

    Iam afraid I bricked my mytouch4g
    I installed an app and now I cant get to the recovery screen or bootloader by holding down volume down and power
    Apparently the app is only have loaded wont allow to go to settings and no connection cell or wifi

  10. Tony MyTouch 4G says:

    Help!!!! I followed all the steps and successfully rooted and flashed the iced glacier rom on both mine and my girls MyTouch 4G; The problem now is, everytime we are on the internet, we are kicked out and the phone goes back to the home screen. What do I do to fix this?

  11. Balquin says:

    What can be done about md5sums changing on your rom download?

  12. Newyorkqs says:

    how do i get my original data? i dont like the custom rom.

  13. M Mcwherter85 says:

    i switched to honeycomb and now the phone wont recognize my sd card to install a different rom. any advice?

  14. Brandon7142 says:

    i followed all the steps and installed gingerbread, now i cant get to my market or any other of my apps, i can see them when i go to my file manager but can not open them to use them. wtf? lol

  15. Brandon7142 says:

    how to i go back to the original out of box settings?

  16. Johnzxc2001 says:

    Hey, I have a myTouch 4g that is Perm-Rooted and True S=Off, yet, I am unable to install any custom ROMs.  I have followed the step provided the Unlockr’s How To: Load a Custom ROM on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / HTC Glacier video but had no success.  I have tried flashing Iced Glacier, CM7, and MIUI; but every time, I am provided with a message telling me that installation has been aborted!  Any ideas anyone.  I am very new to this, so I apologize if this is a dumb question : )

  17. Deltalyric says:

    Hey I have a my touch 4 g where the ringtone no matter what i change it 2 it rings the same song can someone help!

  18. Jrb9820 says:

    When i try to flash clockwork then reboot the phone does not get past the mytough 4g 

  19. Jrivera1508 says:

    hey they I recently got my mytouch 4g wet with polishremover I got it dryed as fast as I can thing is I had an extra phone so I left the mytouch off for about 3weeks after I turned it on and started working so for some resaon I tured it off and know it gose to the fastboot sceen help …..anyonr

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