How To: Gain Permanent Root and S-OFF on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / HTC Glacier

I. Before You Begin

1. An explanation of what S OFF is and why you might want it – S Off means security off for your HBoot mode (aka Bootloader). The bootloader is what allows you to flash updates and write to the file system of your phone. By turning the Security OFF, we can flash any updates/ROMs we want without the phone checking to see if it is an official update or not.

2. You MUST have done our Temporary Rooting Method before coming to this method.

3. This ONLY works on T-Mobile MyTouch 4G’s that have gotten the OTA. You can check by going to Settings > About Phone > Firmware and your Android Version should read 2.2.1 or higher! If you are Android 2.2, either just wait for Android 2.2.1 to automatically come to your phone OR download this file save it to the root of your sd card and then turn off your phone and turn it back on holding down Volume Down and Power and then apply the update when asked. After that, you can continue with this procedure.

Thanks to Grankin01 for his rooting scripts!

II. Flash the S-OFF Hboot Image and Gain Perm Root

1. Download the rooting files from here.

2. Extract the files somewhere to your computer.

3. Plug your phone in via USB cable and mount the SD card so we can transfer files to it.

4. Copy the entire root folder from inside the extracted folder from step 2 to the root of your sd card on your phone (NOT in any folders, just on the SD card itself).

5. Unplug the phone.

6. Go to the Market on your phone and download/install Android Terminal Emulator (free).

4. Open the Terminal Emulator app and type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line (to get the touch screen keyboard to come up hit the menu button then toggle soft keyboard):

cd /sdcard/root

5. Now, wait for it to finish.

6. After that is done, reboot the phone. When it boots back up, turn it off and back on holding down Volume Down and Power until the HBoot screen comes up. Confirm it says S-OFF at the top. If so, you have S-OFF.

10. Now, to get permanent root, turn the phone back on to get to the normal home screen.

11. Open Visionary and Uncheck TempRoot on Boot and click Temproot Now.

12. Then select Attempt Perm Root Now and the phone should reboot.

13. Once the phone reboots, open Terminal Emulator on the phone and type su and hit enter. If you get the # symbol, you have permanent root access and S-OFF, enjoy!

IV. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / HTC Glacier procedure.

  • K15goose

    when i type the first line “su” I get “permission denied”
    any tips??  did this on my old phone without any issues….

  • K15goose

    i turned my phone off and it wont come out of the opening “t-mobile mytouch 4g” screen you get at the beginning when you turn it on.

    it literally stays on there forever

    can i do a factory reset or will that cause further damage???

  • Apsitos

    Hey i have a problem. When ever i type in cd/sdcard/root it says not found i believe. It’s exaclty where you said it should be.

  • to the guys at just wanted to note that in the process of putting the command line prompts eg:
    cd /sdcard/root (at this line there is a white space between cd and the back slash symbol /,
    you should lets this be known in your video because if the white space is not there the terminal will tell you cd /sdcard/root not found. for the people who or not computer savvy this could be a problem)

  • Barer

    i have done this for couple times i even had erased all files to root mytouch4g.. re do all this work.. and still have the S-on i dont know what else i can do.. i have every method n still not able to root my phone.. any help?

  • Alexis4787

    s off rooting files like says not available

    • Alexis4787

      ***did not mean to put like thats a typo…:(

  • i was just wondering does this work with the 2.3.4 update

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but i dunno how to check my comments it wsays i have one but cant figure out how to check it

  • Minusakattt

    I followed everything until i got to cd/sdcard/root, then it said “not found”. What do i do?

  • T_esco78

    When I reboot holding down the down volume, it just boots normally. I’m not really clear on how to turn it off and on. Do I turn it off hold ing down the volume button, and then on holding down the volume button?

  • T_esco78

    When I type in Su and enter it says SU: Permision denied
    then after I type the rest and it starts doing its thing, first it says failed(operation not permitted)
    then 2 lines down it says cannot open for write: permision denied.

    Did the temp root not work or something?

  • Rebeca_orillo

    AT step for after i typed it all it said cant open root…pls anyone help whats wrong. i followed every step -__-

  • Wheelerboy12

    mine isnt in cd/sdcard/root    it says not found, mine is in /mnt/sdcard/root    but it says permission denied and when u type sh   and it says sh: cant open     what did i do wrong?

  • Iwilltryintoidi3

    i try every step. nothing work, it still says s-on. i had a mytouch 3g slide root it but i wet it. so please help.

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  • Cowbasa

    Dude, thanks a looooot for the link!

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  • Jordan

    same thing mine says and I can’t get S=off.