How To: Save Apps to Your SD Card on the G1 (OBSOLETE)

PLEASE NOTE! This method is obsolete! Please refer to the newer Rooting/Loading Custom ROM methods on our site:
Unroot (G1) OR Unroot(MyTouch), then Root, then Load a Custom ROM, Apps2SD/Hero etc.

So the G1 (or Android, not sure who to blame really), has an inherent flaw. It’s not that the cute little robot has to get poked like the Pilsbury dough boy for you to first use the phone, it’s the fact that when you save applications from the Market (part of the large appeal of the Android OS), it saves them to the phone’s internal memory instead of the SD card. What’s the problem? Well since there is only about 70MBs of internal storage as opposed to the 1GB or more in your SD card, we’re talking a huuuuge space problem for all of those awesome apps to download. If you could save your apps to the much larger 1GB (= approx. 1000MB) or more of storage in the SD card, you could essentially download 14x more applications!

Good thing the guys over at XDA-Developers have helped us do just that. Here is the video on how to do so.

WARNING – This is sort of advanced stuff and could possible harm your device, so if you are ok with the 70MBs and are not very proficient with rooting, loading roms, etc., you may want to not attempt this.


Before you begin, there are 2 methods for partitioning a memory card.
1. Via Paragon Partition Manager 9
2. Via the Apps2SD program found in this post
I used to have the Paragon way on here but have found that a lot of people are having a hard time finding this program on the internet, so I redid the video and the instructions here to use the Apps2SD method instead.

1. Connect your G1 to the computer and mount the SD card and save all of the files on your SD card to a folder on your computer for backup (as this process will erase your entire SD card).

2. Unmount the SD card on the G1.

3. Click Settings, SD card & phone storage, then click Format SD card.

4. Remount the newly formatted SD card to your computer via the drop down notification menu on the G1.

5. Download these 3 files:
Apps2SD Application

6. Put the three files on the root (top most) folder of your SD card.

7. Create the directory on the SD card; /system/sd/app

8. Put the memory card back into the G1 or disconnect your G1 from the computer.

9. Open Terminal on the phone (if you don’t have it download it from the market by searching for Terminal).

10. In Terminal type the following and at the end of each line hit enter:
cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/
cp /sdcard/ /data/

11. Close Terminal

12. Download and install Linda File Manager from the Market if you do not already have it (great program by the way).

13. Goto the home screen of your phone push the menu key and goto Settings, then Applications and check the box for Unknown Sources (this allows us to install the Apps2SD program even though it wasn’t downloaded from the Market).

14. Open Linda File Manager, then click on SD Card then find the Apps2SD.apk file we put on there earlier and click it. Choose Package Installer to run it and it will install the program.

15. Open Apps2SD and the first time you open it you should get a screen with a green slider bar. Move the slider over from the right to a desired size for your applications (on the stock G1 1GB memory card I recommend maybe 300MBs, on a card bigger than 4GBs go ahead and do 1400MBs). DO NOT MAKE THE EXT2 PARTITION ANY LARGER THAN 1500MBs as it will cause errors in most ROMS.

16. Reboot the phone, done! From now on all apps you download should goto the SD card. To check if it worked, goto Settings > SD Card & Phone Storage then scroll down to Available Space, should say a lot more than 70MBs 🙂

17. Optional, run Apps2SD again and have it transfer all of your current apps (if they weren’t deleted during this process) to your SD card.

Reported Issues

Issue: I have the Hero ROM and I only have 70-80MBs of free internal space, why don’t I have 1300mbs or whatever I had before I went to the Hero ROM?

Solution: The Hero ROM does not correctly support the Apps2SD procedure like the other, more stable ROMs do.

Issue: I’m stuck on the G1 screen!

1. To fix this, simply take out the memory card from the G1 and put it into the SD adapter it came with then put that into the computer/laptop.
2. Find the file that is on your SD card and delete it (if you have one).
3. Then put a ROM you want to use (if a Hero ROM doesn’t work then use a Non-Hero ROM) on the SD card in the topmost folder (not in any subfolders) and rename it to
4. Put the memory card back into the phone and turn the phone on by holding Home and End till the recovery screen comes up (for most people this is a triangle with an ! in it).
5. Hit Alt W to wipe the phone (it might reboot, if it does and it is still stuck on the G1 logo, then take out the battery and put it back in and continue to step 6).
6. Turn on the phone again by holding down the Home and End button till you get to the ! screen again and hit Alt S to load the update.
7. Once it is done, reboot the phone and it should pass the G1 screen this time.

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