How To: Save Apps to Your SD Card on the G1 (OBSOLETE)

PLEASE NOTE! This method is obsolete! Please refer to the newer Rooting/Loading Custom ROM methods on our site:
Unroot (G1) OR Unroot(MyTouch), then Root, then Load a Custom ROM, Apps2SD/Hero etc.

So the G1 (or Android, not sure who to blame really), has an inherent flaw. It’s not that the cute little robot has to get poked like the Pilsbury dough boy for you to first use the phone, it’s the fact that when you save applications from the Market (part of the large appeal of the Android OS), it saves them to the phone’s internal memory instead of the SD card. What’s the problem? Well since there is only about 70MBs of internal storage as opposed to the 1GB or more in your SD card, we’re talking a huuuuge space problem for all of those awesome apps to download. If you could save your apps to the much larger 1GB (= approx. 1000MB) or more of storage in the SD card, you could essentially download 14x more applications!

Good thing the guys over at XDA-Developers have helped us do just that. Here is the video on how to do so.

WARNING – This is sort of advanced stuff and could possible harm your device, so if you are ok with the 70MBs and are not very proficient with rooting, loading roms, etc., you may want to not attempt this.


Before you begin, there are 2 methods for partitioning a memory card.
1. Via Paragon Partition Manager 9
2. Via the Apps2SD program found in this post
I used to have the Paragon way on here but have found that a lot of people are having a hard time finding this program on the internet, so I redid the video and the instructions here to use the Apps2SD method instead.

1. Connect your G1 to the computer and mount the SD card and save all of the files on your SD card to a folder on your computer for backup (as this process will erase your entire SD card).

2. Unmount the SD card on the G1.

3. Click Settings, SD card & phone storage, then click Format SD card.

4. Remount the newly formatted SD card to your computer via the drop down notification menu on the G1.

5. Download these 3 files:
Apps2SD Application

6. Put the three files on the root (top most) folder of your SD card.

7. Create the directory on the SD card; /system/sd/app

8. Put the memory card back into the G1 or disconnect your G1 from the computer.

9. Open Terminal on the phone (if you don’t have it download it from the market by searching for Terminal).

10. In Terminal type the following and at the end of each line hit enter:
cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/
cp /sdcard/ /data/

11. Close Terminal

12. Download and install Linda File Manager from the Market if you do not already have it (great program by the way).

13. Goto the home screen of your phone push the menu key and goto Settings, then Applications and check the box for Unknown Sources (this allows us to install the Apps2SD program even though it wasn’t downloaded from the Market).

14. Open Linda File Manager, then click on SD Card then find the Apps2SD.apk file we put on there earlier and click it. Choose Package Installer to run it and it will install the program.

15. Open Apps2SD and the first time you open it you should get a screen with a green slider bar. Move the slider over from the right to a desired size for your applications (on the stock G1 1GB memory card I recommend maybe 300MBs, on a card bigger than 4GBs go ahead and do 1400MBs). DO NOT MAKE THE EXT2 PARTITION ANY LARGER THAN 1500MBs as it will cause errors in most ROMS.

16. Reboot the phone, done! From now on all apps you download should goto the SD card. To check if it worked, goto Settings > SD Card & Phone Storage then scroll down to Available Space, should say a lot more than 70MBs 🙂

17. Optional, run Apps2SD again and have it transfer all of your current apps (if they weren’t deleted during this process) to your SD card.

Reported Issues

Issue: I have the Hero ROM and I only have 70-80MBs of free internal space, why don’t I have 1300mbs or whatever I had before I went to the Hero ROM?

Solution: The Hero ROM does not correctly support the Apps2SD procedure like the other, more stable ROMs do.

Issue: I’m stuck on the G1 screen!

1. To fix this, simply take out the memory card from the G1 and put it into the SD adapter it came with then put that into the computer/laptop.
2. Find the file that is on your SD card and delete it (if you have one).
3. Then put a ROM you want to use (if a Hero ROM doesn’t work then use a Non-Hero ROM) on the SD card in the topmost folder (not in any subfolders) and rename it to
4. Put the memory card back into the phone and turn the phone on by holding Home and End till the recovery screen comes up (for most people this is a triangle with an ! in it).
5. Hit Alt W to wipe the phone (it might reboot, if it does and it is still stuck on the G1 logo, then take out the battery and put it back in and continue to step 6).
6. Turn on the phone again by holding down the Home and End button till you get to the ! screen again and hit Alt S to load the update.
7. Once it is done, reboot the phone and it should pass the G1 screen this time.

388 thoughts on “How To: Save Apps to Your SD Card on the G1 (OBSOLETE)”

    1. Hey Jason,

      Ha, video should be up tomorrow hopefully, but I figured I’d put up the text for now in case you guys wanted to be brave lol. Let me know if you run into any snags so I can change them if I made a mistake.
      Good Luck!

  1. David are you gonna post up a vid for this tutorial anytime soon? I really need to do this on my phone and I rather learn the steps visually so i can see what ur doing, that’s how I understand.

  2. Sounds good, thanks for replying back. But yea like i said thats how i would understand how to do it, and im sure i would by seeing your vid. 🙂

  3. hey david

    im having a problem when i partition my card with apps2sd it lets me do it then my notifications show bkank sd so it wiped my sd clean then it shuts off automatically and gets stuck at the android boot screen help!!!!!! by the way i have the dudes rom latest and the new htc hero theme v1.35

    1. Hello Rishi,

      So you have the Paragon Partition Manager installed, correct?
      Just put the SD card in the adapter and put it in the computer, then open Paragon and you will see it. Click on it and click Create Partition at the top left. Then follow the steps. Make most of it FAT32 and then a small portion (no larger than 1.5GB) EXT2.

    1. Hello Casey,

      No problem. I’m not too familiar with the Apps2SD app, but I’ll mess with it and just edit the existing tutorial to include that method as well.

  4. but david the problem is it is ext3 and the program wont let me format or create the partition. im just wondering if i could somehow format it back to fat 32 and windows doesnt let me format it either. is there any way to format it in msdos

    1. Hello Rishi,

      The program has an option to format a partition, try selecting that on the Ext3. I know it recognizes Ext3 because it is in the legend at the bottom of the program with a color next to it, so shouldn’t be an issue.



    1. Hey Rishi,

      Take the memory card out of the computer. There is a little toggle slider type mechanism on the side of the SD adapter. Make sure it is set to unlock then put it back into the computer and close paragon then reopen it and see if it can format it now. (If your adapter doesnt say lock or unlock just set it to whatever it isnt on now and try it. Also make sure to put it into the computer slowly so the lock mechanism doesnt engage if it is loose).

  6. That’s what I try everytime. Sorry to be rude but it just aggravates me that this problem I can’t seem to solve.

    Please help me more david

  7. hey david,
    i think it solved because i was able to ginto linux and format and partition
    but now when i go into type those codes i get no such file or directory could you go through that whole procedure of creating that directory again because i dont see system in my computer!!

    1. In response to what Jason said about the Cyanogen ROM,

      A lot of the new ROMs have the Apps2SD programming built in, but you still have to partition the card first.

  8. Hey on the last command that I type in it says sdcard/apps2sd no such file or directory or something along those lines… any help? please?

    1. Hello Kaden,

      Make sure that you downloaded the file and it is on the top most folder on the SD card. If you aren’t sure then just put it there again to be safe.

  9. Need help when i go through Terminal and enter the last line i keep getting this Error message “no such file or directory” How do i fix this?

  10. i followed the exact same steps but when i put the mkdir… it says file not found or something like that

    1. Hello AlanJ

      Not sure you followed the steps exactly considering I don’t have anywhere in the instructions anything about making a directory using mkdir… 🙂

  11. oops i found the real problem and it says after i put the first line cp init… it says file not found

    1. Hey AlanJ,

      No problem 🙂
      That would mean 1 of two things:
      1. You did not save the init.rc file to the topmost folder on your SD card (or didn’t save it at all in the first place).
      2. You did not type the following exactly as written:
      cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/
      cp /sdcard/ /data/

      Let me know if you get it working.

  12. Im getting the same thing
    it says cp: not found

    i do have it on the topmost folder too
    im running on the latest build of the jachero rom

    1. Hey AlanJ,

      Oh sorry, that’s why. The Hero Roms do not have busybox (the program used to issue the cp command aka copy).
      You would either have to revert to a non-Hero ROM, do the Apps2SD procedure, then go back to the Hero ROM
      You would just wait until JAC or someone puts busybox into a release of their Hero ROM.

  13. if the last step on the terminal emulator doesnt work its because on the tutorial it says to type in cp /sdcard/ /data/
    but that file is not named on the memory card so instead of typing in cp /sdcard/ /data/
    you need to type in
    cp /sdcard/ /data/
    see the difference trust me i did it and it worked

    1. Hey GMartinez and DirectMatrix,

      Awesome catch guys, sorry about that. You are both right it should be not
      I fixed it in the text and then noticed that I must have copied my text in the video cause I did it wrong there too lol I’m redoing the video to fix that and also to add the Apps2SD partitioning instead of the Paragon Partition Manager method since most prefer using the Apps2SD program.

      Thanks again!

  14. ehh…. idid everything how it says and it crashes my phone right on the tomobile g1 logo…. its happend twice!!! I HAVE TO RESTART FROMC RC29

  15. Hey David,

    I think there’s and error in the tutorial… one of the file names that is supposed to be installed on the root of the sdcard is called “” but in the code you have people copy “” so either they need to modify the code to read:

    cp /sdcard/ /data/

    or change the file name to “”

    Hope this helps some people out.

  16. Hey David,

    App2sd application keeps wanting to force closing during step 8, so instead of choosing force close, I choose “wait”…it creates the partition, prompts for a reboot, then I restart open terminal and copy the necessary files restart again and check the settings. Phone Storage = 53MB so clearly the force closing hiccup is causing some problems. Any suggestions?

    Build Info:
    ROM: The Dude’s Cupcake 1.3RC2
    SPL: 1.33.2005
    Theme: PrOdigal_Sun’s Orange Dude’s 1.3RC2 version
    SD Cards: Transcend 8GB Class 6

  17. Hi David, I actually just bought an 8 gb card and even downloaded the paragon partition manager 9 but when i inserted the micro sd card with the adapter in the card it does not even read it or aknowledge it. So is it possible the comp cannot read SDHC card? Also if that is the case, i am waiting for your apps2sd tutorial and wondering when will you put it up and how I can find it. My final question to you sir is that once this is done, I will be able to run my apps from the SD card and not need to root for that reason right? Thank you for your help and you put up great videos.

    1. Hey Nimi,

      You will need to Root in order to do the Apps2SD method, so I’d do that process first (
      Check the SD adapter you are putting your memory card into, it might have the lock on side turned on (little plastic slider), try to slide it in the opposite direction first. If it still doesn’t work you might need SD drivers for your computer to see SDHC devices.

      Thanks, you guys keep watching them and I’ll gladly keep making them.

  18. David,

    Yeah I tried all the usual trouble shooting methods….(uninstall/reinstall App2SD, erase partitions on a linux box and start from scratch, redownload all the files you provided directly from XDA in case there was a downloading error etc). Still the same force close result and no apps on sd. Not sure where to go from here. I was thinking about doing a wipe and reflashing dude’s1.3rc2 or trying a different ROM and seeing if that made a difference although I know for a fact there are tons of ppl on XDA who are running the dude’s 1.3rc2 AND app2sd with no problem. Thoughts?

  19. David,

    I fixed it…followed the updated tutorial over at XDA. Here’s what I changed in case others are having similar problems….

    1) You do NOT need to create /system/sd/app on the SD card as the program does it for you.

    2) It seems that pushing init.rc and to the appropriate folders BEFORE running the apps2sd app solved my issues.

    Also, for anyone wondering, if you want to move your app-private and dalvik-cache over to your SD card, you don’t need to create directories for them either as the apps2sd app does that for you too.

  20. Rishi,

    David’s tutorial is top-notch with the exception of what I already posted above that worked for me. The best (and only) advice I can give is:

    1) Download the needed files directly from the source. (Don’t know if it made a difference but that’s one of the things I did)

    2) I did a wipe and reflash before I started as well as did a repartition and format of my 8GB card to FAT32 before I started.

    3) I installed app2sd.apk using Linda AFTER I pushed the files init.rc and to their appropriate folders as outlined by David.

    4) I didn’t install a theme until after I was done getting the apps over to the sd card.

    5) Follow the hints in my other post above [labeled I fixed it…..]

    Hope that helps….Sorry for cluttering up this section David. Feel free to delete these after Rishi solves the problem

    1. Hey DirectMatrix,

      I’m going to redo the tutorial this weekend and put your changes in if that’s ok with you? (The only main change that I could see would make a difference is the doing Apps2SD after pushing init.rc and ).
      If you try to create the folder and its already there it’ll just say “already exists” so no problem.
      The files I have here were taken from XDA and I just hosted them on my MegaUpload account to make it easier to find for people, so they are identical.

      I don’t see why not to put this change in if it seemed to help you (I was ok with the way I did it, but it could be because I used Paragon Partition manager and I think your changes might help others).

      Thanks! Please, if anyone else that notices better ways to alter the tutorials let me know, I appreciate the feedback and it can only help others.

  21. Well now im on the latest hero rom JacHero ROM 2.3.1 & now it has busybox but i did the same steps as in description and still didnt work 🙁 the terminal did everything no problem with the cp’s its just after i reboot and check internal storage it says 21 mb available

    1. Hey AlanJ,

      Not sure why then, you might have to goto a non hero ROM and do the steps, then go back to a Hero ROM.


    1. Hey AlanJ,

      Instead of using the Partition Manager, use the new instructions with the Apps2SD program if you can’t get the Partition Manager to work (your error btw means that you downloaded the 32bit version of Paragon but you have a 64bit version of Windows and it can’t run it for some reason).

  22. Hey David,

    I’m fine with using the additional info that I provided in your revised tutorial. using the app2sd application was definitely easier for me because it sets the partitions for you. after i was able to fix the force close problem it was smooth sailing.

  23. apps2sd application does nothing but force close non stop. Will not partition anything at all so I did it with Paragon, followed the rest of the instructions and well…My phone will not boot past the G1 logo.


      This is a common thing.
      To fix:
      1. Start the phone up holding Power and Home. Hit Alt W to wipe the phone. Then hit Home and Back to reboot.
      If that doesn’t work,
      2. Just take out the memory card, put into your computer and put a rom you have used before that worked on there and name it Put the card back in the phone, then hold home and end to get to the recovery screen and hit Alt W the Alt S.

    1. Hello Thomas,

      Simply create a folder called system (if it doesn’t already exist) on your SD card, then open it. Inside that folder create another called sd , then open that. Inside that folder create a folder called app. Done. Then close the memory card and continue the process. Sorry if it is a little technical, I’ll fix it.

  24. omg !! so easy yet it f**ked up my 8gb memory card !!
    fortunatly i have a spare 2gb card, and i backed up my data before doing this

    my phone reads my 8 gig card as blank or using a unsuporrted file system . .
    i think i skipped step 7 and 10 LOL
    any advice on getting my 8 gig back ?

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Glad you got it to work! What is the issue exactly and how did you fix it if you don’t mind? (So we can post it in the instructions to avoid it in the future).

  25. hey david,

    im doing this on my hero rom with busybox alread installed but when i type in the second line command t shows a list of options likesame as -dPr
    and -d,-p preserve links and a list of all other options could you please tell me wat to do

  26. Hey David,

    Would there be a problem if I downloaded apps2sd and partitioned my card first before I followed any other instructions? If so do I need to format back to fat and then start all over. If I don’t have to start all over would I just put those files on fat or ext?

    1. Hello Casey,

      The instructions originally had you partition first then follow the steps but thanks to DirectMatrix, I revised it because people were getting errors partitioning first. So i’d just right click and format the card to FAT32 by rightclicking on it in Windows, then follow the rest of the steps through the procedure. Let me know if there were any errors or if it worked fine so we can revise the steps if needed to get it perfect for everyone.

  27. Thomas,

    Did you use the apps2sd application? If so, mine did the same thing. It said it was going to format my SD card but when it did, it said my card was damaged but its not. You need to find Paragon and reformat the remainder of the card into FAT32. For some reason every time, it turns the remaining space on the card into an unusable format and the G1 can’t read it.

    1. Hey Thomas and Steven,

      In reference to what Steven said, try what he said but use Windows to reformat it if you can, just right click the SD card when you connect it to the computer and format it with Windows to FAT32. Let me know if that works or is the issue that people are having is that Windows can’t recognize the odd format that Apps2SD is creating?

  28. i used the apps2sd method
    works like a charm
    (btw to format my card i went into:settings, sd card & phone storage and formatted my card, which erased the memory)
    i used my 2gb card to demo the aaps2sd and have 449mb intermal memory
    im now gona do my 8gb card,ill let you no about it =D

  29. steven,

    no need for paragon mate
    or the computer
    the card can be formatted thro the fone
    as i said before
    :settings, sd & phone storage, formatt, itll ask you to comfirm it and it’ll erase the memory

    i just basically played around
    you can probably tell, im not the typical g1 genious
    and it doesnt help haven a bad memory

  30. slight concern . .
    every thing went well on my 8gb sd
    i got 994mb internal memory,
    i was on Jf v1.51apd and i moved to Jachero 2.33
    and this brought me down to 89mb (dont ask)
    when i open apps2sd to move my apps my sd, it says “oops looks like you need to go through the tutorial to set up apps to sd . . . ”
    i opened my sd and the 3 files or the directory arnt there, do i really need to go thro the process again ?

    1. Hey Thomas,

      I got the same thing when I went to JACHero. I believe the Hero ROMs might required you to redo the Apps2SD or that they might not support it yet. All you would have to do to find out is do the terminal steps again then run apps2sd (no need to repartition the memory card that should still be done).
      Let me know if it works, if not we might just have to wait until they have it built in better to the Hero ROMs.

      Hey Everyone,

      Can anyone actually use the Hero ROM without throwing it against a wall?
      I’ve tried them all and they are MUCH faster than they used to be but they are not what I would call usable yet (I can’t wait 15 seconds to get to my home screen or deal with all the bugs, like missed calls etc.). I end up going back to the Dude’s and then when a new Hero comes out I try it out for a few hours then go back to Dude once I realize that it isn’t ready. Anyone actually comfortable using it?

  31. ok another problem im having is after going through all your steps twice and i made sure i did them correctly both times there is no file at all on my sdcard once i open linda file manager… any thoughts?

  32. ok figured that one out but then i got stuck at the g1 logo screen so i reinstalled the rom on it. Now i tried to redo the whole process but when i type in cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/ it says no directory found..

  33. ahh yes i finally got it to work and it feels so good lol… Ok in case anyone cares to know what i did wrong. The first thing i did was very noobish. I didn’t put the space in the cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/.
    The second thing was (and im not sure if this happens for everyone) was i added the folder system/sd/app to my sdcard. When i did that it made the app apps2sd force close/wait and i chose wait… That seemed to mess up the phone and was stuck at the g1 logo. The second time around i did not add the folder to the sdcard and didn’t have a problem with the apps2sd program force close/wait. Once i rebooted i was still stuck at the g1 logo screen but i reinstalled my rom, rebooted and now i have 1284mb’s available on my phone. I still don’t know why i got stuck at the g1 screen the second time but once i reinstalled the rom it works…
    Sorry for all the posts.
    Thanks for the great work David.

  34. Hey dude thanks for the great Video But on the last command I keep getting this cp: cannot stat ‘sdcard/apps2sd’ : No Such file or Directory Can you please help me with this I fallow every step and i need this space on my cell I have an 8gb sdcard…..thanks how do you create a directory?

    1. Hey Legacy,

      It isn’t “apps2sd” is why, the command is this:
      cp /sdcard/ /data/

      I actually made that same mistake when I did it too lol just type it in exactly as it is written and you should be good to go.

  35. will i need to redo the process if:
    i have a low internal memory & the apps2sd app tell me “oops looks like you need to go thro the tutorial to set up apps2sd”
    i already have a partitioned memory card, and i dont want to partition it again, so how can i get the apps2sd app working again ? ? ?

    1. Hey Thomas,

      It was just uploaded, takes a sec. Should be good now.

      Glad you got Apps2SD to work! What ROM are you using if you don’t mind me asking? I’m trying to see if anyone with a Hero ROM has Apps2SD working…

  36. Hi all, i used the apps2sd application provided by the android market store. Then i proceeded to follow the steps , and create my EX2 partition to then move my apps2mysd. Finished everything the tutorial mentioned, and no luck! When i go onto settings to check internal memory it shows i still have the low 21MB after a fresh wipe.I am currently running HEROv2,and when i ever i try to redo the steps to fix the unknown problem i cant.The apps2sd app wont bring me back the screen with a green slider bar to let me choose my partition size.I wiped phone ,reformatted sd to FAT32,reflashed Hero Rom, thinking it would bring me back to the screen with a green slider bar to let me choose my partition size, but it wont 🙁 help please..

    1. Hello Claudio,

      Apps2SD seems to not work on the Hero ROMs (that is why when you read the posts for hero roms on XDA they are all excited about having some internal memory).
      We have to wait until Hero can support it or until there is a different method to get the Apps2SD on the Hero ROMs.

      And again I have to ask, are you able to use the Hero ROM without throwing it against a wall (I can’t deal with the lag and bugs, still waiting for a new one, although they are getting better and better each time)?

  37. Hey David I did everything right now, but when i pick how big i want my partition it says donw and the reboot but hwn i hit it nothings happens can you help me out………

    1. Hey Legacy,

      Try and delete the directory I told you to create. Plug into the computer, load the SD card and delete the System folder (this will also delete the App and SD folder within). Unplug the G1.
      Then try the Apps2SD program again and let me know (it worked fine for me with the directory created, I just had to hit wait on the force close notification and then I was fine, but some people are saying they needed to delete the directory so try it and if that works I’m going to take it out of the vid and tutorial).

  38. Hey David I’m running the jachero 2.3 and it works the only thing is when I pick how big I want my partitioned I pick the amount I want which is 1427 and I click apply when I do it… it says Reboot now but when I click on that button nothings happens… Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hey Legacy,

      Yea, there’s your problem right there.
      Apps2SD does not work on any Hero ROMs right now. We either need a new method or we need a new Apps2SD program.


  39. Hey david I delete the folder and still not letting me reboot when i hit the reboot button…. lol this shit is crazy lol

  40. Hey David which ROm are you using now i want to go back to my old one but i dont remember what i had i think i had rosie beta3

    1. Hey Rishi,

      I don’t believe there is at the moment, if you find a way on XDA let me know and post a link and I’ll gladly take a look and do a tutorial for it.

  41. Dude!! Ure a genius! Your new video helped me alot with the apps2sd process, and finally have apps2sd on my g1! 🙂 🙂 thanks alot David! I Have one question though that i just thought about, will the market still let me know when updates are available on apps??

  42. Well I am done with A2SD and root all together! Kept having issues with any Google apps force closing on any jesusfreke rom so I decided to use the dudes. Had everything running so smooth and when my phone needed to charge, I plug it in and the phone reboots. Next thing I know it is locked up on the G1 screen so I take the battery out and look at my SD card on my pc and the ENTIRE card is now EXT2 ( I made it 1GB) all because I wanted to simply charge my phone.

    It’s obvious that there is no such thing as a stable way to root and there is NOTHING what so ever good about having root (unless you enjoy constant lagging, force closes or you simply do not have a life and can play with your phone 24/7). Yes, stock firmware sucks and it limits people to what can be done but atleast I CAN MAKE A PHONE CALL ON IT! [MOD EDIT: (Frustration can be an ugly thing lol Read response below)] Good luck to the rest of you!

    1. Hey Steven,

      I have root, even gone to hero and back multiple times, swapped roms, swapped themes, and have been doing so for about 7 months now… no problems at all. I also use the Wifi Tether program so I can use my Dell Mini when I have to do a sales call at a customer location (or in my car in between classes). I also love the multi-touch support on my browser and overclocking the device. AND I NEVER HAVE A SINGLE FORCE CLOSE (except when using Hero, but thats a given lol I just go back to TheDudes and then no more force closes).

      Just so you know because something doesn’t work right when you do it, doesn’t mean it is impossible 🙂

      If you want to start over, unroot the device, and step by step try again, be glad to help walk you through. Rooting, loading roms, and all the benefits there in can be done very easily and without too much headache.

  43. oh and btw good idea about changing the tutorial video to the apps2sd method instead of the paragon, i was one of those people who had trouble finding it on the internet too. im pretty sure u remember because i has asked where did you get ur paragon program from…anyways i wanted to ask, i got a 4gb card and thats what i did the apps2methos on, and on the ext2 MB i put 1466. is that good?

    1. Hey Gylmar,

      Yea, I figured it was easier to do that anyway (only benefit of Paragon is it can fix screw ups and UNpartition where as the Apps2SD is a one way sorta deal).
      That’s perfect, I have my 8GB card and I have about 1466mb as well for EXT2 (so long as you don’t hit 1500 or higher you should be fine).

    1. Hello Casey,

      That would depend on the ROM itself. Some of them support Apps2SD and then you wouldn’t have to do it again (check on the ROM thread that you got the ROM from, it should say in features if it supports Apps2SD method).

  44. ok so from comments , i now see that hero roms don’t support apps 2 sd just yet. how awful.ok but now i have a problem i want to delete my EX2 partition to make a new one cuz the first one i made is too small :S any suggestions peeps/anyone? by the way in my opinion some1 should release an app for the android market that lets us delete EX2 partition, or maybe re size it? that would make the computer even more obsolete,i cant find paragon manger 9 anywhere to do that 4me :S ..any other way i can delete/re size EX2 partition on 16GB MicroSDHC?

  45. Ok so which is the current fastest/most stable rom available for the G1 so far? cupcake 1.51 from jesus freeke? i need to know please, im sick of Herov2 its making me an angry camper :S…RHGGG!

  46. OMG im pist off i downgraded from HEROv2 rom to use apps2sd with 1.51 cupcake did the tutorial again and it effin gave me 14,281 MB of internal space and left me with 4kb of sd card space :S WTF man!!! i chose to make it 1444. for EX2 partition and it added 10kMB WTF your dam app ruined my 16GB microSDHC Class6 card…WTF should i do now? please some1 help 🙁

    1. Hello Claudio,

      First off, it is NOT “our damn app”. The app is created by someone else and you can find them in the market by searching for the Apps2SD name in the applications. Feel free to yell at him although I doubt it will get you very far. Also the “WARNING:” at the top of the post says that this is ADVANCED STUFF, and you are doing it at your own risk as with everything on this site.
      If you want to stop blaming stuff on us and getting all pissy (I understand you are frustrated something went wrong but it is no reason to get mad at us or this site) and just want some friendly “not getting paid a dime to help you advice” then I would be happy to help. 🙂 Do you know how to use torrents? (Limewire, BitTorrent, etc.)?

  47. HEY DAVID,

    rishi_hacker Says:
    July 5th, 2009 at 2:22 pm
    hey david,

    im doing this on my hero rom with busybox alread installed but when i type in the second line command t shows a list of options likesame as -dPr
    and -d,-p preserve links and a list of all other options could you please tell me wat to do

    1. Hey Rishi,

      No way that I know of yet to get Apps2SD on a Hero ROM (SOMEONE CORRECT ME IF YOU KNOW OF A WAY!).
      But I don’t think its the best idea anyway to be honest. The Hero ROMs are so unstable and slow as it is, requiring it to access the memory card to run programs might make it worse, but eh.

      In my opinion the latest JACHero (2.3.5 last time I checked), is the quickest. Just set swapper to 32/20 is what most say is best. And then remove ALL the widgets from the home screens and it’s slightly usable… slightly.
      What you really should do is try the new Hero ROM, then once you realize its still too slow to use day to day, switch to the DudesRC2. Then when a new Hero comes out, try it again, switch back. And so on and so forth till a Hero ROM that works properly finally comes out. Until then just use a non Hero ROM.

      We all love the Hero ROM, but the fact still remains that our G1s were not meant to run it, they have too little RAM and it shows. It will take the XDA guys a bit to get something that is workable (if it is even possible).

    1. Hello Thomas,

      No, if you format it to Fat32 it will only take the none EXT2 partition and format it (Windows/the G1 can’t see the ext2 partition on the card, so selecting format on either of those will just format the part it can see, the FAT32 part).

  48. i followed all the steps…and after i finished loading linda file manager and now my phone wont reboot.. doesnt get past the tmobile g1 welcome screen… PLEASE HELP!!

    1. Hey JRay,

      No problem.
      1. Just take the memory card out of the G1 and put it into you computer using the SD adapter it came with (or USB adapter, etc.).
      2. Open the memory card on your computer.
      3. Put a ROM on there (any BESIDES a Hero ROM as Hero ROMs don’t work with Apps2SD currently) and rename it to like normal and then put the memory card back into the phone.
      4. Turn on the phone by holding Power and Home until the recovery image comes up (an ! symbol for most people).
      5. Hit Alt and S and let the update complete.
      6. When it is done, reboot (if it doesn’t automatically).
      Let me know how that goes.
      Once you get to the home screen, then just continue on to step 14.

  49. did 4 tutorials. root, rom, radio, apps2sd. awesome, awesome, awesome! had no problem whatsoever! thank you 🙂

    1. Hey CHUH,

      Awesome! You are very welcome! Gonna have a lot more updates on here soon hopefully (planning to spend more time on here). Also adding a Twitter account so when new stuff comes up you can get notified 🙂 Will have a link on here for anyone who cares to follow the site.

  50. David,

    Followed the instructions and had same problem people have run into with G1 screen looping over and over. I did wipe the phone and then restart it but it seems like a gamble doing this upgrade of apps2sd. This was no 1 reason I rooted my phone. Any ideas?

    1. Hello Peter,

      Try the method of taking out the SD card putting it into an SD adapter and into your computer. Then put a custom ROM on their, rename it to and then put it back into the phone. Hold down Home and Back and when the ! comes up hit Alt and S.
      Let me know if this works.

  51. 1 question about running the apps from the sd card. If I need to remove my sd card, do I need to turn my phone off first? or is there something I need to do before removing the card so the installed apps don’t get messed up? obviously the apps won’t be able to be used when the card is removed -just wondering if there’s any precautions I need to take.


  52. I’m having some sort of problem now. everything was running smoothly, then it said my sd card unexpectedly unmounted. my phone locked up and i couldn’t do anything, so i took the battery out and put it back in and turned it on. now i can’t get passed the T-Mobile G1 logo screen. help

  53. hooked the sd card up on my mac and the disk utility comes up. saying it’s an unformatted generic disk. i think all my data on my disk is gone. the disk utility gives me these options: erase, partition, RAID, restore (restore asks to upload an image). do i erase it and put the dude’s rom back on it? then load the radio again the the apps2sd? and do you think this is something that could continue to happen?

  54. your right David Cogen , and i want to say that im very sorry if i offended anyone on my previous comments.i got frustrated cuz my 16GB card was partitioned incorrectly , and it was the apps mistake. anyway i dont want to talk about yesterday when it broke, i want to ask for your help to get my SD card working again for me 😀 .. and yes i am very familiar with torrents.
    can you please help me find paragon partition manager 9? Thanks God Bless.

  55. oh man. i don’t know what the heck is going on. i hit erase sdcard on the disk utility on my mac. then i went through the steps of installing a rom and i get this error:
    Finding update package…
    E:Can’t mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk0)
    (Invalid argument)
    E:Can’t mount
    Installation aborted

    I can’t use my phone at all right now. ahhk! please respond.

  56. Hey I have a 16gb card, and when I did it I think I put so much to my phone. My phone storage is 13,015. how do I get it back to the card, and what number should I put it on for a 16gb.

    1. Hey Shaud,

      You seem to have moved the slider too much… You should do under 1500MBs for Ext2 partition.
      Do you know how to use torrents? You need Paragon Partition Manager 9 to undo the partition and start over with the Apps2SD application.

  57. when I was doin it I didnt know how far down to put it witha 16gb. you said 1500, but I was seeing 15000. So it made me clue less

  58. Well to be more in detail, it is the A2SD part that is driving me nuts (yes that is a headache) lol! No matter which ROM I use my phone reboots on its own and when it starts up it hangs at the G1 logo. So I go to XDA just to make sure I was not missing something. I get everything running again with A2SD and it runs fine but then I wake up the next morning, guess what…My phone is dead because it rebooted in the middle of the night and hung on the G1 screen. Every time it does this, it turns my ENTIRE 8GB card into an EXT2, which causes my phone to not boot up. So I wipe and flash the ROM again.

    This is what is driving me insane. When you follow directions, have no errors at all during the process but yet everything falls apart on you when your not looking. I have asked people in other forums what is going on and I explain the steps I take to get to where I am, all I get is “it shouldn’t be doing that” or “well, you did it right”! Yes, I want to punch myself in the face VERY HARD at this point!

    1. Hey Steven,

      Ha, I can totally understand your frustration man. And only thing I can say is “it shouldn’t be doing that” lol
      Never even heard of such a thing to be honest. No need to damn rooting and the whole process to hell though lol

      So I might be able to help actually… is the only real problem with Apps2SD? And do you mind using a non Hero ROM? And do you know how to use a torrent program (like LimeWire or BitTorrent or the like)?

  59. David,

    After 1st attempt I did swipe of phone and reinstalled JK1.5. I tried doing this again and phone froze again. The place it gets stuck is when I get the force close menu. I push wait and then it just sits on that screen. I am using a 16gig card would that have anything to do with it? Have a good one and thanks for your help.

  60. I haven’t been using a hero ROM…not yet at least. I think I found what my problem “MIGHT” be. I noticed that after I made my EXT2 partition using app2sd2, it would leave the remainder of my card as “not formatted” or “unusable space” on windows and paragon. It never said that it was FAT32 at all Soooooo, I took the liberty to partition the remainder of the card back to FAT32.

  61. Yea true that…thanks for the info, oh what happens if i unmount my sd card while my phone is on??? I’m asking since i have apps2sd on my g1. Does ur it cause any errors or damage to the phone?

    1. Hey Gylmar,

      It tells me “SD card unexpectedly removed” and then any programs I have on my SD card don’t run till I turn it off, but it back in and then turn back on.
      So I wouldn’t recommend taking it out or unmounting it while the phone is running.

  62. right now I have my 16gb card out I formated it. I have a 1gb card in the phone now running the htc hero rom. I want everything back on my 16gb again. lol.

  63. all the steps worked except the reboot. it would just sit at the G1 screen. then i pulled the card and put it in a reader. it showed that everything was deleted when i did the partition from the phone. so i redid all the steps and right before the reboot i plugged in my phone and put all the files back on my card cuz they were missing again. system, apps2sd, init,, and my update jf 1.5 file. then i hit reboot. it stuck on the G1 screen again so i pulled the batt, went into recovery and hit alt+s to reinstall my update. it booted up fine and now i have 900mb of mem available. did anyone else have to do this? ive been working on this for like 2hrs.

    1. Hey michael,

      First off, glad you got it to work!
      Second, it is supposed to erase everything after the Apps2SD partition. You shouldn’t need any of those files on the SD card so long as you did the terminal steps BEFORE partitioning the card. After it partitions, you should just be able to reboot if you did it right. Yours got stuck regardless?

  64. Hi im very new at this. i rooted my phone, loaded the custom rom and then did this step and when i clicked reboot. it is now stuck on tmobile G1 … any fix please??

    1. Hello Richelle,

      Try the method of taking out the SD card putting it into an SD adapter and into your computer. Then put a custom ROM on their, rename it to and then put it back into the phone. Hold down Home and Back and when the ! comes up hit Alt and S.
      Let me know if this works.

  65. LOL, I get mine to work every time! but my problem is once I have everything set up and apps installed…If I turn my phone off and then back on, my Entire SD card turns into EXT2.

    1. Hey Steven,

      Still?! I think we may need an old priest and a young priest to help us with your phone lol
      I’m emailing you the torrent you need for Paragon. Just open it in a torrent Program (i.e. LimeWire under File > Open Torrent). Use Paragon to format the EXT2 partition that mysteriously gets created lol to FAT32. Then use Paragon to manually create a 1400MB EXT2 partition and then do the terminal steps again but DONT run Apps2SD! Just see if that works and if your SD card stays partitioned…

      Let me know.

  66. this website has to be more thorough. especially for people who are very new to modding and all the lingo. im super new but i figured it all out after i bricked my G1 3 days ago. i got everything up and running today finally(after i received my warranty G1) lol.

    1. Hey michael,

      I’m always trying to redo the instructions to make it easier for everyone, but some people just have more trouble than others with the same set of instructions. For example, in the step by step videos, I literally went through all 5 videos/procedures in an hour (starting with unrooting my G1 and ending up at Loading Hero) and didn’t stop recording, just cut sections out like loading screens etc and worked perfectly fine for me.
      And here is another person’s comment:

      did 4 tutorials. root, rom, radio, apps2sd. awesome, awesome, awesome! had no problem whatsoever! thank you

      So no set of instructions will work for everyone, and also some people just misread things etc.
      But would you mind giving me what helped you and I can try to work it into the instructions to help others? What needs to be more thorough?

  67. thanks david that worked.. but i tried it again.. and yet again my phone wont restart… do you think its the rom im currently running thats causing the problem?

    1. Hey JRay,

      I did it on TheDudes in the video, what ROM are you using?
      Some people are saying TheDude’s ROM is giving them issues with Apps2SD, no harm loading a different non-hero ROM and trying it on that one.

  68. So I did the apps2sd on a jf Rom. If I were to load The dudes rom would I have to redo the apps2sd or would it remain like it is now?

    1. Hello Casey,

      You wouldn’t have to redo the partitioning, but you might have to redo the terminal stuff with the init.rc and file on the sd card.

  69. hey everybody. i had major problem running apps2sd on the latest thedudeoflife rom. so, i talked to some ppl over at xda-developers. they said to flash thedudeoflife’s beta12 rom instead (it’s virtually the same) and run that instead until the next dudeoflife rom update. they said that a lot ppl were having problems with that particular rom and apps2sd. so i did that yesterday and so far so good. you can download the beta12 version from here:

    on this build, you’ll need to push your choice of audio file mods to fix bluetooth and volume, you can get those here:

    anyways, hope this is helpful. it was for me. 🙂

  70. I read the same thing last night. David, you may want to not have people use The Dudes ROM cause there is a lot of people having problems with apps2sd on his build. Now I don’t feel like such an idiot cause it kept messing up lol!

    1. Hey Steven,

      Ha, don’t feel bad. These things take some experimenting sometimes.
      The weird thing about the Dudes ROM is that I used it through out all 5 videos without any issues… wish I could figure out what the factor is that everyone who is having issues is.

  71. The problems that people are mostly having is when it comes to rebooting. Some are saying it will not show them apps any more, some say that the G1 is saying the SD card is damaged and then they can not get past the G1 screen. There is a few though that are saying they have theirs working but they are going back to beta 12 because they don’t want to run into the same issue. That is the worst thing about trying to flash ROM’s, you have to read through a 400 page thread to find answers lol.

  72. Ok now I hvae everything working with my 16gb again lol. Um what should I put it on if I have 16gb, so I wont put so much to the internal memory. like with your 4gb u said do 1400. so 16gb would be ? what u recommend?

  73. after trail and errors ive got it to work, i had to wipe about 2 times then i said to myself ill just install ur rom instead and this time instead of 1400mb for apps i just did 400mb and it work fine so im not sure what did the trick but it works, thanks

  74. Thank you for the reply and yes it helped me get by. But now every time i try to do app2sd. it just really gets stuck on the g1 logo and once on the android logo.

    the android logo was hard to fix. (tried JF1.5 and didnt work. so i tried putting the original spl and, it didnt work. but somehow rebooted to the custom rom and passed the android cupcake logo.

    now my phone is okay.
    but i dont wanna mess with it anymore.
    ill have a heart attck if i try it

    i must be doing something wrong..if only theres a way to send my phone to you. my g1 needs a hero. =/

    1. Hey Richelle,

      Glad you got it to work. Don’t worry too much, with everything people have done I have yet to see a G1 that couldn’t get fixed (or at least replaced for free by T-Mobile lol).
      I’m wondering if maybe I should let people ship their G1s in lol Wonder how I would have to go about doing that? Any ideas?

  75. hello there i did step by step to partition my 8G sd card but i got stack on terminal emulator
    when i type “su” it responds “permission denide”
    could you please helpme i revise step by step and i end up on the same please.

  76. I got major problem David. I think I misunderstood step 8, and put all the old sdcard file back into the new format sdcard.

    Once I got to step 15. My sdcard 8gb is about 7 gb left and I raised below 1500MBs. The bar was yellow from the beginning and I got an error on the sdcard. I tried to looked at the system storage and only see 66MBs. So I figure restarting the phone and do the process again, but I end up getting lock out of my phone at the T mobile G1 screen. I can’t go any further, please help.

  77. Hey David. Just wondering how many widgets you normally run on your phone with out the phone slowing down because of widgets. I had 7 widgets running at one time and my phone was so slow. I have about 1200 mbs on phone and running jf 1.5….. what do you think? Should I be able to run that many widgets?

    1. Hey Casey,

      It would really depend on the Widgets. The G1 has very little RAM so if the widgets are constantly accessing data or updating even when you aren’t looking at them, then you are going to run out of RAM and the phone will slow down.

  78. just want to say, great site 🙂 and i was actually going to ask if you guys were on twitter, but i see that you are so i’m definitely gonna follow you guys!

  79. hey david everything was going well until the phone reboot it stayed stuck on the g1 welcome screen where did you put all the files back? please re do the video and go more into details thanks

  80. Yes right now im using the same ROM (The dude) you are since it worked for you, i was using Jf 1.5 before, im having one problem though, my browser is soooooo slowww, even wit 3g or wifi, it acts as if the program is having a memory problem it has also restarted my phone 2 times and i dont use the browser often. I herd that some programs work best on the internal memory. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hey Garrick2007,

      The Browser and all the apps that came on the phone should still be on internal memory I believe, I think apps2sd only affects programs you install after you do the Apps2SD, unless you had Apps2SD manually move each program.
      Open Apps2SD and click on Manage Apps and see if it says the Browser is on the SD or not. Other than that, I would try to do a wipe (you should still retain Apps2SD).

  81. Dam it 🙁 I’m still stuck using my 1gb cuz I partitioned my 16gb incorrectly. David cogen I did download the paragon partition 9 torrent u sent me , but looks like I can’t figure out how do undo what I did with paragon. 🙁 I read comments and see that others had similar problems like shaud. And I see that he fixed his 16gb so I still have hope.. so if shaul , or anyone else can help I would greatly appreciate it 🙁

    1. Hey Claudio,

      You have Paragon downloaded and installed right?
      Put the memory card into the SD adapter and then into the computer (do not do it through the USB and G1 connection).
      Then open Paragon AFTER the computer acknowledges the memory card.
      Click on the “Partition Manager” option when it pops up as to what you want to do.
      Now you should see a screen showing your hard drive of your computer one color (blue most likely) and then your SD card below it as another color.
      Right click the largest section (if there are multiple sections) of the SD card and click the option Format Partition. It will give you options, select FAT32 and click ok. Then, you should see that the sd card section has changed colors or at least says FAT32 on it. Click the Apply button at the top center of the program and let it do it’s thing. If it asks to reboot your computer say Yes.

  82. If I decided I want my SD card back to normal, is that possible? Just by formatting again or is there another process to take?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Azralag,

      To undo the partition, you would need a partition managing program (i.e. Paragon Partition Manager 9) and reformat the partition to FAT32 then click merge partitions.

  83. hey. having an sd card problem too. everything was going fine for 3 days, then i woke up this morning and my phone said the sd card is blank or using an unsupported format. david (cogen), can i ask which rom you’re using? bc, for some reason, my card keeps losing it’s formatting and i’ve used 2 of thedudeofife’s rom. i’m wondering if i should use a different rom… any thoughts or suggestions?

  84. I had no problem when i did this with JF1.5. But when i tried it on JACHero2.6 it went nuts and almost bricked my phone because it was stuck on HTC. What gives?

  85. i just tried it on my 1gb card. it still doesn’t work. it gets hung up on the g1 reboot screen. David (Cogen) you said a lot of the roms have the apps2sd built into it. does jesus freke’s newest one? and how do i partition without apps2sd? i’m convinced it’s the apps2sd that is messing everything up.

  86. oh then im not sure wat the problem is, i followed this tutorial and im ruuning apps2sd witha 8gb class 2 microsd no problems with any rom except the hero’s.

  87. Yea, I keep having the same issue with all ROMS that I have tried. It will work for a bit but then my phone will alert me that the SD card is blank and I lose everything on it and have to redo the process all over again.


    Reformat the SD Card using your phone if you cant do it with Paragon.

    1. Hello Steven,

      You tried to undo the partition and redo it using Paragon instead of the Apps2SD program, I’m assuming the Apps2SD program is your issue. Or even do Apps2SD and then remove the program after it is done (maybe it is running somehow and repartitioning again, as crazy as that would be)?

      Your G1 will most likely not recognize the ext2 partition (or “unknown” partition) of the card, so if you hit format it will most likely only reformat the partition of FAT32 or similar that it can recognize (leaving you with the unknown majority of the card still unformated). But worth a try truthfully.

  88. i’ve tried over and over to get it to work. it partitions, reboots, then hangs. then i have to flash the rom again to get it to start up again. i don’t know what to do. the whole reason i rooted my phone was to run apps from my sd card. originally it was running good, but now i’m having so many problem. please help.

  89. In the video he is using its thedude if not mistaken. I went all the way back and just started from his guide how to install a custom ROM since the JF wast working and i change it to only 500mb for apps , its just a little slow but i think its the ROM, or maybe just the limited RAM in the G1 and thats how it has to be maybe but its been 3 days now and i haven’t got that message yet, knock on wood 😉 (ps. im using a 8gb card sandisk)

  90. so after i do this is the apps getting downloaded to my sd automatically? and will show up in my apps manager as if it were just installed on the internal memory?
    if i want to delete an app do i do it thru sd card? or thru the app manager in settings?

    1. Hello Ramno,

      That is correct, automatically goto the SD card. And it will be treated as normal with you being able to uninstall through the App Manager. Only difference will be that if you take out your SD card the apps wont run 😉

  91. garrick: i started off on thedude’s rom. worked good, till the next day. then i went down to thedude’s beta12 rom after talking to the guys over at xda. it worked good for 3 days, then i encountered the same problem, that’s why i finally tried it on jf’s rom. with no luck at all.

  92. Thats was directed to Chuh, and thaks for that info, as for my phone running slow it seemed as if a lot of apps where open so i used task manager and now my phone hasn’t locked up once today, running supper fast. I ran into another app called (Move cache for root users) is app2sd doing this same thing or will this kind of take over where it left off?, I wasnt really sure what cache is being moved to the sd card by app2sd.

  93. Garrck, on my 16gb sd i partitioned it to 1300mb and my 1gb sd was 230. i really want to get this figured out, so if anyone has any suggestions, i’m definitely open to them.

  94. Try doing a smaller partition, under 500. When i did that mines worked. Worth a try and plus 500 more then enough, i did mine at 460 and i have 390mb left after i added all the apps i wanted, i was thinking of trying a bigger one but i think ill be fine here.

  95. i did all the steps in the video exactly as he showed and when i hit reboot its stuck on the g1 screen. im using jf 1.5, ne1 care to help

  96. garrck: The thing is, i tried a partition of 230mb on my smaller card with no luck. what rom are you running that on? bc when i did thedude’s roms (i did 2 of them) they ran well *at first* then i started having big problems with them.

  97. I am using thedudes ROM aswell and i have a 8gb card, some people says 16 works fine with the phone in general but places say its unsupported, so its a weird thing

  98. Hey Dave… I’m about to lose my mind over this App2sd thing. I get all the way up to the step 15 and when i get to applying the ext2 size it gets stuck at that screen. ive done all the regular trouble shooting, even unrooted then rerooted my G1 and still have the same problem. what do i do??? i’m running the jesus freak rom (JFv.1.51_CRB43-US.ZIP)

  99. Ok, guys. after some more searching… and searching… and searching (ha) on i found something that might solve my problem. did a lot of reading and apparently this is a common problem. mainly because the ext2 partition is not that stable, so basically i need to upgrade to ext3 and flash a rom that supports ext3. also, my sd card is class 2 and i read that i could have problems with a class 2 sd card and apps2sd, so i ordered a class 6 and i’m selling the class 2. i should receive my new card in a day or 2, so that’s when i’ll try this new solution. i’ll let you guys know how it goes. btw, if anyone is having the same problem as me, here’s the link to the directions that i’m going to use to try to fix this problem:

  100. Clint: had the same problem with the jf build and apps2sd. also, had problems with thedudeoflife builds too (those actually worked for a couple days at first and then stopped and wiped my card clean). read my last post, this could definitely help you out, i think.

  101. Does it matter if im rooted and the recovery.img and update get wiped from the SD card while trying to do this procedure?

  102. @Andres: are you doing the tutorial from the link i posted?

    if you are, you should start out with a clean card (so make sure you back up your files to your comp). then do the steps in order. so the only file you should start with on your sd card is the cm-recovery-1.3.1.img file. then once you’re done with that step, you put the files on you’re card that correspond with the next part of the tutorial, and so on.

    i haven’t done it yet on my phone, still waiting on my new card to get here. hopefully, i can do it tomorrow. i feel like i understand the directions, so if i can help you out, i will. let me know if it’s running good once you finish.

  103. Hello quick question…as I was just on the other section about the unrooting I had a delima as well I was going to unroot as a last result. I have done the apps2sd and all and it has worked out fine. Then I did Dalvik2sd and that took a little bit minus it trying to force close on me (I clicked wait) but then when I did the apps2sd again and it rebooted it did not load after the G1 screen. It just goes black.

    So I was wondering if there was a quick fix or would I have to reflas anything to get it to work? I was thinking reflashing my rom and getting that loading then working my way up from there?

  104. I was following the video on the top of this page. I have a rooted cupcake ROM but i want to get the JacHero rom..but i heard it takes alot of space so thats why i was going to do this procedure. But i also saw that the latest of the jachero rom has auto app2sd.. but i would still need to partition my sd card. thats what im stuck on lol.




    ANY ONE???

    1. Hello Javierdtx,

      Yes it does automatically save the Apps to the SD card after you do the process (please make sure you are using a NON Hero ROM though otherwise it does not work).

  106. hi my whole sdcard became the format for phone internal memory and my phone doesnt recognize it. i rebooted my phone and now its stuck at big timobile G1 screen. what can i do?

  107. i did the whole tutorial but when i click reboot at the end it doesn’t do anything… can you help me please

  108. I noticed i had a class 2 8gb card so i ordered a class 6 on amazon, Transcend is the brand, i partitioned it to 1000mb and it work for me fine again, thing that sucked is that i had to wipe the phone and load the rom again.

  109. i really need reading the comments and i rooted the phone, did the rom good…now doing the apps2sd, i am stuck on the G1 logo…HELP!!!!!plz

    1. Hello rjl09,

      Simply take out the SD card and put it into your computer. Then put a ROM on the SD card like you did before (renaming it to and then put the SD card back into the phone. Turn it on using HOME and POWER and hit ALT S to load it. You should be fine once it turns back on.

  110. Hi there David. Thanks for all the wonderful guide from rooting all the way to partitioning sd. Ive followed them through and am enjoying all the new stuffs.
    thanks again

  111. Hi! ok so im convince on rooting my phone (about to do it now) i wanna try the HTC Hero rom, that in mind, do i need to install the Apps2sd? Can my phone work without it? or is it necessary?

  112. HEY DAVID!!!
    So I had the Apps2sd working fine on the “The Dudes ROM”,
    and I changed to the “JF ROM” and installed the “Hero Theme” but did a whipe, and all my apps disappeared from my phone…
    I downloaded them, but they don’t save to SD Card!!!



    1. Hello Javierdtx,

      You need to do the procedure right after partitioning the card (you don’t need to partition again). So all you need to do is type the stuff into terminal really and reboot.

  113. thxs alot david, i was getting so desperate that day that i kinda figure that as well…so im learning the system more and more…do u know what i did wrong???…i followed the video step by step…and i was reading some of the comments…any ideas??..thxs again

    1. Hey rjl09,

      Did you get it off the G1 screen with what I said? And when you goto Settings Phone and SD Storage at the very bottom, what does it say for internal memory?

  114. Hey!
    ok i just did all this, when i turned on my phone it was stuck on the G1 loading screen so i re-updated with JFv1.51_CRB43-ADP, so now when im in the home screen all my apps are gone and i still have less than 70 mb, i have 51, the only thing that stayed was the linda file manager, help?

  115. Hey david I got a problem maybe you could help fix. Earlier this week while my phone was in sleep mode not doing anything my sdcard went blank and unpartioned itself. I lost everything my phone also said my card was in a format it couldn’t read. so I. Redid all the steps downladed all my apps. Did apps2 and it worked fine for about 3 days and then it happened again last night. Do you know what the problem is???

  116. When I get to the reboot screen I press reboot and it doesnt do anything at all it turns green as If I touched It but doesnt do anything…….I tryed turning off the phone and pressing home and back but It doesnt work… when I turn my phone on It shows the hero screen over and over again

    please help

  117. i get a sd card was removed message after i set the 1433.mb size and click apply and then i have to remove the bat. then i get frozen on the g1 screen i reinstall the jf 1.5 rom and reboot what am i doing wrong?

    1. Hello Kurt Watson,

      Check to see if the memory card was partitioned. See how much space it has on it (should be whatever you had to begin with minus the 1433mb). If it is partitioned, then just continue with the steps.

  118. Hi! I made it all the way to end of the process in putting apps on the SD card. But when i clicked on reboot, the phone wont go past the G1 screen. What do i do???

  119. I got major problem David. I think I misunderstood step 8, and put all the old sdcard file back into the new format sdcard.

    Once I got to step 15. My sdcard 8gb is about 7 gb left and I raised below 1500MBs. The bar was yellow from the beginning and I got an error on the sdcard. I tried to looked at the system storage and only see 66MBs. So I figure restarting the phone and do the process again, but I end up getting lock out of my phone at the T mobile G1 screen. I can’t go any further, please help

  120. I am stuck at the G1 screen. I have tried all the methods to mentioned in the article and FAQ. It looks like phone is unable to read memory card. My card is of 4 GB, can that be an issue? I am trying to load custom ROM developed by jesusfreke. Please help me.

  121. Hi!! i downgrade my g1 to JF 1.5 and did that and it got stuck on the THE Mobile G1 screen wat could that be????

  122. Hey im back, so i ran into a problem, 1st the browser is super slow, i thought it was going to be fine after i cleared the cache but after loading 3 pages it slowed down again and eventually restarted the phone. So i upgraded to a class 6 card and redid thedudes ROM and app22sd and still the same thing. 2nd the app hello IM, for some reason after apps2sd it wont let me change my icon in the app, it says after i click on the pic i want to use it says “cannot upload buddy icon. Please ensure that your sd card is properly mounted” and well of course it is, so any help would be great thanks.

  123. Hi David,

    Thanks for the tutorial, it has been a few hours and it seems to work so far. I went
    To the apps2sd app and manually selected for apps to run from sd. After I did that I no longer can press the home button to go back and also the auto lock default screen is gone.

    Do you know what I could have done wrong?

    Please let me know man. You did an awesome job.


  124. I did all the steps and it seems to work find.. Q ? i added the system ,sd ,app folder then i looked on my sd card after i was done and i didn’t see the system , sd , app folder anymore… did i do something wrong..

    1. Hello Joe G,

      If it worked properly, you shouldn’t see that folder 🙂 It has been moved to the EXT2 partition of the SD card and you won’t be able to see that section on the SDCard.

  125. Q ? how can i see where the app is on my sd card. i ask because my internal was at 71 and now it’s at 68.. my sd card hasn’t changed to show the storage is being used.

    1. Hello Joe G,

      Are you using a Hero ROM or a Non-Hero ROM?
      If you are using a Hero ROM, Apps2SD does not work properly and will not show in the internal storage. Otherwise, it didn’t work properly…

    1. Hello Joe G,

      It installs to your SD card, but apparently the procedure didn’t work if you still only see under 70MBs of internal storage… Redo the procedure (skip the partitioning of the card if you did it already, but redo the rest. Good luck.

  126. when i get to the green slider bar n i touch it to move it, it force closes can u please help me with this

  127. i tried but when i press the end n the camara button the rainbow screen doesnt come what comes out is the screen with the little skateboards telling me what type of radio i have which is

  128. I was wondering if this would work with the my touch 3g??? I have an 8g sd card and don’t want to mess it up

    1. Hello Carrington,

      No, because you need Root access first. We will post on here as soon as we have a way to Root the MyTouch 3G easily. Join our twitter if you want to be notified as soon as it gets posted ( or just check back next week sometime.

    1. Hello Carlos,

      If it says that after you did the procedure, go back and read the procedure again:

      15. Open Apps2SD and the first time you open it you should get a screen with a green slider bar. Move the slider over from the right to a desired size for your applications (on the stock G1 1GB memory card I recommend maybe 300MBs, on a card bigger than 4GBs go ahead and do 1400MBs). DO NOT MAKE THE EXT2 PARTITION ANY LARGER THAN 1500MBs as it will cause errors in most ROMS.

      How big did you make the partition?

  129. everytime i type the first command cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/ a message saying cp:cannot stat ‘/sdcard/init.rc’ : No such file or directory appears on the scrim of terminal emulator, what did i did wrong???

  130. ok i have a anyone?
    i didnt use the apps2sd app to partition my 16gb sd card, instead i used paragon partition manager 9. so my sd card IS PARTITIONED. what should i do next? the terminal commands and then reboot? please i would highly appreciate it if u make a video for apps2sd but using paragon partitioning manager9. :S

    1. Hello Claudio,

      We have a new method for partitioning!
      It is in the New How To Hero procedure… do that procedure and then if you don’t want Hero then load whatever ROM you want at the end. Video will be up soon.

  131. Hey David Cogen,
    Great tutorials and helping out the folks that really need help like this. Know thats out the way… lol i’ve loaded the Hero Rom 2.63 using a 8GIG 6 class card. I’ve done my research using your site and form “xda” and i understand the app2sd app does not work for this rom. what happens for me is that, my Hero Rom doesnt hiccup or has a long drag time.

    I watched this video on YouTube: ( and its working really good right now because of this tut for some reason. Now what i want to run by you is, what can we do to add more internal memory? im only showing 84MB. When is this tut you have to create a 500MB ext2 partition.

    Looking at this tutorial and im about to follow your tut on how to load the apps to my sd card and skipping step 12-17 since “app2sd: wont work, do you feel this may be a good ideal? I do apologize for all the questions, i just wanted to draw out a good picture of this without re-posed over and over. What ever your thoughts are would be great. again thanks for all the help “” provides.

  132. Ok so I rooted my phone and I go into terminal and hit su and enter, but the screen says su: permission denied and then takes my cursor to the next line and it has a $ and then my blinking cursor.
    I tried typing su and then pressing enter and i waited like 10min for something to pop up, but it never did. I followed the instructions to root the phone and it still gives me this. Any ideas would be helpful. Please Email if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

  133. hey can you please help me this all worked out fine but now my phone keeps saying sd card removed unexpectedly and its crashing my phone it just keeps restarting. what do i do? now it doesnt come off the g1 screen?

  134. can u please update the video for partitioning sd..please, if u stated there is a new way of partitioning , id love to see a video tutorial. ty

  135. Hi, i kinda need help. My phone’s stuck on the G1 logo screen, can’t open it after rebooting and installing the 3 said files. Also, i’m trying to do a factory reset but it just won’t let me. I believe this g1 is rooted or somethin, idk, my cousin just gave it to me since he got a new one.. pleaaase respond, thank you 🙂

  136. I did the root process everything went good. i installed JFv1.51 installed the newest radio..

    but after i installed the apps2sd and my phone restarted it doesn’t want to go past the G1 screen….

  137. cannot upload buddy icon please ensure that your sd card is properly mounted” what do i have to do here if everything is placed right

    1. Hello David L,

      Not sure, maybe a bug with the programs. The way they search the card perhaps…
      No other issues with other programs right?
      Try a different IM program and see if it keeps happening.

    1. Hey Nykole,

      What ROM are you using? I ask because a lot of them do this step for you…
      Just partition memory card and then load the ROM, most ROMs will do the rest automatically.

  138. I have now ruined two sd cards trying to save apps to sd with this tutorial.. both say sd cards corrupt and can not be read when placed in the adapter for the pc connection

    1. Hello Jerry,

      Sorry to hear. You can fix them by putting them into the phone and clicking on Settings, SD and phone storage, and then clicking on Unmount and then Format.
      Other than that, this process is done automatically by most ROMs now, Im going to put a disclaimer in here now so people don’t get confused. Sorry for the confusion.

    1. Hello,

      Yes, most custom ROMs do this process automatically, just read the Bold Note at the top and then do the rooting and loading a custom ROM for a Magic instead of for a G1 when it tells you to follow those instructions.

  139. I’ve followed the tutorial in the HTC magic section about rooting and loading a ROM onto your HTC magic. I’ve done that. I’ve loaded the file manager on, and installed the apps2sd.

    when i open the apps2sd application, it asks me to partition the SD card.. I do exactly as instructed, and it prompts for reboot.

    I click on reboot, and nothing happens. I can click the button, but it doesn’t do anything, and the card doesn’t get partitioned unless the phone is rebooted that way…

    Because i can turn off and back on my phone, but when i open the apps2sd application again, it asks me to partition the SD card, and says it’s not partitioned…

    What am I doing wrong here?

  140. Thanks for the reply tried to fix them per your instructions the phone will not read one the other wouldnt reformat

  141. Disregard last email solved the problem powered off phone on power on read the sd card
    what am I doing wrong Iam following your instructions to the letter the only thing I can see different is that I get an orange bar not a green one on size to sd card

  142. Michael Magliotti


    Nice video! However, I am having an issue with Apps2sd where i get the screen to partition but it’s yellow and not green. Also, when I go to terminal and type
    cp /sdcard/init.rc /data/

    Nothing happens and I get a directory error message. I have been trying to do this for so long now but had no luck. Do you know anyone that does this for a charge? Your help is kindly appreciated.

  143. hi,
    i have installed Cyanogen 4.0.2 ROM, do i need to
    download those 3 files you mentioned above, because i found on xda forum that Apps2SD installed already.
    I don’t know what to do now?

    1. Hello Sasa3791,

      Read the beginning of the post. This method is obsolete. Most ROMs do the Apps2SD automatically. All you have to do is partition the memory card and then load the ROM again and it should be all set. Good luck!

  144. Hi TheUnlockr,
    Thank you for your replay,
    what recovery u have!!!
    I have Cyanogen Recovery 1.4 and when i boot recovery, there’s no options for partition sd card, i saw that u have that when u load your recovery.
    Do you have video tutorial for that, i cant find it…

    I’m hoping u can help me


    here’s my spec:
    T-Mobile G1: Black Rooted
    ROM: Cyanogen’s 4.0.2.
    Theme:Teds Hero Theme
    SDCard: 8 GB
    SPL: New “1.33.2005”
    Recovery: Cyanogen’s 1.4 + JF
    Partition: I need your help to do that………

    1. Hello Sasa3791,

      Get out of this procedure it is old.
      Do our unroot procedure, then our 1 click root, and then the How To Load a Custom ROM etc (best method) and you should end up with the Amon Ras recovery image which has the partition memory card option.
      Otherwise, if you are a bit more experienced, just load the new recovery image (the link is in the 1 click root procedure on our site) via fastboot.

  145. ok so i have the CYAN Mod.. i dont know roms or nothing .. i have a 2gb sd card.. what do i do.. i have all the apps and rooted but i keep havin to reload my to bring bam my phone.. after stucc on g1 screen.. but tell me what i need to partition it on for a 2gb and what all do i need to do so it stops doin it.. thanks

    1. Hello Eric,

      There is a link at the top of this post that shows you how to unroot, root using the one click method and then load a ROM (and partition your card for use with Apps2SD). This method is obsolete.
      Good luck!

  146. GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!! pure genious..

    i just did a fresh root from yalls topics and..



    quicc question i downloaded the CyanogenMod ROM G1/Dream)

    question 1. where do i get that black theme it has? with the black notification bar..

    2. if i run the upload they have over the air on the market. CYANUPDATER what ever that programs called.. will this interfear with my rom now?

  147. I followed the new one click method to root my G1, which includes the apps2sd partition and installed the cyanogen 4.0.4 rom, and it worked great. If I want to do the “install 2 sd” proceedure to free up the memory, which do I follow? The “this is obsolete” messages have confused me….thanx….Chris

  148. Hay i have ran into a problem with the terminal emulator. every time i type su enter it says permission denied…

    If you could please help me out i would appreciate it=]

    1. Hello Bryce,

      Read the bold writing at the top of this post… this is obsolete, there are better procedures now 🙂
      I haven’t deleted them because people are linking to them from other sites and I don’t want to break their links…

  149. Hey man. I followed your tutorial on HOW TO: Apps2SD. I got my 16GB adata card already portioned. I got like 1.35gb ext2, and the remaining fat32. I keyed in the commands as you said in terminal and exited out. So is that all I need to do? Because that next step in ur video was about portioning it when i already did that. Im also relating to your video on Because after i did that, I went and downloaded a app, then put my sd card into the computer, and the app wasnt on there? So im not sure if its working.

    Also when I go to settings>SD card & Phone Storage. Down at the bottom where it says internal phone storage it shows 1,300mb, just like yours did on your video. But im just wondering why when i put my SD card into my computer, it doesnt show the app on there? Like its still taking away from my internal phone memory.. Please respond back man.. please.. Ive been going through so much stuff to get this all figured out, and I think im almost there.

  150. I had problem because when i going to the terminal emulator and i wrote su then it tell me that permission denied and i didnt pass here ….plz help and tell me what happens thank you…I had a G1

  151. i jst root my phone so i can save my apps on my sd but unfortunately the terminal emulator says permission denied, what i my supose to do now.

    1. Hello Simeon,

      After you do the 1 click root procedure you need to do the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure. (make sure to partition the card before clickin apply update) THEN You will automatically have Apps2SD setup.

      PS Read the bold writing at the top of this post… this method is obsolete.

    1. Hello Farhan,

      You are using an obsolete procedure. Just Root in One Click, then Load a Custom ROM and you’ll have Apps2SD automatically. If you have issues, post a topic in the Technical Support Forum for your phone in the Forums on our site.

  152. To: David (The Unlockr) help!!!!
    I’m using the Htc Hero Theme…
    Rom: JF v1.51 CRB43 ADP1.5
    Theme: HTC Hero v1.4.5
    and your “Apps2SD” on your “One Click Method” is not working for me!!! It works for some other Roms but not for this theme. am I doing something wrong, or “Apps2SD” just doesn’t work for the Htc Hero Theme???

    I really like the htc hero theme…
    I think is way better that the Hero Rom,
    I tried almost all the Hero Rom’s, and they are way to slow, always have to wait for that “loading” thing, some settings don’t even work, ya’ll already know which 1’s are…

    So, Is there a better way to get “Apps2SD” besides this procedure?
    I had this set up before, when I had my phone rooted the old fashioned way, but removed when I unrooted and rooted back with the “One Click Method”…

  153. it does not work for me at all i did everything and it does not work when i get to terminal emulator and type”su”it does’nt do anything when i hitt enter it says permission denied.whats wrong help please.please email me or reply to this comment thanks allot.

  154. I have the 1.6 donut rom on my g1 do i have to follow the procedure(How To:load the HTC Hero ROM onto your G1). Inorder to save apps on my sd card or can i do it on the the current update i have which is the 1.6 donut please reply it would be a great help thanks allot

  155. everytime i do

    cp sdcard/init.rc /data/

    error : that says CP : not found…

    i have already partitioned the sd card in linux swap, ext 2 and fat32…. please help….

  156. Hi, I just want to ask about terminal emulator. I’ve done everything you instructed in your video, but I found one problem at the time opening of Terminal Emulator, after I typed “SU” why I found “SU: Not Found”. Please help me to solve this problem. thanks be4..

    1. Chace,

      Please read the top of this procedure. It is obsolete.
      Most custom ROMs have apps2sd built in for the G1. Simply partition your sd card and load a custom ROM that says it has auto apps2sd.

      1. Well, i’ve notice a new way.So, I’ve used recovery partitioning, and now in SD and memory info i have something like second SD card oO, so i tried to use App2SD but after reboot i still dont have more internal memory, could u help, please?

  157. I’ve followed all the steps in the video one by one, but it did not work, no change whatsoever in my g1. Internal memory is still the same. can you help me, please?

  158. will this work on samsung galaxy 3 ???
    my version is 2.1 & i already rooted my phone..

    & i also follow ur steps but when i type..
    cp sdcard/init.rc /data/

    error : that says CP : not found…
    plz help

  159. memory not active in htc dream wat can i do now plz tell me ( here is my email adress 

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