How To: Gain Root Access on Your HTC Hero (OBSOLETE)

There is a new improved method for this procedure; How To Root Your HTC Hero in One Click!

Already got your new HTC Hero? Ready to get started unlocking its full potential soon as you slide it out of the box? Us too 🙂

Here is how to Root the HTC Hero so we can use Wifi Tether, Move Cache to SD card (to stop the issue of the phone slowing down after using it for a while), and load some custom ROMS!

1. Download these 4 files:
Android SDK
Fastboot (scroll to Fastboot tool and download the appropriate one for you computer’s OS)

2. Once you download the SDK, extract the SDK files to “C:\AndroidSDK”. Then extract the fastboot program to the C:\AndroidSDK\tools\ folder.

3. Extract the contents into the Tools folder in the AndroidSDK folder on your computer.

4. Extract the contents into the Tools folder in the AndroidSDK folder on your computer.

5. Turn off the phone, then turn it back on by holding down the Power and Back button (to enter bootloader mode).

6. Plug the phone into the computer via USB. Make sure that it says FASTBOOT USB instead of FASTBOOT now.

7. Your computer should say installing drivers right now (if this is the first time you have connected the phone in fastboot mode). Hopefully your computer will automatically install them, but if it doesn’t then use this guide from Google to install the drivers.

8. Goto the Start menu type cmd into the run section of the start menu and hit enter to bring up the Command Prompt.

9.  Type the following into the command dos prompt on the computer (the black screen with white letters that just opened) while the phone is connected through USB, hitting enter at the end of the line:
cd androidsdk\tools\
fastboot devices

10. You should see a serial number pop up and the word fastboot to the right of it. This means that your USB drviers are all set up correctly and you can continue. If you do NOT see this, then you need to start over or Google for how to set up the USB drivers correctly (this will help).

11. If the serial number and the word fastboot next to it popped up, then go back to the command prompt on the computer and type

fastboot boot cm-hero-recovery.img

12. Once the phone boots up into the recovery screen type the following in the command prompt on the computer:

adb shell mount /system
adb push su /system/bin/
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
adb push Superuser.apk /system/app/
adb shell reboot

13. Once the phone reboots, click the Menu button and click Settings.

14. Goto Applications > Development and check the USB debugging on.

15. While the phone is still plugged in, goto the Command Prompt still up on your computer and type:

adb devices

You should see a serial number, which means the computer is seeing the device.

16. Then type:

adb shell

The phone should pop up an su request. Click Always Allow on the phone.

17. Type:


18. Phone should reboot and you now have Root Access! Try downloading a program that needs root access and see if it works to test it out.

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