There is a new improved method for this procedure; How To Root Your HTC Hero in One Click!

Already got your new HTC Hero? Ready to get started unlocking its full potential soon as you slide it out of the box? Us too 🙂

Here is how to Root the HTC Hero so we can use Wifi Tether, Move Cache to SD card (to stop the issue of the phone slowing down after using it for a while), and load some custom ROMS!

1. Download these 4 files:
Android SDK
Fastboot (scroll to Fastboot tool and download the appropriate one for you computer’s OS)

2. Once you download the SDK, extract the SDK files to “C:\AndroidSDK”. Then extract the fastboot program to the C:\AndroidSDK\tools\ folder.

3. Extract the contents into the Tools folder in the AndroidSDK folder on your computer.

4. Extract the contents into the Tools folder in the AndroidSDK folder on your computer.

5. Turn off the phone, then turn it back on by holding down the Power and Back button (to enter bootloader mode).

6. Plug the phone into the computer via USB. Make sure that it says FASTBOOT USB instead of FASTBOOT now.

7. Your computer should say installing drivers right now (if this is the first time you have connected the phone in fastboot mode). Hopefully your computer will automatically install them, but if it doesn’t then use this guide from Google to install the drivers.

8. Goto the Start menu type cmd into the run section of the start menu and hit enter to bring up the Command Prompt.

9.  Type the following into the command dos prompt on the computer (the black screen with white letters that just opened) while the phone is connected through USB, hitting enter at the end of the line:
cd androidsdk\tools\
fastboot devices

10. You should see a serial number pop up and the word fastboot to the right of it. This means that your USB drviers are all set up correctly and you can continue. If you do NOT see this, then you need to start over or Google for how to set up the USB drivers correctly (this will help).

11. If the serial number and the word fastboot next to it popped up, then go back to the command prompt on the computer and type

fastboot boot cm-hero-recovery.img

12. Once the phone boots up into the recovery screen type the following in the command prompt on the computer:

adb shell mount /system
adb push su /system/bin/
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
adb push Superuser.apk /system/app/
adb shell reboot

13. Once the phone reboots, click the Menu button and click Settings.

14. Goto Applications > Development and check the USB debugging on.

15. While the phone is still plugged in, goto the Command Prompt still up on your computer and type:

adb devices

You should see a serial number, which means the computer is seeing the device.

16. Then type:

adb shell

The phone should pop up an su request. Click Always Allow on the phone.

17. Type:


18. Phone should reboot and you now have Root Access! Try downloading a program that needs root access and see if it works to test it out.

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  • Garrck2007

    Mannn i want one

  • terminate88

    i cant download the file from i have even signup and still to access granted to download

  • zayyad

    tell me where i can get that pphone rite Now . and will it run on t mobile.. thanks

  • dc1387

    When i was rooting, i did not get the daemon started successfully part in the CMD… But i just went ahead with all the steps and finished the process.. Can u tell me how to check and see if everything is fine..

  • zak


    then i give the “adb shell mount \system”

    nothing is hapaning….

  • zaky


    when i tipe adb shell mount /system
    i dont get any respons….
    any 1 know why?

  • Garrck2007
  • Steve

    So, does rooting restore the phone to factory default, or will it leave all settings and apps as is?

  • Garrck2007

    The rooting Process doesn’t but you will have to wipe it to load a ROM (roms are basically the phones interface their os) so eventually yes it will be back to factory but their is a app you can use for backing up* apps to your sd card so you wont have to download them again its called appmanager some will be protected but most of them wont and your purchased ones will be saved in the my downloads section you just have to re-download them if they were protected.

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  • LuckyCook82

    just curious, can I run this rom on my G1 to have the actual HERO

  • Bilal

    what was the application from android market he opened at the very end of the video to put cache on sd??

  • surfsmurf

    The Android SDK does not seem to include fastboot on OSX. It can, however, be downloaded from

    Using that and the instructions here I just successfully rooted my Scandinavian Hero, wooooooo 😀

  • PansySam

    Will this work on my rebranded T-Mobile UK HTC Hero? It’s called the G2 Touch.

    • Hello PansySam,

      Yes it should no problem.

  • omgzcool

    bilal, turn up your speakerss… its called move cache to sd* ahahah

  • lior iluz

    When I finish the process and type su I get a “su request” window opened on my device but it’s blank and no buttons like your to choose “always allow” from.
    Any ideas?

  • lior iluz

    nm, solved 🙂 just needed to kill su request process, turn on the debug mode again and worked like a charm 🙂

  • Bruno Lopes

    Can you explain how you do it in a mac? This tutorial is for windowze users and we macs are always left out…. 🙁

  • Michael

    I get a error while try to execute adb shell mount /system -> error: device not found

    • Hello Michael,


      adb devices

      Then if no serial number comes up when it says list of devices attached, means you did not install the ADB drivers correctly. You can see how to do this in the beginning of the How To Root you Magic video (the first 4 minutes or so).

  • Hi

    I got to the ‘adb shell mount /system’ stage when I got this line in my cmd window ‘mounting /dev/block/mtdblock3 on system failed: Device or resource busy’

    Will someone please let me know how to progress from here?


    • Hello Jake,

      Make sure you did not mount the memory card and make sure that your screen on your phone shows the recovery image (black background bright writing talking about Apply Update, Wipe Data, etc.).

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. My memory card isn’t mounted but I do have the correct background (as you mentioned above) but I still get the same message.


  • Michael

    I did this before i started -> Goto Applications > Development and check the USB debugging on.
    And it worked 🙂

  • Lee


    I’m keen to root my UK T-Mob G2 Touch, but before I do are thare any downsides to it?

    Also, if I do root it will I be able to receive the update thats due soon (See

    Cheers 🙂

  • smooth

    At step 20 when i type su after the $ sign i get this error:
    su= permission denied.
    What did i do wrong?
    Can somebody please help me?

  • DEEK

    i had the same problem smooth :S

  • Antony John


    Firstly thanks to TheUnlockr for taking the time to make the tutorial – sadly after following your instructions implicitly I have two issues:

    First issue – when I reach the command:

    adb shell mount \system

    nothing happens regardless of whether usb debugging is enabled or not –

    Second issue:

    At the beginning of the video you attach the Hero – but further on you must have detached it (at what stage did you do this?) – I assume this because towards the end of the video you say to re-attach.

    What you achieved in 8 mins – I have been unable to do in excess of 14 hours.

    Two other things I noticed – our phones are identical spec –

    but when I use the fastboot devices command my number is different than yours (is this relevant?)

    May I respectfully request your help and expertise in resolving my issues


    ajb AT

    • Hello Anthony John,

      While I would love to help, I simply can’t have any idea what you did different than what I did unless I sat and watched you do the whole process…
      I can answer a few questions for you that you asked and the rest I would recommend Googling the error you got (this is how I do most of my videos, I take the original procedure and then any snags I run into I google them and put my findings in the procedure I put up here in the hopes that others won’t have to do them, but sometimes things happen to people that never happened to me, and like I said I can’t tell the difference short of standing over you).
      I can guess though that the ADB shell command you entered is not working because you do not have the ADB drivers installed correctly. Use the program USBDeview (free on Google) and while the phone is plugged in open the program with admin rights and uninstall all the drivers that say HTC on them. Close the program, unplug and replug the phone back in (windows should automatically try to reinstall). Click on the drivers being installed bubble and watch them to see if ADB Device is one of the ones installed. IF it gets installed this time then try the procedure again and you should be good to go.
      Second, for that same issue. The phone must be booted into recovery mode (the black background with all the writing) and plugged in via USB while you are typing those commands on the computer.

      As for reattaching, just follow the written procedure (the video is a visual aid to that) and if it doesn’t say unplug in the written procedure, then don’t unplug and visa versa.

      As for the serial number, that is specific to each phone, so it should be different than mine, no worries 🙂

      GOOD LUCK!

  • will

    thanks for the guide, worked great!!

  • snarf

    when you do a root on HTC Hero, can you go back to the factory default? or have you need a HTC hero image backup on your SD card to go back?

  • mittu1

    Will this work on windows 7 or just XP?

    • Hello Mittu1,

      It will work on any Windows Build. I used Windows 7 to do it…

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  • Hi again

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply – it was/is greatly appreciated-

    I did as you advised:

    I D/L usbdeview – it solved the problem – daemon loaded!!!! as I expected YOU WERE RIGHT (no real surprise there then!)

    From there on in – I thought it was going to be plain sailing

    (actually it was) – I managed to load as far as:


    I also did the “adb shell reboot” as well as the:

    adb devices command –

    My chin hit the desktop!

    I had reached the command:

    “adb shell” (upon hitting enter)

    **I got the # symbol NOT the $ as you did**

    I have NO IDEA why!!!

    Once again I respectfully request your help to help me resolve this thus saving my sanity (as well as my marriage)!

    As before a sincere thank you for all your help and advice as well as your time and expertise

    I wait your reply


    • Hello Anthony John,

      The # should mean you have root access 🙂 No troubles, you are all set. Reboot the phone then try to goto the market and download say Move Cache for Root Users and run it (should pop up with a SU Request or should just run). If that works, then you know you’re rooted 🙂

  • Antony John


    I would like to take the time to offer my sincere thanks for ALL your help and obvious expertise.
    I am pleased to announce that my phone is finally ROOTED – **I could not have done it without your help**.
    These may be some silly questions (if so apologies!)

    1.If I was to install the original orange(my service provider) ROM – would that cause me to lose my root privileges?

    2.Is it possible to make my Hero dual boot so that I can boot into either the standard Hero ROM or boot into a custom ROM?

    3.Do you know of any PC app’s that I can install onto my pc(obviously) that will let me browse/write to the ROOT of my phone so that I can change the sounds – wallpapers etc?

    Last silly question (promise)

    4.SEE ABOVE – if there is no app available – how do I add/remove wallpapers sounds fonts and the like?

    In conclusion:

    You are an all round good guy – that doesn’t receive the thanks that you so rightly deserve:


    If this guy’s tutorials have helped you root your phone – have the decency to thank him.


  • BarcOllO

    thanks for your great job.

    • Hello BarcOllO,

      Thanks! I appreciate it!
      Subscribe to my twitter, I hope to get a lot more stuff up on the site ASAP.

  • Wedajeneh

    Thank you for helping me Root my Hero, twice I tried it to work.When it didn’t work,I read what I wrote in the command line and checked with your discription and I have missed a whole line to write on my dos command and I redone it again. It works.I am very grateful for your discription.

  • Robert

    If I have to reset my phone which set’s my phone back to how it was when I first got it, will I have to repeat the process above or will it stay rooted regardless?

  • arthur


    I m going crazy and not to do….

    after putting:

    tools/adb shell mount/system—- >enter
    /sbin/sh: mount/system: not found

    and you

    * daemon not running. starting in now*
    *daemon started succefully*

    happens? I must do to correct it?


      They are much easier and faster.
      Good luck!


    Permission denied ?????? Please help me :((((((

    • Hello HTC Hero,

      Read the bold writing at the top of the post….

  • Hello.
    I use this tutorial to get a root acces.
    Thanks you, i dont need install Modaco Rom.
    Please, can you macke tutorial or tell me how I can du apps to sd now ?

  • Julian

    Much appreciated – Many thanks.

    Took me a few mins to realise on my PC setup I had to put the full directory path in to the commands to push some of the files up, but all done and tethered now!

  • Chrono

    Does this work in the new Hero rom?

    • Hello Chrono,

      Please read the bold writing at the top of the post. This method is obsolete, but there are links in the bold writing to the new method and that will work on the new Hero ROM no problem.

  • MV

    Hi Chrono,

    I have just rooted the new HTC ROM (first updated with htc site update):

    – Backup your stuff
    – Install the HTC provided update
    – Apply the One-Click method
    – Reboot by means of Home+Poweron
    – Do *this* howto, without the fastboot part (so skip steps 5+6+7)

    That will root the new rom..


  • Rob

    I have tried in vain to get my Hero G2 Touch to have access to ROOT, I previously had this until my G2 firmware was upgraded from t-mobile.

    When I get to the staged of entering FASTBOOT BOOT …..

    The result I get is download ‘boot.img’… (remote: not allow).

    I Cannot get any further, please could you provide in laymans terms a step to step guide on how to get rid of this restriction, I have checked the USB debugging is switched on and all the drivers on my laptop are current and OK…..

    Below is a list of the Boot Screen, which I hope help.

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO10000)
    Aug 4 2009,19:43:30


    please can you help as I and many others as I noticed are having the same problem, could you post a reply here to clear things up.. Cheers

    • Hello Rob,

      You are using the wrong procedure is why 🙂 Says OBSOLETE in the title.
      Just did a new post for how to root the Hero when fastboot is not allowed. Called How To Downgrade The HTC Hero (So we can root it). Look for it and you can do that procedure to get it done. Good luck!

  • SDPurr

    I have a Hero locked to Orange, Do I need to root the phone and then install ROM 2.73.405.5. To unlock it ?


    • SDPurr,

      This is the wrong procedure (it says OBSOLETE in the title and there is bold writing at the top of the post explaining why).
      Is your Hero on firmware (check in the about screen) 2.73.x.x or above? If so goto the How To Downgrade the Hero So It Can Be Rooted Procedure, if it is below 2.73.x.x then just go straight to the How To Root in One Click procedure.

  • wensterretje

    I have a G1 and white work on my vista premium pc n I would like to root my mobile and even build – an issue my G1 is DRC92.

    And yet everything I drive into terminal emulator I get permission denied. Why?
    what’s wrong??
    Please help me.

    • Wensterretje,

      Why are you doing in the How to Gain Root Access on the HTC Hero? Please goto the How To Root the Mytouch/G1 procedure and make sure to read the before you begin… good luck!

  • Rolex


    I got one problem.

    When i write fastboot boot cm-hero-recovery.img it says downloading boot img … FAILED remote : not allowed

    Can you please help me..

  • katiesays

    I would like to view all cache and internet history on my htc hero. Is this possible? I know in the settings it says “clear cache”  & “clear cookies” but I want to view all of it, even if the internet history has been deleted. Does the phone operating system keep such information like a P.C? Cache files, index.dat  etc? please help..thank you.