How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Magic

Before you begin make sure you have done our How To Root Your HTC Magic in One Click! procedure.

After you have successfully done that, you can do this procedure.

I. Partition Your Memory Card for Apps2SD or Hero

1. Get into recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn on the phone (if you are not already there).

2. Click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap and wait for it to format.

3. Once it is done, take out the battery and put it back in. Turn on the phone and goto the next step.

II. Load a Custom ROM (including Hero)

1. Download a ROM from our Magic ROMs, MyTouch 3.5mm/Fender ROMs, or MyTouch 3G ROMs section (depending on your phone) to your computer.

2. Plug in your phone and pull down the Notification bar when the SD notification pops up.

3. Click on the notification and select Mount.

4. Once the SD card is on your computer screen, copy the ROM from your computer to your SD card (make sure NOT to put it in any folders on the SD card, just on the SD card by itself).

5. Once it is done copying, rename it on your SD card to update (in windows it should just need to be renamed update and you should still see the Zip folder icon to the left of the file to indicate that it is still

6. Unplug your phone and turn it off.

7. Turn the phone on by holding down Home and Power till you get to the custom recovery screen.

8. Select Wipe from the menu, then select Apply

9. Once it is done, select Reboot and you are all set!

*IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT ROM AFTER THIS, just do section II again with the different ROM and that’s it! Easy!

Reported Issues

Issue: Internet and MMS do not work…

Solution: Goto Settings, Wireless controls, Mobile network settings, Access point names, then click Menu and click New APN. Then put in your Service Provider’s APN settings.

Issue: Stuck at a logo screen or phone won’t boot up…

Solution: Boot the phone back into recovery mode (home and power) and then wipe and apply the again.
If that still doesn’t work then boot into recovery (home and power) then format SD Fat32+ext2+swap and take out the memory card once it is done, put it into your computer and load the rom onto it again. Put the sd card back into the phone, wipe and apply

Issue: Screen goes fuzzy on a custom ROM on the Magic…

Solution: Noone knows why this happens (we have tried a lot of different scenarios). It just seems that it happens to some phones and not to others (might be a kernel issue). So until someone figures out the issue, then do Section IV again and try to load a different ROM. (*If Qtek Hero gives you fuzzy issue then use JACHeroski 1.5, located in our Downloads section on this site, do NOT use Heroski 1.6 it has same issue as Qtek. And visa versa).

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