How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Magic

Before you begin make sure you have done our How To Root Your HTC Magic in One Click! procedure.

After you have successfully done that, you can do this procedure.

I. Partition Your Memory Card for Apps2SD or Hero

1. Get into recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn on the phone (if you are not already there).

2. Click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap and wait for it to format.

3. Once it is done, take out the battery and put it back in. Turn on the phone and goto the next step.

II. Load a Custom ROM (including Hero)

1. Download a ROM from our Magic ROMs, MyTouch 3.5mm/Fender ROMs, or MyTouch 3G ROMs section (depending on your phone) to your computer.

2. Plug in your phone and pull down the Notification bar when the SD notification pops up.

3. Click on the notification and select Mount.

4. Once the SD card is on your computer screen, copy the ROM from your computer to your SD card (make sure NOT to put it in any folders on the SD card, just on the SD card by itself).

5. Once it is done copying, rename it on your SD card to update (in windows it should just need to be renamed update and you should still see the Zip folder icon to the left of the file to indicate that it is still

6. Unplug your phone and turn it off.

7. Turn the phone on by holding down Home and Power till you get to the custom recovery screen.

8. Select Wipe from the menu, then select Apply

9. Once it is done, select Reboot and you are all set!

*IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT ROM AFTER THIS, just do section II again with the different ROM and that’s it! Easy!

Reported Issues

Issue: Internet and MMS do not work…

Solution: Goto Settings, Wireless controls, Mobile network settings, Access point names, then click Menu and click New APN. Then put in your Service Provider’s APN settings.

Issue: Stuck at a logo screen or phone won’t boot up…

Solution: Boot the phone back into recovery mode (home and power) and then wipe and apply the again.
If that still doesn’t work then boot into recovery (home and power) then format SD Fat32+ext2+swap and take out the memory card once it is done, put it into your computer and load the rom onto it again. Put the sd card back into the phone, wipe and apply

Issue: Screen goes fuzzy on a custom ROM on the Magic…

Solution: Noone knows why this happens (we have tried a lot of different scenarios). It just seems that it happens to some phones and not to others (might be a kernel issue). So until someone figures out the issue, then do Section IV again and try to load a different ROM. (*If Qtek Hero gives you fuzzy issue then use JACHeroski 1.5, located in our Downloads section on this site, do NOT use Heroski 1.6 it has same issue as Qtek. And visa versa).

177 thoughts on “How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Magic”

  1. OK,like i know MYTOUCH and G1 when we up ROM to HERO ROM have an SMS issue,can u check the procidure u post can fix it?or maybe depend on the ROM and ur ROM good ab SMS?thanks

  2. Hello,

    I did uploaded the Hero ROM, but the phone is too sluggish once the HERO Rom is installed, any idea why?

    By the way, a very solid tutorial. Awesome!

  3. One more thing, do I need to install something else to achieve the “App2SD” ? or it is built-in ? I am using QTEK Hero Rom with SWAP, if I don’t need to do anything, then what I need to make it activate.

  4. just a question about partition part Step 2.. why do we need to partition it like this or partition at all. i thought partitioning these ext2 etc.. was for phones with only 192 ram

  5. Hello The Unlockr,

    Any idea about the following:

    1) Does the App2SD is built-in to the QTek Hero ROM
    2) Why myTouch3G is lagging, i turned off the TouchFlo and it runs fine, but I am still wondering why’s that?
    3) I am using the “Task Manager 1.10” from Android Market, and I am noticing that the first characters are 13% and then it is saying 15.0 MB is 15MB means ROM or RAM availabe? how should I make sure how much ram available and my Apps are not getting installed there.

    Any idea?

  6. Hello the Unlockr Dude,

    Any update on how to put the Apps on SDCard? I did give it a try to the option when you get during the Custom Recover Image “Move apps+… to SD” and I don’t see any difference.

    Your help really really appreciated

    1. Hello Medassir,

      You just need to partition the memory card (the beginning of this procedure) then load a ROM that has Auto Apps2SD set up (or a Hero ROM) and that’s it. It will do the rest for you.

  7. igot the jacheroski 2.7.4r2 working on my 32a.. wasnt sure if it would because i did the official rogers HTC update and had my doubts but it works great.. glad to have my hero back.. not too sure about having to partition the ext2 etc.. as per the instructions as i never thought 288ram roger magics had to do swap things but so far so good.. great work Unlockr

  8. hi, iam having a problem getting into recovery mode. when i hold home and on it comes up with a triangle with an exclamation mark in it and a phone. if i let go and then repress it comes up with android system recovery utility, and 3 options – reboot, apply sdcard update and wipe data.
    please help

  9. Hi Unlockr,
    Awesome tutorial!
    I followed your rooting guide and got to where it said I should end up.
    When I plugged in my phone in order to put a ROM on the SD Card my phone mounted as a 1.4 GB media and a 400 MB media on my computer.
    I put the ROM in the 1.4 GB but am not allowed to put it in the 400 MB as I do not have permission allegedly.
    I use Linux.
    From this point on I have the same problem as Mike.

    Is there anyway to check my phone is rooted correctly?

    Thank you!Please help…

  10. I have now managed to get the onto the 500 MB media. The problem is that when I try and turn it on for the recovery screen (i.e.home and power) it goes to the exclamation mark triangle thing and just stays there.
    Again please help, I will paypal you if needs be!xx

  11. so im assuming since you dont answer my questions about why 288 ram 32a magic users have to partition is you dont know.. just say i dont know. I realize 32b magics benefit from extra partitions to swap but if theres no point for 32a I would rather not swap back and for to my SD card.. sounds as bad as people years ago using HD space to give themselves more ram

  12. Hi, I seem to have c*cked this up and need some help.
    I have a Vodafone UK HTC Magic (32B) and followed your instructions using the root in one click method and then the above but I’m stuck on the Vodafone logo screen.
    I can get back into recovery mode but whenever I try to load up a rom (I’ve tried a couple) I get the vodafone screen.

    Please, any help would be appreciated

  13. Hi,
    I wanted to flash a rom, but after wiping and formatting my phone got stuck (dont know if it´s right, what I´m writing, hope you understand…).
    It shows the warning sign with the ! in it,like in the pictures with the menue. But there is no menue! It´s the same problem BEN had.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?



  14. Quick question, how would one go about reverting back to the stock ROM for warranty purposes? Oh and I’ve read that for some Hero ROMs you need to update the SPL, is that needed for the JACHeroski ROM? I have a perfect SPL, which is why your tutorial is perfect for me. Great tutorial btw!!

  15. hi thank for your tutorial. its great help.i actually just did one touch rooting and have custom rav1.2.1g. on mytouch and i dont have sd adapter but in video you mention you can do with longer route so i will try that thing. just confuse in old tutorial you have 1 and 2 step. now this directly start with step 3(on old tutorial) so i would just like you clarify why its not required. thank you. thats confusion to most of people.

    1. Hello Umang,

      Im not sure what older method you are referring to? The old loading a custom Magic method? No need to clarify, just do this method. The old method is obsolete and unnecessary.

  16. oh wow.. that is very quick reply.
    thank you Theunlockr.

    and i am very excited to load hero rom. i will let you know how it went through.
    thank you again..

  17. Great tutorial TheUnlock, i have rooted my magic. But can i still install updates after this? or will my phone be “unrooted” after an update from the original rom (i still haven’t installed another rom)

    thnx Marc

  18. hi TheUnlockr, i have rooted phone and follow your instruction and put ROM correctly(JACHeroski 1.5) but how come everytime i click a apps and go back to homescreen it always loading and i tried another ROM still the same.

  19. I did the one click root. But i want to move all the apps on my sd card. Do i just format the sd card in recovery mode and format fat- fat 32 and that it? Or do i have to to select move apps to sd? On the custom rom it says do not use app2sd or it will fry the system.


    1. Hello Mike,

      You just need to do the section in the procedure about partitioning your card into Fat32, Ext2, and Swap. Then you can load the ROM (just continue with the procedure) and it will automatically do Apps2SD for you.
      Good luck!

  20. Ive just completed the 1 click root for my magic 32b and am at the recovery screen. Ive completed the wipe data from the sd card as per instructions but when I try to format sd: fat32+ext2+swap i get an error:

    run via adb!

    any ideas where i am going wrong please?

  21. Hi. I have just follow the 2 tutorials and every was fine. The Hero runs well, but I have made a big error!!! and now I dont know what to do. After i have hero installed well, y tryed to install the “normal” ROM. But when I try to copy the ROM to my SD the phone becomes in an infinite loop trying to load Hero, but it doesnt start.

    What can i do?


  22. Hi, im having trouble at the very last stage of the process:
    after choosing Apply

    the phone gives me the lines:

    Install from sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    E:Corrupt file:
    E:Verification failed

    Installation aborted.

  23. dear

    i have loaded htc rom on htc magic (32B) successfully. only problem is with pc syncronisation . i am not able to synchronise with pc.


    jainesh jain

  24. I have put in the correct settings for apn in my carrier but it seems like im only getting edge and not 3g. can you let me know how i can fix this? Im currently asking from the phone

  25. hi theunlockr
    i have a few questions hope someone can help me with this noobs questions.

    wondering . i htc magic with 32A .
    mine are using hiapk android with chinese language. everytime i change the language n reboot its stuck on htc magic screen.
    so i want to ask. can i
    root my htc magic n change the rom with mod or official one of course 32A just like that event my htc magic using Chinese/HK ROM.

    sorry 4 my bad english
    thnx b4

  26. @theunlockr I have two questions
    1) is the Android Donut available for Rogers HTC Magic 32A?
    2) what is the most recent rom that you would recommend for the above mentioned phone?

  27. how do I get the applications to install and run from the sd card? whenever i install apps2sd2, and run the app, it says my sd card isn’t partitioned properly. I follow the instructions to partition in properly but then when i try and run the app again after it is done, it just force closes. Is there any other way to partition the card? I flicked format fat32+ext2+swap in my RAv1.2.1H image but when i go into the phone to check the memory, it says SD card memory is still at ~8GB and it doesn’t show any reading for the secondary memory. Any help please?

    1. Hello Hakim,

      Do NOT run Apps2SD. The ROMs do this for you. When you do the partitioning of the memory card in the recovery screen it should say formatting and go through the process, make sure it finishes and says Format Complete. Then you need to Wipe data from that menu and then load the ROM again and you are all set.

  28. I downloaded the HTC Hero rom on my mytouch 3g and the predictive text isnt working… only for applications such as peep … thanks

  29. I got a new ROM and then copied it as However, when I “apply”, it fails with “verification failed” with the signatures.

    Do I need to get an Engineering SPL so
    that any signature would work?


  30. hello theunlockr

    i followed the how to root your magic in one click procedure and i got all of that. but when i put the rom on the sd and reboot with on + home i get the triangle with exclamation mark and when i let go i get blue letters wich say:
    android system recovery utility

    reboot system now
    wipe data/factory reset

    i first did wipe data and then applied but it aborted the installation.

    could you please tell me what im doing wrong?

    1. Hello Jan,

      You need to do the root procedure again and make sure it says Flash Succeeded at the end. Then immediately boot into recovery and you should get to the custom recovery screen (not the ! screen). Then leave it there while you do the How to Load a Custom ROM procedure.
      Otherwise are you on Donut? If so you need to do the unroot procedure first, then come back to this.

  31. >Hello Bomski,
    >Do you have the recovery image we gave you?

    I am using Amon_RA’s recovery, RA-magic-v1.2.1H.

    The ROM I am using is cooked by someone else. It fails with “Verification Failed” message on the signatures.

    1. Hello Bomski,

      It doesn’t matter who the ROM is cooked by if you are using that recovery image (that is what those recovery images do, they allow you to flash unknown ROMs, otherwise you would only be able to flash ROMs directly from HTC).

      Whatever ROM you are trying to load just may have errors. Try to load a different one.

  32. Hi please help, if a ROM has more than 1 folder do i put it all in one folder and name it zip? I did this and it said FAILED. 🙁 help me plz

  33. Hi UnlockR,

    I have a Rogers HTC Magic(32A). I read a lot on how to root+load custom roms. But i’m still unclear whether if i need to flash the SPL in order to load the “JACHeroski Magic ROM” ??? Why are there LESS roms for 32A than 32B, -__- ?


    1. Hello MC,

      No you do not need a new SPL, just use our How To Root in Once Click then goto this procedure and make sure you partition the memory card etc and then load the ROM.

      There are less 32A Magics in the world. You can only get one from Rogers or unbranded from HTC. Where as the 32B is Vodafone in UK, T-Mobile USA (myTouch), and most other carriers that picked it up. Less users = less developers 🙁 But hey be thankful you have 288Mbs of RAM and everyone else has 192mb 🙂

  34. Hi Unlockr. BTW thanks for all the help over the past few days! You have been great! I have loaded. I have loaded a non Hero ROM back onto the phone all all is working great. (No LAG!!- THANKS!) Except my wifi, When turning on my wifi getting the error “unable to start wifi” Any ideas?
    Once again Thanks alot – PS Your the man!

  35. Hey Theunlockr i did what your guide said and after i got my phone fully rooted i did these steps and after that my phone was stuck on the rogers boot screen, so i did what your fixing issues said and ive tried it almost 4 times and its still the same thing over and over again ive tried diffrent roms and ive tried the qtek rom i still get stuck with the rogers screen how can i fix this? please be detailed.

    1. Hello Ana,

      Reported Issues

      Issue: Internet and MMS do not work…

      Solution: Goto Settings, Wireless controls, Mobile network settings, Access point names, then click Menu and click New APN. Then put in your Service Provider’s APN settings.

  36. hi, i followed ur video to format the SD card to fat32+ext2+swap but this message comes out ‘Error: run via console!’ ive tried switching on the phone to unmount the sdcard and then format, off then going back to recovery mode to try again but to no avail…. can u pls advise?

    1. Hello K,

      Would be happy to help, please just post your issue in the Technical Support Forums for your phone (so we can try to stop these comments from getting any more cluttered and so people can learn from your issue easily). I’m sure you understand.

  37. This is a great tutorial!

    I have a question though… I have a Rogers Magic (32A m/board) and I already did the latest provider updates. Will this process work for my phone? Also do I have to change to a custom ROM or can I keep the ROM that came with the phone (I need Exchange Sync Support).


    1. Tarquin,

      Yes it will work, you need to do the One Click Rooting Procedure then this procedure and you will be all set. Yes you need to load a new ROM, just choose a Non Hero ROM and it will be very similar to the current ROM you have just with rooting and no Rogers proprietary software in it anymore.

  38. Hello Unlockr, thanks for all the work.

    I have followed your instructions and I am planning to install the CaSense1.1 ROM. In XDA, Case_ (the creator of the ROM) also states that I need to install Kernel packages after installing the custom ROM. In his own words: “Apply the kernel package of your choice AFTER you’ve flashed the main ROM. No wipe!”
    He provides different package files and then log files.
    I assume all I need is to follow procedure II here without doing 8 (wipe) to apply the Kernel.
    Also, what do I do with the log file that Case_ provides?

    1. Dave,

      Unfortunately, that would be a question for Case, not sure why he would require a kernel install after the ROM, but I would assume you would install the kernels the same way you install the ROM (just without a wipe for the kernel) and you should be all set. Logs usually just show what Case has changed in each version of his ROM/kernels, but again I would check with him again.

  39. hello

    I am getting the same problem as Bomski..

    when I try apply the new It comes with the text:

    E: No signature (798 files)
    E: verification failed

    I all ready use your recovery image.

  40. Great walk thru! I am only having one issue. When I do the partition, it says that it is complete, then when I put it in my laptop via the SD adapter or via USB, it sees the SD card as blank media. In Windows XP it asks if I want to format it, in the phone, it says that it is “Blank Media”.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again!

  41. Yeah so I followed all the directions as far as me. Doing the Root. My screen and stuff doesnt look like the options available on your Phone?

    So I did the rom download, and its saying its completely lost.
    Can you give me the files YOU used in your Tutorial?

  42. Hi Unlockr,
    Very nice job!

    I would like to know if it is possible to install the cyanogen rom ( on the 32A?

    If not what other rom with as much feature as cyanogen is compatible with the 32A and that you recommend?

    Thank you again!

    1. Ronan,

      I would recommend finding a similar ROM as Cyanogens ROMs have become a little complicated to install because of the cease and desist he received.
      Use the custom search bar in the Android ROMs section and type in something like “Magic 32A Donut ROM” and you should get a few.

  43. Thanks Unloclr for the quick answer,
    What are the risks if I try to install cyanogen?
    Can I install another Rom if it fails?

    Cyanogen only mentions 32B, does it means that it can NOT be installed on 32A?

    In cyanogen installation procedure it mentions the installation of two roms one after the other: “rooted base” and “cyanogen” itself, should I do the same?
    Again what are the risks?

    Thanks for all!

    1. Ronan,

      You can usually always load a new ROM afterwards, its just a pain to load Cyanogen ROMs if I remember correctly, but if he has made it just installing two files then thats not to bad. Good luck!

  44. loaded and I get senseUI now but many apps keep crashing!!

    I want to restart the process over again but theres no file manager, so how can I install the flashrec program?

  45. For some reason any time I try to format my sdcard with part SD:fat32+ext2+swap command, I get the following error:
    Error: run via console!.

    Can anyone please help!

    Thanks in advance.

  46. So I have done the step before this and all went well, but when i try to do this step it won’t install and says installation aborted.

    What can I do about this?
    I’ve tried several roms linked off of this site.

  47. Your instructions for flashing a custom recovery and ROM worked flawlessly. Great job! I have a Rogers Magic and used Amon_RA’s recovery and ION ROM. The Magic has the “perfect” spl 1.33.0030 (Sapp50000). I installed SetCPU but it hangs in SuperUser. Is this a problem with the 32A or am I missing something about the root process?

  48. Unlockr,

    How would you partition the SD card if your running a newer AMON RA recovery screen since, the Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap option is removed? Also, do you recommend doing this partion to the factory 4GB sd card on the 32Bs?

    Hope to hear back soon, thanks!

    1. Mark,

      It isn’t removed it is just in a sub menu.
      Its under Format Card or Partition Card then you’ll find it (it isn’t called that exactly but you’ll find it).

      Good luck!

  49. Will check it tonight, thanks for the quick response!

    Now is okay to do this to the factory 4GB mircoSD since it’s not class 6?

    Thanks again!

    1. Threeaz,

      Use the search box at the top of our Downloads page. Search for Hero for Magic. Then make sure you have 32A or 32B and load a ROM for the appropriate motherboard.
      Good luck!

  50. Hi..

    The tutorial worked perfect until i restarted the phone (after using the The OS starts with the little droid running around and HTC shimmers. But just after it ends 2 error comes up (the application google maps has stopped & the application messages has stopped. After that the phone just does nothing while the HTC logo remains..

    Any thought? plz help, its my girls phone = she will kill me 😛

    1. Filip,

      Means the ROM you loaded didnt load right.
      Here is how to fix 99 percent of all issues:

      Reformat the memory card in recovery, then wipe data, and then either reload the same rom or load a different one.

      Good luck!

  51. Hey man, thanks for all your HowTo videos and thorough written guides! Just thought I’d take part in letting anyone involved with these videos, guides, or the site as a whole that everything you guys do are all greatly appreciated!

  52. hi The Unlockr
    i hav an htc magic 32a with htc hero rom.i cant sync the phone with my computer.what should i do to fix the problem?

  53. I been tryin to get the HTC hero to upload on my phone… i did the rooting procedure perfectly, because i got to that screen with the green letter, they exact same way as it is shown in the video

    and the “wipe data/factory reset” step works fine

    then i went and downloaded the Qteck 32B file, and i compressed it to a zip file…

    put it on my sd card itself, not in a folder… that worked fine…

    then i clicked the “Format SD : fat32+ext2+swap” and that process worked

    and then i came to the “apply”
    thats whn it gives me problems, cause it says

    “Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (1660)
    E:Verification failed

    Installation aborted”

    What do i do?? Seein As How I’m Using A Mac… and The Person in the Video is using a PC

    1. Neil,

      There is a problem with what you did. You formatted the SD card AFTER putting the ROM on it… that would erase the ROM file off the card so when you goto flash it it can’t find it because its gone.
      Good luck!

  54. No, thats not it because i tried it again just now, and this time i wait till it said “formatting complete!”

    and then i turned the phone off took the memory card out and transferred the compressed zip file into the memory card and then put the card back into the phone, turned it on and all i did then was “wipe data/factory reset” and then “Apply” and it gave me the same error which was

    “Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (1659 files)
    E:Verification failed

    Installation aborted”

    1. Neil,

      You have a custom recovery image, right? (not the ! screen)
      If you do then try to load a different ROM, that one could be corrupted (no signature usually means you dont have root access or the file is corrupted).

  55. hi unlockr,
    I am new to downloading roms and stuff like that so I would appreciate it if you could answer the questions below
    1)does bluetooth and wi-fi work on the rom
    2)can it be put back to it’s original state?
    thanks for your vids and keep it up 🙂

  56. hi unlockr,again I just want to ask something;
    1)what rom did you use in the video?
    2)does everything work(3g, texting, wi-fi, bluetooth)on the one you used?
    thanx 🙂

  57. Hello Unlockr!
    First, thank you for the great tutorials! My unbranded HTC Magic just arrived here today and im really looking forward to load a custom Hero ROM (i have the 288mb version, and i read somewhere that you recommended a Hero ROM because it would run very smooth). Here are my questions:

    1. What Hero ROM would you say is the best at the moment?
    2. All the different ROMs on the XDA-forums state that you need to have special versions of SPL and Radio and stuff. How can i do all those changes and is it necessary?

  58. Hello Unlockr.
    Just a question. Your method always require that the SD card be partitioned to Apps2SD, no matter what custom ROM (Hero or Non-Hero) I want to install, correct?

    1. Dave,

      I always recommend partitioning the card and leaving it regardless of the rom. This is because a lot of ROMs use Swap and/or Apps2SD and require those partitions to function smoothly.

  59. hi unlockr,again I just want to ask something;
    1)what rom did you use in the video?
    2)does everything work(3g, texting, wi-fi, bluetooth)on the one you used?
    thanks 🙂

  60. hi unlockr, i have rooted my phone using your method. will i be able to load other roms like from xda? do i need to do other things if i want to use other roms. TIA

  61. Is it possible to use this method to flash my Vodafone branded 32B Magic with the recently released official HTC European Sense ROM release?

  62. i really need help. i have tried to load a rom. done a data wipe and format sd to partition and now it will not start up because there is no rom

    1. Rcd96,

      First off, calm down lol If you can get to the recovery screen you can fix your phone.

      What recovery screen do you have? Amon Ras? If you have his then he has an option to Mount SD. Do that and you can then connect the phone via USB to the computer.

  63. TheUnlockr,

    I want to install Cursor sense but i have 2 questions , can i install Amron Hero Recovery instead of Amron Magic recovery you provided will this work? since this is required by crusor sense 1.2

    Second question can i install engineering spl as an update file or is their another way to install it??


  64. Could not understand what you were saying in the video therefor i still dont no how to put roms into my htc hero. Plz help!

  65. Thank you so much unlockr!!! When i first bought my phone i nearly cried over how slow it was, now that i installed a hero rom its fast like lightning.
    Thank you so much

  66. Hello
    the Unlockr please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I been messing with my phone for the past 3 hours and no luck with installing rom. It gives me an error saying it
    E:can’topen/sdcard/ (bad)
    I download the Rom from ur website ZeroXd-5.0r2-sapphire
    But i follwed everything correctly until this point installing the rom and now i am stuck

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Thanks Unlockr
    I love you man I find found out what i did wrong
    I think you should update ur instructions or just add this do not extract rom file
    ive been extracting the rom file and thats why it wasent finding the update file

    Thanks mand for everything on ur website I love you man !!!!!!!!!!

  68. Hi

    I cant seem to decide to decide which ROM i should get ? the things i’m looking for :
    1) Android 2.1 + HTC sense
    2) Radio (Magic doesnt have it)
    3) Apps to Mem. card

    Does getting updated firmware unlock the phone from Vodafone ?
    What are the chances of my phone getting bricked ?

    I really appreciate all your help and special thanks to theunlockr for his helpfulness.

    Looking forward to helpful replies . if possible please post a link for the ROM. (it should be a tested, working bluetooth and stuff)


  69. This works fine, except i thought i was going to have 2.1, its says 1.5 Mr. Unlockr can you tell me what happen please ? Thank you

  70. Hi Unlockr,

    So can the partition be done on any sd card or can i only do it on the goldcard i created. I used a kingston 2gb microsd to create my goldcard and flashed my custom rom using that for my mytouch fender le. But i have now put back the sandisk 16 gb card that came with the phone. so can i partition this card now and flash rom from the sandisk card. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you very much!

  71. Hi there The Unlocker.

    I have a HTC Magic bought it in Portugal.
    HBOOT: 1.76.0009
    RADIO – 6.35

    I have been trying to follow ur guide to root my HTC and to install a ROM. i actually was able to install the ROMrecovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2H through the boot menu, but after, i reboot the phone, and it got stuck in the htc magic logo. I tried to restore backup and still stuck … nothing i seem to do seems to work… i need help :/

    If anyone can help me, this is my email:

    Luis Costa

  72. Unlocker,

    i used recovery image amon ra 1.7 and i was able to boot the custom recovery menu, then partitioned SD 8 GB :
    swap : 32 MB
    ext2 : 512 MB
    fat32 : remain

    flashed Qteknology HTC HERO PORT from [2.73.405.38] 32b
    all was fine BUT
    when its time to boot the new room,it STUCK on OPERATOR LOGO.
    any idea why this failure?
    BTW, the info before and after rooting and flashing is the same

    SAPPHIR PVT 32B Ship s-on H
    Hboot-1.33.0010 (SAPP30000)
    RADIO -
    JUN 2 2009, 17:28:28

    thanks for help in advance

  73. I have the my touch 3.5 and did everything okay except i axcidently wipe data and now i cant get the ubs to communicate with my computer or bring it back to original state.. Can you Please help me?
    All i got is the HTC magic loading up and then a phone that you can’t use the touch screen

  74. Hello,
    I have already rooted my mytouch 3g 1.2 and have cyanogen rom running on it.
    If i want to change roms, do i do section I aswell as II or just II.

  75. man i dont know what went wrong…i followed all your procedure..and last message i got was update completed..but know after rebooting to enjoy my update version….my handset is not moving further..and stuck on initial htc magic logo…please help me what should i do know..i also tried to reset my phone but no luck…

  76. What if the update is fail? My HTC Magic at verification state, error occur and installation aborted. How to solve it?

  77. I can’t enter recovery mode after many hours of trying.
    Have the HTC Magic 32A and have flashed the recovery with ClockworkMod (through Rom Manager)
    I have tried  the alternative recovery RA Recovery v1.7.0G. Also when I try to install the older versions it says “An error occurred while flashing your recovery.”
    When trying to enter recovery it either shows the recovery screen and freezes or shows the Rogers screen then goes black and reboots the phone normally.

    1. download the recovery.. its usally always on the page…make sure you read all info .. i had no recovery then i downgraded an added the recovery back.. from xda developers site.. soo go there..

  78. what i flashed it once, then it had a problem loading the 2nd time i powered off? it showed E:cant open /cache/recovery/command…any suggestions? please

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