Mystery HTC Android Handset Has a Name and a Carrier

So do you remember the post we did on a certain mysterious HTC Android device that we’ve never seen before?

Well after doing some research I’m 90% positive as to what this phone is…

Its the HTC Passion! A CDMA version that resembles the HTC Dragon (with slightly less specs as far as we can tell, one being the smaller screen size) that is headed to Verizon.

This would explain the similarities that people noticed about the buttons and the white notification bar from the Motorola Sholes (Droid); Verizon is trying to keep things a little similar on all their Droid devices and it’s not the HTC Desire, which is a Verizon branding of the HTC Hero (a 3.2 inch screen, which this phone definitely does not have).

You might have heard of the HTC Passion a few times so the name might ring a bell. It is the rumored handset that is supposed to be coming to Verizon in Q4 with a snapdragon OMAP? processor, Android 2.0, and be the Android equivalent device that comes close to the HTC HD2 (Leo).

If this is true, then you have some nice Droid choices on Verizon; Motorola Sholes (“Droid”) for those who need the keyboard, HTC Desire for those who can live without the keyboard but like a smaller device (and smaller price tag), and the HTC Passion for those who want a huge screen and need the faster processor.

Very nice, Verizon. Very nice indeed.

Anyone got more info on HTC Passion, do tell…

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