How To: Flash Honeycomb (w/ the Android Market) onto the Internal Memory of the Nook Color

I. Before You Begin

1. You must have done our How To Root the Nook Color procedure. If not, do it and then come back to this procedure and continue.

2. This method will erase your entire internal memory off of the Nook and flash Honeycomb onto it. This improves the Honeycomb performance over running it from an SD card but also means that you would need to do our unroot procedure in order to get back to stock.

3. This ROM also requires you to flash this ROM using a custom recovery image on an SD card (will explain what that means later) so this means you need a memory card and the WinImage program from the How To Root procedure.

THANKS TO Samuelhalff for all his hard work making this ROM! If you like what he’s done, please thank him and/or donate to him to show your appreciation.

II. Create a Recovery Image SD Card

1. Download the Clockwork Recovery image and save it to your computer (original post found here).

Clockwork Recovery Bootable SD Card Image

2. Extract the .zip file somewhere on your computer.

3. Take your MicroSD card and put it into an external sd card reader then plug that into your computer.

4. Open WinImage and select Disk > Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on Physical Drive and select the SD Card/SD Card Reader and then select the Cwm .img file that we unzipped earlier and wait for it to finish.

III. Flash the Honeycomb ROM

1. Download the latest Honeycomb ROM from here and save it to your computer.

2. Copy the honeycomb ROM (and leave it as a .zip file) to the sd card you just flashed using WinImage. Put it on the root of the SD card, NOT inside any folders just on the sd card itself.

3. Once it is done transfering, remove the sd card from the computer.

4. Turn off the Nook.

5. Put the SD card inside the Nook while it is off.

6. Turn on the Nook.

7. You should be greeted by the Clockwork recovery screen, on that screen select mounts and storage then select format system, then select format data, then select format boot.

8. Now make sure system and data are NOT mounted (they will say “mount system” and “mount data” if they are NOT mounted).

9. Push the power button to go back, then select Install zip from sd and then choose zip from sd and then select the honeycomb ROM we put on the sd card earlier and wait for it to finish flashing. It will take a while.

10. Once it says install from sd card complete, turn off the Nook.

11. Remove the sd card and then turn the Nook back on. Enjoy!

Reported Issues:

Issue: Market starts to download an app and then stops and won’t continue.

Solution: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage > find the Market and click Force Stop then click Clear Cache. Then search for Google Framework and click Force Stop and Clear Cache. Then reboot the device and try again.

  • Stephens 229

    I have the same problem. I loaded CWM 128mb on to my 8GB card and it formated my card to a 118mb.

  • question: it is possible to root my nook color if it is updated to 1.2 ? I will like to use the DAVID COGEN instructions to get android 3 with market. Thank you

  • question: it is possible to root my nook color if it is updated to 1.2 ? I will like to use the DAVID COGEN instructions to get android 3 with market. Thank you

  • Rsindia_2000

    Works like a charm. But I don’t see the calendar. Anyone know how to get the calendar working? The calendar app is missing.

  • Hartzelc

    I rooted my nook color with the Honeycomb 3.0 and everything is worki8ng perfectly. I was wondering if there is a way to download adobe flash player on it. I tried to do it from the adobe web site, but it does not recognise my device. can anyone help me on this?

    • Davidlcjr

      I too would like to know this.

  • Kysdaddy

    I have been trying to get this to work all day, I think that I have about got it but when I boot to Honeycomb, my internal memory is showing as only .92 GB, any ideas?

  • TSmith3710

    my nook wont turn on with the sd card inserted. any suggestions?

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  • Ana Gladys Rivera

    Will this work on the new one? New nook edtion?

  • Cash-down-the-drain

     I should let people know that it is NOT a good idea to format /system or /data, as i’ve found out after trying this tutorial. Now I formatted those two, and I cant even install honeycomb cause i get this “Installation failed” message everytime.
    So anyway, DO NOT format your nook, unless you want to have just wasted 250 dollars.
    Last time I follow a tutorial from here.

  • Joserosario082003

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the great support. By the way I installed the HC and doesn’t reboot. What Should I do?

  • Anonymous

    this is quite useful for those who just want to update their android….

  • T L Farris79

    Cannot use market and I am lost any thoughts or help

  • Wonderful. I also need it. since that, I know further more about
    Honeycomb ROM operation.

  • Gnardoll

    Beautiful, so far its so great! Love it! Thank you so much!!!