Nexus 4 Makes Another Debut On T-Mobile’s Site, Now Oddly Priced At $400 With Contract

Trying to buy a Nexus 4 smartphone is proving to be quite the challenge. It sold out in record time during its first debut on the Google Play Store, slowed down the entire website, and caused severe headaches for consumers who were left watching the phone sell out before their eyes. When the Nexus 4 made its second debut on the Play Store it caused similar site issues, sold out again in the 8GB version, and the 16GB currently has a shipping time of 5-6 weeks.

It seems T-Mobile is¬†experiencing their own set of Nexus 4 related woes, as the device is back in stock on their website, but this time with a price tag of $400 on-contract. Huh? While this is still $100 off from the ‘suggested retail price’ it’s $50 more than buying the Nexus 4 directly through the Play Store.

It’s unclear if the increased $400 price tag is a T-Mobile mistake, a result of economic times, or maybe the price varies by state. Either way, seeing as the Play Store is sold out of the 8GB Nexus 4 maybe paying a higher price through the carrier isn’t such a bad deal after all.

Any T-Mobile users out there trying to buy the Nexus 4? What price are you seeing? Let us know in the comments below.


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