How to Use the Galaxy Gear on Other Android Devices (Video)

One of the biggest complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the fact that it only works with the select devices that Samsung has allowed it to work for (and there aren’t many of them). There is a way to fix this, and get a lot more functionality out of your Galaxy Gear in the meantime, though. If you root the Gear (aka gain administrative rights on the device to be allow to change whatever we want) and flash a custom ROM on it (aka flash a new version of the firmware on it), you can then use it like any other Bluetooth device and connect to any other Bluetooth device that supports Bluetooth 4.0. While this won’t make Gear Manager work (the app that Samsung uses to send the device notifications, etc.), it will allow it to still control music, make phone calls, and more.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, here’s how to use the Galaxy Gear on other Android devices.

I. Before You Begin

1. The device you want to pair it with must support Bluetooth 4.0 LE and must be on Android 4.3 or above.

II. Root the Galaxy Gear

1. Head to our How to Root the Galaxy Gear (Video) procedure, finish it, and then return here to continue.

III. Flash a Custom ROM on the Galaxy Gear

1. Head to our How to Flash a Custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Gear (Video) procedure, finish it, then return here to continue.

IV. Connect Your Device to the Gear

1. On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth.

2. Turn on Bluetooth.

3. On the Galaxy Gear, open the App Drawer.

4. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.

5. Turn on Bluetooth.

6. On the phone, tap the Galaxy Gear as it appears under available devices.

7. Tap Pair on both devices.

V. Enable Internet Sharing from Your Device (Optional)

1. On the phone, go to Settings > More > Tethering and Portable Hotspot.

2. Turn on Bluetooth tethering.

3. On the Galaxy Gear, open the App Drawer.

4. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.

5. Tap on the settings icon to the right of your phone’s name under Paired Devices.

6. Under Profiles, turn on Internet Access. If it stays checked, it’s connected.

VI. Install Other Bluetooth Apps to Get More Functionality

1. Head to the Play Store and search for Bluetooth apps on the Galaxy Gear and your phone to add even more functionality.

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