How to Flash a Different Stock ROM on the Samsung ATIV S

A ROM is a version of the operating system you’re running on your phone. There are many reasons to install a ROM on your phone. Either you want to remove the branding, fix a firmware-related bug, update the software (because your carrier won’t), or downgrade it (if you’re not happy with the latest version, for example). We’re showing you how to flash a ROM of your choice onto the Samsung ATIV S GT-I8750.

Here are some reasons why you might want to flash a different ROM onto your device:

  • Currently the latest version of Windows Phone 8 is GDR3, but Samsung has stopped the rollout, because many users have reported problems with the software (which we can’t seem to find) and flashing a GDR3 ROM or changing the CSC to ATO are now the only ways to get the latest update and doing this method would allow you to do that.
  • Samsung’s ATIV S has gained fame among Windows Phone users as it was the first Windows Phone 8 device to be Interop Unlocked, which allows you to further customize the software of your phone. With GDR3 Samsung has issued a firmware update that made it impossible to apply the Interop Unlock, therefore you may want to use this method to go the opposite route and downgrade to a GDR2 ROM to apply the Interop Unlock, in case you have been of the few users who managed to upgrade to GDR3 before the rollout was stopped.

I. Before You Begin

1. Make a backup of all your data as this will be deleted from your phone during the flashing-process.

2. You need to know your CSC (= Country Specific Code). This code indicates which ROMs you are able to flash. To find it out, install the Samsung Diagnosis-App by typing in ##634# into the dialer of your device. When the app appears, type in *#321647335. Now you should now see a list with available CSCs, yours is marked. You can change the CSC by selecting one of the available options. If ATO (Austrian CSC) is available on your phone, we recommend using that one on your ATIV S, because ROMs with that CSC are most common and receive updates first.

II. Choosing A ROM

1. Head over to my and download the ROM version of your choice. See the “Supported CSCs.txt”-file to see, if your phone’s CSC is supported by the selected ROM.

2. Choose a ROM of your liking. The CSC used when flashing should match the one of your phone.

3. Download the ROM & CSC.

4. Download the Flashing-Tool & Drivers and install them and save the files to your desktop.

III. Flashing the ROM on your Samsung ATIV S

1. Enter the Download-Mode by pressing Camera + Volume Up+ Power On/Off-Button until the phone vibrates.

2. Connect your phone to your computer using a MicroUSB-cable.

3. Start the flashing-tool where your ATIV S should show up as a COM-device.

4. Click on the yellow folder and browse your filesystem for the .wp8-ROM-file.

5. Click on the green folder and browse your filesystem for the .csc or .mbn-file.

6. Make sure your phone’s CSC is available and selected.

7. Do not change anything in the Options and for DL option “ALL” has to be seleceted.

8. Now start flashing and do not unplug it until the process has finished.

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  • n00b

    when i plug my phone in PC, on SMD binary downloader app top left corner, by GT-I8750_SIGN it says “Engineer” not “Product”. and CSC seems to be locked to SEB

    • Guest

      Are you maybe using a Samsung ATIV S T899 engineering unit?

      If that’s the only available CSC, try Interop Unlocking it and edit following registry key. This will change the CSC to ATO. See our Interop Unlocking guide in case you don’t know how this worlds.



      Hope I can help.

    • Albert Jelica

      I haven’t had the same problem so far, but I’ll try it out as soon as I’m home.

      If that’s the only available CSC, try Interop Unlocking it and editing following registry key. This will change the CSC to ATO. See our Interop Unlocking guide in case you don’t know how this works.



      Hope I can help.

  • Does this work for Samsung Ativ SE too ?

  • ptwhite2003

    Worked perfectly on my Ativ S. I just reflashed GDR 3 and it resolved issues I was having with Bluetooth and volume settings.