Acer Predator 17X Gaming Laptop Giveaway! (Video)

Remember that Acer 17X crazy gaming laptop I reviewed a while back? Well, Acer, in their infinite kindness and wisdom, has generously decided to give it away to you guys instead of asking for it back (like most review devices). It’s nuts, it’s a $3000 laptop with a desktop graphics card in it that can run VR and one of you guys will be chosen at random to win it., a popular tech site that does thorough reviews of the latest gadgets; SuperSaf, an awesome UK tech Youtuber; Dom Esposito, an amazing tech Youtuber from my side of the pond; Acer, makers of some awesome tech, and myself have all teamed up to make this possible.

To enter, all you have to do is use the Gleam giveaway widget below to do various actions to gain entries, the more you do the better your chances and in two weeks, a winner will be chosen at random and I’ll ship this guy out to its lucky new owner regardless of what country you are in aka this is an international giveaway so anyone, anywhere, can win.

Good luck everyone and thank you all so much for the support!

Acer Predator 17X Giveaway

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29 thoughts on “Acer Predator 17X Gaming Laptop Giveaway! (Video)”

    1. Jalen Livingston

      I feel bad for you paying a rip off price for a gaming laptop when you can build a desktop with those specs for 700-600 bucks.

    2. Jalen Livingston

      I feel bad for you paying a rip off price for a gaming laptop when you can build a desktop with those specs for 700-600 bucks also being more powerful.

  1. never had a gaming PC or console in that matter before. really looking forward to this one ^_^
    shout out from Cairo, Egypt.

  2. I love Acer believe me if I told you that my laptop is 11 and it’s an Acer. I would have to exchange, so I’d gained so much more in my birthday is October 24 that would be great

  3. Fantastic prize, shared with everyone. I would love to win your competition so I could give this to my Son as a belated Birthday present – being unemployed there is no way I could afford this it would take me years!!!

  4. jose f rodriguez

    omg this laptop so nice i love the lights on the keyboard thanks for showing us how the acer laptop Predator 17X looks

  5. If my luck works then i could get this laptop because. simply I Can’t afford this type of laptops as i’m a very unlucky person..
    it will be an opportunity to get this …..
    I think you all can buy this laptop easily but i can’t
    So my only wish is too get this
    and congratulation in advance to whom this laptop goes..

  6. Thank you so much. This is the 1st time I ever won anything this big. It will be put to good use. My son is going to William Paterson U for Computer & Game programming. So not only will it provide a lot of fun it will also help further his education. Again, thanks so much, and good luck to everyone for next time 🙂 <3

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