Android 2.0 Support Now in the SDK. Devs, Let the Playing Begin

17 thoughts on “Android 2.0 Support Now in the SDK. Devs, Let the Playing Begin”

  1. well as it says in the android page, “Android 2.0 is a major platform release deployable to Android-powered handsets starting in November 2009”, so im guessing it will work on all android phones including the G1. 🙂

    1. Touchthis3g,

      Well we know that the Droid is supposed to have 2.0 on it and it comes out on the 6th… but we aren’t sure when Google will make the 2.0 available for other devices. Would be nice and make sense if it was the 6th though…

  2. Hi, ive got a htc hero and we’ve still got no 1.6 update. Will it be a while after the 2.0 release that the hero gets these features?
    Also will there be roms released of the stock android 2.0 rom for the hero?

  3. jon, looks like they (htc) are skipping 1.6 (donut) all together and going straight to 2.0 (eclair). I wonder what’s next in the pastry update line-up. I would love it if it was a custard cup or creme brulee. I luv me some custard….

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