ASUS Releases Bootloader Unlocking Tool for the ZenFone 2

I always get really excited whenever I see a manufacturer who embraces rooting and understands that it doesn’t harm them. The phone has already been paid for – their money has been made – and that so long as they include a warning about potentially voiding the warranty (and that potential is based on whether the issue at hand is due to the rooting or is a manufacturer fault) they won’t have to deal with customer complaints and issues caused by it either.

With that tiny rant (I could go on for a long time on this, of course) over, applause are necessary in the general direction of ASUS for not just adopting such a mentality, but for even releasing a tool to help you do it (and keep track of who’s done it undoubtably, but that’s fair enough).

If you have an ASUS ZenFone 2, then you can now download a bootloader unlocking tool from the ASUS website and use it to unlock the bootloader very easily, which can then be used to flash custom recovery images, gain root access easier, and even flash custom ROMs (new versions of the OS) that third-party developers will undoubtably do now that gaining root as been made so much easier by this.

Head to their site to check it all out and let me know in the comments or on social if you want me to do a video on how exactly to go about using it and flashing your first custom ROM.

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