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Google Home vs Echo Show

Can the Google Home w/ a Chromecast Keep Up w/ the Echo Show? (Video)

There’s always been this rivalry between the Amazon and Google’s respective voice assistant devices. And it makes sense: both do similar things, answer questions, are meant to live in similar spots in your house, etc. Now though, Amazon recently launched their latest device in their Echo series of voice assistants, the Echo Show, and it’s essentially an Amazon Echo with a screen so it can now show you things instead of just telling them to you. Now, the Google Home doesn’t have a screen, but they do have Chromecast in their arsenal and Google Home can cast some things you …

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Editing Laptops

Best Editing Laptop? Macbook Pro vs Surface Book vs Razer Blade (Video)

When the new Macbook Pro was released, there was a lot of humming and hawing from the creative professional community. Essentially, everyone was a little disappointed in the power the new Macbook Pro was given. One of the more popular theories of Apple aiming for the mainstream instead of the niche of creatives that helped set them apart years before was given more fuel to burn. And, when you think about it, Apple’s most popular products of all time, the iPod and iPhone, were not aimed at professionals, but at the mass market of your average person. So why not …

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Google Home

Is Google Home Better Than The Amazon Echo? (Google Home Review)

The new Google Home is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo, the voice-activated bluetooth speaker and home automation assistant. Before going into a comparison though, let’s discuss the Google Home itself. OK, so the Google Home and air freshner-looks aside, it does look like it belongs in your home. It’s a lot smaller than say, the Echo, and just has a look that will probably fit well with most of your other appliances. The bottom grill that covers the speakers is interchangeable as well with a few different color options, all of which aren’t on sale at the moment, but should come …

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Best Cameras

6 Best Camera Apps For iPhone (Video)

Ever see those shot on iPhone billboards? You know, the ones that are showing some beautiful scene from around the world that looks remarkably beautiful for being shot on a phone? There are a few ways that photographers get these photos to look so good, and it’s more a testament to the phone’s software than just the camera lens. iPhone photographers use a ton of editing apps (ones on their phone even) and also most even use different camera apps on their iPhone to get more control over the shot than the standard camera app provides. After scouring the web for …

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6 Best Photo Editing Apps You Have to Try Right Now

I asked on Twitter recently what video you wanted me to do next and you overwhelming chose this for me to do one on the best photo editing apps you should try right now. When I suggested it, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite prepared for just how many photo editing apps there are. From ones that strictly turn your photo into 8 bit video game-esque murals, to ones that just put text overlays on the photos, I realized quickly that I needed to come up with some stricter criteria for the best photo editing app. For this video, I …

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11 Best iPhone Keyboards You Should Try Right Now

Chances are, based on most of the people I’ve spoken to, you don’t know about one of my favorite features that iOS 8 added to the iPhone: the ability to add custom keyboards. Adding a custom keyboard to the iPhone can mean a huge change in the way you type on your phone, you know, something you do on a daily basis so it’s probably worth at least trying out. Thing is, even if you did know you could do that, there’s already a lot of them in the App Store so how do you decide which is worth your …

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Android Launchers

The 6 Best Android Launchers You Should Try Right Now

One of my favorite things about Android is the sheer level of customization you can do. Just like any modern mobile operating system, Android allows you to download apps from an app store to get extra functionality from your device. But, unlike other operating systems, Android actually allows you to replace your stock apps with downloaded ones. An example of where that can have a profound impact is if you replace the home screen launcher. The home screen on your Android device is an app just like any other on the phone but instead of opening it by tapping an …

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7 Best Photo Filter Apps for iPhone

Check out the app store and you’ll see a seemingly endless array of photo editing apps at your disposal; but which are worth your time? We’ll help you wade through the seas of same-‘ol-same-‘ol and find you a few of the best photo apps for iPhone currently on the market. Whether you’re looking to add words and designs, find some unique filters, or really want to get down to the editing nitty gritty, here’s a list of the best photo editing apps we love to use. Piclab HD Piclab HD makes it easy to create beautiful graphic designs with your photos. Along …

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Best Android Keyboards

6 Best Keyboards for Android (Video)

Keyboards. Something we use, literally, every single day. From our computers, at work or at home, to our phones and tablets, everywhere in between, they’re the go-to mode of input for text. Period. But, considering how vital they are for our communication in today’s day and age, they haven’t really changed much over the last 40 years or so. And frankly, they haven’t really needed to for our computers and laptops, at least –rows for keys within reach of each hand, some practice, and next thing you know, you’re banging out novels the size of War & Peace during your lunch …

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7 Best Travel Apps

Whether you’re traveling to faraway lands, or taking a quick jaunt to a nearby locale, there are plenty of great apps to make your trip easier. From planning to packing to finding the best place to get sushi, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best travel apps available. So, next time you’re jet setting to new and exciting places, be sure to take these travel apps along for the ride –you savvy traveler, you. PackingPro Packing Pro can help you get through that most arduous of pre-vacation tasks –you guessed it, packing. Packing Pro can help you create detailed lists of …

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7 Best To-Do List Apps for iPhone

Optimal organization is a goal so many of us aspire to, and so few of us achieve. So why not grab an app that can help you get, and stay, organized? Check out this list of the best to do list app for your personal needs. Whether making lists is like pulling teeth and you need the organizational equivalent of a hard-ass personal trainer, or you just need a better system than lists scribbled on scraps of paper, there’s an app out there for you. Keep reading to learn about these seven great to-do list apps, and become the task …

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7 Best iPhone Apps For Cooks

You’re a self-proclaimed “foodie.” You know every nook and cranny of your kitchen. You go to the Farmer’s Market every Tuesday. You have tupperware for every day of the week. Your Instagram account looks like this: #foodpassion #foodaholic #foodporn #pinenuts. Listen, we get you. You love to cook. But have you ever thought about raising the steaks? (Har har.) For reals, though, let’s find the best recipe app for you to help you take it up a notch in the kitchen. Harvest Cost: $1.99 Harvest helps you pick the best produce. “Whether it’s knocking on watermelons, smelling pineapples, squeezing avocados, or examining the …

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7 Best Apps for Managing Your Money

Mmmm. Money. I like money. You probably like money. (Even if you don’t want to admit it.) I don’t need a ton of extra cash, but I do like to be able to buy a beer or two on a Friday night… and, you know, pay my rent in expensive-as-heck New York City. Let’s face it — money rules this crazy world, so not stressing about it is pretty essential. Money problems have been around for forever, but smartphones have not. (That’s right, teenagers. Back in my day, we couldn’t even play Candy Crush on our phone, let alone Tetris. …

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7 Best Android Twitter Apps

Okay, so let’s just get this out of the way –the official twitter app is kind of a huge bummer. Yes, there have been many improvements to the app over the years, making it less buggy and bloated, but overall, it’s certainly not the easiest app to use. It’s certainly not the worst app out there, but I’ll bet all my pennies it’s not the best. Luckily, if you’re an Android user, there are lots of great third-party apps to choose from, and many of them are head and shoulders above the official app. Unfortunately, Twitter knows this, and keeps trying …

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Windows 10 Start Screen

7 Best Windows 10 Features

Windows 8… What a let down! Amidst the resulting groans heard round the world, Microsoft had no where else to go but up. Lo and behold! Windows 10, released on July 29th, is the product of great strides made in the name of atonement. It’s offered to 7, 8, and 8.1 consumer edition users as a free upgrade till July 29th, 2016. For the rest of us however, the cost of Windows 10 Home version on is listed as $100. (The Pro version is $140. Learn about the different versions here.) Seemingly a return to form for Microsoft, Windows 10 introduces some exciting …

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