Google Daydream View Unboxing

When I purchased my Pixel XL, part of the promotion was that you get a Daydream View for free if you pre-ordered it. Now, considering it’s an $80 accessory and I was pre-ordering the Pixel anyway, of course, I was excited to check it out and see how it compared to the Gear VR and ultimately my HTC Vive. A few weeks since I got my Pixel, the Daydream View just showed up so before I put it through its paces and as is the protocol here on the internet, let’s do an unboxing. There you go a quick unboxing and …

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Best Camera Apps

6 Best Camera Apps for Android You Need to Try

Whether you’re snapping candid photos of the kids or capturing panoramas from your trip of a lifetime, having a good camera at hand will ensure you get the best results. For many of us, that camera exists on our mobile phones. Convenient and easy to use, the camera on your phone lets you take decent photos thanks to the latest advances in smartphone technology. What you might not know is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the default camera software that comes on your Android phone. There are a number of alternative camera apps that give you a …

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Google Home

Is Google Home Better Than The Amazon Echo? (Google Home Review)

The new Google Home is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo, the voice-activated bluetooth speaker and home automation assistant. Before going into a comparison though, let’s discuss the Google Home itself. OK, so the Google Home and air freshner-looks aside, it does look like it belongs in your home. It’s a lot smaller than say, the Echo, and just has a look that will probably fit well with most of your other appliances. The bottom grill that covers the speakers is interchangeable as well with a few different color options, all of which aren’t on sale at the moment, but should come …

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Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2 Unboxing

Samsung’s latest fitness band just showed up at my door called the Gear Fit 2. Now, I plan to use this guy for a bit and do a full review on it, but in the meantime, since it is the protocol here on the internet, let’s go over the specs and do an unboxing.   And there you go a quick unboxing and specs of this new little fitness band that I plan to do some fitness things with soon enough and get you a full review. If you want one that is. If you do want a review, please …

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Gear Icon X in Case

Samsung Gear IconX Unboxing

Truly wireless headphones. These little earbuds are finally coming out from a variety of manufacturers and now Samsung has taken their crack at it by introducing the Gear Icon X earbuds. I’m personally quite curious to see how they sound and if they are easier to use than what I’ve been hearing from people about various other headsets like them but before we can do a review, as is protocol here on the internet, I should probably go through the specs and do an unboxing, right?   And there you go a quick unboxing and specs of these cool looking …

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Playstation 4 Pro

4x Playstation 4 Pro, Gaming Headset, dbrand Skins Giveaway! (Video)

We have another giveaway for you guys! This one is pretty big actually. I’ve teamed up with some awesome tech YouTubers and DigitalTrends.com to giveaway four PS4 Pros (not that amateur crap) to four lucky winners. On top of that, dbrand is going to skin each of them with a custom skin, and SteelSeries is going to throw in a fantastic gaming headset along with it. Partners (check them out, they’re pretty awesome!) Booredtwork Digital Trend Andru Edwards BWOne Kevin the Tech Ninja Chad Christian DailyTekk Brand Sponsors (some cool stuff, check it out!) dbrand Skins SteelSeries Gaming Headsets Use the …

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Google Home

Google Home Unboxing (Video)

Amazon probably wasn’t too happy when Google announced their competition to the Amazon Alexa, the Google Home. I happen to own and, frankly, love my Alexa so I knew I’d have to get a Google Home to test it out once it was released. Which it was, and finally arrived so before I put it through it’s paces and see what makes it different from Alexa, I imagine some of you would like me to do an unboxing first, right? There you go a quick unboxing and spec overview of the Google Home. Again, I’m excited to see what it can …

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Jaunt One

How VR Content Is Made Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

With all the videos on the web focused on VR talking mainly about headsets, games, and just generally how to consume VR content, no one is talking about what is just as fascinating in my opinion —how it’s made. So I set out on a mission to find out not only how VR content is made but how can it be made in the world of entertainment specifically and using live-action filming to tell stories in VR even more specifically. This, of course, led me to Jaunt. Jaunt VR Jaunt is arguably the company at the forefront of this new …

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Android 7.1

Google’s First Ever Phone, Is It Worth It? (Pixel XL Video Review)

The first phones actually designed by Google called the Pixel and Pixel XL are finally here. Unlike the Nexus devices before, these phones aren’t just guidelines by Google that were then handed off to a manufacturing partner, but rather were completely designed by Google and just brought to fruition by HTC. Knowing this, two questions arise immediately. One, what does Google actually think a phone should be and, two, do you want what Google thinks a phone should be? Pixel vs Pixel XL So I have here the Pixel XL, the larger and more popular of the two judging by which …

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Huawei Watch Unboxing

Video: Huawei Watch Unboxing

So this is probably a little late, but I finally got my hands on Huawei Watch so I figured I’d do an unboxing like normal and go over some of the specs. Check out the video below. Huawei Watch Specs: 1.4″ 400×400 pixel AMOLED touchscreen 1.2 Ghz Quad-core processor 512MB RAM 4GB Internal Storage Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1 300mah Battery with Fast Charging Stainless Steel Casing with Sapphire Crystal Glass Genuine Leather Band include for $349, metal options are available for more Running Android Wear I have to admit, at the moment it’s my favorite Android watch out mainly due to the …

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Apple Watch Walkthrough

Video: Apple Watch Complete Walkthrough

Apple recently started shipping their latest gotta-have-it device this month, the Apple Watch. Given the entirely new nature of the device (see: iPhone on your wrist, sorta?), people – understandably – have a lot of questions. Whether you’re one of those who are still waiting for your Apple Watch to arrive in the mail and you’re just plain curious on what the heck this new fangled watch thingamajic actually does, here’s a quick walkthrough of the Apple Watch, its OS and hardware, and what exactly you’ll probably end up using it for in real life. Hardware One of the most appealing things about the Apple Watch …

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