Razer Keyboard Giveaway

Video: Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 Keyboard Giveaway!

It’s that time again! Doing a giveaway with DigitalTrends.com and Razer, the gaming system company to giveaway three Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 gaming keyboards. Three people will be chosen at random at the end of the giveaway to each receive one of these pretty sick keyboards. To enter, you must be 18 years of age and must be in the US and Canada (sorry international friends, will do another world-wide one soon!) and use the Gleam widget below. The more you do the better your chances of winning. See the gleam page for more details. How to Enter Razer Blackwidow …

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Crazybaby Mars Floating Speaker

Crazybaby Mars: A Floating Speaker You Can Buy Right Now (Video)

There might not be a real need for floating speakers, but damn they look cool. One of the first ones to the market is by a company called Crazybaby and it’s called the Mars. Here’s where to buy one. The name is fitting considering how flying saucer-like the floating part of the speaker looks. This visually impressive feat is because of a few very powerful magnets that is holding up what is essentially the tweeter speaker or the speaker that produces the higher frequencies while the bass speaker is essentially the base. Both the base and the saucer are battery …

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Motiv Ring on Finger

Motiv: First Proper Fitness Tracker That Goes On Your Finger (Video)

Most wearables are worn on your wrist, but a few companies have dared to make the long journey down the hand to the finger. We’ve seen ones that can light up when you get a notification, ones that are essentially an NFC device but not ones that have the same type of sensors that fitness trackers usually do. Finally though, there’s Motiv. A very minimalistic looking metallic ring the deceivingly simple looking device can do more than you think. It can track heart rate through your finger and also track steps which it then uses to determine calories you’ve burned, …

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Carnival Medallion

Carnival Cruise Just Launched a Wearable and It’s Crazy (Video)

Remember the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise enters a department store, is recognized by the holographic assistant based on his eyes being scanned to asked how his last purchase was? Carnival Cruise, just took a big step in that direction with the launch of their Medallion here at CES. The device, a small wearable called a Medallion is similar to the Disney Magic Band announced back in March and the idea is similar. Upon registering for the cruise, you input things like whether you like to party, prefer to relax, whether you brought children, etc. and upon arriving …

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LG PJ9 Floating Speaker

LG’s Incredible Floating Speaker at CES (Video)

On Dec 27th, we all caught a glimpse of LG’s super futuristic looking levitating speaker as it made its rounds across the web with the announcement it would be unveiled at CES. Funny thing happened at CES though. No major tech publication covered it. Well almost none. LG’s levitating speaker is impressive looking. This feat is accomplished by some very powerful magnets that suspend the speaker a few inches above the base (and, of course, it slightly spins for added effect). Essentially, the floating part produces all of the high and mid tones while the base produces the lower end …

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Alexa Robot

Every Device With Alexa Built In Announced at CES (Video)

If there’s an easy trend to pick out of CES this year, it’s that Alexa is everywhere. From cars to audio equipment, to phones and robots, Amazon’s virtual assistant is now chatting to you from every conceivable product category. So many products were announced here but let’s see if we can name them all, shall we? List of All the Alexa-Enabled Products at CES Lenovo Smart Assistant Speaker, lenovo’s newest smart capable speaker will use Alexa Lg’s latest fridge the Instaview SmartFridge will allow you to use Alexa for commands but also allow you to order food as well. Along …

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Coravin Pouring Wine

Amazing Gadget That Lets You Drink Wine Without Opening the Bottle (Video)

Corks. Originally a great cheap way to keep air out of a wine bottle, which they, to this day, still do a great job of. The one thing they aren’t great at? Resealing the wine. Generally when you pop the cork on a wine bottle, you’re making a commitment to that bottle to finish it. And while, a lot of the time the about 5 glasses of wine in that bottle aren’t an issue, what if you just want one? Or what if you have friends over and each person hates the wine the other people like and would rather drink …

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Best iPhone Camera Accessories

6 Best Camera Accessories for the iPhone You Should Check Out

For the average user out shooting selfies on the weekend, the iPhone’s built-in camera does everything they need and then some. When you are ready to move up to the next level, your existing iPhone has the capability to capture some truly mind-blowing images. All you need to do is make sure you have the best camera accessories for iPhone, both before and after the shoot. Get ready to see, document and share a new world that will defy your imagination.   1. GripTight GorillaPod Tripod by Joby You probably know by now that you will need a tripod for …

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Website Design

Video: How to Build a Website (Using Wix) (Allied Content)

Building a website is easier than ever. The days of having to code everything from scratch using HTML and CSS and upload it to a server are no longer the only option for a website. Most mainstream sites nowadays use CMS programs with themes and there are even sites that let you use visual editors to place objects on your site’s pages instead of having to code at all. Today, I’m going to use one such site to show you how you can build a beautiful website using Wix. Allied Content: This Video was Sponsored by Wix (but it is something I thought …

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Open Cydia

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1

Luca Todesco, the Italian jailbreaker that showed off jailbreaks in the past without releasing them has finally released a jailbreak of his own. His tool, called Yalu, works to jailbreak iOS 10 up to iOS 10.1.1. Unfortunately, iOS 10.2 is out so that means this will only work for those that haven’t updated to 10.2 yet and will, of course, become obsolete as more people update to 10.2 (since you can’t downgrade back to 10.1.1). But, if you are on iOS 10.1.1 or a lower version of iOS 10, feel free to follow the steps below to get jailbroken and …

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Best Travel Apps

6 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Smartphones have changed the way we do almost everything. We start and end each day with them propped-up on our stomachs while we lie in bed, and they are never that far from our hands for the remainder of the day. One of the most direct benefits of having a smartphone is the availability of information on a moment’s notice (whether personal information or new information you may need), and that is critical in one context: When you’re on the move! Given that, let’s take a look at the six best travel apps for iOS and the iPhone right now. …

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The Ride

The Lightest Electric Skateboard You Can Buy (Video)

We’ve probably all seen some form of an electric skateboard on YouTube or maybe even going down the road in your city. Generally though, you’ll see a long-board version and, well, they’re not the most portable of vehicles. While the long-board electric skateboards have their perks, what if you just want something you can easily pick up, throw under your arm and just carry around with you? Well, you might want to take a look at the Acton Blink Lite. To learn more about the Blink Lite board, head here. The Ride Not only is this the lightest electric skateboard currently …

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News Apps

6 Best News Apps for iPhone You Should Try Now

According to 2015 Pew research, 68 percent of Americans use their phones to follow breaking news, and that trend’s growing. We live in a smartphone-dependent society, and that handheld device has completely transformed how the people consume content and follow the news. With the ever-increasing reliance on these devices, there has been an explosion in digital media companies that cover a wide variety of news, which, in turn, has led to a widely fragmented media landscape with an overabundance of choices. You can aggregate news on your iPhone in many different ways. This article discusses six of the best news …

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Google Daydream View Unboxing

When I purchased my Pixel XL, part of the promotion was that you get a Daydream View for free if you pre-ordered it. Now, considering it’s an $80 accessory and I was pre-ordering the Pixel anyway, of course, I was excited to check it out and see how it compared to the Gear VR and ultimately my HTC Vive. A few weeks since I got my Pixel, the Daydream View just showed up so before I put it through its paces and as is the protocol here on the internet, let’s do an unboxing. There you go a quick unboxing and …

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Best Camera Apps

6 Best Camera Apps for Android You Need to Try

Whether you’re snapping candid photos of the kids or capturing panoramas from your trip of a lifetime, having a good camera at hand will ensure you get the best results. For many of us, that camera exists on our mobile phones. Convenient and easy to use, the camera on your phone lets you take decent photos thanks to the latest advances in smartphone technology. What you might not know is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the default camera software that comes on your Android phone. There are a number of alternative camera apps that give you a …

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