Sony Xperia Touch: A Projector That Lets You Have a Touchscreen Tablet On Any Surface

Ever since I saw the original Surface (not the tablets, it was a giant table you could use as a touchscreen oh so long time ago), I’ve always wanted a touch screen table, wall, whatever was realistically possible. Now, while that does exist, it isn’t quite what you’d call affordable. The Ideum touch screen table, for example, starts at about $10,000.

Ideum Table

Now a lot of this price comes from making large enough displays that have touch capabilities, but what if you didn’t need the screen?

Sony has finally brought to market their Sony Touch, a projector they’ve been touting around that allows you to project a 23 to 80″ 720P screen onto just about any surface.

Sony Xperia Touch Projecting

It then uses a clever infrared sensor to figure out where you are touching on that “screen” essentially give you a giant Android tablet.

In addition to that, it also is said to be getting Google Assistant voice features and that makes it even more useful on that kitchen table.

The device is roughly the size of a large harddrive and is meant to be constantly plugged in via it’s Type-C charging cable but does have the ability to run without being plugged into the wall for about an hour.

They also packed it with sensors including a GPS and e-Compass (for whatever unknown reason since it’s meant to be left still), Bluetooth, 32GBs of storage, 3GBs of RAM, barometer, humidity, ambient light, as well as a “human sensor” to display info as you approach.

Sony Touch Proximity Sensor

It’ll be available in Spring in certain markets, but, and this is a big concern to me since it’s probably a big deciding factor on whether anyone will get one, the price is unannounced as of yet.

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