GSM Motorola Droid Coming Soon?


So T-Mobile and AT&T users (and our Euro buddies), like the Droid, but don’t like Verizon? Well, there is a video of a GSM version of the Motorola Sholes (Droid) in Vietnam. There is also a rumor that Rogers in Canada might be getting their GSM version as well, now that would mean you could unlock it from Rogers and then use it on AT&T and get 3G (Rogers and AT&T use the same 3G frequencies).

Here’s the vid:

So anyone that was thinking about switching to Verizon, seconding guessing that decision?


8 thoughts on “GSM Motorola Droid Coming Soon?”

  1. Yea, so, Tmobile USA users, is teh GSM Droid going to be compatable with us? Where do you think they will be selling them?

  2. It will most likely be compatible with the 2G network, but not T-Mobile’s 3G network unless it has the 1700 frequency which is probably not likely.

  3. That is good news for Canadians, if Telus isn’t able to offer the CDMA version of the Droid, then Rogers will be able to offer the GSM version. It would be great if Motorola doesn’t enter into one of those stupid exclusivity contracts and sells the droid on both Telus and Rogers.

  4. Well that’s why we still have the apn settings so dat we can manualy set what extra frequancys we would like to add and other than that this runs android 2.0 my point?? android is hackable and rootable so any modified version of android 2.0 would support t mobile or at&t or any gsm network world wide.

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