I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST have done our How To Root the MyTouch 3G Procedure BEFORE doing this one.

II. Partition Your Memory Card for Hero ROMs, Swap, and Apps2SD –

1. With your phone STILL in recovery mode from the How To Root procedure, click on Partition SD Card > Partition SD (this will erase everything off of your memory card).

2. When it asks you, select 96mbs for Swap, 512mbs for ext2 and fat32 for the remainder

3. Once it is done partitioning the memory card, click on Partition SD Card > SD: ext2 to ext3

III. Load your First Custom ROM –

1. Download the custom generic ROM for your device (you can change your ROM after this to whatever one you want, but load this one first as we need to load it to keep the recovery image flashed on the MyTouch):

Generic MyTouch ROM w/ Root – Here

2. In the recovery screen on the phone (that the phone is still in from the first section), select USB-MS toggle to allow the memory card to be mounted.

3. Plug in your phone via usb cable and you should be able to access your memory card on the computer.

4. Save the Generic ROM (leave it as a .zip file) onto the root of the SD card (NOT in any folder, just on the memory card itself).

5. Once they are done transferring to the memory card, unplug the phone from the computer and click the home button on the phone to disable USB-MS toggle mode and get back to the recovery screen.

7. Once the recovery screen menu is up, click on Flash Zip on SDCard and select the ROM .zip file

8. Once it is done, click Reboot System Now.

DONE! You are now Rooted with a generic custom ROM! Feel free to use any root required apps (including Wifi tethering, overclocking apps, etc.)!

If you want to load a different ROM simply follow these steps below…

IV. (Optional) Load a Different Custom ROM

1. Turn off the phone and then turn it back on by holding down Home and Power (keep holding them until you get to the recovery screen).

2. Select USB-MS Toggle.

3. Plug your phone into the computer via USB

4. Download whatever custom ROM you want from our MyTouch 3G ROMs section here on our site and save it to the root of your sd card (NOT in any folder, just on the sd card itself).

5. Unplug the phone from the computer once it is done transferring.

6. Click the Home button on the phone to disable USB-MS Toggle.

7. Select Wipe > Wipe Data / Factory Reset and wait for it to finish.

8. Next, select Flash Zip from SDCard and select the new ROM’s .zip file.

9. Once it is done, select Reboot Device Now and you are done with your new ROM! Repeat Section IV whenever you want to load any other ROM as many times as you’d like!

Reported Issues:

Issue – After I finish the phone gets stuck on the MyTouch logo or a black screen.

Solution – Take out the battery and put it back in. Boot into recovery mode and Wipe Data factory reset, then reflash the ROM. If that doesn’t work then download a different ROM to your sd card (you can connect to the sd card in recovery mode by clicking ms usb toggle on the recovery screen and plugging into the computer. Make sure you disable the usb toggle once the rom is on the sd card) and wipe data then flash that new ROM.

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    • hey i was wondering will you be able to still recieve the 2.2 update with my flashed mytouch. i have the custom rom that we just put on here, but i want to have all my original settings.. help? thanks

  • joseph

    I followed your 2-part tutorial and got all the way through level III (Load your First Custom ROM), step 8 but when I reboot the system, my screen goes black after the android logo comes up. Any one have any ideas?

    Thank you.

    • Joseph,

      Reflash the rom, make sure you wipe data first.

  • Scroggins

    Help ive flashed this same rom before with no problem but when i flashed and used another and now trying to go back to the original i cant get past the nexus one boot up animation it just runs over and over help please

  • Scroggins

    none of my buttons work either do i just take my battery out?

    • Scroggins,

      Take it out, then put it back in and boot into recovery, wipe data, then ref lash the rom.

  • joseph

    @TheUnlockr – It works now! Wiping the data before flashing the Generic MyTouch ROM was the key. It may be helpful to add that to your instructions. Thank you for this tutorial and for answering my questions. WIFI tethering, here I come.


  • rik

    @unlockr im tried loading my first rom did what it said when i reboted it it wont load past the green mytouch screen all i can do is go into my recovery screen when i power off the turn back on holding home power did i brick?

    • Rik,

      No, so long as you can get to recovery or bootloader your phone is fine.

      Just boot into recovery, Wipe Data, and reflash the ROM. Then hit reboot. Repeat if necessary…

  • J-Me

    This worked GREAT! Thank you so much! Followed the video along with the written instructions and it was super easy. Well done and I’m stoked!

  • jameso

    Trying to load my first ROM (after the generic one which works thanks to your wonderful tutorial!) but am getting stuck on the green MyTouch load screen. I’m trying the ZeroXd5.0r2 Hero ROM from the link above.
    Any help would be great- I have wiped and re-flashed several times. Do I need to wipe the SD ext. partition?

  • jameso

    Nevermind I think I may have it. Instead of selecting Reboot after the ROM install, I powered off the phone. Then after booting (and waiting) it worked!



  • Lenuff

    Hey I had rooted and flashed my mt3g (the old one) a few months ago and was wondering why you guys introduced this how to guide? Is there something wrong with doing it the old way?

    • Lenuff,

      Nope, just needed an update. Separated the G1 and the MyTouch procedures, and just streamlined them a bit.

  • Jim

    It won’t let me set the swap-size to 96 MB. I can only adjust the Ext2-size with the trackball. Don’t want to continue in fear of screwing it up.

  • Jim

    nevermind…..that was weird…i got it now.

    • niko

      What did you do to get it to work? because it’s not letting me change my swap size either

  • ashleee

    i tried uploading the manup eclair 2.1 rom && it required me to download three different files, so i flash all three of them, because i tried flashing the top 2.0.1. default && it said the verification wasnt there, and when i tried doing the same thing to eclair 2.0.1-v1.4r2 default, it worked but it wouldnt let me get past the mytouch screen. PLEASE HELP.

  • sam

    somebody help please. di all steps in instruction video and go to install the basic mytouch rom with root and says E: cant open /sdcard/mytouch.ROM w Root. zip
    installation aborted

    what do i do.

    tried to wipe and reflash zip from sdcard, but no luck

  • kenny


  • DAK

    keep saying installation aborted!!

  • DAK

    I cant even install the generic it keeps aborting!!

  • Brian

    I tried to download the mytouch rom w/root and I get half way and it stops. I tried a few times and now I am out of tries. Is there someplace else I can get it.

  • MArk

    I’ve done the steps several times and now keep getting “No Signature” “Verification Failed” I’ve tried wiping and re-rooting but nothing seems to work. I don’t want to get stuck using an old version of Android. Help please!

  • Giovani

    I keep getting the exact thing as Mark!, after trying to zip from sd, every file i choose says “No Signature”, “Verification Failed and “Installation aborted”, please help!!!

  • Giovani

    When I download the links from the Website, they download as folders. Then i simply compress (have a mac by the way). Is that whats causing the problem? Please help don’t want to be stuck on Cupcake either! Thanks

  • andrew

    hello theunlockr i have the mytouch 3g “the one withouth the headphone jack” i tryed putting the Manup’s Eclair 2.1 ROM on my mytouch but nothing workd it said upload faild. so I downloaded the Resources file and put that on the root of my SD Card in zip format and than i wipe my data and than flashed the file what did i do wround do i need to take the other roms off my sd card or can i just flash the Eclair file?
    help me plase

  • JayBayBay

    For the loading a different custom rom part, can I download a cyanogen rom instead of the ones on your website?

  • Bryce

    There needs to be an addition to this How To.
    If loading any of the recent CM ROMS’s for the Dream/Magic, there is an issue with the AudioPara4.csv, AudioPreProcess.csv, and AudioFilter.csv.
    The files that are in the ROM (ex. 5.0.7) are for the Dream Only. This will cause the Mic volume and Handset Volume to be very low. They will need to use adb to push in the correct Sapphire files. I have added those files to the CM Issue Tracker located here:
    These files are for the MT3G. If you have a G1, you should be fine.

  • Jdk

    I got my MyTouch rooted using the process above, but would like to know if there will be issues in using my original SD card and/or will have to partition all of them to use Apps2SD?

  • Frank

    Hey unlockr, is this procedure basically the same for Mytouch 1.2?

    • Frank,

      Click how tos at the top of the site. Then click android, then the mytouch 1.2 and use those procedures.

  • Frank


    When I go to how tos, then android, then mytouch 1.2, the procedure for loading a ROM on that device is not listed. I see how to root, unroot, change splash screen, etc. Is it just labelled differently? That’s why I was asking if I could use “how to load rom on htc mytouch 3g” By the way thx for getting my phone rooted! Your procedures are great!

  • Alice


    I recently rooted my MyTouch 3G…I’m using the Clockwork Recovery with CyanogenMod 5.0.7 and so far so good I really like it but I’m still curious about the other roms that are out there so my questions is do I need to flash different recovery for each roms or can I keep the Clockwork Recovery and just try out different roms? Does that even make sense? LOL I’m new to the whole rooting process and decided to root my phone because I’m sick of every phone that’s out there having Android 2.1 and I’m still stuck on 1.6 which makes no sense to me. Anyways if anyone can help me with this questions it would be great.


  • alex

    i did everything as was told, but now when my phone booted up its just a black screen. can someone plz help me plz.

  • John

    Once you have a rooted and flashed a recovery image flashing a rom should be the same procedure.
    Glad to know someone else here is running cyan 5.0.7. I just started running it as well for the same reason and so far so good. You dont need to use the clockwork recovery for it. Dont know anything about that recovery image as i use amon ra. Currently on sapphire-v1.6.2G and love that one. You dont need to change recovery image when changing a rom. Just wipe and flash new rom

  • Harris

    yea.. same problem here.
    after flashed a Generic MyTouch ROM and reboot it.. my phone just stuck at HTC logo. couldnt be proceed.
    any help will be appreciated.

  • david

    hey unlockr im having the same problem as Brian is about the Generic MyTouch ROM w/ Root is there a new one or any other way to do this please help us. Thank You

  • david

    ok i finally got it to download thanks anyway

  • john

    If it won’t boot try again or try another rom.

    is there a reason enomther is not on the list? Used to be. Just wondering. Seems to be my favorite with all the extras and options.

  • Will

    @TheUnlockr when you told joseph to wipe the data and reflash the rom in the very first post, do we select Wipe data/factory reset? B/c there are other options as well. Help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Will,

      Correct. Wipe Data/Factory Reset is what Im referring to.

  • Brian

    I had the same issues as Joseph but I have gotten it resolved. Very good instructions for us first time hackers.

  • Will

    ok thx, but I noticed in the mytouch 3g roms section, it doesn’t list cyanogenmod, does that mean we can’t use it?

  • Brian

    when ever i try to change roms i get stuck at the mytouch scrren the green one. please help.

  • Dylan

    I am not ab
    le to transpher files via USB-MS it pops up asks to format does that affect anything if i take out sd card and put it into my computer if so how do i fix it???

  • mike

    i tried loading different roms on my rooted my touch but it only lets me load the superDblk one only. i followed procedures and still doesnt work. any ideas or clues??

  • DRE

    YESSS! Worked perfectly…The steps were easy to understand and the comments here helped me troubleshoot along the way…You ROCK @theunlockr…I really appreciate this!

  • Daniel

    I flashed eclair and i am stuck on the green mytouch logo startup screen

  • Flip

    wiiii!!! :):) Done 🙂 mmmuakz! unlockr

  • Lee

    Rooted and flashed Manup eclair rom but stuck on mytouch screen. Help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

    • Lee,

      Boot into recovery, Wipe Data /Factory Reset. Then click on Apply .zip from SD card and reflash the Manup ROM.

  • Lee

    Unlockr…Same thing happens. The generic rom loads but Manup Eclair rom still gets stuck on the mytouch screen….Think I Wiped and Reflashed like 6 times already….Any suggestions?

  • Stephanie

    I did everything as described (and works great) but I noticed that my myfavs icon is no longer on my phone. After I followed the unroot and it turned on they were still there and I got a message saying that my myfavs had been updated but when I added the Root the favs were no longer there.

    Any idea how I can get them back?

    • Stephanie,

      You can use the search above the comments for myfaves .Apk and download the apk then install it on the phone.

  • Jay Mendricks

    I downloaded a hero rom on my phone and it keeps restarting on its own HELP ME!!!

    • Jay,

      Boot into recovery, wipe data, then reflash the ROM. If it keeps happening then load a different ROM.

  • Jay Mendricks

    Thank you this really helped

  • phet

    I am so new to the rooting. i’m so scared that i will brick my mytouch i actually got someone to do it for me. currently running cyan. 507. but want to try other roms. this is what i have. my phone and my sd card. where do i start and do i need? like i said im new to this.

    • Phet,

      Are you already running CyanogenMod’s ROM? Then you are already past all the hard stuff 🙂 You’re rooted and running a custom ROM.
      Do this now:

      1. Turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down Home and Power until you get to the custom recovery screen.
      2. Select Nandroid and do a backup. Once it is done, hit reboot now. Now plug the phone in and mount the sd card and COPY (not move, you still want it on the sd card) the Nandroid folder on your SD card to the computer. Once you do that, you will always have that backup and be able to get back to where you are now.
      3. After that, find the ROM you want (it’ll be a .zip file, do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip file)and put it on the sdcard (NOT in any folders just on the sd card itself).
      4. Now, repeat step one to get into recovery mode.
      5. Now, in the recovery menu, select Wipe > Wipe Data Factory Reset. Then click on Apply .zip from sdcard and choose the rom. Let it flash then hit reboot. All done! If anything goes wrong repeat steps 3-5 with a different ROM.
      Good luck!

  • nazo

    Hi all, question I am trying to downlad other roms but when I go roms section for mytouch I can find any of thim to download it just forums, oh I downloded this on but did not work, mytouch stayied on green screen then I rolled back to original mytouch rom any ideas, this is the one I tried.

    Manup’s Eclair 2.1 ROM:
    MetaMorph 2.0.1 Theme Template

    Regular Eclair_2.0.1_v1.4r2_Default_Theme

  • just me

    I was afraid to do this but I did and it seems to have worked fine.
    Here is my ISSUE. I loaded the generic ROM you recommended and now the phone seems to be MUCH less then it was to start with. Just a simple no frilles base. (not impressed)
    I lost all my contacts. This is BAD!
    I wanted something “better”, that was the point of doing this and when I click the links you provide (I would like the Hero ROM) I get a forum with a BUNCH of links.
    Being very new to this I have no idea what link is the actual ROM.
    Any help on how to just go right back to where I was, I had a great deal of stuff on the phone I liked. Or am I now stuck with an much less phone?
    The ONLY reason I did any of this was so I could get a ROM that will let me use FLASH. This flash thing is just insane to not have on a phone like this.
    Thanks for all your help in advance.

  • vay

    i got it to the recovery screen and now i am not able to use the trackball to complete the process. please help!

  • Hannah

    SO I went through the process until the end but when I got the the very last step of booting the phone up the phone wouldnt turn on.

    The mytouch 3g screen comes on then the android load screen comes up for a couple of seconds but then the phone screen goes black and I cant do anything with it.

    • Hannah,

      Take out the battery, put it back in and then boot into recovery. Wipe data and reflash the ROM. If that still doesn’t work flash a different ROM.

  • tony

    I did all the steps. I completed the entire root process. when I clicked reboot now my phone boots up and after the android boot up screen it stays black. please help!


      Added your issue and the solution to the bottom of the procedure. Good luck!

  • Jonnybb1

    I am currently working with a mytouch WITHOUT 3g internet access. I had to borrow a sim card to get it past the google login at initial startup.

    Can I root this phone with requiring the 3g internet to login to google at initial startup?

    • Jonnybb1

      Sorry I meant to ask “Can I root this phone WITHOUT the 3g internet to login to google at initial startup?” I do have wifi access.

  • tony b

    I successfully rooted my phone and put the generic mytouch 3G rom onto it which works fine. I’m trying to put Cyanogen Rom 5.0.whatever (the droid 2.1 system) onto my phone. I’m doing so by first installing the olderversion of a cyanogen mod (one which I had on my phone a while back) and then updating to the newest cyanogen mod, because the upgrade process seems to be more userfriendly. I’m wondering though, I’ve tried reflashing and wiping multiple times, but I still don’t have full functionality on my buttons. Only about half of them work, I’m guessing it’s an issue with the version I dowloaded, but just wanted to see if anyone had any input.

  • socor kid

    hey so when i put the SAPPING.nbh file on to my sd card and boot into recovery mode….it says that it cant find the image…i didnt put the file in any other folder or into any other thing…what do i do????

  • Tony

    i know that i did all the steps right, after it loads to the green screen it stays there can someone help me please!!!

  • chad

    Thanks first timer work like a dream

  • Caleb

    So I’m waiting on the sd ext2 to ext3… it is taking quite a while. The dots that appear to show that its working and hasn’t locked up have completely filled my screen.

  • Nick

    Is there another place I can download the generic ROM megadownload is not working

  • MrSix1Four

    @TheUnlockr- I did the entire procedure without any problems, these are the best guides I’ve seen online by far. I was just wondering if I could use this procedure to load ANY rom that I wanted or will I have to use the ones listed on this site. ( Just didn’t want 2 run into any compatibility issues)

    • MrSix1Four,

      Thanks! Glad to help!
      You don’t have to just load the ROMs on this site, load any you want. We just have our favorites here for easy access (and so you know it is compatible with your specific phone). So if you have other ones you know work on the phone, feel free. And if you find any good ones, feel free to send them in 🙂

      Submit a ROM

  • omie

    hey so all was fine until i hit flash zip from sd card..

    it says no zip files found. so anything i can do? or what did i do wrong?

  • omie

    nevermind about the zip file issue.. now it’s telling me the verifications has failed?? and it’s aborting the installation ..


    • Omie,

      Redownload the file and then try again.

  • omie

    no dice.. still aborting the installation.. should i restart?

  • omie

    it says exactly ..

    opening update package…
    Verifying update package..
    E: No signature (1341 files)
    E: Verification failed

    Installation aborted.

    • JayD

      im having this same problem how did yu fix it???

  • I GOT IT!!!!!!!!! Great, The last time I got confused on the other forum, but now, here it lead to download the specific files,. My iPad is alive again! tethering t-Mobile to ipad with wireless tether and getting 4.33Mbps Down and 1.26Mbps up. Sweeeeett!!! When I get my card I ill make a donation here. Thank you for the step by step video. Very convenient.

    • Leandro,

      Glad to help! Wow those are great download speeds!

  • Alex

    I managed to load the Generic rom, but I want to install a HERO rom that’s said to be compatible with the G1 and mytouch…but do I need spls and all that other stuff or can i just drag the actual ROM and flash it?

  • Johnny Fizz

    Recently completed your step-by-step instructions on rooting and installing a new ROM on my MT3G. And although I’m not really a noob, I’m no developer by any means. But your video and steps were easy to follow, everything worked great, and I couldn’t be happier!!

    One quick question: since I downgraded to Cupcake 1.5 before rooting, is it necessary to upgrade the radio when installing a newer ROM (or is that included)? Thanks!!!

    • Johnny,

      Thanks! Glad I could help!
      Most ROMs come with the latest radio, but just check the about phone section in settings and make sure you have the latest radio, if not flash it.

  • Frank

    I followed your tutorials and I would like to say that it was so easy with the videos you provided.
    I am a total newb at this and it felt awesome!
    Thanks for showing the way!

    I do have a question about the CyanogenMod 5 (Eclair) ROM that is on the “T-Mobile MyTouch ROMs” page.

    Having followed your tutorial, will I be able to just install the ROM “CyanogenMod-5.0.8” without doing anything else OR will I have to install the “Magic 32A/EBI1 Kernel Update” and the “Google Addon” with the ROM that are all provided on the CyanogenMod Page?


  • JayD

    it wont let me finish the instilation after i download the rom to my phone…i click the flash zip frm sd card file but the instilation wont finish can someone please tell me why

  • NoDataPlan

    Do any of these steps require me to have data to continue on? I know for the article preceding this, when you downgrade to cupcake, the phone asks you to use your data plan and sign into your google account (i eventually found a woman who was kind enough to let me borrow her sim card for a minute so i could use my phone again). Do any of the steps after downgrading (including the one’s in the previous article, as I haven’t continued on in fear of the data plan hassle) require me to have a data plan? It’s not that I won’t continue on, I’ll just be prepared beforehand.


    Mr. NoDataPlan

  • JayD

    ive tried this method about a million times for about this whole weekend and i keep getting the same results can someone pls help me asap bcuz im about to loose my mind i get all the way to flashing the zip frm the sdcard it opens i select flash it begins then aborts and says exactly…..

    install frm sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    E:No signature (1267 files)
    E:Verification failed
    installation aborted.

  • m3me

    every time i try to put any rom on my phone and unhook the phone(usb) and go through the process and get to the Flash Zip from SDCard part it just keeps taking me back to the main screen?? HELPP

  • Erik

    Hey unlockr,

    I have amon ra’s 1.2.0 and i don’t see any option to partition the SD card anywhere, so how am i supposed to load the custom rom when i can’t partition? It only has the following options when hold down power and home
    Reboot system now
    wipe data/factory reset
    Recovery properties
    nandroid v2.1.1 backup
    nandroid v2.1.1 restore

    Please help, thanks.

    • Erik,

      Download the newer version of the recovery image from the how to root the mytouch procedure. Then search our site for How To Flash a New Recovery Image and do that to get the newer recovery image on the phone.
      Good luck!

  • Erik


    The terminal won’t let me do anything, don’t i have to have at least a custom rom with root access for the terminal procedure to work for a new recovery image?

  • Erik


    The terminal won’t let me do anything, don’t i have to have at least a custom rom with root access for the terminal procedure to work for a new recovery image? I do have to use the terminal for that procedure right?

  • Erik


    The terminal won’t let me do anything, don’t i have to have at least a custom rom with root access for the terminal procedure to work for a new recovery image? I do have to use the terminal for that procedure right?

  • andrew xu

    does this root process wipe all your stuff, so you have to hit the google signin page? i have no data plan, so i have to run to the t mobile store if so. it would be nice if you didnt have to hit that page, or you could bypass it. i have 1.5 cupcake mytouch and i just downgraded, please tell me! thanks!!!

    • Andrew,

      Yes you will have to sign in most likely. Just add the data plan to your line for the day and then once signed in remove it. TMobile prorates the feature so it will literally cost you $1 to have data for the day.

  • JayD

    hey Unlockr can you pls help me with this my phone has been stuck on the basic cupcake for almost a week now

    ive tried this method about a million times for about this whole weekend and i keep getting the same results can someone pls help me asap bcuz im about to loose my mind i get all the way to flashing the zip frm the sdcard it opens i select flash it begins then aborts and says exactly…..

    install frm sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    E:No signature (1267 files)
    E:Verification failed
    installation aborted.

    • JayD,

      Download a different ROM and flash that instead.

  • JayD

    should i re do the whole process & any suggestions on a rom sorry im really new to this & when i click the ones ur site has suggested theres a lot of links & im not to sure exactly what to download

  • Erik


    The terminal won’t let me do anything, don’t i have to have at least a custom rom with root access for the terminal procedure to work for a new recovery image? I do have to use the terminal for that procedure right? Sorry don’t mean to keep posting but this problem is really bothering me.

  • Erik


    I put the new Recovery image on from the “How to root mytouch process”, the flash completed successfully but when i try to get into recovery it stays stuck on the mytouch splash screen, why? Other then that the phone works for everything else. Please help, appreciate it.

  • Erik

    Well can someone else help i guess, or is this forum ask one question and done?

  • momo

    ei bra i JUST rooted my mytouch 3g following the steps on and i was jus wondering if i could jus install this rom like it shows on the “how to install roms” video or is there more steps to it…cuz i tried before but then i got stuck at the green screen…im a total newby bra but this rom looks pretty badass so i wanted to try it if u could help me out bra i would much appreciate it

  • momo

    do i need haykuro spl to install JACxHero???

  • ruroscar

    Thanks a LOT !!!

    i was afraid of flashing my magic and with this instructions and videos i´ve made it sooo easy. Now i hava Froyo juju

    greetings from Mexico

  • Jeff

    @ The Unlocker, great write up!

    i have a problem tho, after i switched ext2 to ext 3 and plug my phone to the computer, my computer wouldn’t read the sdcard! i keep on tryin to format it from the computer but it just wouldn’t format so i cannot copy the rom on the sd car!

    please help…

    • Jeff,

      Try to boot into recovery mode on the phone and then click USB ms toggle and then plug the phone in and see if you can access the memory card that way.

      • Jeff

        @ The Unlocker

        how do i boot from recovery mode?

        • Jeff

          @ my post

          my bad, im already in recovery mode but the compuetr still wouldn’t recognize the sd card…
          any suggestions?

  • joan_mcm

    thankss!!!!!! 🙂

  • niko

    Guys need some help, I installed the froyo rom to my mytouch and it worked out great. I have task panel to kill my tasks from time to time and i noticed my available ram seems to go down periodically. Also my phone reboots randomly sometimes but thats not too bad. I’m wondering now if it was because I couldnt swap from 32 mb to 96mb when loading the rom. It wasnt allowing me to do so, so I left it to 32mb. Are there any solutions out there? Thanks in advance..

  • kvawn

    after spending way too long trying to do the goldcard method,i was up and running the new cyanogen 6.0 in under 25 minutes.thank you for a such a simple and thorough walk through!

  • Jay

    HELP!!! I’ve been using Cyanogen’s 6.0.0 rom for a while and I flashed danger spl (because it said must have) and now I want to flash a hero rom and every rom i have tried wont go past the boot screen (not the green screen) and the only rom that will work is the cyanogenmod. What should I do?

  • Gary

    I keep getting an error message that the rom cannot open. Please help!

  • Jay

    The Unlockr,
    HELP!!! I’ve been using Cyanogen’s 6.0.0 rom for a while and I flashed danger spl (because it said must have) and now I want to flash a hero rom and every rom i have tried wont go past the boot screen (not the green screen) and the only rom that will work is the cyanogenmod. What should I do?

  • Andrew

    this was great the whole process was easy to follow thanks alot

  • ali

    thank for all the instruction you made it so easy.
    thanks it worked great for me

  • Imran

    THE UNLOCKR PLEASE HELP! okay so when i try to upgrade ext2 to ext3 it says Error : “‘Run ‘fs ext3′ via console!”‘ i know i put in everything right, but i recently did do the factroy or hard reset or whatever does that have anything to do with it? pleassee help me! and thank you =)

    • Imran

      please help me unlockr!

  • Mike Lucas

    Hey, I followed all the steps and loaded the Qtek Hero Rom, however, everything works exceptially well, except when I make a call, I do not hear the person for a few good seconds and my screen sort of glitches up. then everything works after that, but my screen stays glitched up, until I restart my phone.

  • andrew xu

    works for me, but im on a mac, and the sd ms toggle didnt work, so i had to turn it off, then turn it on again, boot it up to normal android, mount it, then put the zip file onto it, because the sd ms didnt work!

    • andrew xu

      actually, nevermind,. it still wont work. will anyone tlel me how to get the sd ms toggle working on a mac? and how to make the folder a zip again on my mac? thanks!

  • Connor


    when i try to go from ext2 to ext3 it says error : Run ‘fs ext3’ via console!

    I have no idea what to do, please help

    • Imran

      that happens to me to! and im stuck with a 1.5 right now! im waiting for a solution!

      • Connor

        i just unrooted and finally got my OTA 1.6 update back about 8 hours after i unrooted. i wonder why this is happening to us?

        UNLOCKR please help us

        • imran

          oh really? can u tell me how you went to 1.6? im still stuck at 1.5! idk how to get back! can anyone help me pleasee? =(

  • chadd

    When I flash from sd. ..all I get is no zip found. I’m using a imac to do this.does it need done via windows. Everything else went smooth.


  • diego

    i have a question, when you do this, it will erase everything? like all your music and everything like that?

  • Tyler

    If you have a mac, this will not work. Luckily, I have Boot Camp, so I boooted into WIndows XP Pro and downloaded the rom all over again and installed it to my Mytouch 3f original. I had the error saying that the zip was “bad” and the process had to abort

    • Hawkster

      I have a MacBook and I added both the Generic Rom and then the CyanogenMod 6 (Android 2.2/Froyo) Rom. If anyone uses Safari to download the Rom’s you need to go into the Preferences> General Tab> uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading, because this unzips the download which shouldn’t be done. Then you can add the zip file to your Mytouch and proceed from there.

  • MTD12

    When trying to download the generic ROM, I keep getting a download failure while on Megaupload. Is there another place to get this ROM. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Joxmar

    OK I need an advice, the mytouch that I have stopped syncing with the computer for some reason, so I cannot add the files to the sd card from my computer, I can do the 3 first steps of “How To Root the MyTouch 3G Procedure” by uploading them to dropbox and then downloading them from the same app on my phone, however I don’t know how to do step 2 of this page (get the custom ROM zip into the sd card without having access to dropbox on the phone, and not able to sync on computer) any ideas?

  • Sheng

    I just got a mytouch 3G which is locked with T-mobile. I am wondering if the phone will be unlocked if I follow the instruction to load a custom ROM.


    • Sheng,

      No it will still be locked to TMobile. Rooting and Unlocking are completely different.

  • joynt

    i flashed the cyogen 2.2. and there isnt a market app how do i download apps

    • Joynt,

      Read Cyanogens page… there is a second file you need to flash called GAPPS to get the Market back.

  • Matt Dearing

    When I go to flash the ROM, I get the error
    “E: corrupt file:

    I’ve downloaded the file on two different computers.

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  • David

    I had a tough time rooting and then installing this rom. But It finally boots past the HTC magic and the android screen and gets to the “welcome to android, touch the android to start” that’s great but the touchscreen part is not working now, i can touch anywhere and nothing. all i can do is power the phone off… I am too close to success to give up now! ha hha Please can anyone tell me how to correct this problem?

  • Malaq

    I wanted to remember to give you guys props for these great tutorials. This was the first walkthrough where I actually felt like I understood what I was doing and why. I recently rooted my MyTouch 3G using this walkthrough and it really took maybe 15 minutes after watching the videos a couple times and making some minor notes. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

    Btw, i’m on CyanogenMod 5.0.8, so far its working pretty well. I still have performance issues returning to the home even after upping the swap to 96 megs, and getting the app SetCPU 2.0.2 and setting the max speed to 528, min 245. After loading up a few apps, returning to home now takes about 5-10 sec instead of the horrible 45+ seconds with 1.6 without the Lookout app trick. I know the sluggishness is something I can’t really get around with the given hardware, but rooting and using other modded os’s opens up a lot more possibilities to improve this. Thanks again.

    • Malaq,

      Happy to help!
      Something that might help is to check in the Settings (or Cyanogen Settings) and look for a System persist for the Home screen or something that caches or saves the Home to memory. That might speed it up a little bit.
      Not sure where in the settings that would be, but check for ADW Settings in your Settings or CyanogenMod Settings in your Settings and see if that helps.

      • Malaq

        I actually gave that a shot, but it almost seemed to make everything else in general run a little slower and almost a little clunky. Probably because it wasn’t dumping the memory the home launcher was using. I am toying around with turning on compcache, but I don’t know if its a better idea to try to increase my swap size to match my physical memory first (192) to see if that helps.

  • Steven

    I am not getting the same recovery screen as shown in the tutorial.

    I get only three options:

    reboot system now


    wipe data factory reset

    I do not get the option to partition. I followed all the steps on the “root page” and got all the correct messages. Did I do something wrong? Should I follow the “root page” steps once again?

    I should mention that I receive a message at the bottom that says “E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command”

    Thanks for your help Unlockr.

    • Steven,

      That means it didn’t flash the recovery. Try again.

  • lancaster09

    First thanks for the great tutorial. I was really nervous about rooting until I found your videos. However I am in a bit of trouble right now.
    I used ROM Manager by ClockworkMod to get the CM 6.0.0 RC2. almost a month ago. I have had a few problems with the rom but nothing I couldn’t live with (widgets didn’t work after reboot, had to re-install apps). I wanted to upgrade the stable CM 6.0.0, but I can get into recovery mode. When I either use ROM Manager or do it manually with the Menu and Power I can not get to the recovery screen. It gets stuck on the MyTouch splash screen. I have to pull the battery to get it to restart. AND NOW I cannot download any apps on the market; they fail at install. Do you have any suggestions? How can I fix my phone and get the new ROM?

    • lancaster09

      Oops…. I mean Home and Power.

    • John

      Do not use rom manager. Too many people are having problems with it. Bootloops, losing recovery image ect. Fastboot flash amonra 1.7.0-nandroid-wipe everything-repartition sd-flash cm6-leave rom manager clockwork route alone. Just my opinion but thats how you get around that. Have fun. Im running chromatic 4.5 (based on cm6) and its awesome.

  • pkoz

    Just wanted to send my sincerest gratitude for your tutorials. After researching the XDA and Cyanogen forums, I was really convinced I was heading down a dangerous path of goldcards and a bricked handset. But your combination of video and written tutorials made upgrading my MyTouch 32B to Cyanogen 6.0 fun and simple. Now I’m off to play with the new shiny…
    thanks again!

  • David

    This is my first attempt to mod the phone at all. I did everything through loading the Generic MyTouch ROM w/Root and then rebooting. The lime-green mytouch screen came up, and then the android logo, and then, it went black. Any ideas?

  • David

    SORRY. IGNORE ABOVE. My dumbass didn’t read everything. Trying the wipe now. I was afraid to wipe before actually getting the ROM with root to reboot though.

  • Joe

    Great job Unlocker. I completed the Wiping data, now I am running the Flash Zip from sdcard. It is telling me, NO ZIP Files found. Doubled checked the sdcard and I do see the MyTouch ROM w Root. Please note , I am running this on a MAC BookPro. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hawkster

      Joe, if you’re using Safari to download the zip file you must make sure the open “safe” files is UNCHECKED under Preferences>General tab of your Safari web browser. This keeps it as a zip file to copy to your sd card on your MyTouch. Make sure you don’t put it in a folder within your sd card. Hope this is your solution.

  • terrence

    at the part where it says change the MB

    the first one says 36 MB SET (it stays there and won’t let me change it)

    and the other one let me change it and i put it to the one ypu guys told me to, but got the grey screen. can you help me change the top MB choice or help me not get the black screen??

  • luki

    You double clicked and it switched to the 512mb redo it and do it slowly so it doesnt skip the part where you need to change from 32mb to 96mb.

    Unlockr your the best man.

    • Wolf

      i found it easier to hold “Home”

  • luki

    Unlockr: If i update to a different rom is my warranty voided? I have the mytouch 4g without the 3.5 mm jack. If i update to 2.2 will it void my warranty?
    Thank you

  • albert

    hi unlockr, i have completed everything and it worked!!!!! but i can’t find the market what should i do?

    • What ROM did you flash? If it was cyanogen you need to read his instructions… you must flash the google apps onto your phone.

      • albert

        Hi, yes unlockr it was cyanogen. I tried downloading the gapps but the market is still missing.i flash the gapps that i downloaded.o nd the recovery isnt working..thank you for your help and hoping u can answer me.

  • Every time I install a new custom ROM do I have to partition my SD card? My Mytouch is already root THANKS a lot.

  • albert

    hey the unlockr, finally got it. i downloaded the tiny gapps and flashed it and now i have the market back…..i have one more thing to ask u. how can i get flash player to work on mytouch. do i have to install a custom rom with flash player? if yes please post a link…. i tried downloading and installing flashplayer.apk everything goes right except my browser suddenly closes every 30 sec.please help..

  • alex

    hey guys i followed the directions and loaded the 2.2 froyo update and worked well but the android market app is longer on the phone any help on how to get it back ???

    • If you loaded a Cyanogen ROM, then you need to follow the rest of his special instructions. You need to flash Google Apps back on to the phone. Good luck!

  • Alex

    Hey everyone, I loaded the 2.2 froyo update into mytouch 3g, but my phone still feels laggy. Is there something I am suppose to do so it won’t become laggy?

  • Ezzy

    will having the Mytouch 3g w/Root Rom allow me to get ota of the froyo update?

  • Jdm Chin

    I have mytouch 3g and downloaded ROM but have NO internet or market!!! HELP!!?

  • Great tutorial 😉

  • Slythen

    What if it says
    E: No space left on device
    E:error writing boot
    E:failure writing at line 64

  • Scottr94

    So everything worked fine , I one click rooted and was success
    but before doing the back up and loading the rom i got stuck after step 5
    I rebooted and am now stuck in mytouch 3g reboot green screen.
    What should i do next??
    its been like that for an hour and im getting worried.

  • Scottr94

    So everything worked fine , I one click rooted and was success
    but before doing the back up and loading the rom i got stuck after step 5
    I rebooted and am now stuck in mytouch 3g reboot green screen.
    What should i do next??
    its been like that for an hour and im getting worried.

  • Nino Green

    My mytouch3g is updated with the 2.2 froyo…can I still root it and load new roms? The update sucks and has alot of small annoying glitches.

  • Lon

    I found TheUnlockr site, and it’s step by step back to cuppy cake 1.5, and I stopped there. The phone worked fine, but the more I thought about it the more comfortable I was with their walk through, so last night I sat down with the sole intentions of rooting my phone.
    It’s rooted.
    TheUnkockr rocks huge.

  • Dr-almomani2007

    after i use one click root >>>>>>>its root now thanx
    but i cant get to recovery screen >………..just warining sign triangel
    ???????????ples helpe
    also what is the best arabic room >>>>htc magic tmobile
    and do i need unlocker code for gsm in new room ?
    how i get it ?
    do i lose the root also ?

  • Papitocalle

    can i have froyo2.2 in my rooted my touch? and how?

  • thank you oh so much!

  • thank you oh so much!

  • i have rooted before but i dont think i ever flashed the generic mytouch rom. right now its stuck on a black screen after the mytouch boot screen and the android boot animation.

    im not sure if thats normal. but. eh.

  • Paul_finau92

    i cant get the swap-size to change to 96 only the Ext2-size i can move up or down??

  • All went as planned except that I have no keyboard on my Mytouch 3g.  Consequently, I can’t set up gmail, can’t use market, and can’t figure out how to add the keyboard back.  I’ve searched for advice without success.  Suggestions please

  • Razaeraj

    i need help now!!!! im up to load ur first custom rom step there i cant plug in my usb ive always had problem mounting but now i need to mount and it just wont and im scared my battery is going 2 die soon some 1 please reply

    • Razaeraj

      how can i tell wat percent my batterys on when my phones lke this???

  • Razaeraj

    ok i fixed my last problem but now i have a worse one i forgot 2 wipe before restarting myphone now it is stuck on the green screen and i cant get into recovery mode

  • Hafiymohamad

    my recovery mode has only reboot system, apply sdcard, wipe data factory and wipe cache. how?

  • Nope

    Everything worked great you guys rock!

  • Kduran223

    after i flash the ROM and hit “reboot system now” it goes to the mytouch screen,black, then mytouch screen and then it goes to recovery mode HELP PLEASE

  • Bryanchavez17

    Myne doesnt show partition sd it shows Build: CyanogenMod v1.4 + JF at the bottom!! and the options at the top are alot different! I dont know what to do!