How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC MyTouch Slide (Updated 09.28.10)

I. Before You Begin

1. You must have done our How To Root the MyTouch Slide procedure before doing this one.

II. Flash a Custom ROM

1. Now, choose a ROM from our MyTouch Slide ROMs section and save it to your computer.

2. Plug in the phone via USB cable and choose Disk Drive in the notification drop down so we can transfer files to it.

3. Copy the ROM file (as a .zip) to the root of your sd card (not in any folders, just on the root of the sd card) (do NOT extract the .zip file, leave it as a .zip).

4. Delete the file from the sd card now (if it is still on your sd card from the root procedure).

5. Now, unplug the phone and turn it off.

6. Turn the phone on by holding down Volume Down and Power until the HBoot screen comes up.

7. Push volume down and use power to select the Recovery mode.

8. When the ! screen comes up, press Volume Up and Power at the same time to get the menu to come up.

9. Select Apply and wait for it to load the custom recovery.

10. When the custom recovery mode comes up, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

11. Then select Select .zip from sd card and choose the ROM you saved to the sd card.

12. Let it flash and then hit reboot system now.

13. (Optional) To flash a different ROM, just redo Section II. Enjoy!

47 thoughts on “How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC MyTouch Slide (Updated 09.28.10)”

  1. having problems at the adb shell part. “permission denied” tried restarting the process, restarting my laptop, phone. and still same thing. can sum1 help plz

    1. Jose L,

      You need to make sure you root first and have the superuser app showing up in the apps on your phone first. If it is the do this procedure and make sure you type such when it asks and check the phones screen and click allow if superuser pops up.,

  2. thanx, i figured out what i was doin wrong. wasn’t spacing 04755 and the * But am now stuck in a permanent loop from mytouch starting screen, keeps coming on and shutting off. any suggestions?

  3. i guess i should be more specific. i downloaded Eugene’s CM6 and did the wipe, install zip from sd clicked on (name of rom) loaded, rebooted then i got my loading screen loop.

  4. Also having trouble with the shell part. showing “permission denied” in command prompt. Phone IS rooted and superuser app is included in phone. Please help.

  5. I’ve yet to put a new rom on my wife’s phone. Is there any suggestions as to which rom has the most stuff working or is stable? I’ve used mostly cyanogens, super d rom, csdi, etc on my original mytouch because of speed and they were pretty good for everyday use.

    1. 2Noob4U,

      Cyanogen’s is one of the most popular mainly because he builds from scratch, puts in enough optimizations, and they are pretty stable. So I’d go with that if you can for her (less complaints you’ll get later I’d imagine lol).

  6. Did we ever get a response on why we get a permission denied error? I was never able to get past that.

    Also since I’ve done this now every time I go to hboot it says it’s loading the It loads it, then says fail because update is older, or something like that. Please help.

  7. I’m getting Permission Denied when I enter “adb push mtd0.img /data/local” into terminal. any suggestions?

  8. Is there any sign of an unrooting process coming out soon? Ive my slide awhile back and havent found a ROM that suits my needs like the factory OS.

  9. this straight up just does not work. i was having problems at first, and now all the steps go through, but when i reboot my phone it’s stock. i am so frustrated! i even tried rom manager & clockwork mod.

    why was this so much easier on a moto droid?

  10. i just rooted my slide and love it but im having some issues with the roms how can i go back to my stock rom from the slide but keep the phone rooted

  11. Fail. Tried numerous times, even with superuser.apk installed I still get su permission denied. Have tried 5 times all from the start. Off to find new method.

  12. Ok finally got this thing to work,,,,here’s the facts…becareful with every thing make sure you have the correct spelling and spaces.. also if you get stuck any where you need to reset the phone to factory setting and delete what eva is on the sd card…you dont need to keep reinstallin pdanet..

  13. Perfect again! I’ve decided to put cyanogen v6. thanks a lot!

    I’ve realized that after changing the ROM, the market wasn’t there anymore! pff 🙁
    Do I have to make something extra? or change again to HTC slide ROM?

    Thanks again!

  14. unLockr,
    can this procedure be done on its own to just change ROMs? Or does the whole root process need to be followed?

  15. I have been trying to do this for 2 days now and there is no Download link on the developers page anymore what the hell can I do now… I’m getting super frustrated and my phone just feels half assed… please help me out

    1. and when i go to flash a rom I get into recovery i try to press wipe data and screen goes black i press power and recovery comes back on i figured out if i scrolled down through the options on recovery like 3 or 4 times at the bottom of the screen, back button enabled comes up then i can go ahead and wipe and flash?

  16. at step 10, when i choose 10. When the custom recovery mode comes up, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset., it goes to a blank screen. i can click on the power button to go back to the previous pg, but nothign else happens. just that blank screen. even if i go to reboot, just another blank screen. HELP!!

  17. Once at the “Apply”

    When I hit the power button to select it, I get this message:

    “E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.”

  18. Jr Martinez920

    it says E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command
    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to open /sdcard/ (No such file on directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  19. After a few attempts on Vista, I moved to my win 7….SUCCESS!!! Thank you guys so much. At least I am assuming I did it correct because I see a super user icon in apps and bloatware (my faves/tmobile) says it is taking zero space as well as all the other programs. I am going to see what I can do about the splash screen (and how to do it) next. Any further help would be great. Thanks again–you guys rock.

  20. Juniormorales9

    i could get the ROM dowloaded fro anywere could yall put the link from the one used in the videoo because on the forum page it didnt appear and iHave failed with other ROMs from google. !!

    pleasee help

  21. I’m getting the same issues as many of those here, as well as on the initial rooting post. If I verify the rom image (cyanogen from xda site) I get the “signature verification failed”. The file throws the ‘no image or wrong image’ error that many people are getting, although the rooting process as least “seems” to go off without a hitch. When I go through these instructions to load the new rom, however, recovery just refreshes after ‘loading’ or ‘initializing’ rom. When I restart it’s the same stock ROM install (but I’m assuming the rooted version since I see the SU icon in applications.)

    So I have a stock phone with ‘root’. Big deal, lol. I want to strip out all the extraneous crap on there (and have the cool Cyanogen logo appear like on my original mytouch, lol.) Of course it’s more than that.

    Oh, and I’ve FAT32 formatted my sd card, and tried this ENTIRE PROCESS 5 times now…. -D

  22. if i dont like the custom rom and would like to go back to the stock rom, would i have to download the original rom from the tmobile website and install it the same way i did with the custom one or is there a diferent procedure for that? 

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