How To: Load a Custom ROM on the T-Mobile G2 / HTC Vision

I. Before You Begin

1. This method is for flashing a custom recovery image and custom ROM.

2. You MUST have done our How To Temp Root and the How To Perm Root / S-OFF procedures for the G2 BEFORE coming to this procedure.

II. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Once you have done the above to procedures, open the Market on your phone and search for ROM Manager (Free).

2. Install it.

3. Open the ROM Manager app and click Menu, then Settings and turn ON Delete Recovery.

4. Click Back and then select Flash Recovery.

5. Choose your phone model and then let it flash the recovery.

6. Click Reboot Recovery and you should be put into the custom recovery image screen. If so, you are all set.

*If you get a phone with a red ! symbol when you reboot into recovery that means it didn’t stick. So just take out the battery and put it back in then turn the phone on and repeat steps 3-6 over and over until you get a black screen with green writing on it instead of the ! screen.

III. Flash a Custom ROM

1. Head to our ROMs section and choose your specific phone. Then click on one of the ROMs and select which one you want. Download it and save it to your computer.

2. Once it is saved, plug in your phone via USB cable and mount the SD card so we can save files to the sd card.

3. Copy the ROM’s .zip file over to the root of the sd card (NOT in any folders on the sd card, just on the root of the card) (do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip).

4. In the custom recovery screen, select Nandroid then Backup and backup your current ROM.

5. Then select Wipe Data.

6. Then select Apply .zip from sd card and choose the ROM you downloaded earlier.

7. Once it is done flashing, click reboot system. Once it reboots, you are all set. Enjoy!

71 thoughts on “How To: Load a Custom ROM on the T-Mobile G2 / HTC Vision”

  1. 2 for 2 man, hit this out of the park again. These instructions are so easy and informative, love it!!!! Never thought this stupid guy could do something semi- smart LoL.

    1. I feel like I should know this by now but, if I get a custom ROM, will i be able to get android 2.3 which should be available semi-soon. I have a tmob g2.

    2. I feel like I should know this by now but, if I get a custom ROM, will i be able to get android 2.3 which should be available semi-soon. I have a tmob g2.

  2. I say this ALOT. NEVER unroot your phone for an OTA update. Truth of the matter is that being rooted and flashed a custom ROM that has the update in it (i.e. a custom Android 2.3 ROM) will ALWAYS be faster than waiting for the update from your carrier.
    Reason is the OTA will start to go out in waves and once a developer gets it they will put it up for other developers and they will make custom ROMs out of it which you can flash if you are rooted. Chances are all that will happen WELL before you would get the OTA update yourself.
    Also, since you don’t have a Nexus phone (the ONLY phone to get Android updates as soon as they come out), chances are a 2.3 Android custom ROM will be made from the Nexus 2.3 ROM and ported to your device well before T-Mobile sends you 2.3. (Reason being T-Mobile has to add in all their crap etc before they release their update, whereas Nexus phones get their updates direct from Google).

  3. Will any of these ROM’s give me the ability to restore factory settings from the menu. I have been unable to restore the stock ROM and whatever I did is making the phone very slow.

  4. im having a problem. when i click “reboot into recovery” it just takes me to the normal android bootloader screen and not the clockworkmod recovery screen.

    1. Carloscordero908

      yeah , im having this problem too
      can anyone please help mee !
      i already temp rooted it and perm rooted it to S-off it just goes back to the normal phone after i click boot to recovery mode
      please help

  5. Chaldotilldaend1

    when i try to backup in clockwork mod it says cant mount system? what do i do can you help me out please?!!!

  6. Donovanc Williams

    The Unlockr,

    I followed all directions 1-6 EXACTLY and everything has worked perfectly. I booted into clockworkmod recovery custom boot screen, but then what? I clicked reboot system now and it just stays on a blank screen, maybe the next step is assumed and it just flew over my head or something. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks,

  7. The install went just fine. But in my contact list it displays about 760 names. And unable to inport my contacts from my sim card. Any reason for this? And how do I fix this?

  8. Can you tell me if you can just go straight back to the stock rom at anytime for the g2. and do you know where i can download the stock rom for the t mobile g2?

  9. Can you tell me if you can just go straight back to the stock rom at anytime for the g2. and do you know where i can download the stock rom for the t mobile g2?

  10. i did temp root and perm root but when try to flash the custom recovery image i get an error occurred while flashing your recovery . i checked i have su permission . any help is most welcomed

  11. I show S-OFF, i uncheck the temp root on boot in visionary and click ‘attempt perm root’, it automatically rebooted. now when i go to terminal emulator and type su, i get the message “must be suid to work properly”. Then I go to Rom Manager and check “erase recovery”, then when i click “flash clockworkmod recovery” and select my phone (G2), i get this message:

    “an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!”

    Can you tell me what I need to do at this point? I tried reinstalling Rom manager, but same. I tried rebooting, but same.

  12. DAAAVVEEE! your the man i just have a question… lets say i want to switch roms from cm7 to the sense rom (modaco) how would i do this cause ppl are saying not to wipe cache your second time around and others saying you have to… i figured if anyone would know it would be you

  13. i have done evrything corectly i think but when i got to reboot it just stays on the cyanogen mod start up screen with the blue anfriod guy please help im so lost

  14. Mitchell Hunter

    I successfully temp and perm rooted phone. Thanks alot btw!

    Problem I am having now is, after I successfully Flashed ClockworkMod Recovery (I also made sure I had gone to setting and click Erase Recovery), when i got to Reboot into Recovery is freezes on the HTC logo and does nothing at all. Help would greatly appreciated so that I may flash the Rom I selected of your site!!!

    Love yours work every thing up to now worked perfectly!

  15. just letting you know i did everything right and i can’t get the s-off, giving it up after 10 tries..

  16. hi ,
    when i choose reboot into recovery image it turns off it shows the htc for a little bit, turns off, then shows the htc logo again then it does the g2 and then to the normal phone unlock
    i dont know what to do
    please help mee
    greatly appreciated

  17. I loaded CM7 and its great. the only problem is that navication is not working. It opens but never finds gps signal. Yes I activated the use of GPS satellites.

  18. Error cant flash recovery keeps showing up. Unlockr should i find a different recovery image? I looked into rom managers file and i believe it is there. What should i do?

  19. i tried to flash clockworkmod recovery> and it flashed it in like two seconds. then when it tries to reboot i get nothing but a white htc screen. I left it on and it doesn’t do anything unless i take out the battery. what do i do to make this right? anyone? and please hurry!

    1. Make sure you did the How To Temp Root procedure and then the How To Perm Root procedure. Then come to this one. If you have an issue getting the recovery to stick just read the * section under Section II.

  20. My phone doesnt have android market or any stock apps anymore, what have i possibly done wrong? I dont have gmail and i reseted my phone and still dont have anything. some one help

    1. You probably load a Cyanogen ROM. Simply go to where you downloaded the ROM and look for a “Google Apps” or “Gapps” .zip file, you need to flash that separately in recovery after flashing the ROM. If that doesn’t work, just flash a different ROM.

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