How To Load a Theme onto Your Blackberry

So you are addicted to your crackberry and never let it leave your site? But lately the same old theme your blackberry came with is starting to look a little stale? No fear, you can change that theme to any number of free (or some premium ones for a few dollars) all over the internet, here’s how:

I. Identify Your Device and OS

1. Goto Options > About and you will see your device name and then your OS labelled a V and numbers and periods behind it.

2. Write whatever it says down as we will want to download a theme based on that OS and model ONLY (if you try to install the wrong one, you will brick your device!). The screen we are looking for will look like this (but the model and V number will be different of course):


II. Find a Theme

1. Goto our Downloads section, then Blackberry, then look for one that fits your device OR use the search bar at the top of the page there to search through a bunch of free themes from other specific sites.

2. Then decide which orientation you want (some themes will only come in one orientation, while others may have options):

A. Zen –

BB Zen

B. Icon –

BB Icon

C. Today –

BB Today

D. L –


D. Precision (Transparent) –

BB Precision

2. Once you find the theme you want, there are 2 ways to download and install it…

III. Installing Your Theme

A. OTA Installation (Requires Data Plan / Wifi)

1. Find the URL for the Theme you want and input it into your Blackberry Web Browser (some sites have an OTA link for their themes that you can click on while there, others let you “email the theme” to yourself from the site instead).

2. Once you get to the page just click on the OTA link, the Email The Theme link, or just the URL for the theme itself. This will begin the download of the theme.

3. Once the theme has been downloaded to your phone, it will automatically be installed and you will get an installation complete screen:

BB Success

4. Once done you can then select the Theme from the Options > Themes menu by scrolling to it and clicking on it. All done!

B. Blackberry Desktop Manager Installation (Requires a Computer)

1. Once you have found the theme you want, save the theme to your desktop (a .zip file).

2. Unzip the .zip file the theme came in somewhere on your computer so you can find it later.

3. Open the BB Desktop Manager (if you don’t have it you can download and install it from HERE). Then select Add.

4. Find the .alx file for your theme that was in the .zip file you unzipped earlier and select that.

5. Then select finish and your theme will be installed to your device.

6. Once done you can then select the Theme from the Options > Themes menu by scrolling to it and clicking on it. All done!

10 thoughts on “How To Load a Theme onto Your Blackberry”

  1. oh, i see some of the file formats in .jad. I tried pointing my bb’s browser to it and it works. thanks anyway! 🙂

    1. Hello Eric,

      Precision is not a theme. It is the style of theme. You can use the search bar at the top of the Blackberry Downloads page and search “Precision Blackberry Themes for [your phone]”.

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