How To: Root the HTC G1/Dream



I. Before You Begin

1. This works on all G1’s and Dreams


II. Downgrade to Cupcake

1. Download the Original DreaIMG.nbh and the Original Cupcake
Original DREAIMG.nbh

2. Plug the phone into your computer via USB. Select Mount by pulling down on the notification bar at the top of the phone’s screen and selecting the USB notification. You should now be able to access the sd card in your phone on your computer.

3. Now, put the DreamIMG.nbh file and the (do NOT extract the .zip file, leave it as a .zip file) files that you just downloaded on the root of the SD card (NOT in any folder, just on the sdcard itself).

4. Unplug the phone and turn it off.

5. Turn on the phone by holding the Camera button and the End key until the bootloader screen comes up.

6. Hit the End key to start the update. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS.

7. Once it is done, hit the trackball to restart the phone. You now are on the stock firmware RC29.

8. Then turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Home and Power and keep holding until you get to recovery mode (the ! screen).

9. In recovery mode, slide out the keyboard and hit Alt L to bring up the menu, then hit Alt S to Apply the update.

10. Once the phone reboots, go through the normal setup process to get to the home screen.

III. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. On your phone, goto Settings, Applications, and make sure Unknown source is checked ON.

2. On your phone, goto Settings, SD card and phone storage, and click Unmount SD card.

3. Then click Format SD card (it should automatically remount after this).

4. Plug the phone into the compuer via USB, then pull down the notification bar and click on the SD card notification. Then click mount.

5. Download this APK and the recovery image and save it to your computer:


Amon Ra’s Recovery Image

6. Once they are saved to your computer, copy them both to your SD card (do NOT put them inside any folders on the SD card, just put them on the SD card itself).

7. Unplug the phone from the computer once they are downloaded to the SD card.

8. Goto the Market and download Linda File Manager or any file manager program if you do not already have one.

9. Open the file manager and goto SDCard and then find the FlashRec apk file and click it. If asked tell it to use Package Installer to open it. It should automatically install the apk.

10. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

11. Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type:


Then click on the Flash Custom RecoveryImage button and wait for it to finish.

12. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, LEAVE IT ON THAT SCREEN, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video below:

How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC G1/Dream

13. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned above and load a custom ROM.

Reported Issues

Issue: G1’s are erasing the recovery image before we can load a Radio, SPL, or ROM.

Solution: Once you do step 12 and boot into recovery mode, go straight to the next video, leave the phone in recovery mode, and do Section II to load the SPL. If you turn the phone off and on before then you will have to redo these steps.

Issue: I get Invalid Recovery Image or Flash Recovery doesn’t show up, it stays greyed out!

Solution: Make sure that the spell correction and auto completion are OFF in the Text Settings (Settings > Locale and Text > Touch Input > Text Input then turn off Prediction, spell correction, and word completion) of your phone. If not then it may put in spaces where they do not belong. (I had it put a space after .img and couldn’t see it so couldn’t figure out why it kept saying invalid recovery image, like you guys).

Other than that, just make sure it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folder) and that you are typing in:


and it should show Flash Recovery

Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image (OR HAVE DONUT), please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.

Issue:I get serial0 on the rainbow screen.

Solution:Turn your phone back on to the hone screen, the plug in the phone via USB cable and mount the sd card.
Then right the sd card on your computer and click format (this will erase everything on your card so save it all to your computer first if you want to keep it). Select FAT32 when it asks you what format to format it to. Once it is done save the file you were trying to flash back onto the sd card and try to flash it again.

301 thoughts on “How To: Root the HTC G1/Dream”

  1. your Cupcake link takes you to your facebook signup page and not the link that I need to do this.

    I have been trying to find another rc29 out there but the two aren’t signed.

    I am getting very frustrated.

    1. Mike,

      It was fixed, it takes you to the right place. As for the .nbh file it is signed and worked for plenty of people. Try downloading it using a different browser or on a different computer (it is most likely getting corrupted during download, not uncommon).

  2. when i do step 5…nothing happens it seems just 2 stay in a red/green/blue/white screen with the word serial10 in the green part….i hit the end key and nothing happens

    1. David,

      Means you need to plug the phone in via USB (with it on) then mount the sd card and on your computer right click it and click format (choose fat32 in the drop down instead of fat) and click quick format.

      1. hi unlockr,

        i found myself facing the problem of having serial0 after section II step 7. what i did was pull the battery out. for some reason, the screen is still on. i waited for my phone to die and when i replaced the battery back, my phone put me in the register screen. after registering, i checked my phone status and it was successfully rooted. i dont think you will be able to mount your sd card while you’re in the four colored screen with serial0 because the phone is completely frozen. btw, i also tried pressing a lot of buttons before removing my battery

        1. After successfully updating dreaimg.nbh, I press the trackball and get the rainbow serial0 screen. It says:
          DREA100 PVT 32B

          Sep 2 2008

          How do I correct this? Thank you for your time.

  3. thanks theunlockr, i have another problem.. this 1 more serious, after loading flashrec and mapping the text box to the image file on the SD. i shut down the phone but now it wont start – its stuck at the G1 screen

  4. ok, when i boot it normally, (without trying to go into recovery mode) it works.. but now it just wont go into recovery mode.. any ideas?

  5. Hi!do you know what “model id incorrect” means?(after step 6. Hit the End key to start the update. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS.)

  6. yeah, it worked after I found the rc29 on googles site.

    Now I’m running cyanogenmods newest stable rom with 5 home screens and multitouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the instructions.

  7. Hey sorry just wanted to clarify. At the top of this page it says “This Works on all G1’s and Dreams” so does that include the Rogers Dream and if not it might be a good idea to refrase that quote

  8. hey i get the same problem as adi “model id incorrect” i just recieved this phone from rogers cuz i didnt wanna do the 911 update that rogers had so they sent me a new one that already had it… so i have an rogers htc dream, firmware 1.5, build # 1.89.631.1, hboot 1.33.0010. im not sure if that helps but i cant seem to get this right

  9. Every time i try and power up with the camera button, it tries to load the “image” but get a message of no image or wrong images, this is on a Rogers Magic which has had the mandatory update applied to it. I have tried re-downloading the files with no success.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

  10. No I haven’t tried a gold card yet, had to go to work. Maybe in a few hours. If I have any success ill report back. If not I would see this as a waste of time for us Rogers updated phones

  11. I tried goldcard…nothing.But I have a friend,he helped me.Sorry!I HAD a friend…and an HTC G1 🙂 …if it will boot sometime, I’ll come back… ;(

  12. For those who got the David issue: format the SD before the 1st step(copy the dreamimg.nbh and the then retry.

    I got the same but now my G1 is flying with the superD 1.11!!!

    Thanks to TheUnlockr for these easy root system!
    Some clicks on your ads is the minimun!!

  13. Seems a gold card will only bypass the CID (carried ID) and will have no bearing on the model ID. I think were stuck unless HTC has another leak 🙂

  14. I put the nbh. file and the update file on a formatted sd card and then in the phone. I held down the camera+power button and it successfully flashed the nbh file. I then powered down the phone and held power+home button to get into recovery mode. I pushed alt+s and it started to flash the file. it got done and it went right back to that “three color screen.” now every time i restart the phone it goes directly to that screen. I was told that if your reflash the nbh file it’ll fix it but i keep trying that and it keeps going to the color screen. PLEASE HELP! What am i doing wrong????

  15. I did step 6 and then hit the track ball to restart the phone… But instead of restarting it went to the red, green, blue, white screen. And isn’t doing anything… It says “seria10” in the green… It doesn’t mount when I plug it into my mac… help please!

  16. I’ve flashed the recovery image file but it won’t load the way specified in step 12. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried flashing it several times.

  17. Hi,

    the How to’s:
    How To: Root the HTC G1/Dream
    How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC G1/Dream

    are they for german G1’s too with 1.6?

  18. hey im having a problem similar to anderson. it doesnt go to the recovery screen like in step 12 it goes to the normal one with the exclamation. so if i hit alt L it says E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command. i dont know what i didnt wrong. i followed the instructions exactly.

  19. trying to root my G1 and I can not download the G1 radio. My computer is blocking the downloading of the file for some reason. Can you email the download? I am stuck in the middle of this process. The other two dowloads were fine

  20. so can this root the CANADA HTC DREAM?

    Model: HTC dream
    Build # : 1.89.631.1 146733. CL#94714

    Drea, PVT 32B shop s-on D
    hboot: 1.33.0010

    Those are my phones stats.

    i have the .0010 so i duno ive been reading mixed replies

  21. Hello,

    i have problem with first step. I put those two files on sd card, and when i power up phone, i got messages loading, checking and at the and NOT ALLOW.

    how can i solve this?

    thank you

  22. I dont have either one of the cupcake or the original dreaimg.nbh in my android market. Why is that?

  23. i downgraded to cupcake, but now it is saying access blocked when i try to go to the market to download a file manager. please help!

  24. Hi, I have a problem, I’ve put the files on my sd card (it’s format in FAT32) When I start the G1 with the end and the camera button, it shows me a red, green and blue screen with Serial0. I hit the end button and nothing happened…

  25. I am getting “Trojan Horse has been detected” by my anti-virus software, when I try to download original cupcake files???? suggestions?

  26. I have done every step all the way to the whole hold home and power button to see the black text blah blah

    well i do that and my g1 freezes it just says G1 on the screen nothing else no matter how long i hold power and home

    ive done every step but i cant get past this screen i been at it for hours please help!

  27. i get to step 5 then itll go to the screen with the diffrent colors but then itll show the loading page but then itll go rite back to the screen with the diffrent colors

  28. I’m stuck on step 11. I’m having the same problem as anderson. My screen isn’t the same as on the video. I hope someone can help me out fast, I don’t want to accidently brick my G1.

  29. for all who are stucked on green,blue,white screen…

    Press the Call, Menu, and Power buttons at the same time to reboot.

    its only for reboot.

  30. has anyone tried this yet with a rogers dream that has the 911 fix applied? from what i’ve heard the new rogers rom won’t allow a downgrade. if this works i will be very happy but i’d like some confirmation first before i have a go at it.

  31. well i tried the first couple of steps that are supposed to downgrade to rc29 and i get wrong image errors from fastboot. please revise the title of this tutorial so all of us in canada with updated rogers dreams won’t get our hopes up. or alternatively please help us find a solution that doesn’t involve jtagging the phone. thanks.

  32. hey!
    have big problem!
    I used this and when i start my phone, it asks me for gmail account .. i add it but nothing .. can any1 help me?

  33. My phone is stuck at the red, green, blue and white screen after trying to dwnld the dreaimg.nbh file and updating. It failed and when i take the battery out to start over, it just goes back to the colorful screen displaying ‘Serial0’. Can’t get back into my phone or mount to my home pc !!!SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!

  34. After attempting this method on the following device”

    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (DREA21000)
    Jun 2 2009,21:33:16

    I receive the error “Main Version Is Older”

    There appears to be no way around this yet.

    1. XBrav,

      I’d try making a goldcard (search our site for the how to) and then with the goldcard in the phone and the file on the goldcard, try again.
      Let me know if that works.

      1. I have the same error with a gold card…
        My dream is the Rogers 1.5 with emergency 911 update (perfect SPL)
        any idea?

    2. I had the same problem…I fixed it by going into the phone and formating the SD card through the phone, THEN clearing my phone’s settings. Then I mounted the card, added the 2 files back onto the card. Shut off the phone. Rebooted using the end/camera key…the colored screen came up but then went to the gray boot loader screen…worked so far!

  35. so i have the rogers update on my phone and every attempt that i make to root my phone hasnt woked… i had i hoes for this one but when i get to step 6 it keeps saying wrong model id….any ideas?

  36. Hi unlockr my phone is stuck at the point when i try and sign in to my google account on setup after installing the DREAMING.nbh and PLEASE HELP!

  37. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!? I went through the whole process of rooting my G1 but for some reason it is not saving my app2SD card. Did I miss something? And when I go into the recovery mode and move my apps to my SD card they do not read on my phone and I can’t use them.

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I am so frustated trying to get this to work!!!!!!

  38. hey. um im trying to root my g1 and i did the first step but when i turn it on holding the camera button an power button it takes me to the colors but it doesnt say press power to update. what do i do?help please

  39. did all steps and loaded dwang to my g1. its saving my ringtones to my sdcard, but it’s not saving the apps. same shitty amount of space. also google maps update is not installing correctly. should I repeat the steps again?

  40. I’m also having the same problem as Marc my google maps update won’t download correclty. Will you please answer me back as soon as you read this with some help and information to solve my problems!

  41. i need to know will this work on my htc dream with the new 911 update? cause i tried this and it didnt work but thne i formated my memory card to FAT32 and i got a whole new screen

  42. I have put the DREAIMG.NBH and the file in my root folder and did everything that was asked. For some reason I keep getting “image not found” and stuck on the multicolored screen. My SD card is Fat32 and the files again are in the root directory (not in any folders). Does anyone have a fix for this or may know what is going on? I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter.

  43. TheUnlockr,

    Thanks for the tip. I had formated the SD through windows but not through the phone. Once I formated through the phone it worked like a charm. I cant believe I spent 8 hrs doing everything but formating through the phone. De-Da-De!

  44. Hi,
    I’m actually stuck in step 5 of part 2…i tried turning on the phone the way it says but the bootloader screen doesn’t show…its just stuck on the multicolor screen..pls help…thanks!

  45. I’m stuck on step 2 part 10!
    After flashing the cupcake update, I need to sign into google before accessing the home screen.
    HOWEVER I don’t have a data plan, which means I need to sign in/activate with wifi!
    PROBLEM is activation with wifi only works on rc29!

    1. Jimmyk,

      You can downgrade to RC29 and use our How To Activate the G1 without a Data plan procedure.
      OR the easiest way is to just add the data plan to your account for the a day and remove it (literally will cost you $1 for the day). Also you can just borrow a friend’s SIM that has a data plan too, then sign in and put your SIM in after.

  46. so from the looks of it this doesnt work on the htc dream with the lame rogers 911 update? i suppose that would explain a lot of my other failed attempts 🙁
    i didnt even get to the colour bar screen, just the screen with the skateboarding androids

  47. thank you so much for the tutorial. my friend and I been following all of your tutorial to root our HTC Dream/G1. now we both running CyanogenMod 5.0.7

  48. hey, i tried this and i had a lil prob. when i press the camera n on button to downgrade it to cupcake, it says “not allowed” than the rainbow screen came out n says serial 0. please help me =)

  49. unlockr, I’ve formatted my sd card through the pc, put the files onto it and then placed it into my phone and powered up holding camera button and end button and the multicolor screen comes up but when i hit the end button again nothing happens????? what can i do, this is becoming a headache

  50. I did step 6 then hit the trackball to restart but all I got was the multi colored screen that says serial0. It won’t do anything else. HELP!

  51. I did step 6, hit the trackball to restart and it’s frozen on the multi colored screen that says serial0. I’ve noticed several people have had that problem but I don’t see a fix. HELP

    1. I had this issue too and ended up having to find an xp machine. I still can’t get the hack to work though. Stuck on serial 0.

  52. i have an issue. when i go to flash the recovery image, the flash recovery image bar stays grayed out. I turn the the all the auto- text options in the settings, and the recovery image is on the root of the card. can someone help me?

  53. the unlockr,
    this time after fomatting it back to fat it says no image file or smth like tt n went back to the rainbow screen with the wordd serial 0.

  54. i tried to unroot my phone and i drag the 2 files to my sd card. when i load it and instal it it fail and all i got is a red creen it seem that i cant go anywhere else what can i do to fix my phone I cant connect to my comp??

  55. got to step 9,problem after that. Keep getting this E:failure at line 62 : set_perm_recursive 0 0 0755 0644
    System : Installation aborted
    please, i need help…

  56. first of all this is the best guide i have ever came across…follow the steps carefully and you shall unlock awesomeness lol thanks

  57. to TheUnlockr
    got to step 9,problem after that. Keep getting this
    E:Can’t chown/mod/system/(no such file or directory)
    E:failure at line 62 : set_perm_recursive 0 0 0755 0644
    System : Installation aborted
    please, i need help…

  58. to TheUnlockr
    got to step 9,problem after that. Keep getting this
    E: can’t open/cache/recovery/command
    E:Can’t chown/mod/system/(no such file or directory)
    E:failure at line 62 : set_perm_recursive 0 0 0755 0644
    System : Installation aborted
    please, i need help…What am i doing wrong?

  59. i am on step 6 and 7 when it up loads the update i get an update fail message and it its stuck there i press the track ball an it gose to the red green blue screen and does nothing i powered it down and then it starts all over again

  60. I’m stuck on the part where it updates… I put the dreaimg.nbh and files in the root dir. of my sd, then I shut down, and boot with the camera+end keys into the rainbow boot screen, but it doesn’t detect anything, and pressing end does nothing! what am I doing wrong? I used the links you gave me and both files ARE in the root dir of my sd card…

  61. I got to step 5, but when i got onto the rainbow screen, i got 00028002 and “not allow” on the grey screen then:
    DREA110 PVT 32B

    Sep 2 2008

    and then “Serial0” later down, in a white band thing.

    I’ve searched around and found lots of similar problems, but none had solutions.
    I formated my sd card to FAT32 and tried it again with no luck.
    any idea what to do?????

    1. Same exact problem, except my line of RADIO reads, Tried reformatting the sd card multiple times, but always get the same result.

  62. it says the request could not be performed because of a I/O device error whenever i try to copy the recovery image

  63. Hello i tried to follow the instructions and my phone has an error after step 5. it says that the update failed. Please help

  64. I know you have mentioned that this will work on ALL G1’s and Dream… But will this work on a Rogers Dream WITH THE “MANDATORY” update??

    I can give you more info on the phone if needed… THANKS

  65. Uhoh I seem to be having some trouble. I uploaded those two files at the beginning but whenever i restart the phone using power and camera button it never goes past the rainbow screen on to the loading page. Help?

  66. Hey, I am stuck at the DreamIMG.nbh once its on my phone with the rainbow screen it said that the process failed and was terminated. What should be done?

    1. try to format from the phone. i have a G1 and couldn’t format from the computer but was able to format from the G1 so i hope that helps.

  67. i got to step 12 and i can’t get into recovery mode. it freezes up and i could use some help please and thanks but this video was very helpful though.

  68. I downloaded both files to my SD card already but when i turn off my phone and turn it back on with the camera button it says “Loading…” but then quickly says “No image file!”. I’ve tried it many times and it still won’t work. please help. thank you

  69. after i press the camera button and power button, the rainbow screen comes out and stays there. it does not proceed to the next step. can you help??

    1. hi…the same thing happend to me…the rainbow screen came up and never went to the other option…did they help you wiff that problem?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  70. My solution to the serial 0 problem.

    I have a tmobile G1, came to the serial 0 on the rainbow screen. Could not turn the phone off. could not access the sd card with the usb cable.

    I took the back off the phone and pulled out the battery to shut it down… put the battery back in and started the phone. It booted up to the setup screen, so I turned it off again, and this time followed the instructions again from step 8+

    Hope that helps 🙂

    1. I’m using a Mac and for some reason, the file was named DREAIMG.nbh.nbh
      Tried formatting the card using the mac and it wouldn’t do FAT32, put in PC and no luck, finally formatted with G1 and it successfully formatted to FAT32. Tried again and stuck on Rainbow screen still. Changed DREAIMG.nbh.nbh to DREAIMG.nbh and it finally worked.

  71. im at step 9 part 1. it always says verification failed press home+back to reboot whenever i try to update to cupcake. what can i do to fix this?

  72. when i’m turning it on holding the camera button and the end button it tuns on but it doesn’t go to the screen its supposed to it only goes to the screen where it says radio what do i do

  73. hey!! after i did step 7 it says “update terminate UPDATE FAIL” what should i do….please help my phone is not working every time i turn it on the rainbow screen come up!! and it is not workin!!!

    1. erick, ur DREAIMG.nbh file was proboably bad, had the same problem, download and copy a new one to ur sd card, with some sd card reader, put it in ur mobile, and try to update again. Should work. My problem was that i didnt see that i didnt dl the file right, it was 28mb :).

  74. I flashed the dreaimg.nbh but then when I flash the cupcake update it says something like “no such file or directory”

  75. hit a bit of a snag. … Step 10: I can’t sign in. I have data on my plan or i could access a wireless network with internet if that was an option… The APN info doesn’t seem to save when i enter it. HELP…

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I did as you said with no avail. However after saving the APN and reseting the phone it picked up my changes and i could get data. It may be a problem with my carrier.

  76. Very very useful with detailed instruction to root your phone. I could root my T Mobile G1 with Ver 1.6 . I could downgrade to ver 1.0 then to ver 1.5 & finally to Cyan 5.0.8 Version & my mobile is working fantastic. Superfast now..Thanks . 5 Stars for such a detailed step by step procedure.

  77. I have a problem. I do everything that is required, copy the 2 files to the sd card, turn the phone off, start it up with cam button, press the power button to start the update, update finish sucesfuly, restart phone, opens the gmail login screen, i shut it down again and start it with holding home and power button, prob is when i enter recovery mod, and press alt+l, its reporting error that says: “E:Can’t mount CACHE:recovery/log” Did any1 have the same problem? Does any1 know how to fix this?

  78. when i go into recovery mode for the cupcake update it says verification failed, update aborted….HELP PLEASE!! X.X

  79. After following all of the steps, I have loaded up Cyanogen Mod 5.0.8-DS on my T-Mobile G1 & it is working great. First of all, thank you so much, awesome info & great instructions! I’m just wondering if now when you say we can change Mods anytime now after all steps have been done, “IF I GO TO G1 MOD DOWNLOAD LINK, CAN I NOW JUST SAVE THE G1 FILE OF ANY MOD ON THAT PAGE & LOAD IT UP ON MY PHONE, OR ARE THERE OTHER STEPS THAT NEED TO BE DONE?” IS THE RADIO & SPL ALL GOOD NOW FOR THESE OTHER MODS ON YOUR G1 MOD PAGE?”

    1. Rusty804,

      Once you have the SPL and Radio flashed you can leave those as they are (most of the ROMs will run with those just fine). Just put the new ROM .zip file on the sd card, boot into recovery, wipe data, and flash the new sd card.

  80. Daniel Chavez

    I was just wondering on your new video posted 10 months ago on you tube, where you can root your g1 or my touch you had said to download 2 files, one called FLASHREC.APK, and the other was AMON RA’S RECOVERY IMAGE, where can i find these,(I have a G1). thank you

  81. oh my goddd, I am stuck on step 10!!! It wont let me get in..and i am about to cry!!! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!

  82. Hi, wow very useful guide, specially for me that I dont know anything about rooting a phone. I have a question: I need to maintain installed all the things like rom zips, spl, google addon, ect.. in the sd card?

    I already have a G1 with cyanogen 5.08

  83. Just followed step by step and keep getting a installation aborted for the radio ver. install, highly annoying…please help..will donate once rooted and installed….

  84. and by the way , I highly appreciate the information due to the fact that i am brand new to this and im willing to expand my knowledge so its very interesting, thanks…..

  85. Hello theunlockr…..

    I wanted to know if there is anyway tht I can root my g1 without having to go back to 1.5?
    Cuz the thing is I don’t have a data plan…n its hard for me to get one or a friend…..plz help

  86. Hey dude, just wanted to say I used this tutorial and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for posting such a valuable resource!

    To everybody suffering from the Serial0 curse… my comp wouldnt let me format my device when the phone was plugged into my computer, so I had to grab a mini-sd to memory card adapter and plug it into my comp, then I was able to format it and plug it back into my phone. Good luck.


  87. After i flashed the recovery image my phone was still plugged into my computer and when I tried to get to recovery mode the G1 was trying to connect to the computer so i pulled the usb out and now i cant get into the custom recovery mode. I just get a G1 screen that fades out after i flashed the recovery image again and it restarts the G1 with a blank screen(no splash) the my home screen appears. What can i do?

  88. ok so unrooted my phone n when back to 1.5 n then updated to 1.6 but now i want to root my g1 again but i dont have a data plan and cant find a friend tht will have a data plan… my question is….on my pre paid sim card if i get a data plan for 5$ will tht activate my phone when i go back 1.5 in the rooting process?

  89. Hi,
    I m new to android.. I bought T-Moblie G1 in india.. I want upgarde it..
    I read the whole procedure.. I want to know if I do all this, will it get locked.. I dont have unlock code..
    pls help…

  90. Hello,

    When I was in San Francisco, I bought a G1. I paid 15$ to jailbrake it, because I am living in Belgium. I would like to upgrade my phone, but when I downgrade and follow all these steps, will my phone still be usable in Europe? Or do I have to JAILBRAKE it again?

    Please let me know.

    Thx guys.

  91. I’m having a problem right in the beginning with the first update (DREAIMG.nbh) : In the boot menu it says “Model ID incorrect.” What am I missing?

  92. Thanks for such detailed info. I was trying to follow instructions elsewhere and I got as far as downgrading the phone (works as Android version 1.0) and I thought I rooted the phone as the next step, but now when I try to boot to recovery, I just end up at the bootloader (rainbow)., At least that’s what I think it’s called.
    Is it ok to just start over again from your instructions, or do I need to do anything special first?

  93. I get to step 7 and after i hit the trackball it takes me back to the red/green/blue screen and it says Serial10 in the green bar. What do i need to do to finish the rooting process

  94. im in dieing need of help. i did the downgrade part n stoppd cuz i realized i didnt want it. n im trying to get it back to 1.6. how do i do that…cuz now i cant get wifi or anything on the phone.

  95. Everytime I use the links you provided that I must download first it goes to a website titles megaupload, but it only offers games. (That is for the DREAIMG.nbh file.) And also for the Cupcake Update. I am a noob please tell me what I am doing wrong. Is there any other place I can find these files?
    Thanks in advance.

    Anyone with advice can mail me @

    1. Jon,

      That site is a file hosting site (and they are all a little busy to look at). Just look at the top right of that page and it’ll tell you to enter in a couple of characters and press the button to download the file, then it’ll make you wait a minute or so and the download link will appear and you can download it.

      1. Hello Unlockr,
        Hello all,I have had success so far up until part two step 7. my phone keeps telling me, installation aborted when trying to flash the

        G1 rooted ROM. radio i got it from your link pasted above. everytime it is aborted i see a “bad” phrase. What am i doing wrong?

  96. i have a question i already have a rooted g1 running hero theme
    and i wanted to noe if i would have to go threw this process still
    firmware 1.5

  97. 10. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

    Can not run command. And this is strange, because I’ve rooted this phone before. Unfortunately it returned to be un-rooted again 🙁

  98. theunlockr,

    When i try to load the image dreamig.nbh i receive the message “no load” and the phone go back to colored screen. If i try to pass this step for the update the message is E:can’t open /cache/recovery/comand. Then, after Alt+S command appear the message “installation aborted”. More than this, i cannot recovery with recovery flash app. Please help!

    My G1 is Android 1.6 with DRC92 build number

  99. I had the same issue as David, where the bootloader screen would stay up without anything happening. I followed the instructions to reformat the SD card on the computer to Fat32, but upon clicking “Format…”, the drive would disappear, with a notification saying that “Removable Drive does not exist”, and the SD would be automatically unmounted.

    A quick google search created a few results on the subject, but most solutions revolve around inserting the SD into an external reader, something that I do not have available. The one “solution” I did attempt was reformatting the SD on the phone itself, so I backed up the card’s contents and tried that, but it did not let me choose to format it as Fat32, and the initial problem of formating via the computer still exists.

    Any ideas?

  100. Hello Unlockr,
    Hello all,I have had success so far up until part two step 7. my phone keeps telling me, installation aborted when trying to flash the

    G1 rooted ROM. radio i got it from your link pasted above. everytime it is aborted i see a “bad” phrase. What am i doing wrong?

  101. Hey Unlockr,

    Thnx for a gr8 tut!!! I was hesitant in rooting my G1 but I’m glad I found this page cuz now I’m rooted and running CM6 RC2. However I’m having a little issue and can’t seem to find any answer/solution for it, here’s the problem:

    After following the tut and getting the ROM flashed, I went in a set up my wifi to connect to my home network. So far so good… But when I turn off my wifi or get farther from my wifi range and my phone switches to my carrier’s data service I keep getting “data connection lost….retrying later” or ” A server error has occurred…etc.” Any idea how to fix it or why this is happening?

  102. i was so lucky that i found your website. of all the guides i saw, yours was the best especially your video. i rooted my phone yesterday and now running with cyanogenmod6

  103. when i’m on the rainbow screen when it go to update i get 00028002 come up and then when back on rainbow screen i get serial0?

  104. once and a while my phone likes to force close, or get the acore error. or my icons dont show up correctly so i just reboot it and i get stuck at the boot up splash startup. and i have no other choice but to have to wipe and lose everything is there any other way to avoid this dilemma? it really pisses me off. i got it finally to run on 2.2 Cyanogen.

  105. When the rainbow screen comes up i get serial0 … but when i try to format it on my cpu windows vista it does nothing but eject it from the computer really should i just delete the sd manually?

  106. Hey. I want to root my G1, it hasn’t been rooted or unrooted before. Do I still need to go through step 1: Getting back to Cupcake? Cause I was watching your youtube video and it didn’t really show that part.

  107. after i download and install dream and cupcake, it says update failed, n it doesnt let me go further .. WAT DO I DO?? I CNT USE MY PHONE AT ALL.. PLZ HELP ME…

  108. sorry to bug you but the linda app is no longer coming up…. the one you selected said “linda manager and wallpapers” this does not come up any more. Please help im stuck….

  109. Well I think the first update with the image file worked out great although it look like a differnt screen than shown in the video, but when I do the cupcake update its says
    Finding Update packages….
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    e: No signature (413 files)
    e: Verifaction failed
    Installation aborted

    I am running an unlocked phone from rogers to telus and stuck in roaming

    any ideas?


  110. hi. is there anything i can do with the problem i posted earlier??? i was wondering it was something about trying to get RC29 when i should be trying to get RC7 as i am in the uk??? thanks for any help.

  111. Hey..nice guide..ehehe already done with the rooting… now im using android 2.2 on my dream..overaalll is great..ehehehe

  112. Hey unlockr, got a question here and would appreciate if i got an answer. i want to root my HTC G1(stock) and install a custom ROM, but i just managed to activate my g1 without a data plan thanks to ur videos (THAAAANKS A LOT :D). Now, if i root/install a custom ROM will it ask for log-in procedures (with WiFi deactivated)…if yes, can i redo the same procedure to activate my G1 without a data plan as shown in ur videos :), or am i stucked in my stock G1 🙁 Thanks

    1. Eri,

      Most custom ROMs, the developers have added a “Setup Later” option to that login screen, which allows you to get to the homescreen and then turn on Wifi before you setup so you should be fine. Just use a popular ROM.
      Glad to help! Good luck!

  113. i did this and worked perfect, now the phone batt is messed up so i have insurance and they want it (trading it) will this violate any warranty issues? how can i put it back to its original mode(unrooted)?

    1. Okay I followed everything to a T but when I get to step 1 and try to turn it on in recovery mode it simply stays frozen at the T-Mobile G1 screen. If I boot normally the phone will load, but I am unable to get into recovery. Any thoughts?

  114. Unlockr everytime i right click the removable disk icon 7 click format it says ,”no disk in d drive” or something like that and it automatically unmounts my G1. whats that about?

  115. Dear Unlockr ,
    When i Typed In “Linda” At The market & Apps Screen Its Doesnt Come Up. Like The App Is Not On The Market , Help A.S.A.P Im Stuck !

  116. everytime i do the first step it stays on color screen it doesnt do anything doesnt update or anything idk whats going on it says serial0 on the screen n thats it help

  117. every time i try to download flashrec is says there was a problem installing the custom user service the file may be corrupted or your disk maybe full re- download and try it again and i re download it and it does the same or it will say file it temporarily unavailable

  118. I rooted my g1 with the jac hero custom rom. It seems that my phone is still slow. Any helpful hints on what to do. I am using SetCPU. Also, can i delete the files on the sd card (the slp radio, the rom file, etc). Thanks so much you guys r awesome!!

  119. Hey Unlockr,
    I have a problem I can’t get passed. I was good until step 7 of section II. I pressed the trackball and it took me back to rainbow screen. So I took out the battery and tried to go to step 9. When I tried to flash cupcake it said “installation aborted”. I tried and formatted the sd card to FAT32 and repeat the entire process. But I still can’t get passed step 9. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  120. Hi when i try to flash the cupcake file i always get a error saying /E could not be found or sumthing like that, why and please help!

  121. works for me..but im considering to update my radio to the latest one..huhuhu still wondering how to do it..any help? btw i cant update my htc dream to is that possible?is it because of my memory card ‘fat’ format? iv already root my htc g1..ehehe

  122. Is there any other places to get the files needed? megaupload is very slow unless you get a “paid” connection and it drops at 50% of the larger files. Is there some better way other than Rapid or mega or any of the “pay” to download sites?

  123. Hey there. I downloaded all the required files, but when I get at the bootloader screen, it checks for the file, but it says : Not allowed

    What did I do wrong?

  124. Dear Unlockr,

    I have followed every step of the procedure “How To: Root the HTC G1/Dream”, but I failed to reach the Recovery Mode. I even failed to load the downgrade to Cupcake (Android 1.5 right?).

    My guess was that since my HTC Dream already runs on Cupcake (Android 1.5 right?) I did not need to downgrade. Therefoore I started the whole procedue again, but I skipped “Downgrade to Cupcake” and I jumped to “Flash a Custom Recovery Image”.

    I dowloaded the files you recommended (FlashRec.apk and Amon Ra’s Recovery Image ) as well as the Linda File Manager from the Market. Based on you video, it looks like step #10 and #11 have been completed successfullu, but when I try to complete step #12 I do not reach the Recovery Mode.

    I am clueless. Can you help me root my HTC Dream in order to install Android 2,2 Froyo?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Pierre-Jean,

      1. Go to Settings > About Phone and look for Firmware. Does it say 1.5 or 1.6? If it says 1.6, you need to do the procedure from the beginning.
      2. Does it say Successfully Flashed in the FlashRec program? If it does make sure you turn off the phone, then turn it back on by holding down Home and Power at the same time and keep holding them until the recovery screen comes up.

  125. I get to the bootloader screen at stage 2 step 6, however phone becomes unresponsive. End will not start the update and the trackball will not exit. Ive tried multiple times, formated the SDcard and still just locks up with the only means out of the screen is having to remove the battery.

  126. hello unlokr,
    i did every step shown so far but i have a slight problem at step 5,
    when i put the phone in in the bootlader screen, it say ‘not allowed’ then it goes back to a green, blue, red and white screen. please can u help me

  127. dear unlocker,

    i made it to III flash a custom recovery image step 7 . when i try to download linda file manager , the app does not download. infact no apps download, i have 3g network working but nothing downloads and even the internet pages do not load.

    how can i fix this?

  128. You are the best!. I just rooted my G1 now and am loving it. At first i downloaded everything on the tutorial. it took me some hours because am using a dial up connection. But after that i carefully followed the instruction and i made no mistake. It took me 20-30 min approx to finish it all.. I’m glad to try it. Love you guys. Now am going to download a different custom ROM and enjoy it..

    Thanks Again.

  129. Hi Unlockr!!!

    Just wanted to clarify sth. My stock HTC G1 firmware version is 1.0 (RC28), so do I have to do step II. Downgrade to Cupcake or jump directly to step III. Flash a Custom Recovery Image. Awaiting for your answer. Thanks a lot Unlockr.

  130. the dreamimg.nbh file and the files wont go into my G1 it keeps on saying “the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error

  131. Hello Unlockr!!!!!

    I’ve made it through the downloading the files on the cpu, and transfering them on the sd card. I get to the loading screen just fine holding the camera button and power key. but after it finishes loading it says in a red box right above the loading screen “update terminate update fail”, right above the blue loading bar. i took my battery out and tried again and got the same results. after tryin that i tried all the suggestions on this blog page to still get the same results. now i cant get past the red green and blue screen. are there any more suggestions besides the ones on the page???? please help!

  132. once again thanks for providing this tutorial. This is the second time i’ve done this. The first time was a success in rooting and flashing cm5. when froyo was released i tried upgrading but i don’t think i flashed froyo rom properly which i believe was causing my phone to fail. after weeks with dealing with frozen screens i decided today to root it again from the beginning.

  133. Hey Unlockr ! Please any help would be great ! 🙂

    HTC Dream On Rogers in Canada. After the 911 Update.

    Firmware 1.5
    HBoot 1.33.0010 (Drea21000)

    Dream PVT 32B ship s- on d


    Jun 2 2009

    it says
    Id incorrect
    update failed

    what can i do ?
    or is this just completely locked out ?
    im really lost and really frustrated with this phone !

  134. Is there any alternative to pressing ALT+L and ALT+S? I can’t use the keyboard due to modification I’ve made in order to keep the screen working.

    1. I’m sorry Mr. Seth, but it looks like you will have to suffer with good old 1.6 until you move on to a new phone, risk killing your screen again, or somebody figures out how to do this rooting process without using ALT+L and ALT+S.

  135. I have tried step one ive done the bootloader pressed then key its done the update but it comes up flashing not allowed what do i do please help.

  136. cannot get past the first step?? hit end and camera button and it goes to colored bar screen, says loading for a split second then right back to colored bar screen, says serial0?? G1 running 1.6, are the downloads dreaimg and update good? please help….. ive also tried formatting the sd card first from the phone and the pc and still the same thing…

  137. I held the power off and camera button but it took me to a different screen then yours. Mine showed three of teh android alien logo thing on skateboards :S can i root this another way

  138. i got to the step where you type in linda and it says file not found on the market. can you please help me here.
    I need to send the phone off to my soon to be wife asap. I went through all of the steps up to that point.

  139. Ok I successfully rooted my phone to firmware 1.1, correctly installed the wifi tether app, but there are several apps on the marketplace that I can’t find now, one being handcent sms. I even tried downloading it from the internet, transferring it to my phone and then running an app installer, still didn’t work. Is there anyway I can get it??

  140. I have a couple of questions, i been wanting to root my G1 DMD64 1.6 and im not yet sure if its safe.

    so my questions are would everything be working the same after i root?
    if i mess something up would i be able to go back to my original which is DMD64 1.6?
    is this the safest way to root?

    1. Pat,

      The easiest way to do it would be to just either add the data plan for one day to your account (just add it then remove it tomorrow) – it will LITERALLY cost you $1 for a day’s usage. OR just borrow a friend with a T-Mobile SIM card with a data plan to activate the phone and then put yours in once it is activated.
      Otherwise, click on How Tos at the top of the site then Android then G1 and you’ll see a procedure for how to activate the G1 without a data plan if you want to try that, but it’s totally worth the $1 to just add data for the day.

  141. but i can still root my phone without it right. i would just have to type the thing on my keyboard and use the computer /adb to get me to the wireless settings on my phone, and then activate my phone that way right, i would just have to pretty much do one extra step. also will that adb syncing thing work every time when i want to activate my phone or only just on android 1.6. and lastly is rc29 android 1.6 something different

    1. Pat,
      You seem to be having the same issue as I am. rc29 is actually 1.0, not 1.6. The security loophole for rooting was patched in 1.6, meaning you have to downgrade in order to root. However, it seems that once rooted/updated, you have to activate the phone again. With a data plan this is not a problem. For those of us who do not have a data plan, it seems an endless cycle of downgrading/unrooting so that we can get into the settings to turn on the wireless to activate the phone. Once you upgrade to 1.6 or beyond you will not be able to activate the phone without the data plan.

      At least that is how I am understanding it.

      @TheUnLockr, Please correct me if I am wrong.

  142. hi, i have rooted my g1 and want to load a custom rom but none of the file managers will let me open the .apk they all say download unsucessful. Any Help ???

  143. i followed video to a T … saw a comment somwhere on here that said he didnt wipe before doing generic? not sure if that my problem? I can get in browser but if somebody calls it says fc …messaging is fc? pls help

  144. When I try to boot in the boot loader, nothing happens. I just get a blackscreen, like i’ve been getting since trying to turn the phone on. What to do?

  145. I have a 100% stock G1 that i have formated the SD card about 8 times now to be sure but when i put the files on ROOT of the SD card and boot up it pops up the grey screen for half a second and said no image found. i have downloaded from here and multiple locations. it skips the grey screen and goes straight to the rainbow screen. This is step one and it wont work….. what on earth could i possible be doing wrong?

    1. Fernando_moreno12

      hello unlockr,

      I am having trouble after the 8 step because when i press atl L and atl S nothing happens so hopefully you could find a answer for me thank you

    1. hI UNLOCKRr
      my htc dream wont install the dreamIMG.nbh, it says Model Id incorrect, and when i tried to install the by pressing ALT+L, it said E:no signature and E:Verification failed, Installation aborted.

      Please help

  146. Hey, everything worked fine the first time until the recovery screen with the black screen and the txt. i didnt know i was supposed to leave it on that screen so i turned off the phone. now i cant get back to that screen at all. i’ve gone back and done everything over again and still nothing. all i get is the normal screen with blue txt. was this a once in a G1 chance or something?

  147. i downloaded this but then i saw that i was obsolete
    i canceled it in the middle of the update and now it wont allow me to access my phone
    it stays on the google account set up
    i cant get past it because it says “there is a problem communicating with the google servers.

  148. Is there a way YOU can please do a modified version for Roger’s Dream?? Any other instructionals are insanely difficult to understand. Thank you!

  149. I came to the rainbow screen with “Serial0” on it. I tried to follow youyr solution instructions, doesn’t make sense, and I can’t leave this rainbow screen. Any help? Need it ASAP

  150. I came to the rainbow screen with “Serial0” on it. I tried to follow youyr solution instructions, doesn’t make sense, and I can’t leave this rainbow screen. Any help? Need it ASAP

  151. I think I have a major preoblem I formated and tried to root the phone and when I did that I think I wiped the phone. So when I install dreaimg.nbh and then I installed cupcake and it loads up but all I get is opening screen and no sim card the time and emergency number. But I cant do anything beyond that. I tried to up load donut but it fails at line 2. Can some one help me?

  152. I think I have a major preoblem I formated and tried to root the phone and when I did that I think I wiped the phone. So when I install dreaimg.nbh and then I installed cupcake and it loads up but all I get is opening screen and no sim card the time and emergency number. But I cant do anything beyond that. I tried to up load donut but it fails at line 2. Can some one help me?

  153. I think I have a major preoblem I formated and tried to root the phone and when I did that I think I wiped the phone. So when I install dreaimg.nbh and then I installed cupcake and it loads up but all I get is opening screen and no sim card the time and emergency number. But I cant do anything beyond that. I tried to up load donut but it fails at line 2. Can some one help me?

  154. I think I have a major preoblem I formated and tried to root the phone and when I did that I think I wiped the phone. So when I install dreaimg.nbh and then I installed cupcake and it loads up but all I get is opening screen and no sim card the time and emergency number. But I cant do anything beyond that. I tried to up load donut but it fails at line 2. Can some one help me?

  155. hey i followed the steps till step 10 and for a second i see the Android set up page (with the green Android guy to set up my google account) then it disapears and all i see is the “Emergency screen” so i can kindly call 911. What should i do from here, i’ve never successfully rooted an Android phone before. Thanks!

  156. i have 1.6 on g1…if already my radio seems to be up to date do i have to reflash it?i mean only spl seems to be old when i acces rainbow screen…at radio he is displaying 2_22_19_26I….but at spl he is displaying stock spl…so what i’m supposed to do?flashing again radio or to step and flash SPL…P.S. i already Bricked my phone and recovered with Jtag..and i’m some kind of affraid…thnks unlocker

  157. when i tried to do 2nd step (Downgrading to Cupcake) it shows a msg “checking …. Not allow”
    please help me to get rid of this type of error. i want to upgrade my G1. waiting…

  158. when i tried to do 2nd step (Downgrading to Cupcake) it shows a msg “checking …. Not allow”
    please help me to get rid of this type of error. i want to upgrade my G1. waiting…

  159. Datz Skinny Mini

    I followed all the steps and and I was about to backup it said “Backup FAILED:Could not run command” why is that

  160. I’ve nearly bricked my phone 4 times taking stupid advice off people. Went through a plethora of roms loading them all on to no avail. Was about to give up hope and landed here. YOU ARE GOD! I am going to Georgia soon to work for a year and I bought a cheap tablet in china and its not 3g so I figured get my phone to be a wifi tether device…. Need root….. the problems began. but now you fixed it.

    ADVICE TO NEWBIES….. I WAS CLUELESS! Just follow the steps…. EVERY STEP….. WORD FOR WORD……. and your phone will be rooted then you go to the next page WHICH YOU MUST DO! then your phone will be ready for custom roms.

    These guys are lifesavers trust them!

  161. I get all the way to II-10.  But it seems there is no radio image to allow the phone to connect to the network….so i can’t make it to the home screen since i can’t access my google acct.  

  162. Hi, I did everything but when I get to Step 12 for Flashing a Recovery Screen, it says no image found and goes into a rainbow screen with “Serial0”. 
    I keep formatting the sd card on the computer because I can’t find the “Format SD card” option in the phone’s setting.
    I made I put the recovery.img into the root of the memory card but it won’t find it?

  163. again i thank you for htc dream,i already with your help update motorola dext to 2.2.thank you thank you thank you.

  164. Did everything, but im having a problem with 5- 13, dont c the blank screen with texts u speak of, then on top of that, my computer no longer recognizes the phone

  165. Did everything, but im having a problem with 5- 13, dont c the blank screen with texts u speak of, then on top of that, my computer no longer recognizes the phone

  166. hello guys i am sorry to say that unfortunaly after i follewed the steps and downgraded my g1 and then flashed it with the rom all were going good then after the flash done i rebooted my g1 and then stuck with the screen of t-mobile g1 , any help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:(

  167. i suddenlt got stuck on multicolor screen with some codes..
    what should i do next to resolve this problem..please anybody help me..:(

  168. i have suddenly got stuck on multicolor screen showing codes as follows.

    DREA110 PVT 32B




    sep  2 2008


    plz somebody help me what should i do to resolve this problem

  169. whenever i start te boot loader it loads the image and then shows some eror some kind of 0800082 or like that and says not allowed

  170. hi…when i press end button and camera button says loading,Checking and then Not Allowed…can you help me please??

  171. hi there i have a g1 i want to get it rooted but i have also unlocked it if i root it will my phone still be unlocked ??
     please help

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