How to Root the HTC One (Toolkit Method)(Video)

I love my new HTC One, truly it’s an amazing piece of kit. And even though I don’t mind HTC Sense on it (for the first time every with a device), I do still want to get a bit more out of the device. I can’t help it. There’s an underlying need to root the darn thing, get the most out of it, etc. If you too have that incredible itch to root your device as soon as you get it, and you are one of the many who bought an HTC One then here’s how to scratch it.

I. Before You Begin.

1. You must have a Windows PC to use this toolkit

2. All credit goes to Hasoon2000, the developer of this toolkit, I simply simplified the instructions to make it easier for people to be able to use this incredible program. All links point directly to his own forum posts and not directly to downloads in an effort to keep his work his. If this procedure helped you in anyway, please consider donating or at least thanking the original program creator here.

II. Download and Install the Toolkit

1. Click on the developer’s link to get to all his toolkits listed under Downloads. Click on the device you have and select the latest tool kit for that device. Save it to your desktop.

2. Download and install WinRAR.

3. Extract the Toolkit .rar file and make sure to extract it to your C: drive and not inside any other folders (simplifies and corrects some flaws in the toolkit with file paths).

III. Install the Drivers.

1. Open the toolkit.

2. On the left, select Install HTC Drivers and click Go.

3. Let the drivers install.

4. On your HTC One, pull down the notification bar and select the gear in the top right corner to get to settings.

5. Select Developer Options and turn them ON.

6. Turn ON USB Debugging.

7. Plug in the HTC One via USB.

IV. Get Token ID

1. Select Register at HTCDev and click Go.

2. Enter all your info into the site and make sure to use a real email address.

3. Click the link in the email you receive from HTC to confirm the account.

4. Plug in the device via USB.

5. Back in the toolkit, select Get Token ID and click Go.

6. When the device boots into fastboot mode, close the first Command Window. Another Command Window will appear.

7. Right click in the new Command Window and select Mark.

8. Highlight the token information starting with and including <<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>> and ending with and including <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>

9. Copy it and paste it into an empty notepad (make sure that it looks like it does in the video above and if it doesn’t delete any parts that are extra i.e. the word bootloader in the front of every line, or anything above <<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>> and below <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>)

V. Submit the Token ID

1. Select Submit Token ID and click Go.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the HTC page and paste your Identifier Token code into the textbox at the bottom and hit Submit.

3. Wait for the email from HTC to arrive to the email you originally signed up with in Section IV.

4. Download the Unlock_Code.bin file and save it to your desktop.

VI. Unlock the Device’s Bootloader

1. In the toolkit, select Unlock Bootloader and click Go.

2. When prompted, select the Unlock_Code.bin file and click OK.

3. On your HTC One, it will ask you to confirm if you want to unlock the bootloader. Select yes by pushing up on the volume key and then power. (This will erase your device, unlock the bootloader, and then it will restart).

4. When it restarts, go through the normal setup process and then go to Settings again then select Power and then turn OFF Fastboot.

5. Make sure to turn on USB debugging again like you did in Section III.

VII. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. With the HTC One still plugged in, select ClockworkMod Touch under recovery options on the right side of the toolkit and click Flash Recovery.

2. The first command prompt will appear, when the device boots into fastboot mode, close the command prompt.

3. The next command prompt will appear and will say it flashed the recovery successfully. When it does, close it.

VIII. Root the HTC One

1. With the HTC One still plugged in and in normal mode, open File Explorer on the computer.

2. Click on C: drive, then the Toolkit folder, then Data, then SU and copy the file.

3. Open the internal storage of the device by clicking on HTC One and then Internal Storage.

4. Paste the file in to the root of the Internal Storage on the device (and not in any other folders).

5. Unplug the device.

6. Turn the device off, then turn it back on by holding down Volume Down and Power at the same time. Keep holding them until the hboot screen comes up.

7. Push volume down and then power to select recovery from the list of commands.

8. When it boots into recovery, tap Install Zip from SDCard then Choose Zip from SDCard then select the file and click Yes to confirm.

9. Once it flashes, click Go Back then click Reboot System Now.

10. All done!

IX. Flash a Custom ROM.

1. Want to flash a custom ROM now? You should. The possibilities are endless with ROMs and frankly, they’re fun to flash. Head to our How To Flash a Custom ROM procedure and check out our ROM repository for the HTC One to get started.


24 thoughts on “How to Root the HTC One (Toolkit Method)(Video)”

  1. Hey Dude!
    I got a China Mobile locked HTC One 802t
    Wondering how to go ahead with rooting asit may not be the same process as the others.
    No google play is irritiating

    1. Hi,

      I am currently living in Shanghai and I have also bought the HTC ONE 802t.

      I was wondering, did you manage to root your HTC ?
      If yes, thanks to tell me which way you have used.


        1. No I try on different website, no one is able to give me an answer.

          If you find some, thanks to keep me inform


  2. When I get to the second screen when trying to retrieve my token id it says waiting for device even though the device is in fastboot. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  3. It says “error: cannot load ‘C:UsersBrian’ after i locate and open the unlock_Code file. Am i doing something wrong? this is the device i have (T-Mobile HTC ONE M7)

  4. Hi David,  long time no chat.
    I fallowed your  video for rooting the htc one with great  success.  THANK YOU.
    Quick question…
    I keep reading about  superCID… Did we do that and I just don’t know it?
    Do I need to do it?
    I don’t want to run into any problems later when flashing roms or even  radios later if I so choose. 
    Thanks again. 

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this until now. My comment system hasn’t been notifying me of comments for a long time. Not sure if you still need the question answer a freaking year later. Sorry man!

  5. There is no link to download in the forum thread it was deleted for some reason. Is there another place to download it?

  6. Just downloaded the rar from your link. When I decompressed it to my drive Norton blocked the One X.exe because it had the SAPE.Heur.51d7 virus.

    1. Disable Norton then. A lot of apps that are used to get root access are labeled as viruses. Technically they are. They are hacking the phone to get root access, but it is a virus we want to use. Make sense?

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