How To: Root the Motorola Xoom (WiFi or 3G) (One Click Method)

I. Before You Begin

1. This will erase everything on your device so please back anything important up before beginning.

2. THIS ONLY WORKS ON US MODELS! Using on an EU model is dangerous, according to the programmers update.


II. Root the Xoom

1. Download the RootMyXoom w/ Unroot App at the bottom of the first post and save it to your computer.

One Click Rooting App

2. Extract the .zip file to any directory.

3. Plug in the Motorola Xoom via USB cable.

4. Right click the Xoom One Click .exe file and choose Run As Administrator (if that option doesn’t exist just click Open).

5. Click Root and follow all of the on screen prompts on your computer as necessary.

6. All done!

III. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the Motorola Xoom Procedure (coming as soon as we get the source code for Honeycomb).

73 responses to “How To: Root the Motorola Xoom (WiFi or 3G) (One Click Method)”

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  2. […] I. Before You Begin 1. This will erase everything on your device so please back anything important up before beginning. THANKS TO JASON TYLER FOR THIS. Read more from the original source: How To: Root the Motorola Xoom (WiFi or 3G) (One Click Method … […]

  3. Paul Barker says:

    thanks for a simpler version for us tech-challenged people…

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  5. Jesus Aguirre says:

    Is this comfirmed to work on WIF

  6. Henry Maier says:

    Question, how’s this process handling wifi-only xoom’s?

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  8. C_woronchanka says:

    @Henry Maier – I have a Canadian wifi zoom too and want to root it (to mod for ad-hoc wifi). Have you gotten yours to root using this method after this initial setback?

  9. Jasonfav says:

    Thanks worked perfectly on my wifi xoom

  10. Bum99my says:

    works nicely for my wifi xoom singapore-model. Thanks a lot for the video and instructions.

  11. Bsondi says:

    I have a wifi model. I am assuming when I open the application for one click root, I will click on the wifi model on the right instead of the 3g on the left side of the app when it opens?

      • Anonymous says:

        Is it possible to create a backup before rooting the xoom? I know you can make a backup with clockworkmod after rooting, but it would be nice to have a backup in case something goes wrong with the root process. If you can’t make a backup, is there a hard reset that can be done?

  12. twisted smitty says:

    I just used this on my Wifi model and WOW it was so easy to use. Thanks for posting this for us. It took only about 10 min to do. Now I need to get the SD card reader to work.

  13. Scrantoncity says:

    How do you extract? Lol computer illiterate. ūüôĀ

  14. twisted smitty says:

    Can someone help me with the¬†get the SD Card working now that I’m rooted? I redownloaded the unlocker and still¬†do not see the button for flashing the SD???? Please someone help!!!¬†

  15. Fox Die says:

    hi, i just download the latest ver, i had a WIFI, but it doesnt recognize my device, it start the process trying to reboot but after that it says there is no device and it keeps going, i already put in develope mode in USB, do i have to do something else?

  16. Luis Juarez says:

    does this work on hmj37?

  17. jack says:

    please helpi get this masage E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

  18. Nicktyler81 says:

    Will this work witht a UK 3G Xoom?

    • Thasatelliteguy says:

      You are one of the MORONS that mad him take down the link so we in America cant use it either. I wish you fkn idiots would READ! NO IT WILL NOT WORK ON EU VERSIONS! !#$^%!#$^!#^$!#^$@#%$&^

  19. Debijon999 says:

    Will this work on updated 3.1 Xooms?

  20. Exlows says:

    In the video you show us how to do in the 3G model, right?? I have the Wifi only model, so i have to use the buttons that are in the Wifi only Actions, label, right??… Do you know if is the same thing, i mean, i will hav to use the same steps that you use and the only diference is the buttons (in the case, as i said, i will have to use the one in the Wifi only actions label)???… Thx

  21. Jaa1960 says:

    It works perfectly on XOOM WIFI (MZ604) !

  22. Miguel says:

    Where can I get the app other than mediafire?

  23. Trobika says:

    I need the too. Please somebody link it.

  24. Monkey74 says:

    when trying to download the file from mediafire, i get invalid or deleted file. Any ideas?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Alguém conseguiu baixar o RootMyXoom w Unroot ???
    Diz q o file √© privado…..
    n√£o consigo baixar!!!!

  26. Jbpersad says:

    links from mediafire don’t work

  27. Chriskelly19067 says:

    BIG FYI = I had to dig and dig through posts all over xda for this….This method is not being used anymore because of issues.¬† The creator and his partner promise to overhaul and bring it back…but for the time being be aware that you could have problems if you find the files….


    • Carbisce says:

      yea please i want to root this sucker please i beg of you bring back the zip screw the eu users give it the us users please !!! any body out there even know how without one click i dont care if i have to write commands but please!

  28. Modgodz0622 says:

    when i did this   its said it was complete   but then   wont get out of hc animation  keeps going then sticking, then going again   any help

  29. Sribi says:

    Does this work for 3.2.1

  30. Njapa Okita says:

    Just a question… does it work for aBrazilian 3g xoom?

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