This procedure has been updated and simplified, please use one of the below procedures instead of this one:

How To: Root the HTC G1 / Dream

How To: Root the MyTouch

How To: Root the MyTouch 1.2 / Fender
(use this one if your MyTouch has a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top).

I. Read Before You Begin


2. You must downgrade back to cupcake first:

Get Back to Cupcake for MyTouch
Get Back to Cupcake for G1
After you have done the above procedure and are back on cupcake (Android 1.5), you can come back to this procedure and continue.

II. Let’s Get Started

1. On your phone (G1 or MyTouch), goto Settings, Applications, and make sure Unknown source is checked ON.

2. On your phone, goto Settings, SD card and phone storage, and click Unmount SD card.

3. Then click Format SD card (it should automatically remount after this).

4. Plug the phone into the compuer via USB, then pull down the notification bar and click on the SD card notification. Then click mount.

5. Download this APK and the recovery image and save it to your computer:

FlashRec.apk (Updated: 09/26/09)

Amon Ra’s Recovery Image

6. Once they are saved to your computer, copy them both to your SD card (do NOT put them inside any folders on the SD card, just put them on the SD card itself).

7. Unplug the phone from the computer once they are downloaded to the SD card.

8. Goto the Market and download Linda File Manager or any file manager program if you do not already have one.

9. Open the file manager and goto SDCard and then find the FlashRec apk file and click it. If asked tell it to use Package Installer to open it. It should automatically install the apk.

10. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

11. Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type:


Then click on the Flash Custom RecoveryImage button and wait for it to finish.

12. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video for your appropriate device!

13. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned above and load a custom ROM.

Reported Issues

Issue: G1’s are erasing the recovery image before we can load a Radio, SPL, or ROM.

Solution: Once you do step 12 and boot into recovery mode, go straight to the next video, leave the phone in recovery mode, and do Section II to load the SPL. If you turn the phone off and on before then you will have to redo these steps.

Issue: I get Invalid Recovery Image or Flash Recovery doesn’t show up, it stays greyed out!

Solution: Make sure that the spell correction and auto completion are OFF in the Text Settings (Settings > Locale and Text > Touch Input > Text Input then turn off Prediction, spell correction, and word completion) of your phone. If not then it may put in spaces where they do not belong. (I had it put a space after .img and couldn’t see it so couldn’t figure out why it kept saying invalid recovery image, like you guys).

Other than that, just make sure it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folder) and that you are typing in:


and it should show Flash Recovery

Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image (OR HAVE DONUT), please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.

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    • salman

      please send me da link of da Amon Ras recovery.img…. on dis maani94@gmail.com…. please do help me i want to root it but da recovery image cannot be found,, i downloaded it from xda-developers but when i run da flash thing and backup it says command not found………… PLEASE HELP ME ON DA ABOVE MATTER VIA MY MAIL ADDRESS please

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  • Blarg

    I downloaded the two files to the sd card, installed linda, and used the package installer to try to install the apk. It keeps saying application install unsuccessful…

    • Hello Blarg,

      Redownload it and try it again. Also make sure you went to settings and allowed non market apps.

  • john

    theres no need to flash the spl with this method?

    • Hello John,

      Just follow the procedure exactly, works great (tested it, then unrooted and retested)!
      There is no need to load the SPL until the next procedure…

  • Alan

    Step 12 isn’t working on a new mytouch. I held the home and power button for about two minutes, but it gets stuck on the green mytouch 3g screen. I have to pull the battery to reboot.

    • Hello Alan,

      Did it load the custom recovery image in the Flash recovery program? Or give you an error?

  • Alan

    It worked using the “Flash Cyanogen Recovery 1.4”. I couldn’t get the “Amon Ra’s Recovery Image” to give me the recovery mode screen.

    • Hello Alan,

      Did you put the recovery image on the sdcard NOT in any folder, just on the root of the card? And then make sure that you typed into the text box the exact line we put? Did it allow you to push Flash Custom Recovery Image? Did it then say that it was flashed?

  • sanibar

    I downloaded the jachero Rom and every time I hit the home button it takes like a minute to load up. Is the something I did wrong. Can. You help with this problem. Pls

    • Hello Sanibar,

      Talk to JAC lol The Hero ROMs are a bit slow… it is because the G1 and MyTouch have 90mbs less RAM than the actual Hero phone so it is amazing that they have even gotten them this fast.

  • sanibar

    Jachero 1.4 Rom

  • tq745

    hey unlockr,

    i originally flashed it using cyan recovery 1.4, do i have to unroot my phone before i can flash amon ra’s recovery image? or is there a easier way to flash the image without having to unroot?

  • Ihad to us recovery 1.4 the one you told me to put I’m didn’t work. Do I have to unrootto put the other flash in. And when I look at other people on YouTube they hero roms smooth when they run apps and mine has to load back up

  • Blarg

    I did allow nonmarket apps to install, and I have redownloaded it thrice. For some odd reason, it is still saying application install unsuccessful…

  • Ted

    when i copy the apk and recovery image to my SD card and go into lindas file manager the two items show up BUT the flasher.apk.zip file doesnt have the android logo it has the windows .zip logo. when i click it i get the message “open parent folder of” and nothing happens. i tried deleting the file and changing the name to just .apk and not .apk.zip and nothing changed. i unzipped the file and placed the folder with the .apk onto the card and i just got a folder in lindas file manager. what am i doing incorrect here?

  • Ted

    aaaaaaand thats what i get for downloading with Safari! tried it again using firefox and it worked like a charm!

  • Matt

    im having the same problem with the unsucessful install of the apk downloaded it manny times with diff browsers…..does this have to be on cupcake?

  • Paul Simpson

    Now I am really confused!! This is for the G1 and MyTouch but not for the HTC Dream… The G1 IS the HTC Dream is it not?????

    Don’t know whether to go ahead now..

    Somebody please put me right!!

  • Alan

    @TheUnlockr: Yes, it stated that the “Amon Ra’s Recovery Image” installed successfully. I can’t run a recovery mode boot afterward. It just stays on the mytouch boot screen. I was able to do everything your tutorials provide except for apps2sd using the recovery image that came with FlashRec.apk.

    Maybe you have to flash the original recovery image first and then flash Amon Ra’s? I never tried it.

  • Paul Simpson

    My fault ..I didn’t read it properly…Sorry

  • unk2009

    followed directions, but when I get to the linda file manager click on recovery flasher, then install…I get application install unsuccessful..any sugesstions ?

  • Jahri


    I followed up to the linda file manager part,,when I try to install it says installation unsuccessful..I unrooted my g1 using your video and started fresh….are you sure this works for g1’s because you have a mytouch,,HELP PLEASEE!

    • Hello Jahri,

      Yes it does we tested it on a G1 as well. If you cant download linda file manager from the market then download a different file manager and make sure when you click on the FlashRec apk file you use Package Installer to install it. Not being able to install an apk is not a phone issue (g1 vs mytouch) as all apks will install on any android devices (just like how you can download any app from the market, not specific to what phone you have). Try redownloading it, it may have been corrupted when downloading…

  • Frankie

    Look i did the unroot process updated to CRC1 and did the one button root proces. I then turned my g1 off and started by pressing home and power button it was good like in the video so after that i went on to add a rom by adding the mounting radio naming it update and turned off phone and then did power and home and it went to the Original screen that you get before it is rooted…..what am i doing wrong i did the one button root 100x and it happens the same way it work up untill i do update.zip for the Radio email me for answer or suggestions frankiedemetrius87(@)gmail.com

  • Frankie

    i wonder is there something i should delete before i try and upload hero and what not?

  • Jahri

    I did the whole process over,but with OI file manager…still no success,any suggestions

  • Frankie

    Jahri they are killen us with these no replies lol

  • Frankie

    @Jahri i had the same problem and i also did what you did using the unroot process the only problem i saw was i couldnt get the file using linda because it is using firmware 1.0 and when i updated to cupcake it worked but then it doesnt stay rooted. Like for example at the end of the step when you supposed to restart phone and hold home and power i get the option like in the video but after i go to the next video to load hero my phone goes to the old screen (when your press home and power on an unrooted g1 you get the exclamation point and have to press alt L)

  • Jahri

    I figured it was the firmware,so i have to somehow get cupcake but keep root so I can install the apk file?

  • Justin

    Ok so I unrooted my phone and did what you said. Then I wiped formatted the SD card.I put the two files on my phone pressed the bottom button first and then entered exactly what’s written and all I get after pressing done is “Invalid Recovery Image?” I am using a Mytouch 3G.

    • Hello Justin,

      That happens when either you typed it in wrong or did not put the recovery image on the root of your sdcard (not in any folder, just on the card).

  • CeCe

    Is the Flash Rec app the same one thats in the market? Cause its a flash recovery app that looks just like that app in the market

    • Hello CeCe,

      Not sure, can you download it and let us know if it is the same?

  • Blarg

    I finally got it to install. It doesn’t work if you don’t have Cupcake…

  • Blarg

    TheUnlockr, can you make a note that it works ONLY if you have Cupcake? I used two other G1s to verify if it needs Cupcake or not and it does need it.

  • justin

    I entered it correctly sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.0g.img. I also transferd both files to my sd card and not in any folder. I am using the stock sd. Card that came with the mytouch 3g. Does that affect the process?

  • justin

    I unrooted using your method before this is that sappimg.nbh cupcake?

  • Justin

    Isn’t the root just dragging file on to your SD card with out putting it in a folder?

  • Alex H

    for the G1 would i have to be on Rc29?

    • Hello Alex H,

      No, you can be on any firmware version.

  • Alex H

    thanks also when i use the new recovery.img it only works for one time then it changes to stock img but in blue i redid it and touched cm1.4 recvery,img am i doing something wronge

  • Paul Simpson

    I was finally able to get past the opening setup process by unlocking the phone and using an Orange UK sim out of a mates Blackberry. I added the APN and now have a home screen to work with.

    I then went through your rooting method and am stuck at the Flash Rec apk which is constantly unsuccessful.

    What do I do now?

  • Alex H

    would i have to re unroot my G1 to get new recovery.img thats after i rooted it with one click root? cuz i did exatly what it shows and have done it 3 times and no luck please HELP!! 8(

  • justin

    I still can’t root? It keeps giving me an error.I have tried.like 10 times already.

  • mark m

    i thought i successfully did the one click root method on my g1. i got the blackscreen with the text after rooting. I clicked on the roboot device from that menu. Then i went onto trying to install a custom rom. i’ve followed the directions about saving the update radio file. When i go to power on and hold home button, it goes to the screen with an exclamation point. please help, i don’t know where i went wrong. thanks

  • mark m

    when i copy the radio file to my sd card due i first have to extract the zip file. then rename it update? thanks for any help you can give.

    • Hello Mark M,

      No do NOT unzip it. Just put it on the SDcard (not in any folder) and rename it update. Then boot up holding Home and Power (you should be at the recovery screen) then hit Wipe and then Apply Update.zip

  • Frankie

    Yea i think in the begininng of the video something should say what firmware you need (or at least let us know which one your on) and what not because mine is only rooted temp and that was when i was using CRC1 and when i use the build 1.0 i cant even format the SD Card from my phone and in LInda the file doesnt stay

  • Frankie

    for the people who got it to root which cupcake did you guys use?

  • CeCe

    Can I use your UNroot method if I root this way?

    • Hello CeCe,

      Yes you can unroot with our method.

  • CeCe

    Theunlockr….I found out that it was the same app but the recovery flash was pulled off the market at googles request.

  • Matt

    I can confirm that you in fact do need cupcake contrary to popular belief

  • Matt

    it still says “su: pression denied” after all this

    • Hello Matt,

      It will say Permission Denied because you need to install a custom ROM with Root built in now to get internal root access (you have root access to load ROMs after this process).

  • mark m

    after copying the radio file, it still will not go to the recovery screen. its still the exclamation point screen. does this mean that i did not successfully 1 click root my phone. so i have to attempt it again??
    thanks for the assistance.

  • mark m

    i clicked apply sdcard.update.zip. it said installation aborted. please help with any suggestions of what i may have did wrong. thank you

  • Max

    Does one click root method not work with 1.5 firmware, CRC1 build on the G1?

  • June Bug

    Please confirm if cupcake is required in order to proceed. I am stuck!!! Secondly, I un-rooted yesterday and still have not received cupcake ota from the mobile. Please help. Thanks!!

  • PeDe

    ello unlockr

    i’ve had alot more success following your steps and vids than i ever did at xda’s forums and now the 1-click root exists, im eager to unroot my g1 and do this process but i have a q about the new recovery… does it automatically come from the files we need to download or do we get it elsewhere? im asking because i wanna know before i do this and the recovery wont work because i see some people are having difficulties with this… thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work

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  • brandon

    hey i just figured out that if u change the file extention to apk instead of zip it will come up with the andriod logo on your phone then it will work

  • john

    How do i get into command promt to enter in

    adb shell

    mount -o rw /dev/block/mtdblock5 /data

    rm /data/misc/akmd* /data/misc/rild*

    to fix my orientation

  • hassle


    did you wait for the ota or did you install jesusfreke rom?

  • hassle

    for those of you who say you need cupcake, did you wait for the over the air update or did you apply one of the custom rom cupcake versions?

    nice of the unlockr to disclose this business about cupcake!

  • PeDe

    everyone i figured out the issue… you do need cupcake to do all of this so just make sure you unrooted your fone, then open up the fone’s browser and type in g1upgrade.com/root.apk and run it. then click download img and hard spl files. then go to your home screen, open your keyboard, press enter twice with a pause in between, then type telnetd [should open your fone book but ignore it] and press enter again then open root again [it’ll be in the drawer like it’s an app] and click protect root. once it’s done turn yah fone off and turn it back on pressing home and power buttons then press alt+l then alt+s to apply update, then reboot and then download one of the jesusfreke’s cupcake roms on your comp. place the zipfile on your sd and rename it update. then press home and power buttons again on yah fone, alt+l and alt+s again so you have cupcake and then follow the instructions provided on the video on this page

  • PeDe

    sorry i left out the link for the jf roms http://jf.andblogs.net/2009/05/24/jfv151-images-are-out/

  • hassle


    you had to root your phone to get all of that to happen to right?

  • PeDe

    yeah you have to root then reroot with this process

  • hassle

    worked thanks pede

  • Promise

    I did every step described above, and I get an error message ” open parent folder of flash…” What is causing this ?? thanks in advance.

  • scott

    why cant i down load amon?

  • scott

    it says unable to load,invailid torrent file. what the ….?

  • Robin

    I had the same problem as Justin above. When I try to flash the “recovery-RAv1.2.0G.img” file I get a greyed out “invalid recovery image” button. I entered everything as required above and even tried renaming the file to something smaller. FlashRec does not seem to see it. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

  • Robin

    Alright! I figured out the problem! Make sure there are no trailing spaces at the end of your recovery file entry.

  • BigLiquid530

    I did everything you said and I assume everything went good, but I tried to use a wifi tether app and it said:

    not root” sorry but root privlages are needed to run this application”

    then says “kernel doesnt have necassary features for tethering?

    So is this an actual root?

    • Hello BigLiquid530,

      It is root to load new ROMs not internal root. So to run internal root (what is required to load the Wifi Tether etc.) you need to goto the next step and download a new ROM first. The new ROM you download will have root access internally and you should be good to go.

  • Vance

    So, i tried doing this and my screen won’t move from the T-Mobile G1 screen. Any suggestions? I followed the how-to to a T?

  • Jay

    why does mytouch words become blurring wen i put Hero Roms and the palm pre rom?*

  • Guillermo

    Good Day, how can I load the cupcake update, I haven’t recevit, my g1 was root and I unrooted with the unlucker video, and now I can’t not root again an I even try to go to the screen the you have to press home and end key, and it show this symbol “(!) and the phone” and don’t conect..!!!
    Please help,
    and thanks to all for the help…

  • John

    Hi – I got everything working however it won’t let me register Google Email account so I can’t access apps from the Market. Also it won’t let me connect to facebook via web browser. It connected on the social network apps (facebook, twitter..) but I can’t connect to facebook. Overall I like the UI touchscreen functionality however I’m bummed out I can access the apps from market. Any suggestions?

    • Hello John,

      Did you load a ROM on the phone yet? Goto the next video on How To Load a ROM etc. and load something, after that you should be good to go.
      If you already did load a ROM, then just go into recovery, Wipe the phone and then Apply the update.zip again and it should fix it.
      Good luck!

  • reggie

    so i followed your video and it worked great the first time. after i clicked “reboot system now” on my g1, it went to the homescreen, but when i powered off and then tried to power on again holding the power and home button, i keep getting an image with an exclamation point inside a triangle with the G1 infront. i’m running CRC1 firmware 1.5.

    am i missing something? i’m trying to get the wifi tether app on your site to work.

  • BigLiquid530

    do i just do the rom, or do i do the radio part, spl part?

  • Desbourne

    Hi..ok I have rc43 build G1 that is not rooted do i need to unroot to rc29? reason why i asked is when I do the 1click root it works fine an i get the 1.2.0g recvery.when i reboot an add the radio up date i get a blue screen after pressing alt+L..its not going back to the 1.2.0g recovery

  • JCH

    I dont have the format SD card option. any ideas on why? or can i just format it using my computer? please help asap.

    • Hello JCH,

      That means you didn’t do the procedure correctly. You loaded the Cyanogen Recovery Image instead of the custom Amon Ra Image we have you load during the procedure. Start over and make sure to type sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1G.img in the text box of the flashrec program and hit flash customer recovery image (and make sure that the recovery-rav1.2.1G.img is on your SDcard before hand of course).

  • Paul Simpson

    For anyone hitting a wall with the Triangle and Exclamation Mark you just press ALT L to get the menu.

  • Paul Simpson

    I am in the UK am I was having the same problem as a lot of people on here with the RC-29 not being allowed. I used an RC8 image. It worked great and within 5 mins told me there was an update available. I am using a new Solo 20 sim only tariff and I had no access to the Market. It is locked as an child lock.. I had to provide Credit Card details and pay 2pounds to get the lock turned off. A Debit card will not be accepted. It is refunded back immediately. If anyone wants the image I have that works let me know and I will post the file online. I should also say that I did a quick format and capitalised filename just as it donwloaded.

  • IKEY RO$$


  • Promise

    The Unlockr….I did every step described above, and I get an error message ” open parent folder of flash…” What is causing this ?? thanks in advance.

    • Hello Promise,

      Need more info… what step are you getting that error?

  • BigLiquid530

    Do I just do the rom, or do i do the radio part, spl part? Also the only way to use tether is loading the roms the phone right? or can I just use my stock mytouch theme with the frog? Also can we get the multi-touch for the web-browser?

    • Hello BigLiquid530,

      If you have a MyTouch, check your Radio version using the instructions, if it matches, skip the Radio section. Then in the instructions it says if you have a myTouch skip Section II as well, so just go to Section III (which assumes you did our 1 click root and have Amon Ras recovery image to do it).
      Then just download the Cyanogen ROM I link in our Downloads, Android, ROMs section of our site (very bottom). Everything you just mentioned is built in.

  • Paul Simpson

    I went through the whole process and it worked like a charm the only problem I found was that it did not Root my G1.. i checked using a terminal emulator and this is what I should have seen if it was rooted
    # (this indicates that the root is working)

    But I got this instead
    su: permission denied

    So is my phone rooted or not???

  • Paul Simpson

    Sorry I missed out that I was using Terminal Emulator. The test is from a YouTube clip by G1Helper786


      You need to download a custom ROM. Do the next procedure then you will have Wifi tether built in.
      This 1 click rooting process is external root as opposed to internal root (confusing I know). External just allows us to load ROMs and Radios etc internal (or superuser) allows you to do things with root on the phone itself. That feature is built in to most ROMs though so just do that and you’re all set.

  • play

    Hey man.
    so after doing this onc click method tried to install wireless teather on stock android, and when running it, got an error, no root permissions, however the recovery image is installed? any ideas

    • Hello Play,

      You need to download a custom ROM. Do the next procedure then you will have Wifi tether built in.
      This 1 click rooting process is external root as opposed to internal root (confusing I know). External just allows us to load ROMs and Radios etc internal (or superuser) allows you to do things with root on the phone itself. That feature is built in to most ROMs though so just do that and you’re all set.

  • sanibar

    I unrooted my phone downloaded the cupcake update and now its saying my build number is crb43 and I don’t have 3g what did I do wrong.

  • John

    Unlockr.. thanks I got it to work after wiping it again and loading the Qtek Hero Rom update… Thanks Man… now hopefully we can get the adobe flash working on my touch 3g.. I love it…

    A++ for Unluckr!!

    • Hello John,

      Thanks!! Glad its working!
      Flash works, just kinda slowly but I have a real HTC Hero and it isn’t much better lol

  • CeCe

    which one do I type sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img orsdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.0G.img cause the video says on thing and the instructions say another. ?????

    • Hello Cece,

      Use the written instructions, there is a new recovery image right after I did the video. Use the 1.2.1G.img not the 1.2.0G.img.
      But you would have figured it out quickly anyway, when the .0G didnt do anything and you changed it to .1G and it worked lol

  • Max

    @Unlockr, I can do the root procedure fine and get to the recovery screen on the first try. when I restart my phone on 2nd time, I can’t get to the recovery screen anymore. Do you know why that is? Anybody know this answer, shouldn’t i be able to go into recovery screen anytime i start my phone holding the power and home buttons?

    • Hello Max,

      Yes, you should.
      Only thing I can recommend is Unrooting using our procedure (and make sure to do the part about getting back to cupcake) and then starting again (doesn’t take long).

  • sanibar

    i tryed over and over and it wont let me load your custom rav1.2.1g.img

    • Hello Sanibar,

      Make sure the custom image is on the SDCard and NOT in any folder at all.
      Then type the following into the text box EXACTLY:


      and the button should appear, click it and all set.

  • kevin

    i dont have data plan so i wont have internet to register again, i just wnat to ask, if you root the phone, when u wipe it, u’ll need to register again rite? do u need data plan for that? and when you unroot it do u need data plan for register again

    • Hello Kevin,

      You definitely need an internet plan (at least for the beginning of the procedure), so either borrow a friends SIM card that has internet or add the internet to your account for a day or two while you do all the procedures. Once you get to a Hero ROM you won’t need internet anymore.
      Good luck!

  • BigLiquid530

    Does anyone have an answer for my questions?

  • David

    Hey before i start this for the mytouch, am i suppose to downgrade to rc29? or do i just start and when im done flash cyanogens rom. all of these guides are so confusing.

    • Hello David,

      Nope, just follow the steps in the procedure and you are all set. Then goto our How to Load a Custom ROM, etc. (best method) video and you are all set (just do sections III and IV of that procedure and your all set, skip sections I and II).

  • mario

    if u root the mytouch, u can use it anywhere in the world right? with an appropriate sim card for that country of course

    • Hello Mario,

      No, you are thinking of unlocking the MyTouch. That is different. Rooting lets you alter the phone, unlocking lets you use a different SIM card.

  • BL

    Hello, Mamy thatks for all info on this site.
    I have a question and hope someone will advise.
    I need to root my HTC Magic (Vodafone UK branded) but I just want to leave the frimware or everything as is.
    I need to root it only to put WiFi teether. Is that possible? Thanks.

    • Hello BL,

      You would just do the root procedure on our site for the Magic (this procedure is for the MyTouch, if you want to try it you can, it MAY work since the Vodafone version has the same motherboard). After that you would need to load a 32B ROM, if all you want is the Wifi Tether then I would recommend using the Cyanogen ROM below (follow the procedure and you’ll know what to do with this file):

      (v4.0.2 – stable version, updated 8/22):
      Download: http://n0rp.chemlab.org/android/upda…0.2-signed.zip
      MD5Sum: 9c316180ca61d5cb8728ad3c4f43bc97

      This ROM will give you the Wifi Tether program and a bunch of other features as well. It is much easier to do this than to try and gain root access manually to be honest.

  • CeCe

    Is the new root video going up today??

    • Hello Cece,

      There is no new video, this process works for the G1 and the myTouch, the problem was that you guys needed to be on Cupcake before proceeding. Checkout the Unroot video for how to unroot and get back to cupcake (its best to start fresh) and changes I made to the Root procedure. Good luck!

  • Gordon

    Hi Unlockr,
    i am trying to figure what “cupcake” mean.
    besides that question, i did all the steps and on the 12th step when i press and hold the power and home key the screen shows a phone and orange exclamation mark with white triangle border around it. i was wondering if you know what i did wrong. thank you

    • Hello Gordon,

      Cupcake is the name Google gave the 1.5 version of Android (the Operating system they created for the G1 and MyTouch).
      Go to our How To Unroot procedure and do it first (including the part about getting back to cupcake). THEN come back to this and follow the instructions and you should be good to go.
      Good luck!

  • sanibar

    Unlockr did you fix the custom img yet because I tryed like 10 times and it don’t work. Its only giving me the standard option. Can you give me some advise.

    • Hello Sanibar,

      We never needed to fix it, it’s worked fine for a lot of people.
      I did put an updated one up though.
      Download it, put it on your SD card (NOT in any folders on the card), then run the FlashRec program.
      Backup the recovery, then in the text box type:


      After you type that into the text box, you should see the greyed out button turn into a Flash Custom Recovery Image button. Click it. Done.

      Good luck!

  • matt

    unlockr…thanks for all your work on these rooting videos. the directions seem straightforward and easy to use. one question though. is this method foolproof, or is there a chance i brick my phone? some forums i’ve read about rooting talk about having a backup, so that if something goes wrong, you can backup to what you had and start again. would that essentially be your unroot method using the sappimg.nbh file? I want to unlock the powers of rooting and all the new roms but can’t afford to brick my phone. thanks.

    • Hello Matt,

      I have yet to see a phone that could not be fixed… so I wouldn’t worry too much.
      The 1 click method is also very straight forward (its as simple as loading a program onto the phone) so it is hard to mess up. Once you’ve done that and have the custom recovery image we give you then you can actually hold Home and Power to get to the recovery screen and then select Nandroid backup and save a backup to your memory card, that way if something does go wrong, you can get back into recovery mode and Restore it.
      Just a precaution though as the procedure is pretty easy.
      Good luck!

  • Gordon

    my phone is a g1 by the way

  • sanibar

    Unlockr I tryed to do that over and over again and it keeps saying invalid. Do I have to keep deleting both and start from scratch every time.

  • Victor

    I did everything right, steps 1 – 12 and it even loaded the screen after holding home+power. But u didnt say what to do after so i rebooted and then just to make sure i turned off my g1 again and repeated the same steps but then it showed a g1 icon and an arrow, what happened? i did everything right but im still not getting root acess! its driving me crazy!

    • Hello Victor,

      You need to go immediately to the next video once you get the Recovery screen to come up (not the ! point screen). Then do Section II and continue with III and IV until you load a ROM. Once that is done, you will be all set and have Root (plus other features built in).
      See the Reported Issues for more information under the How To Load a Custom ROM, etc… procedure:

      Issue: I get the ! screen when I hold Home and Power instead of the recovery screen with the writing…

      Solution: Go back and redo the 1 click rooting procedure. Make sure you flash the custom Amon Ra recovery image we give you to download and NOT the cyanogen image. Also make sure it says Flashed Successfully or whatever before turning off the phone.
      Once it does, then turn off the phone and turn it back on holding down Home and Power. You should eventually see the custom recovery screen, if you don’t and you get the ! screen, then it didn’t work start over.

      If you are using a G1, then once you get the recovery screen, leave it on the recovery screen.
      Take out the memory card and put it into your computer, do Section II and load the SPL onto the memory card and rename it to update.zip.
      Then put the memory card back in and while still on the recovery image, hit Wipe then hit Apply Update.zip and wait for it to finish. Once done, reboot the phone and wait until it goes back to the recovery image or gets stuck on the logo.
      Once that happens take out the memory card, put it into the computer and put a ROM on it and rename it to update.zip like before. Put it back into the phone and on the recovery screen hit Wipe then Apply Update.zip. Once it is done, reboot and let it boot back to the home screen. All done!

  • david

    Okay, thx alot unlockr 😀

  • unk2009

    I have a mytouch, but when i tried to dl the new recovery image, it doesn’t load…

  • unk2009

    I dont get the ” flash custom recovery image”

  • unk2009

    It says invalid recovery image and under that, back up recovery image ? why is that ?

  • kevin

    unlockr thanks for your quick reply,
    1 more question, if u mess up when u do this, you can just wipe it, unroot it and use it at normal g1 anytime you want rite?, will it leave any thing left that the tmobile person will know that i have rooted my phone?

    • Hello Kevin,

      That is correct, you can unroot and send it in for warranty if you need to.

      I have actually had my speaker go and keyboard go on two separate occasions on a G1 and sent it in two different times for warranty repair without any issue after I unrooted it both times.

  • Paul Simpson

    Is it recommended to update the recovery image with the newer version recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img? And when you mention External root and internal root: When I install the next rom that is rooted will it be the internal root?

    • Hello Paul Simpson,

      You can update the recovery image by downloading the FlashRec apk file again. Saving the NEW recovery image to your SD card like before and then opening the Flash Rec program and flashing it (remember to type sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1G.img
      And that’s it.
      As for internal root, you need to load a custom ROM for that. If you want something similar to the normal MyTouch feel, then use the Cyanogen ROM at the bottom of the Downloads, ROMs section of our site.

  • CeCe

    Should I partition the sdcard b4 loadin the rom?

    • Hello CeCe,

      You should do it in the order in the procedure, so partition then load the ROM.

  • CeCe

    when i partition my sd card i get error: run sdtools.sh via adb!…PLEASE HELP

  • CeCe

    lol nevermind!!!

  • Conley

    Ok, I have done all the steps correctly but when I get onto step 11 and type in teh sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1Gimg All I get is a dark Invalid Recovery Image and under that a Restore Backup Recovery Image, I have downloaded these several times and typed in the correct words EXACTLY I have spent about 5 hours trying to get this to load and it does not do anything past this. Please help

    • Hello Conley,

      You have to make sure that you downloaded the image from our site and put it on the sdcard and NOT in any folder, just on the sdcard itself.
      Then make sure you put a period (.) in between the G and img (you didn’t when you typed on here, not sure if that was a typo). Then you should be fine.

  • Conley

    I don’t have them in any folders and i did put a . between the G and the img, I even tried typing
    it is RAv1.2.1G.img, rav1.2.1G.img, rav1.2.1g.img
    I am not sure why it is not working, it is very frustrating and I did download it again from your website and it still doesn’t recognize it.

  • Conley

    In the center of the screen aabove where you are typing in the sdcard thing it states Backed up?? Does that help any? I already when thru this whole process a few days ago and I had Hero running on it, but I could not get wifi to work or the screen to turn so I was told to try and root the long way instead of the one click way, so I unrooted my phone but found out later that you need a pc to do it the long way and I have a mac so I am trying to redo the one step way and running into this roadblock.
    please help

    • Hello Conley,

      I would recommend downloading a program like Linda File Manager from the market and then use it to access the SDCard and see if you can see the recovery image there and see how it is named exactly (also check to make sure that your Mac is not putting a weird extension, after the .img, and making it not a disc image accidentally. I’ve seen some PCs and Macs do that).

  • Conley

    I amusing linda file manager and It does see the extension and I am typing it exactly what it says.

  • Phreeq

    I’m having the same problem as Conley. I’ve gone through all of the recommended fixes for the problem (even checking to make sure there is no trailing space).

  • Paul Simpson

    It just a thought, but make sure there are no spaces and typed in lowercase. The other possibility is that you have used the Tilde (wavey line) instead of Hyphen or even commas insted of period.. only a suggestion

  • Paul Simpson

    At the risk of anyone thinking I am labouring a point. Could I please ask if you would include the internal root process in your tutorial because to be honest that is what everyone thought they were doing. You will probably say to update the Rom but I am a noob and that does not mean a lot. I am just trying to pick it all up and I’m confused to say the least.

  • Afirejar

    “Reported Issues

    Issue: G1’s are erasing the recovery image before we can load a Radio, SPL, or ROM.

    Solution: We are getting a G1 in today to try and duplicate this issue and find a solution. Check back tomorrow.”

    Probably not much to look into here, the G1 firmware automatically reflashes recovery from a backup image when it boots. Just flash everything in one go or redo step 11 as needed. Radio and SPL updates should stay even if the phone reverts to the original recovery image.

    • Hello Afirejar,

      Thought I already fixed that solution… must not have hit save, crap. lol
      Thanks for the insight! I’m going to fix the solution again now.

  • Al

    Hey Im stuck on step 6 When I download the flashrec-20090815 It is a zip and not a .apk What do i do?

  • Al

    My bad never mind its working now!

  • Is there a way to increase the Linux Swap? It is recommended to have a large one when running HERO.


    • Hello Christopher,

      Most people believe that anything higher than 32mb is pointless I thought? Better off just getting a faster card (class 6) for better performance than a larger swap size I thought? But I haven’t looked into it in a while, did they come up with a new theory?



    I just set myself up with the qtek hero.. amazing but i do get the pixels after sleep mode.. sucks.. so the only way to fix it/get around it is to reboot everytime ? ouch. i take it redoing it doesnt help huh.. guess i might have to go back to cyanogen, or might another hero rom work ?

    • Hello Brand1sh,

      Darn, hate that. We need to figure out why that happens.
      You can try a different Hero ROM, might have better luck (if you do let us know on here so we can recommend the different ROM).
      You can do a ghetto fix but just turning off sleep mode lol


    if i turn off sleep mode i cant hold it in my pocket! lol,, have you have success using a diff rom after one already went fuzzy ?


    also where can i get the jacx heroski or drizzy for 32b ? the xda forums are pretty congested lol

  • Jason

    11. Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type:


    after typing this in and pressing DONE, nothing happens
    the orange field box is still there but nothing else happens

    my phone – Magic-t-mobile

  • Christopher


    Start reading at page 28 and work your way backwards. I am so confused between swap, swapiness, ect. A tutorial on how to adjust this using your recovery console would be most appreciated.

  • Paul Simpson

    Hi AL…The apk file is a zip file, an android zip file

  • Reg

    does this work with rogers magic 32a( those of us that installed the HTC update that now have perfect spl) I used your guide before when i had old rogers rom.. im just curious if this will work for those of us that did the htc rom update

  • Cris

    so im trying this out for my first time, when i dwnload the flash do i need to extract that file ? cuz when i pull it up in linda file it shows as a folder i dont get the android icon…does anyone know when i mean ??

  • JCH

    I have completed all the steps and now i am on the green on black recovery screen. What now??? What option should i choose if i want to load a custom rom and how do I go about loading it if you dont recomend us turning the phone off once we reach the recovery screen…

  • JCH


    Just long press the APK file and u should get a menu with the “Open with…” option. Select that option and scroll down until u reach “package installer” then follow the the steps exactly.

  • Cris

    Thanks JCH,

    so now im at the same step you are im at the green and black screen, so from here it said dont turn off phone but next video starts out diffrent where do i move on from here ???

  • Paul Simpson

    Jason When you type in sdcard/recovery-rav.1.2.1g.img you press the FLash Custom image under the text line. Note no capital letters.

  • newrave

    ok so i have a g1 never rooted and does not have cupcake on it so let me understand in order to do your rooting proses i have to first root it with another sites then unroot with your site and then root it once more but this time i have to use your method.second telnet is not working.plz help

  • yazman666

    hey guys im really new at this ..for the one click root do u need a special micro sd card or u need the “golden card” im just confused..i already have my touch 3g but i havent rot it yet because i dont know if my micro sd card 16 gigs will work…pls any coment on my stuped question thanks a lot

  • Paul Simpson

    I have had an interesting development. I decided to go back to the sart and unrooted my G1 to RC7 and let it update to cupcake CRC37. I then started the 1Click method and installed Linda. When it came to installing FlashRec I got an “Parse Error” There is a problem parsing the package???

  • Paul Simpson

    Is there any time during Unroot or Rooting that the Sim Card should be removed?

  • Nacron

    Everyone having problems loading the image, try this: open the link with internet explorer. I clicked on the link in firefox and it downloaded a 13k file. Didn’t want to load that file in the flash recovery. I opened the link in IE and it brought me to the rapidshare site instead of downloading a file. Firefox was downloading the rapidshare website as the file instead of going to the site to download the file. The image file should be around 3mb. After doing this, it flashed correctly.

  • legacy

    guys I keep downloading the flash file but is a zip file help please

  • legacy

    ok I did put it keep saying install unsuccessful

  • Sam

    @the unlockr

    Please help me…i did everything you said but once i do step 11 it doesnt recognize the file…i typed it in correctly but it hasn’t found it….its not in any folder either …it doesnt load…sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1g.img

  • Dan

    I tried the whole procedure, i got to the screen where i type in the sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1g.img and i get “Invalid Recovery Image”. I know I typed it correctly, i triple checked it but nothing is working….How to I reset this thing to start all over?….do I just restoore the phone thru the normal settings on the phone?….When I press Home and power button I get a yellow triangle….How do I start over?


  • Dan

    also the files are on the sd card and not in any folders….there the only 2 things on the whole card, there is no folders on it but those two. Im pretty confused, need help!

  • Rommel

    hey thenlockr i got stuck on the g1 logo i wont do anything what should i do

  • i did everything this video says step bye step but wghen i get to the recovery image part it keeps saying invalid recovery imagei dont know why its getting me agrivated

  • Paul Simpson

    Dan: When you get to the triangle screen open the keypad and press ALT L to get the menu

  • Paul Simpson

    Legacy, which flash file are you talking about. I suspect it might be a zip file that you leave zipped and just rename to update without the dot zip.

  • Paul Simpson

    I am trying to load the android usb driver but it wont run on my Vista Error Code 10.. My problem is that when I plug in the USB on my G1 I do not get any mount option and my PC wont see it?

  • Dan

    I tried the whole procedure, i got to the screen where i type in the sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1g.img and i get “Invalid Recovery Image”. I know I typed it correctly, i triple checked it but nothing is working….How to I reset this thing to start all over?….do I just restoore the phone thru the normal settings on the phone?….When I press Home and power button I get a yellow triangle….How do I start over?


  • DreamHero

    Hey there,
    great work. Everything works like charm.

    You mentioned this is just for US Users, and you don’t know what happens with NON US Users.

    I’m a german T-Mobile G1 User and it worked without any problem. Only thing was I had to add the SPL directly with the .apk and the .img on the sdcard.

    Great work and keep on “rooting”.

  • So rooting it this way, has the same exact effect on rooting it the other way ? A rooted g1 is a rooted g1 no matter how you do it right ?

    • Hello Delayne,

      After you do this procedure then do the How To Load a Custom ROM etc.. procedure and you will have a rooted G1. This way is just faster and easier than the old way, essentially doing the same thing with the same result 🙂

  • James Bishop

    I got everything done just adzactly as in the video, put the correspnoding sd location flash custome recovery image goes through fine, however when i reboot the phone it goes to the red blue green white screen, then very quikly pops up no image! and goes back to the red green blue white screen. any help will be greatly appreciated. and i have wully wiped device and formated sd card several times and repeated.

    Thanks in advance
    James Bishop

    • Hello James Bishop,

      You need to hold down Home and Power to reboot and get to the recovery screen, then goto the next step.
      If you are using a G1 then you may have to flash the recovery again, then turn off and turn the phone on by holding down home and power. Once the recovery screen comes up then goto the next step without leaving the recovery screen (see reported issues for more information).
      Good luck!

  • Wanted to thank you for all the valuble info and tutorials. My G1 was rooted the old way so last night I unrooted and re-rooted and partitioned my sd as well then uploaded a Hero rom. And yes it runs much
    smoother then when I was rooted the old way. Thank you very much. Cant wait for the new HTC update I read about on the home page. Thanks again.

  • i figured out how to do all the steps but every time i go to the recovery mode it only does it for one time then wen i do it more times it doesnt keep bringing up that screen i tried to wipe it but is that the installing thing? please write back and give me advice

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  • Dan

    tried the whole procedure, i got to the screen where i type in the sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1g.img and i get “Invalid Recovery Image”. I know I typed it correctly, i triple checked it but nothing is working….How to I reset this thing to start all over?….do I just restoore the phone thru the normal settings on the phone?….When I press Home and power button I get a yellow triangle….How do I start over?


  • Paul Simpson

    Having finally succeeding I have a few points that might help. Using Fast format is fine. Low case Dreaimg.nbh is fine. If any update file does not shown a package icon after renaming to update it will not work so use update.zip

  • Big-O

    If your like me who initially used cm-recovery-1.4.img which comes with the “Recovery Flasher” app but still wants the new: “Amon Ra’s Recovery Image” after you have rooted, here’s the step by step script

    I downloaded “Amon Ra’s Recovery Image”, and used this script, and it worked perfectly:

    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1g.img
    make sure you Remount as Read/Write (I used DroidSans Tweak Tools to Remount):


    then turn off your phone, turn it back on holding home+power, and FLASH AWAY……. I hope this helps some who are new to root.

    P.S. don’t include the (space), I know it might seem obvious to most, but I’m sure not to all. Good luck…

  • Dave

    I am getting the same thing as Dan. Can’t get it to go past the last step w/out a greyed out “Invalid Recovery Image”.


      Make sure that the spell correction and auto completion are OFF in the Text Settings (Settings > Locale and Text > Touch Input > Text Input then turn off Prediction, spell correction, and word completion) of your phone. If not then it may put in spaces where they do not belong. (I had it put a space after .img and couldn’t see it so couldn’t figure out why it kept saying invalid recovery image, like you guys).
      Other than that, just make sure it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folder) and that you are typing in:


      and it should show Flash Custom Recovery Image.

  • Dave

    When you say: just make sure it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folder) and that you are typing in: What do you mean? There is no root of the SD card to copy anything to. It shows up as one of my drives. Removable Disk D drive.

    My phone says Backed up at the top

    Then I have typed in: sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1G.img

    Then under that is a greyed out section that says Invalid Recovery Image

    Finally below it says: Restore Backup Recovery Image.

    What do I do?

    • Hello Dave,

      The root of the sd card means putting the file in the topmost directory on the sd card. So when your computer opens the sd card as D: just drag and drop the file there, and make sure the path of the file is then sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1g.img make sense?
      Also make sure that when you type into the program you have predictive text etc OFF and make sure there isn’t a space at the end of the line.
      Good luck!

  • kurt

    i downloaded the FlashRec.apk
    it was a .zip file i unzipped it but there is no .apk file in it what is wrong?
    thanks for any help
    p.s can i still do it the old way?

    • Hello Kurt,

      Certain browsers make the .apk a .zip. Just find the file and do NOT open it or extract it. Just change the .zip to .apk and you should be good to continue.

  • Dave

    Well, I’ve done it numerous times… Just NOT working. Does having a SanDisk memory card have anything to do with this problem?

    • Hello Dave,

      No it shouldn’t matter, but if you have another memory card, no harm in trying a different one.

  • josh

    ok well it work the first time cuz it went to the recovery page but i didnt read that i had to go str8 to step 12

    do i need to unroot my phone n do it over again??

    • Hello Josh,

      No, just open the Flashrec program and type in the box and flash the custom recovery again. Then this time turn off the phone and turn it back on into recovery mode and leave it there and go on to the next procedure.

  • jerzy

    im all the way thru the process rooted and everything have jf rom but dont see the difference it looks just like the regular g1 any help on getting the rom to run will b greatly appreciated

  • jerzy

    to all who are having problems i couldnt get it to work at first then i tried this after getting 2 step 12 and turning the phone off i took the memory card out put it into the computer loaded the spl and then went into recovery worked fine after that

  • jerzy

    hello unlockr

    i would like to say thanx for helping me get root im rooted but dont no if my jf rom is working. after installing it nothing seems to change. it looks the same any help with getting it to work would be greatly appreciated

    • Hello Jerzy,

      First off, thank you for helping out others!

      Secondly, JF usually tries to keep things looking the same so you might not notice a difference in look. But go into your menu and see if you have Wifi Tether or a similar program and use that… If it works then you have root access.
      Also he optimizes stuff, so it should run smoother.

      If you want it to look different, check out some themes (you load them the same way you load a ROM, rename to update.zip put on SDcard and then just Apply update.zip without wiping first).

  • Paul Simpson

    Dave: I found that when installing the recovery image that the Custom Flash option would not work until I have done a backup.

    • Hello Paul Simpson,

      Sorry, it says that in the video and procedure, thought you knew that.

  • kurt

    i have the cyanogen recovery 1.4 do i need to unroot my phone and start the one click rooting again? i get back up failed when trying to backup recovery image and the flash custom image button is grayed out
    thank for all the help.

  • Ian

    jus a really quick question. cyanogen mentioned on his twitter about a new rooting app


    its named flashrec-1.1-20090904.zip

    would using that as opposed to the one provided here offer any problems or benefits?


    • Hello Ian,

      Looks like a newer version of the exact same app. I will check it out and see if there is a difference, if there is I will redo the procedures to include it instead.
      Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • Luke

    i have the exact same problem as kurt here

  • Distressed person

    i download is not a apk file it is a zip file an entirely file what do i do i cant install a zip file!

    • Hello Distressed person,

      Some browsers like to turn APKs into ZIPs (not going to get into why for the 5th time lol) but all you have to do is rename the file from “.zip” to”.apk” then put it on the memory card. (Do NOT extract anything out of the .zip).

  • Evelyn

    Ok I need to root my phone so that I can tether my G1 to my laptop. How do I know when my g1 been rooted. I did all the steps on this page then it says follow the next step on How to load a Rom video. Do I need to load a ROM to root my phone? I am not computer literate so I need basic step by step. What are all the programs I need to root my g1. There’s so many things written that it’s confusing. Do I need to load the SPL to root my g1? I’m sorry if I am asking alot of questions.

    • Hello Evelyn,

      Just do this procedure here (How to Root). At the end you will be on the recovery screen, leave the phone on that screen!
      Then goto the How to Load a Custom ROM. Do section I, II, and IV (and for IV just download and use the Cyanogen ROM for G1 in our downloads section) and you will already have the Wifi Tethering program on the phone. After that just click it and done.
      Good luck!

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  • Ian

    thanks for lookin into it. tryin to root my phone again, so will look fwd to ur response.

  • Evelyn

    If I stay on the recovery screen how can I do the rest of the steps? Do I reboot? I did and continue to the nest step. I skip Step I because my phone had the proper custom radio. I went on to do Step II. I renamed it update but when I turn my phone off and on holding the home button I get the screen with the ! In a triangle and phone. I deleted the Flas Rec file from the sd card and tried it again but I continue to get the same error screen.

  • Evelyn

    Ok I didn’t know I had to take out the sd card and put it in the computer. I don’t have an sd adapter. My sd card came in my phone. I’m using usb. Is there a way where it would work with the usb?

  • Hey Unlockr…….which htc hero rom is really good tuse on my MyTouch 3G……i am using the jac v 1.5 right now and notice that if I stay in a program too long and then close it or push the home button….it goes to a HTC screen and then pops up a little loading window and then goes back to the ui……did I do something wrong when putting it on the phone?…or is this common?……


  • richpaul

    I followed all of the steps and rooted my mytouch 3g. When I go to recovery mode and try to install a custom rom it says that they installation aborted and could not be installed. When I launch the internet tether it says that i am not rooted. did i do something wrong.

  • kevin

    Hey Unlockr,
    I keep trying to select the flashrec through linda file manager but i get a message that says to open with the parent folder. I also get it as a zip on the phone after renaming it to apk. what can i do to fix

  • janel

    Ok i noticed an error in the vid that most people might not catch!
    In the video when youre flashing the custom recovery image youre typing in “sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.0g.img”

    the download i have is recovery-rav1.2.1g.img…

    YOU NEED TO REPLACE THE “0” WITH A “1” BECAUSE IT’S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FILE! am i right? when i put the “0” in there it didnt read anything but when i put the “1” in there it read it!!!! Woohoo! Maybe mention this to people not paying close attention. Thank soooooo much for the tutorials!

  • Bob

    hey Unlockr im a beginner at all this computer stuff and im not sure if this is safe. im afraid that my phone will be bricked and my dad will kill me if it is. then again i also want to get access to all that stuff.
    r u 100% positive this is safe?

  • kevin

    Hey Unlockr,
    Im having trouble rootimg my mytouch 3g. when i try to install the flashrec apk. it informs me to open a parent folder first. i also dont get the option to use the package intaller. i need help on how to pass this step! I am also using the Linda File Manager.

  • crash_landin

    Hey Unlockr or anybody that can help I’m having trouble rooting my g1 i followed all the steps provided and after i was done i check the recovery screen i had all the options show but when i went to the recovery screen again it doesn’t show all the options (it only shows 3 options) that where shown the video. please help

  • Sigma47

    Hey thanks a boodle guys this kix the ol gold card method to the curb… how easy was this? You got my vote thanks to the hacks and devs involved with this!!!

  • david

    will this work on g1 crc1 ?

  • yazman666

    Hey unlockr dis you fing out any news regarding the newest version of the file you haveon the video…recovery-RAv1.2.1G or we should keep the same number when we type it in …any updates please…thanks.

    • Hello Yazman666,

      Just follow the instructions listed (type what is in the written procedure instead of the what is in the video). The videos are just meant as a visual aid, you should always follow the written instructions more than the video.

  • yazman666

    Thanks man im knd of embarrased because im new with this android thing and sometimes i feel stuped asking some questions…but thanks to guys like u is posible…the only reason i really want to root mt3g is because i want speed and i wish i could run apps from the sd card after u root is there another step ..not for the roms im not really interested in roms (for now)i just want to keep my phone memory frre to speed up and run the apps from the sd card.

  • yazman666

    so after i root with the one click procedure what else do i need to do to run apps from the sd card??? thanks a lot. btw i would like to donate to the websit is being a great help for me thanks again.

    • Hello Yazman666,

      Follow the next procedure and partition your memory card then load a Custom ROM from our Downloads section and it will automatically set up Apps2SD. I would suggest Cyanogens ROM if you don’t want Hero.

  • Vance

    How do i get RAv1.2.1G.img if I have RAv1.2.0G.img already on my phone

    • Hello Vance,

      There is no need to, but if you really want to just open the FlashRec program with the new recovery image on the SD card and flash it using the text box in the FlashRec program like before. Just make sure to change the .0 to .1 of course.

  • Vance

    Unlockr thank you boys very much for everything you are doing for the android world.

    • Hello Vance,

      Appreciate it! Plan to start doing videos for other OS’s soon too 🙂

  • david

    how could i just flash this recovery image? i wanna updated to this version what could i do? my phone is already rooted

    • Hello David,

      No problem. Just follow these instructions, doesn’t matter if you rooted or not.

  • VR


    hi im using a MAC. when i download the apk file, it comes up a zip. i extract it and put it to the SD, but when i open it in FILE MANAGER it doesnt show the android, but comes up as a file. when i click on it, it says “no exits. can you please help.

    • Hello VR,

      Some computers (MACs especially) like to turn APKs into ZIPs. Do NOT extract it, just rename the .zip to .apk and then put it on your SDCard.

  • VR


    okay. so i did as you said. now the file is just coming up as a .apk.zip file when i open up “linda file manager”. the only thing that i can think of that is different is that my SD is formatted to fat32. im sorry for the constant nagging, but i really need help. i fell like such a noob


    • Hello VR,

      You need to look at the file on your computer and change the .zip to .apk (all you did was add .apk to the end of the name and that is why it says .apk.zip).

  • vr


    that’s exactly what I have been doing, it downloads as a folder. So I compress it to a .zip then I chang it to .apk … … …when I go to file manager its a .apk.zip file. I think I’m just going to try it on a PC and see if it works.

  • gongo787

    Hi everyone
    Im New on this about rooted phone but i have a my touch and i whant to know what is the difference betwen a rooted mytouch and another that is not and what applications have the one that is rooted

    and the one click root is the same that the one with the Gold Card???
    What is the difference??
    Thanck you to all

  • PeDe

    there’s a new amon ra recovery image, can i do the same process to flash it?? or do i have to do anything lese

  • PeDe

    i tried flashing the new rav image but when both times i tried, it rebooted my fone whenever i’d press the backup button

  • Chicago

    Hey I just unlocked a mytouch 3g by following all the steps above but I can only gain access to the internet via wifi. I am using a ATT sim card and was told to change the APN but it will not let me. Any suggestions? I want to use the internet where ever I go not just in wifi spots.

    • Hello Chicago,

      This procedure does not unlock the phone. Can you make phone calls with your AT&T sim card in the phone? Did you already unlock it before doing this?
      You also need to go to the next procedure to finish, How to Load a Custom ROM on Your MyTouch… then you can click Menu in the APN section of your settings and click Add.

  • Chicago

    Yes I am able to make calls and recieve and send text messages. And I did load the custom rom already from the next video. A Hero Rom from your link. And when I go to wireless settings and click the access point it just comes up with a blank screen and wont let me add anything.

  • Chicago

    O ok I got the APN menu to come up. If I’m using an att sim card what would I enter to be able to get internett without a wifi spot?

    • Hello Chicago,

      Figure out how to push Menu did you? Lol
      I plan to add a repository to the site with a bunch of APN settings for different carriers, but until then just call ATT and ask for them or Google ATT APN settings.

  • Chicago

    From my understanding when you root the phone you are unlocking it. You said this does not unlock the phone but I did this procedure and loaded the rom and was able to make, and recieve calls and text messages. So how is that not unlocking the phone? Just wondering. Confused about the terminology. And I was able to change the APN to get internet service without wifi.

  • DRAE

    When i type in sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.0.img nothing happens! please help.

    • Hello Drae,

      Do NOT follow the video, always follow the written instructions and just use the video as a visual aid. It is rav.1.2.1.img

  • DRAE

    it says invalid recovery image

  • drae

    Even when i do that the button doesnt show up.

  • drae

    i tried redownloading but it still didnt work

    • Hello Drae,

      Read the reported issues at the bottom of this post.
      Make sure that predictive text etc is off, it sometimes puts spaces where they don’t belong. Then try again and make sure the writing is EXACT.

  • VR


    so i finally tried this on a PC and it worked. haha i guess android and mac dont mix. 🙁 sadly. thank you for all your help

  • gongo787

    Hi everyone
    Im New on this about rooted phone but i have a my touch and i whant to know what is the difference betwen a rooted mytouch and another that is not and what applications have the one that is rooted

    and the one click root is the same that the one with the Gold Card???
    What is the difference??
    Thanks to all

  • Arbor33

    Will this process work with my ADP1?
    I just don’t know what I’d be risking if I were to try…

    If not, is there a recommended way to get root on a Dev Phone running cupcake 1.5?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hello Arbor33,

      Yes, it should work without any issue.
      Good luck!

  • Drew

    Hey one question. When you go into your file manager it shows a lil android looking guy as the icon for the flashrec folder. Mine just shows a lil white looking piece of paper with the corner folded and a mailbox for the recovery image. Is that ok?

  • Nick

    I am having issues completing the rooting process on my g1. I went ahead and downloaded both the FlashRec.apk
    Amon Ra’s Recovery Image, and when I use Linda’s file manager, it won’t even start the instalation process.

    I have followed both the steps and the video on your site. When I watch the video it shows an Android image for the FlashRec.apk, which does not appear when I download and transfer to my sd card? It looks like a zipped file?

    Nonetheless I have had issues before attempting to update my phone. My ultimate goal is to get the JacHero on it. Frustrating but hopefully you can help?


    • Hello Nick,

      That means your computer changed the extension of the FlashRec.apk to .zip or some other extension.
      View it on your computer and make sure it is .apk If it isn’t, then just change it from .zip or whatever to .apk and put it back on the SD card (you might be able to do this in the Linda File Manager on the phone instead).
      Good luck!

  • billy

    Unlockr sir.Can i teether my 3g to my laptop with anetshare with this method of rooting?

    • Hello Billy,

      Yes you definitely can 🙂 Do the rooting process then the how to load a ROM process and then most of them have Wifi tethering built in, so all you have to do then is just click on it 🙂

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  • billy

    Will the wifi tethering, tether my 3G also, like when I’m driving down the road.

    • Hello Billy,

      So long as you have a 3G connection on the phone, you can share it even if you were in the desert (with a cell antenna somewhere in the area) 🙂

  • Nick

    Not quite sure how to change the file to apk?

    • Hello Nick,

      You just click on it and take the .zip part and replace it with .apk
      If your computer wont let you do it that easily then try going into the properties of the file (right click > properties)

  • Big-O

    Just for kicks I just watched the How To: Root with the GoldCard Method video, and I got a new/greater appreciation for the One Click Method, (which I used to root my G1) In the spirit of contributing: There is a new free app called “Instant Root”. It automatically roots (jail break) your phone just by installing the app. Google took it off the market after half a day of being on. Anyway I managed to find the developers website where u can download and he talks more about it, But in all good conscience I should mention that it’s root access on your stock CRC1 build… although you’ll be able to use some root apps, Terminal Emulator to name one. you’ll still need to Flash the Amon Ra’s Recovery Image, and get a custom rom otherwise when T-Mobile pushes out a OTA new update you will loose root… Read up on any and all exploits before installing.


  • KidA

    I see your 1click rooting method on here will only partition the SD card to ext2. Is there a way to update the partition to ext3? I’ve searched a lot on the internet, and all I see is that the easiest way to do it is to use Cyanogen Image Recovery 1.4, b/c it’s all included in there. But since this method uses Aman Ra’s, how would I be able to do that? I think another way I see is to manually partition the SD card using Android SPK and Windows Command Prompt.

    • Hello KidA,

      You can use our method and then goto the How To Speed Up your Hero ROM post and it tells you how to convert ext2 to ext3 really easily.

  • Jess


    I see a lot of people having trouble getting the ‘recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img’ file to run, saying they typed it in exactly as shown and ‘TheUnlockr’ replying back to type it in exactly as show in the instructions for Step 11.

    What the syntax is missing is a forward slash before the sdcard, the syntax should be like this;


    You should update the syntax in the step and reported issues.

  • Paul Simpson

    I am using the RAv1.2.1G.img and Cyanogen’s Rom 4.04 after doing the 1Click Method and wanted to try changing the standard fonts. When I booted into recovery mode I could not get to the console using ALT-X as Nothing happened can anyone offer any help please? Could I use a terminal to instruct the system to use my new ttf fonts?

  • This still does not work no matter how I type it in for a TMO MyTouch3G.

    Please advise.

  • touchthis3g

    ok guys, i need a lil help. somebody, anybody. this step here…
    10. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

    i’ve done this. And i click on backup. it reads. “working, do not interrupt. Then it should say Backed up or whateva.. well mine says “back up FAILED” everytime i do it.. something is wrong here i dunno if the newer mytouch’s have sum type of block on them or what but i can’t get past step 10. i’ve even tried to jus skip that and goto step 11, but it still says “back up failed” i’ve also tried a diff mem card and i’ve gotten the same problem.. =[

    I see there is a newer version of the apk i will try that 1 instead.

  • touchthis3g

    nevermind that 1 says it cannot be installed on the phone.. (mytouch 3g)

  • nick

    so when i try to open flashrec-20090815.apk my phone says open parent folder, i don’t understand i did not copy them to my sd card in a folder i just copied them on my card? please help i really would like my phone rooted my buddy keeps showing me all the cool things you can do!!!!!!!!!! Please Help!!!!!!!!!

  • touchthis3g

    check the buld on your phone under phone info and if ur build is COC10 1 click wont work.. u have to do the golden card method 🙁

  • salvador

    well i rooted my mytouch 3g last night using your tutorial and i went to the website listed for roms…i downloaded a zip folder and put it on the sd card…followed the steps and since last night until now my phone is on the mytouch greenish screen for several hours what can i do to correct

    • Hello Salvador,

      Make sure that the ROM you download is for the 32B Magic/MyTouch. Then just put it back on the card (using an SD Adapter) rename it to update.zip and then boot into recovery, wipe and apply the update. Good luck!

  • touchthis3g


    change it from a .zip to the .apk and it should stop the “open parent folder”

  • job

    how do i change the zip to an apk

    • Hello Job,

      Literally click on the file name and change it from .zip to .apk


    this is some you know what. the rec package install through linda. or even give me the option to. zipped or unzipped.renamed or not. with the [1] or w/o. recovery img wont go into phone. windows cant open this file it says. deleted files and started over numerous times. now i cant get the original files from the link. exceeded free d/l amount. so what do i do now unlockr? thanks for the help


    no matter what i rename or retype by hand on computer or phone. on the phone it says open parent folder. no clue what that means.

    • Hello Elcamino,

      That means it is still a .zip.
      Not sure what OS you have on your computer. Google how to change file extensions for your OS and then use that guide to change the file from .zip to .apk

  • lil_asian

    i got a qustion.i got cyanongen 1.4 recovery on my phone how do i put the new Custom Recovery Image on my phone..do i need to unroot then root again..please help…email me at xayyabanha@gmail.com

    • Hello Lil_Asian,

      No, just do the 1 click root method and it will load the new recovery image.

  • unk2009

    I was trying to upgrade from Amon’s RAv1.2.1G.img to the latest version(as well as upgrading flashrec)…(I wasn’t able to push using adb,my pc was down) So I unrooted MT3G to factory and then attempted to root in one click using the new image and the new flash(Recovery RA-HERO-v.1.2.2. Flash1.1.2-20090909) Now when I attempt to reboot phone I get a triangle with a yellow exclamatation point in the middle w/ a phone lying at the bottom… I pulled the battery that didn;t work, but I can turn on the phone and use it…I prefer having it rooted

  • unk2009

    I unrooted MT3G and attempted the one click root method, but when I try to flash the recovery image(the one listed on the site) I don’t get the click on the Flash Custom Recovery Image(in the grayed out shaded area it says invalid Recovery image) I’ve used your video before to perfection, but for some reason it’s not working when I get to this part, any suggestions, please help, thank you in advance

    • Hello Unk2009,

      Follow the written instructions not the video. We updated the version of Amon Ra’s recovery v1.2.1G but the video says .0G that is why you are getting an invalid response. Also make sure there are no spaces at the end of the word etc.

  • unk2009

    can i use Cyanogens recovery image that’s on the phone to download roms ?

  • rambojack2009

    Hi Unlockr,

    Very awesome work, thanks for that.

    I just want to use the stock ROM with wifi tether, but looks like this only enables me to install new ROMs. Is there a way to get root access on stock ROM.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Rambojack2009,

      Yes you can but its much easier (and there is no reason not to use the custom ROM) to just load Cyanogen’s ROM (closest to a stock ROM) from our downloads section and it already has WiFi tether built in and ready to go.

  • rambojack2009

    Thanks Unlockr for quick response. But Cyanogen’s ROM is gone to be downloaded.

  • evolution_kel

    im having a problem intalling the FlashRec.apk the g1 keeps on telling me that the application install unsuccessful

  • Clarence Castillo

    does anyone know where to get the latest amon ra”s recovery image?? because i dont know if need to update that to get a better rom for my G1

    • Hello Clarence,

      No you don’t need to update the recovery image. Just load the new ROM through the recovery image you have.

  • jtc442

    can someone please tell me if i can just put my mytouch back to original, unroot or whatever? i did this last night, and it is sooooo slow. i cant even hardly use it now. please help me, im new to this. you can email at theclevelands@live.com.

    • Hello JTC442,

      Search our site for the How to Unroot Your MyTouch procedure.
      But too be honest if Hero is just running slow you can do the How To Speed Up Your Hero ROM procedure first and see if that helps. Also try a different ROM and finally just goto a Non Hero ROM, that would give you Wifi Tether, dual touch, etc. without the slowness or Hero UI.

  • jtc442

    im so new to the android. where would i get a non hero rom? i appreciate you getting back with me. i did just do the how to speed up procedure. fixing to check it out. but would like to try a different rom before i unroot.

  • vdubvr6

    So, I’ve applied the one click hack. I now have the new recovery console. Since I’m still running the perfected SPL does this indicate that it’s not actually rooted yet? Once I replace the SPL then it will be, correct? Because I’d assume to be “rooted” I’d be able to su from a terminal emulator on the device, which can not be done.

    Does only modifying the recovery console constitute in a voided warranty?

  • jtc442

    does anyone know where i can look for a non hero rom that still has tether?

  • evolution_kel

    can some one plz help me out i was trying to install flashrec-20090815.apk but my g1 was unabel to install it o n by the way i have rc29

  • vdubvr6

    @jtc442 if I’m not mistaken the cyan rom will allow wifi teether, however it appears his/their site has been down all day.

  • jtc442

    any way i could get the website? or is there a link? i sure like the tether, but this thing is still running really slow, and everytime i get online, it always has to reload the data now, and it takes forever. also having a prob with it restarting and stuff. i dont know, maybe i messed up somewhere??

  • vdubvr6


    Website to developer is : http://www.cyanogenmod.com/
    ** You can also search xda.fourms.com for cyanogen. But as I said earlier his site (downloads) are offline right now. Just keep checking.

    IMHO I’d stick with the stable builds. Dependent on what you are looking for. Keep in mind his stable builds are still built off of “cupcake” with certain elements of “donut” added. His builds are well tested.

    As for hero based roms, I don’t think I personally will ever try one on a US T-Mobile MyTouch3G simply because the hardware (onboard memory) is not up to par. Theoretically using the SD card as an alternative should work, however this is not how the vendor intended on the devices functionality.

  • jtc442

    yeah, im not liking the hero rom at all!!! i wish i wouldnt have done it now. i dont want to go back to unrooted because the tether is something i will use alot, but now since his site is down, i cant get a rom. maybe ill just unroot and then when his site is up, ill re-root??

  • vdubvr6

    That’s an alternative. I have a copy but I have to verify that it’s a legitimate source and not corrupt.

  • jtc442

    you have a copy of a rom?

  • vdubvr6

    yes, but the zip file isn’t working. I just tried on my MT3G and it was unable to read the file. It may have something to do with me running on linux. I’ll have to check the md5 against his source and make sure everything is there.

  • jtc442

    ok, ill wait a few before i unroot then. if it wont take too long for you to do that?

  • vdubvr6
  • vdubvr6

    head to here for additional information pertaining that file:

  • vdubvr6

    quick question, what SPL are you on?

  • jtc442

    how do i find out? like i said, im new to this. plenty of time messing with iphone and unlocking and jailbreaking, but not this.

  • vdubvr6

    Okay, well. That’s about where I am as well. From my understanding the SPL is in fact the base level ROM or BIOS like subsystem of the device. The stock version for the tmobile mt3g is whats called the perfected rom. in other words unable to be rooted. Here is my info:
    Mytouch 3G Information
    Sapphire PVT 32B Ship S-ON G
    HBOOT-1.33.0006 (SAPP30000)

    The HBOOT is the SPL version 1.33.0006 aka perfected spl. To determine your version shut down the device and hold “RETURN” + “END” they are next to each other on the device.

    From my understanding until this is changed you can not change the ROM, but no one has gotten back to me yet pertaining to this unroot process

  • jtc442

    mine has the exact info that yours has.

  • jtc442

    i tried the link you posted for the download, and it says page cannot be displayed??

  • vdubvr6

    Yea, it’s down again. I have a copy I can give you. But be warned. He has been in contact with Google and is shutting down camp. They claim the custom roms are in fact illegal due to the “google” software is not 100% open. Something about the market. I’m reading it now. I’m not so certain I’m ready to do this if the developer(s) sites including xda are no longer supporting it.

  • jtc442

    well, i guess im gonna just unroot for now then. i appreciate your time and assistance though!! thanks again. ill wait and see if i can get a copy somewhere. maybe unlockr will get on here and let me know where i can find a non hero rom!!

  • vdubvr6

    Like I said, it appears everyone is pulling all of the ROMS because google is pulling the “closed source” deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the ROMS are gone except for on torrent sites by next week.

    The whole game has just changed because of yesterdays announcement from Google. It’s sad to see that a platform touted as being opensource is shutting down developers and modders.

  • jtc442

    that sucks. now im having problems unrooting. its not doing it? i did all the steps, downloaded the img file, and its still booting up with hero?? any suggestions?

  • jtc442

    nevermind, i didnt rename the file, oops!!

  • vdubvr6

    Let me know how it goes..

    • Hello Vdubvr6,

      Read our Truth About Google vs Cyanogen post…

  • jtc442

    got it back to factory, just now. sucks, i sure did like the tether!!!

  • jtc442

    unlockr, im back unrooted, any idea on where to get a good non hero rom?

  • jtc442

    does anyone out there have a copy of the cyan file? please let me know.

  • Spin

    So, I spent the whole day rooting myTouch via the gold card method. The Unlockr guide was fantastic and I easily found a solution to every minor problem I came across. When I got the bottom of that guide I clicked on link on how to install a ROM and of course I am now told to unroot then to re-root via the 1-click method. I was under the impression that the 1-click root method is only a temporary fix and that the gold card method is required to have permanent root. Am I wrong?

    So now I am not sure what to do. I was planning on putting the Cyanogen rom on my phone, but I am again ONE frakin day late to do that. I totally love Google Ion which is now on my phone after the gold card method. So my other question is what the hell should I do? Do the unroot process and just get a Hero rom instead? I have Evil Hero currently downloaded on to my computer, but should I just stick Google Ion? What happens when Google updates in October? I didn’t want to post but I am overwelmed with all the shit I learned today and can some just please sort it out for me and tell me what to do! Thanks for the great work!

    • Hello Spin,

      That is not correct. You do not have to unroot, simply use our How To Root in One click method in order to flash the recovery image we have, then go and load a ROM. Done.

      As for the permanent root etc., what they mean is that the exploit used to do the 1 click root will most likely get fixed with the Donut update, but that just means you can’t use the 1 click root if you have donut and HAVE NOT ROOTED YET. If you already used it, you won’t lose root, you’ll just have to use a custom ROM to get to a donut version instead of using the official donut update that’s all. And again they may not even fix the exploit in donut, we have yet to find out.

      Hope that clears things up, just go ahead and load the new recovery and then the ROM you want.

  • jtc442

    ok, i found a file, re rooted my phone with cyan, working awesome. my only question is, where is the tether? can anyone help? please help?

  • jtc442

    nevermind, i got it!! starting to figure this whole thing out, lol!!! loving it!!! sort of feel like im talking to myself here though, no replies in the past 10 or so of mine, lol!! up on cyan 4.0.4 and tethered!

  • Automization

    Hi all,

    I have two (identical)(rooted) T-mobile (GER) G1s.

    Baseband 62.50S.20.17U_2.22.19.26I
    Mod version CyanogenMod-4.0.4
    Build CRC1

    First one rooted by Goldcard method – … – and finally migrated from JF1.5 to Cyanogen 4.0.4.
    All functions and apps (> 220 !!) running superbe – no malfunction! Full rooted access filesystem by busybox etc. , ADB also working. Almquist shell works fine.

    Second device (later purchased) – yesterday rooted by the One Click Method directly to Cyanogen 4.0.4. I did the wipe inbetween. Root access available.

    My questions for the scond device:

    1. ADB does not work at all: “ADB devices” does show nothing – although G1 was opened in the settings for debugging. Why ? How to solve ?

    2. How to find out, that the extended memory (apps2sd ?) is working properly? No many apps installed right now …!

    Any help is pretty much appreciated! Many thanx – hope I can help next time …!

    • Hello,

      As far as ADB is concerned, it has nothing to do with the way you rooted. You need to install the ADB drivers for the second phone (use the search in our support page to find out how to do that).
      Look at your available memory it should be larger than normal.

  • rj123

    I just got the mytouch 3g. dont know much about the whole android. but i have heard alot about rooting and this cyanogen so my wuestion is What Does rooting and adding that cyanogen rom do to your mytouch3g?

    • Hello RJ123,

      Rooting is like jailbreaking. It gives us permission to the root directories of the OS and therefore allows us to change things that we normally could not (like whatever we want).
      Cyanogens ROM was a nice ROM is all. It has good stability, increased performance, nice theme, included apps like Wifi tethering etc.
      You can use any other ROM though and get the same, its really a personal preference.

  • rj123


  • joey

    have the mytouch.went thru process several times and do not get same prompts as in video.after apk is installed,i cannot get to custom flash.

    • Hello Joey,

      What is the error exactly?

  • joey

    no error,just different prompts.after apk it wants to auto flash a 1.4 img. i tried it and followed thru to boot screen and it wasnt same as yours.i tried it exactly like video but still didnt get same prompts.i manually put in image for flash,did not get custom flash prompt and phone didnt lke that at all.got a triangle screen when tried to power up holdin hom,e button.what am i doing wrong or did i do it right and im rooted?on boot screen im missing anything about sd card.

  • Spin

    Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it. I guess my only other question is how do the updates work with a moded ROM? Do they get sent to my phone automatically or do I download it and apply the update myself? This is probably a stupid question, but I am correct to assume when Google updates I will be unaffected because I have root?


  • Spin

    When I do the 1 click root method it tells me “Wrong image EBI for phone”. I already flashed it once with the image and it told me it was the wrong image. Remember, I rooted my phone (via your gold card method) already and I currently have Google Ion. I followed your instructions to a T and did what you said above from my first post. What do I do now?

    • Hello Spin,

      That generally means it is the wrong recovery image for the phone. Which one did you try to use and at what step are you getting the error?

  • Spin

    I used the recovery image from the guide on this website (the webpage we are both physically on right now). I get the error message when I try to flash my phone using the Recovery Flash app that I installed on my phone which I also got from the guide above. For some reason the Recovery Flash recognizes my phone as 32A when I know for a FACT it is 32B.

    I believe this happens because of the Recovery Image I used when rooting my phone (gold card method) because it was a “32A based image”. At the time I thought, this is weird because the guide was for my 32B phone. I was somewhat confused, but everything else I had done was working fine so I trusted the process. So it appears I have a 32A based image on my phone but my motherboard is a 32B. I did not think that was supposed to be possible! Anyways I am out of options at the moment and I am solely relying on you to light the way. Thanks

    • Hello Spin,

      Ahhh ok makes sense now. The gold card method actually flashes a 32A image, as weird as that is (most people have you revert to 32B before loading a ROM though).
      Goto our old how to load a rom on the mytouch and do the part that reverts you to 32B then come back to this.
      USE WHATEVER 32B ROM YOU WANT, You don’t have to use the one in the link.


  • Automization

    Hi Unlockr,

    ADB-Driver problem with one of two G1 phones:

    Sorry to bother you again – did you realize that the first phone is working very fine with ADB, only the second refuses after switching it to my PC! Switching back from the second to the first phone – again no problems. Only the second phone does not work as to ADB connections.

    Or do you mean LINUX (ANDROID) ADB drivers to look for …?

    Never read anywhere anything about reinstalling ADB drivers on the G1 phones …? Didn’t find any hint in your support forum either …?

    I am a bit troubled now … – Sorry asking again!

    • Hello Automization,

      I understand that the first phone has it’s drivers but the second phone does not.
      Everytime you plug a new phone in it has to find the drivers specific to that phone (this happens with us whenever we plug a new phone in, even if it is the same model). And sometimes it glitches and installs the wrong drivers. Use USBDeview (Google to download it) and then while the phone is plugged in open USBDeview. Find all of the HTC Drviers and uninstall them. Unplug and plug the phone back in and when it says loading drivers click on it and make sure ADB device is one of the ones it loads. If it doesn’t load it, then uninstall them again the same way and reinstall them.

      What are you using ADB for anyway?

  • Spin

    Just to clarify… you want me to follow the directions on the link you posted and do the PART II section right? And you want me to stop right after I flash the 32B image and not load a ROM using that method? Then you want me to come back here and do the 1-click as well? And then I can load the Hero ROM?

    I won’t get to it till later tonight so I will post again after I get it working. And sorry I need this spelled out to me, I don’t want to mess up! Thanks again

    • Hello Spin,

      What you could do is that whole procedure (and load a non Hero ROM in the process). Then do the 1 click root just to flash the Amon Ra recovery image (it is better) and then partition the memory card using that recovery image and then load a Hero ROM. Done 🙂
      No problem, good luck!

  • MrJ1s78

    Im stuck on the “G1” Sreen alittle help please!
    I Tried alt w and holding down Hm and Back and Hm and Camera but nothing worked!!! Newbe

    • Hello MsJ1s78,

      Take out the battery and put it back in. While the phone is off, hold down home and power and you should get to the recovery screen.

  • MrJ1s78

    i get this message…

    Android system recovery utility
    E: Cant open/ cache/recovery/command
    Home+Back – reboot now
    Alt+L toggle log text: display
    Alt+S apply sdcard:update.zip
    Alt+W wipe data/factory reset

    Installing from sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E: Cant open /sdcardupdate.zip (bad)
    Installation aborted.

    Press Home+Back to reboot.

    but when i reboot it goes back to the “G1” screen.

    Can someone a bit of xtra knowledge help a newbe???

    • Hello MrJ1s78,

      Load a different ROM that one seems to be corrupt (bad).
      Which ROM did you try to load so I can take it down as it seems to be messed up and others are getting the same issue.

  • carlos

    i got the flashrec-1.1.2-200909909 so i add .apk and add it to my sdcard but when i load up Linda file manager it comes up as flashrec-1.1.2-200909909.apk.zip dont know what to do can you help me unlockr?

    • Hello Carlos,

      You need to change the .zip to .apk. Your computer must have added it automatically. Try renaming it on your computer.

  • carlos

    what do i name it??

  • carlos

    i try renaming it on my computer to flashrec-1.1.2-200909909.apk but it still comes up as flashrec-1.1.2-200909909.apk.zip on my phone. i look under type of file and it Compressed (zipped) Folder (.zip)

    • Hello Carlos,

      You need to find the file on your computer and right click it and change it to .apk without the .zip. You can’t just rename it by clicking rename.
      Google how to change a file extension for your specific computer OS.

  • J

    @ carlos

    rename it using your file manager, NOT on the PC. EX: use linda file mgt and rename it ending in .apk instead of .zip.


    I’ve been unsuccessful in doing this. somehow it’s not working. it installs successfully, but when i reboot, it still says it is not rooted. any idea? could the two new updated files make any difference?

    • Hello J,

      Thanks for helping out!
      That is because you have to goto the next video and load a custom ROM first to get internal root access. This method just gives you external root access to load custom ROMs…

  • Automization

    Unlockr – you’re my “God” (excuse me)!

    I have learned some fundamental news – Thanx to you very much.

    Having uninstalled all HTC drivers visible with USBDeview I have now plugged in the TWO G1 devices in parallel to two USB connections of my PC … and each sucked its own driver by a separate installation … don’t believe it yet.

    Now it works! Until today my strong XP understanding/belief was that only one type of driver is being installed/used for all devices of the identical technical type.

    In other words – I thought, that after installation of a special driver TYPE one or many instances of it are generated automatically during the device(s) plugin … and which will drop automatically after plugout …!

    In this point I definitely was mistaken …!
    USBDeview let me understand that the “instances” (drivers) for all device IDs – ever plugged in – remain permanent …!

    Your last question to my ADB usage:
    I have installed “Better Terminal Pro” on both devices (which is a tremendous useful Terminal Programm – recommended to everybody to learn LINUX (busybox) or manage one’s Android – worth its price to be paid anyway).

    Unfortunately “su” isn’t working properly when using the Almquist shell on the Cyanogen ROM.
    The Author has given me an easy cooking recipe to fix that with an extended “su*” and modifying the init file … It’s easier doing when using the ADB shell connection to modify – so I already did with the first device – works fine now, the second will follow.

    Thanks again for your very valuable advices! Great place. In future I will follow your forum each day to learn.

    Best regards!

    • Hello Automization,

      Thanks a lot! Glad to help, definitely come back. Working on new stuff for the site!

  • J


    That’s the answer I was looking for! External root access only. Lol… makes plentiful of sense ;O).

    Got it working 100% now. Nice work devs!


  • J


    Curious Question- is there a way to root the phone (mytouch) internally and externally w/o loading a specific rom, just like if you were using the gold card process?

    Not that I don’t like the roms (they’re great!) but I miss the mytouch “rom” :O), just want it rooted instead. I did both the goldcard, unrooted, and this rooted version as well. I personally like the goldcard process since it makes my phone rooted w/o the specific roms.

    Any thoughts or suggestions Unlockr? Goldcard w/o rom or oneclick + rom?

    • Hello J,

      Personally it is a lot easier to do the 1 click and then load a custom ROM that is very basic (one that resembles the stock ROM). These basic ROMs add functionality and can you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your MyTouch with a custom ROM and a MyTouch without except that the custom ROM one will run smoother and have root access and Wifi Tethering most likely built in.
      I would definitely recommend going that way, otherwise you can always go back to the GoldCard method (its on our site, just search for the word Goldcard). And then once you have that you can use the 1 click root method to just load the better recovery image and youll have the stock rom with the better recovery image and you can go from there.

  • fredddy

    what does it mean when i reboot and there is a caution sign next to a picture of the mytouch? what did i do wrong??

    • Hello Fredddy,

      Means you did not flash the recovery image. Start over and make sure when you are done with this procedure it says Flashed Successfully in the FlashRec program.

  • J

    (Hours later after trying out new settings new stuff, etc)…

    I’ve decided I like the goldcard process (just rooting the mytouch vs one-click and having to load a rom).

    So… I unrooted my oneclick process and went back to goldcard rooting just to have my mytouch rooted w/o rom. 🙁 I’ll keep checking the forums when there’s a one click rooting w/o having to load a rom (since I like my mytouch vs other roms).

  • Spin

    Hello Spin,

    What you could do is that whole procedure (and load a non Hero ROM in the process). Then do the 1 click root just to flash the Amon Ra recovery image (it is better) and then partition the memory card using that recovery image and then load a Hero ROM. Done
    No problem, good luck!

    I don’t know what to do. Can I load the same ROM i used at the end of the GOLD card method? Does it matter I am converting back to 32B with it (Google Ion)? If not, what ROM should I use temporarily so I can load the better recovery image to do the 1 click root? I am really confused and worried about loading this radio in the converting process because doesn’t messing up result in bricking? And why is the 1 click root’s recovery image better? Sorry for all the questions I don’t want to mess this up. Thanks again

    • Hello Spin,

      The one click method is a lot easier is why it is better (I’m sure you can tell), they both accomplish the same thing for the most part.
      Use any non hero 32B rom and just follow the procedure.
      I have yet to see a bricked device in all honesty, getting stuck is not a brick. So long as you can get to the recover screen or bootloader screen anything you do can be fixed.
      Your other option of course is to stay where you are and just load 32A ROMs from now on 🙂

  • vdubvr6

    I asked this question earlier, but I believe it was overlooked….

    I’ve “rooted” my phone using the one click method, however I have not installed any other ROM. Would I still be eligible to receive OTA updates or could there potentially be a problem? I have no problem updating my phone manually using a custom ROM when donut comes out. But these mock hero builds appear to give more trouble then they’re worth. I’m still interested in updating to a cyan ROM once I find a viable download source again.

    • Hello Vdubvr6,

      You do not have internal root access until you load a ROM. There is no need for OTA updates as any OTA update is almost always incorporated into a custom ROM well before you would get the OTA update yourself. Also loading a custom ROM does not stop you from getting OTA updates, just turns them off. You can turn them back on if you want but once you load the OTA you lose root etc and would have to load another custom ROM to get that back (so defeats the purpose when you can just load a Custom ROM based on Donut in the first place).
      You can try a Hero ROM if you want and then if it is unbearable you can just load a non hero one. Alternatively, you can look for a Cyanogen ROM or a different non hero one and just load that (if you do find one post the link here for everyone else! 🙂

  • Garry

    Dling Flash rec is just giving me CM recovery 1.4.. should i use that instead??

    • Hello Garry,

      No. You need the Amon RA one as it will let you partition the memory card easily.
      Follow the instructions and put the amon ra recovery image on the SD card then use the text box to flash it. Type what the written procedure says, not what is in the video.

  • Garry

    Actually going back and looking… seems the first two files aren’t the same ones as on the video.

    • Hello Garry,

      They are not the same they are the updated versions. The instructions are the same except that you need to type in the new recovery image name (always follow the written procedure and use the video as a visual aid, it has the correct text written).

  • J


    I was just going to reply to Vdubvr6 w/ your response, although it wouldn’t had been as good :D.

    Anyway, I took your advice, one click step, and decided to go back w/ the process you mention (one click, load rom to get internal+external root access), and am now looking more in-dept @ the other possibilities of making fast, faster :D.

    But yes- I love it. Thanks Unlockr!


  • Don

    Hi i cant get past the hold home and power button. it freezes on the G1 tmobile black screen. any ideas?

  • Spin

    Mr. Unlockr,

    Thanks for all your help. In the end I just did it the old “obsolete way” because I felt it was easier than switching from one method to the other. I just torrented Cyanogenmod and followed your instructions to a T except I inserted a NON-Hero ROM instead. So again thanks for the GREAT WORK you do and now I can finally unleash my phone’s full power haha!

  • rey

    flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk.zip my g1 wont open the zip file…i tryed to do this about 3 days ago and it was not a zip file….

    • Hello Rey,

      Your computer made it a .zip you need to google how to make it back to a .apk

  • rey

    thanks.. i agot it….

  • jtc442

    hey unlockr. just have a quick question about 1.6. since i used your 1 click method, and i am now on cayan 4.0.4, and loving it over the hero roms, what happens when 1.6 comes out. what will i (we) need to do? thanks.

  • Chris Cossey

    i have up to this point done its just when i open this flash program the backup recovery image opiton does not show up
    can someone help..longhorns2009@yahoo.com thanks alot i am awake all night so help me please

    or even text me 405 837 1536 i want this done

    10. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

    11. Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type:


    Then click on the Flash Custom RecoveryImage button and wait for it to finish.

    12. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video for your appropriate device!

  • DD


    I followed the instructions in video, but when at
    step 11, there is no Flash Custom RecoveryImage button. There are only Restore Backup Image and Reboot into Recovery Mode buttons. What should I do??

  • jtc442

    i had the same problem, but i just retried it a couple times, and it finally popped up with the correct button, like on his video. working great thus far. you might just try again a few times, or just make sure your files are correctly named?

  • DD

    I downloaded the flashrec 0815.apk so it has the same as video now. BTW, you have to type “sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1G.img”. the one shown in the video is 1.2.0G. img

  • markus

    i need some help asap i rooted my phone and was trying to change from evil hero to qteknology hero and something got screwd up and now it doesnt go past the screen where it says hero please help asap my phone is used for work and now i cant work without it

  • Josh

    Because I had an issue getting the FlashRec to recognize the recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img (it just downloaded incorrectly the first time), I used the “Download Recovery Image” option that defaulted to the cm-recovery-1.4.img. I went through the process of installing the update-cm-4.0.4-signed.zip rom and getting everything set up before realizing that the sd card was not partitioned due to using the wrong recovery image. After some issues with the card, I eventually formatted it to fat32 and tried to start over. Unfortunately, it appears that I’m no longer able to flash the recovery image (“Flash FAILED: Could not run command.”). I read that once rooted, you shouldn’t need this app so I tried doing it over the terminal instead using “flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img” but that complained about permissions. I tried using sudo but I get permission denied on that and SuperUser Permissions app doesn’t seem to work. THEN I tried doing it through recovery mode which instead complained that the file didn’t exist, apparently because the sdcard is not mounted when in that mode. I’m pretty stuck here, any suggestions?

    • Hello Josh,

      You don’t have root access yet, you just have the custom Recovery so load a custom ROM (non Hero) then go into terminal and do the flash_image command and it will work. Then you can partition in recovery and load a Hero ROM.

      Good luck!

  • Josh

    So, I ended up manually partitioning based on the information found at http://androinica.com/2009/09/08/how-to-create-a-2nd-partition-to-install-android-apps-on-an-sd-card/. It was a pain due to some unexpected glitches but I think the phone is using the sd card for app storage now and using swap too. I’d rather have the right recovery image but I guess this is ok for now.

  • joey

    hello unlockr,i am still in great need of some help with this my touch.call me,email me.anything

  • Josh


    Actually, using the CyanogenMod Recovery 1.4 that FlashRec downloaded for me, I did load a custom ROM, namely the most recent CyanogenMod ROM (G1/Dream). I’m up and running with that but I don’t seem to have root permissions unless booting into recovery mode. I had thought to move the file to the internal memory rather than SD card so that I could access it when booting into recovery but the first few locations I tried to move the file into were disallowed.

    While I have most of what I was looking for from this, it’s frustrating that I do not have root access and the recovery image is not the one I wanted.

  • Lamont

    When i typed in sdcard/recovery-rav1.2.1G.img in the box like the video you have instructed the Flash Custom Recovery Image did not pop up is there a way we can get the old Flash Apk because the new seems not to work PLEASE HELP

    • Hello Lamont,

      Its not the flash program. You need a / in front of sdcard, make sure the file is on the sdcard not in any folders, and make sure there is no space after .img

  • Josh

    Lamont, also make sure that the .img is valid. It appears that FlashRec program tests the validity of the .img file before allowing you to flash it. I had that problem when my download failed to work and I ended up with a 3k file…

  • Ted

    i keep trying to change my recovery image to anaon’s newest v1.2.2 but whenever i use the recovery flasher i get “flash failed” messages. i made sure i had it typed/spelled correctly each time. i currently have anon’s older recovery image installed. any pointers?

  • rey

    theunlock thanks for your time… question any idie why my gps dont work on my g1. i love the tether. the only problem that i have is that my gps dont work any idea why? anyone else have the same problem??????

    ones again thanks for your time….

  • rey

    any idea

    • Hello Rey,

      Download a GPS status app from the Market and see if that can help. Never had an issue with GPS myself, sorry.

  • daniel

    i downloaded both the flash rec and the recovery but when im going to drop it on my sd card I open the removable disk and it doesnt show anything its just blank and i hear people talking about folders but i dont see any should i just drop it even if it doesnt say sd card????? please help!!!!!

    • Hello Daniel,

      Just drop it there, your fine. (We want it to be in that area, we do NOT want it in any folders in that area, so you’re good).

  • Ted

    i also noticed your instructions say to type “sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.2G.img” into the recovery flasher. when i downloaded the file the name says “recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img”. i tried typing in both but i ended up with the same result…wasnt sure if i was missing something there.

  • daniel

    i did everything but its says: E:can’t open/cache/recovery/comand please help!!!

  • joey

    hello unlockr,its step 11 thats got me.when reach this point my text box is not empty

    • Hello Joey,

      Just highlight what is in there and replace it with the text written in the procedure.

  • RoL

    Hey Unlockr,

    I noticed that you updated the Recovery Image file. Should i update that on my phone in order to get speed ugrade? And if so, can you tell me how? I just loaded Cyanogen’s new Donut ROM. What would i need to do to upgrade to the new recovery image with the 96mb swap?

  • joey

    hey unlockr,i did that and when i booted up i got a triangle with a phone image.didnt know what it meant but didnt think it was good.

    • Hello Joey,

      You need to start over and read the reported issues.

  • joey

    i keep trying and get to same point.i dont get an opton for custom flash.please advise

  • Josh


    If you’ve already loaded a custom rom, it may be that the app is being refused permissions to write to that file (not sure why yet but it’s probably related to some whitelisting app that doesn’t interface well with this). I had that problem when I accidentally used the wrong image then went through with updating to Cyanogen’s most recent ROM. If that’s the case, go to the terminal, type ‘su’ to give yourself super user privs, navigate to the new image on your sdcard, type ‘flash_image recovery recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img’. That worked for me.

    • Hello Josh,

      The custom ROMs stop FlashRec for some dumb reason. We already added this to our Reported Issues at the bottom of the post though. If anyone else has an issue read there first 🙂

  • joey

    just tried again,same.when i empty text box after backup is complete any options for flashing are removed.please help

    • Hello Joey,

      They are supposed to be removed until you type the correct text in. If the button doesn’t show up, means either you are typing it in incorrectly or that the recovery image is not on the sdcard (not in any folders).

  • jerzy


    i am already rooted with the old recovery image and tried to use the terminal way to flash the new recovery image. after i type su then flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img
    i get usage: flash_image [-d] partition file.img
    -d deletethe image after sucessful flash
    what do i do from here

  • joey

    i moved recovery image directly to card,when i do the backup and it says backup complete,i have an option to flash but not custom flash.there is text in box starting with http.i had a look at it and its from site recovery is from.i downloaded the one specified.im very confused at this point.

  • jerzy


    erase the text in the box the type in the recovery image

  • joey

    jerzy,i tried that,after typing, all flashing options are gone.if i remember correctly all thats left is recovery boot.

  • kenny

    hey there david, look ill be honest with you… its being a crap for me to root my phone, which is a mytouch 32b motherboard… The issue is that from the way that you guys are offering the box where it is suppose to say flash custom image does not apper… even dow I have being checking 100 times the spelling, and it is not in the sd card… Wut im i suppose to do, please some help would be nice..

    In advance thanks

  • kenny

    ahhhh nvm.. i solve the problem… the thing is that if u had already rooted and u want to updated by this way the program wont let u, therefore you have to unrooted and rooted again

    • Hello Kenny,

      Sorry man, I just figured that out yesterday (through testing over and over at 5am mind you lol). When you guys report an issue over and over I may not respond, since I don’t have an answer, but I promise that it means I am currently trying to figure it out. Soon as I do I post it into the reported issues. Hope that helps.

  • stevohump

    hey i was trying to help my friend root his phone… the way i did my phone was i typed this link into the phone browser http://g1files.webs.com/Zinx/flashrec-20090815.apk ans down loaded the .apk straight to my pnone. when i did the same thing on his it downloaded but it said parsing error when trying to install. i was reading how to do it on this page but when i downloaded to file it was just a zip and unziped it and no .apk file was in there to install. if yall could explain what i did wrong i would greatly appreciate it….also could you tell me why it may have gave me a parsing error….thanks for any help

  • stevohump

    sorry just read the problem and solution section… so when you down load it to your comp just rename it same but with .apk could you still tell me why i may have got the parsing error…thanks for all your help

    • Hello Stevohump,

      It is because some computers think the .apk is a .zip. Just rename it to .apk and you should be fine.

  • M8DSI

    He, will this also work for european g1?

  • PeDe

    i have an unrooted g1 running donut and i still cant backup the image

    • Hello PeDe,

      Donut stops the flashing. An update they put in. Just do the Unrooting procedure on our site then do this procedure and then the how to load a custom ROM and you are all set. Good luck!

  • PeDe

    i tried unrooting and donut wont allow me. I downloaded the dreaimg and original files from both her and xda and tried unrooting 2 separate times. i also tried naming the spl update and update.zip and neither time worked. it aborts after i wipe and try to apply update

  • M8DSI

    he unlockr

    when i want to install flasrec on linda file manager it says:

    open parent folder of flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.zip

    what to do?

  • jerzy

    hello unlockr,

    i am already rooted with the old recovery image and tried to use the terminal way to flash the new recovery image. after i type su then flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img
    i get usage: flash_image [-d] partition file.img
    -d deletethe image after sucessful flash
    what do i do from here

  • M8DSI

    do i need to rename it? and how i do that? do i need a program or somthing?

  • jerzy

    @ m8dsi

    use the package installer 2 open it back up then type /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img

  • M8DSI

    He jerzy where can i find the package installer 2?

  • jerzy


    when u go to linda file manager and select the apk file its gona ask do u wana open it with linda file manager or package installer.pick the package installer install the apk then when its finished installing open the flashrec back up the image.then type /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img.

    anymore problems hit me on gmail jerzy448@gmail.com

  • Nick

    Hey The Unlockr You Should do the new amon recovery

    • Hello Nick,

      V1.2.2? It’s in the written instructions…

  • Steve-o

    I am trying to flash using the latest Amon Ra Image. I have tried over and over again to install this image, but I do not get the option to flash custom recovery image. I do not have any folders on my SD card, so I know the files are in the correct location on my SD. I’ve tried typing /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img exactly as shown, and still no option to flash custom recovery image. The only option I do get is to download cyanogen’s recovery image.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Steve-o,

      Read the reported issues… if you already have a custom ROM you need to unroot and then do this again (only takes 5 minutes).

  • PeDe

    does this include the latest radio and spl? or do we have to do that separately?

    • Hello PeDe,

      Not sure what you mean in the question. Read the instructions. If you have a MyTouch then no need to change the Radio or SPL. If you have the G1 then the Radio and SPL are sections I and II.

  • Steve-o

    I have unrooted and was successful, however, I have still been unsuccessful in getting the option to flash a custom recovery image. Linda File Manager shows both
    flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk and
    recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img in the “/sdcard” directory.
    Is the option to flash custom recovery image supposed to be grayed out before I type:
    /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img , because it doesn’t even show up at any point in time.

    Any other suggestions?

  • I read the howto and the recenty messages.

    I have a MT3G thats already running 1.6 from tmobile (auto updated).

    To root with this one click method do I follow the Unroot procedure listed? Then follow this howto?

    And: What benefits besides speed do i get from using custom roms opposed to my stock tmobile 1.6? New GUI? New desktop? what exactly?


    • Hello Unoid,

      Yes you would use the unroot the myTouch procedure and then come to this procedure and then goto the how to load a custom rom procedure.
      You can use your phone as a Wifi hotspot for you laptop, you can add themes (real ones not the crappy DxTop paid ones), faster performance, save apps to the sd card (so ability to save more apps), run hero UI if you want (bit slow though but a lot of people use it) and more. Give it a try, if all else you can unroot again and you’ll get the update OTA again.

  • Brett

    To anyone:

    The MyTouch 3G I bought already has the latest radio installed and SPL 1.33.2006. Do I need to flash 1.33.2005 which is recommend, on a lot of forums? I have flashed several ROMS, CM and HERO, without changing the Radio or SPL. I’m very confused on this. Is this needed or not?

    Thank You…

    • Hello Brett,

      If you goto the next procedure (How To Load a ROM) you’ll see it says that loading the SPL is unnecessary.

  • unlockr, thanks for the response and thanks for supporting the community, I know its not easy and I appreciate it.

    • Hello Unoid,

      Thanks! And no problem, love doing it!

  • M8DSI

    Hey I have a problem I had everything done and then after I had started and when I get home I button it back + triangle with exclamation mark and I only have 3 options what did I do wrong what this means? help me please

  • malcriao

    hello mr. unlockr

    im having several issues with the flash recovery…. everytime i try to recover it tells me theres a problem parsing the package.ive tried everything and still am unable to get past this problem. if you can please email me @ swayrivera@yahoo.com im getting frustrated and really do need some suggestions.

    • Hello Malcriao,

      Explain at what step this happens?

  • mike

    question..after i do step 12 in part 2 and i get the black background and bunch text..wut do i do..reboot the phone..cuz im confused..u didnt really say wut u do after u get the screen like dat

    • Mike,

      12. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video for your appropriate device!

      13. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned above and load a custom ROM.

      You have to goto the next video…

  • customdriv3r

    unlockr i downloaded the recorvery download, but the flash rec file wont work for some odd reason, help please

    • Hello Customdriv3r,

      Read the reported issues… if you have already rooted once you need to unroot first.

  • Shatter

    the g1 got ota update today called android 1.6.

    flasrec cannot create backup.
    “backup failed could not run command”
    Do i proceed without backing up?
    please reply ASAP

    • Hello Shatter,

      Read the reported issues… u need to downgrade first.

  • Vernon

    I have a question. I received a update this morning before I had a chance to rooted my new my touch. Now the one click root will not backup image successfully. I want to root my phone so I can install custom roms. when I hold down the home & power key the screen looks totally different then the last phone that I rooted. Is this because of the update? Do i need to take another approach to root my phone? Thanks Unlockr

    • Hello Vernon,

      Donut stops the exploit. Read the procedure, it explains what to do if you have donut, do the unroot procedure to get back to Cupcake and then come back to this and continue.

  • jerzy

    hello unlockr,

    just wanted to say thanx for all the help. i just rerooted my phone and two of my friends phones.the process worked flawlessly.i was able to root all three in less than an hour.

    thanks again and keep up the good work

    • Hello Jerzy,

      You are very welcome 🙂

  • PeDe

    dear unlockr,

    you must have all the patience in the world to be answering the same questions back-to-back-to-back-to-back =]

    • Hello PeDe,

      Ha, I curse behind the scenes and then type once I’ve calmed down… lol works well right?

  • jerzy

    @any1 have trouble,

    thanx to the unlockr i was able to ge root.now to return the favor.anybody having trouble can hit me up on gtalk and i will walk you thru the process step by step.


  • travis

    hey unlockr.
    when i download my flashrec file is different from the video. its a 1kb file and does not have a android icon when i try to open it from linda file share. what am i doing wrong?

    • Hello Travis,

      Read the Reported Issues at the bottom. Your computer is probably turning it into a .zip file instead of a .apk

  • travis

    it still says its an apk. how do i turn it back into an apk?

  • Tri La M.

    i can seen to get that custom flash image. the only thing i get is flash image and that it. i follow all the step closely and try it like 5 times over and over nothing. what should i do?

  • kidanny

    hello their. wen i press the botton for the backup recovery image it says backup failed could not run command

    • Hello Kidanny,

      Read the Reported Issues at the bottom of the post.

  • Tenzin

    HELP.. wondering..if i am updated to 1.6 does this root method still work? and will it still have the updated 1.6 android once rooted?

    • Hello Tenzin,

      Yes it works so long as you do our How To Unroot procedure first (gets you back to Cupcake). Then you can load a custom ROM based on 1.6 (the donut with Sprinkles is recommended from our Downloads section) and you will have 1.6 plus root plus other goodies (like 5 homescreens instead of 3).

  • Steven

    Hi unlockr,
    I’m having a problem with my g1 I had my phone rooted did your one step click and everything was fine until I updated my phones version of cyangon 4.9.99 and it also told me to use htc update so I did but I didn’t know I also had to hold the home button when it rebooted and well I’m stuck on this version of donut only it says android dev 1 I tried to unroot it but it won’t let me and I also tried to load the original spl and it doesn’t let me I tried rooting it again but it doesn’t let me flash when I get to the title box to put this. /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.2.img. o don’t know if my phone is either jammed or something please help!!! Thanks.

  • jerzy


    kidanny is rooted help him last night.im still very grateful for the help.tryna help ppl so u can be free to help us wit more great videos.

    anybody who needs help hit me up jerzy448@gmail.com

  • brian

    hello unlocker,
    I have downloaded the apk but it shows up as a zip. I extrackted it and it shows as an apk. now i go into linda file and it doesnt show up like that just a folder. What do i need to do to get it to show up as something i can install? I keep getting closer and closer to being able to root and keep getting stopped. 🙁 Any help would be nice. Also I have looked up how to change a zip into an apk and have had no luck. I read all the comments and none of that really helped me. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Brian,

      You aren’t supposed to extract it. Just take the .zip file rename the .zip part to .apk then put it on your memory card.

  • brian

    thats the problem….cant figure out how to do that…i did the rename on my desk top but that didnt work….

  • JA

    CAN SOME ONE HELP ME PLEASE im doing everything but when i get to the part to Custom RecoveryImage button it wont show any option to hit that button i dont even get cynogen options

    • Hello Ja,

      Read the reported issues. That means you dont have the recovery image on the sd card (not in any folder) or you are not typing it correctly (extra spaces etc).

  • Donta

    i rooted my g1 yesterday and everything is working fine besides only being able to connect to the internet or use the market through connect to wifi. i’ve been searching all over and i also tried the set up a new apn advise from the top of the page. the rom i am running is the MLIGN-HeroV2.4.9 could someone help me pls?

    • Hello Donta,

      Goto the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure and read the reported issues. You need to put the internet settings in. They are listed in our Support section under Internet MMS Settings.

  • Donta

    i have tried that and saved the new apn and it still does not work…..is there anything else i could do or should i unroot and try the whole process over? and do i jus save it in there, or delete the other apn, select the new one some sort of way….i’ve been trying to fix the problem reading through post before i asked questions but its just no working. thanks for the help

    • Hello Donta,

      Delete the APN that is originally in there so that the one you put in is the only one in there. Then turn the phone off and back on.

  • hungfut

    i followed the procedure for gaining root access to the g1 but keep getting Backup Failed: Could not run command. can you help me with this problem

    • Hello Hungfut,

      Are you on Donut right now (Android 1.6)?
      Read the reported issues, you need to do the unroot/back to cupcake procedure first then you can come back to this one.

  • bigbold

    so how do i downgrade from donut to cupcake?

    • Hello Bigbold,

      You do the How To Unroot/Get Back to Cupcake procedure….

  • ceas

    unlocker question for you… after this one click root is done.. and say you want to change your recovery image to a diffrent one… what would be the process to do this? thanks

    • Hello Ceas,

      Just put that in the new forums… check them out 🙂 Goto the MyTouch section then Modifying/ROMs and you’ll see it there.

  • jerzy


    i help some1 root their mytouch and they were running into the problem with apk file downloading as .zip.i have found a solution for it.tell them to click the flashrec link and then use barcode scanner to scan the file to their phone.that way it goes straight to their phone as a .apk file.then follow the rest of your directions

    • Hello Jerzy,

      Thanks for the hint! Hopefully someone else can use it if they have issues.

  • i go to linda file manager and install the flash recovery and something their already words text in the blank box… it says ” http://zenthought.org/flashrec/cm-recovery-1.4.img

  • plz help plz

    • Hello 713Slipknot,

      Just ignore that and follow the procedure its normal. Backup and type in what the process says.

  • juan

    hey men i did the unrooting procedure and when it updated it when back to the donut update, how do i go back to the cupcake?

    • Hello Juan,

      Do the unrooting again, it didn’t work it you got back to donut. It shouldn’t goto donut automatically.

  • jose

    i see that you need cupcake version for a g1, do you also need it for mytouch? (i currently have donut)

    • Hello Jose,

      Number 4 my friend 🙂 It includes anyone on Donut.

      I. Read Before You Begin

      1.This ONLY works on MyTouch 3Gs and G1s.
      2. Also, if you have already Rooted your MyTouch 3G or G1 without using the OUR 1 click method, then do one of our quick unrooting procedures before beginning to start fresh. MyTouch Unrooting or G1 Unrooting.
      3. Your G1 MUST be on Cupcake to proceed, use the G1 Unrooting process above to get to a fresh cupcake install!
      4. IF YOU HAVE DONUT! You need to do the unrooting procedure first to get back to Cupcake, then you can proceed.

  • Breck

    help when I try open the file on my g1 using linda it say “complet action using” when i use linda it says open parent of the folder name i dont remeber all the numbers but and my folder doesn’t show an icon of android it shows a winzip icon HELPPPPPPP

    • Hello Breck,

      Read the reported issues at the bottom of post. You need to change it from .zip to .apk (some computers do this for some dumb reason). Just look at it in Linda File Manager and rename it to what it is at .apk instead of .zip and the Android icon should appear.

  • Breck

    still showing zip icon and i did .apk???

  • Breck

    after 20 tries it just worked lol well it shows patience is good

  • velvetelvis

    Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish not working it said backup failed

    • Hello Velvetelvis,

      Read the Before You Begin section and you’ll see what you did wrong…
      You’re on Donut, right? You need to do the unroot process first to get back to cupcake then come back to this procedure.

  • velvetelvis

    I got it thanks anyway

  • Cristhian

    Hello, I couldnt get the flash thing becouse I put /sdcard blabla that is in the text and its says i doesnt reconoized it . I also saw the the Slution part i did what it said but it still same . please i need help .
    thank you

    • Hello Cristhian,

      The only thing is that the recovery image is not on the sdcard NOT in any folders, you are typing in wrong or adding a space at the end, or you are getting a backup or flash failed error because you are on Donut…

  • Nuno


    I do all the steps correctly, but when i turn off and on again the htc stucks in the htc magis screen
    I have a HTC magic 32A

    Kind regards

    • Hello Nuno,

      You are doing the wrong procedure. You need to do the How To Root the HTC Magic in One Click Procedure NOT this one.
      If you still have issues then post in the Technical Support forums for help.
      Good luck!

  • rey

    make sure you what img you donwload
    there 2

    or you will get stuck….

    • Hello Rey,

      Thanks Rey for letting me know there was an update (1.2.3). I’ll fix the procedure accordingly.

  • afviernes

    EVERYONE REMEMBER only way to root your mytouch is if you downgrade it to 1.5 if you are running 1.6 then it wont be able to work!

  • rey

    i was like 40 minutes trying and trying..

    thank you for all your help. i was able to root my wife’s g1. downgraded to rc29 and back to cupcake. and then get root.

  • Madman2323

    how can I root my G1 1.6

    • Hello Madman2323,

      Look in the Forums for Modifying/ROMs under G1 and you will see How to Root Donut.

  • james v

    hey does this need to be jailbroken before root??

    • Hello James V,

      1. Root is essentially jailbreaking.
      2. No, this does not unlock your phone it simply allows you to load custom ROMs, themes, Wifi Tether, etc. Check the Forums under Android for Why Root Your Phone.

  • james v

    so once i do this root from cupcake built…um…can i like use any carriers on my g1…????

  • james v

    hey so i did it and boots good to recovery ..umm i need to unroot how can i do this??? do i still need to put the spl and stuff…..what is my spl now???i just use the falsh rec and recovery image…

  • james v

    hey i got it so im able to go to the recovery mode..but i wanted to try some roms…so um i wanted to see what my spl is???how can i tell…
    before i mess it up…

    • Hello James V,

      Just goto the next procedure. How To Load a ROM and read it it shows you everything you need.

  • Shatterv2

    Hey once again unlockr! Im trying to flash a new recovery image called Amon Ra’s 1.2.3.img and recovery flasher says cannot run command to backup. And it wont let me flash either.

    Im already rooted and am running cyanogen 4.0.4
    I have 1.5 firmware according to about phone


    • Hello Shatterv2,

      Read the Reported Issues. The FlashRec program will not let you flash another recovery image if you already have a custom one. You have to manually flash it using terminal.
      Just did a video and post on how to do this. Look for it.

  • Shonan

    I have downloaded the new flash.apk and the recovery image but, i dont get the format option on the recovery mode . i am following the instructions you have posted and everything . please help ?

    • Hello Shonan,

      In newer versions of the recovery image, it might be written as Part Fat32+ext2+swap…

  • Shonan

    ok i tried that as well and wiped data then did apply sdcard .zip and it aborted the installation

    • Hello Shonan,

      Did you let the Part fat32+ext2+swap finish? If so you now have a partitioned memory card. Then you need to do the next procedure and get a ROM, rename it to update.zip (make sure it isn’t update.zip.zip) and then put it on the sd card NOT in any folder and then boot into recovery (make sure it is still the custom recovery image) and then wipe data and apply update.

  • Shonan

    i have done the unroot successfully also .

  • Shonan

    worked !!! u kick bro !

    • Hello Shonan,

      No problem! Glad to help!

  • detroit313

    Hey can someone help me out the two files that are on the two site I can’t find the flash and the recovery files can someone show me what to download

  • Oliver


    I uploaded the two files recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img and flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk

    I installed flashrec, and entered /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img

    I get the error “Wrong image EBI for your phone”.

    I am running it from a HTC Dream (G1), and NOT from a 32A magic…

    What can I do ?

    Any help welcome, thx !

    • Hello Oliver,

      Do the How To Root in One Click for the Magic instead of this one…

    • Hello Oliver,

      You need to unroot first. Do the Unroot the G1 procedure first then come back to here.

  • detroit313

    Can someone show me the two files I need to jailbreak my g1 I can’t find the files on the two sites I don’t known where to look on both sites

  • Cisco

    I have been trying to get the one click root and the hero rom in my G1, i had donut and followed the steps, went back to rc29, updated to cupcake and was able to see the black screen with a bunch of options, from there i dont know if i should tke out the battery or (home+back button) now when i try to flash it it greys out the button to flash and it says something about “phone type EBI0/32b” help!!

    • Hello Cisco,

      It is supposed to say that and the button is supposed to be greyed out. Just click BackUp Recovery then highlight what is in the text box and replace it with what we have on the site for you to type in. If you type it in correctly and the recovery image is in the right place on your SD card etc. the button will no longer be greyed out and you can click on it.

  • detroit313

    Hey I can’t find the recovery file on that link you have posted can you show me where to look

    • Hello Detroit313,

      I put a clarification on the post next to the download link. Go look.

  • angel

    hi. i dowloaded both files from the sites. one says recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3img and the other is flashrec-1.1.2-20090909. i do all the steps but once i get to the part to type in custom recovery, it doesnt give me that option. all im getting is flash recovery image, restore backup image or reboot into recovery mode. im stuck please help. i down graded from donut to cupcake like you guys suggested.

    • Hello Angel,

      Ignore what it says, just follow the steps written 🙂 Click in the box and start typing /sdcard/recovery-ra-dream-v1.2.3.img and make sure there is no space after etc. If you type it in correctly it will show up with Flash Recovery. Click it when it does.

  • When I try to hit the backup recovery image, the following error occurs: “backup failed: could not run command”. do i have something install which is not letting this happen.

    • Hello Clayton,

      If you are on Donut (which it sounds like you are). Then you need to get back to cupcake first. Read the Before You Begin Section real quick and then goto the How To Unroot/Get Back to Cupcake for your phone.

  • when im in the recovery flaser. i tap backup recovery image logo but it says backup failed i still type in the box correctly but it says the same thing. whats wrong?

    • Hello Marcus,

      Means you are on Donut. Read the Before Beginning Section and then do the How To Unroot/Get back to Cupcake Procedure.

  • Nicko

    Hey im back. And just so i get this straight. i have a t-mobile mytouch. doing this method will allow me to load custom ROMs IE cyanogen or something like that. and another thing, what is in your opinion the smoothest running ROM? i hope to get more into this. i just bought a class 6 8gb. i wanna try to partition it and linux swap, and all that fancy stuff to make it run optimal =] but i would need some help as i dont want to brick the phone the 2nd time around. so maybe shot me an email or something would be nice.

  • RIVERS33

    Typed in /sdcard/recovery-ra-dream-v1.2.3.img…..with and without the / in front of sdcard and when i try to get to the bootloader screen it just sits at the G1 screen forever. Need HELP Thanks n Advance

    • Hello Rivers33,

      Would be happy to help, please just post your issue in the Technical Support Forums for your phone (so we can try to stop these comments from getting any more cluttered and so people can learn from your issue easily). I’m sure you understand.

  • detroit313

    Ok so I just rooted my phone and I have rc29 when I goto update it takes me to the screen when u hold home and end key my thing is when I wanna update what do I click on to start it and the thether I downloaded isn’t working I try to install it and it says unsuccessful and I click on unknown source so yea can you bring some light my way

    • Hello Detroit313,

      You need to do this rooting process and then load a custom ROM.

  • Bryan

    I am on the step with the linda file manager and have just installed the flashrec.apk. I tried to backup recovery image and it says backup failed. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hello Bryan,

      You have a donut phone (Android 1.6) please look for the How To Root a Donut Phone procedure and follow those instructions instead.

  • jksr

    If i backup my apps to the SD card, backup the SD card and then root the phone, can I use the backup program to restore the apps ? Thanks !

  • Moks

    Im in the step for backing up the recovery image on my G1, then I noticed on the screen my phone type is EBI0/32B. I thought G1’s were 32A. Did I do something wrong.

  • Ant0n10

    Hey Unlockr!
    listen i have a BIG problem, im in stock on sec 2 part 8 (when goin to da market and get linda file manager), in da market every time i click on any app, it says NOT FOUND,, the requested item could not be found. im in firmware version 1.0,, and even if i update to cupcake, still gives me this prob… i don’t know what to do,,,please help,,,,,

    i luv this website by da way!

    • Ant0n10

      You need to load a custom ROM (even if you already did, do it again) and that should fix it.

  • Robert

    help plz …i unrooted my mt3g then when i went to re-root everything went fine UNTILL i got to the the recovery screen everything in the list aborts! any reason why? cant flash cyanogenMod,format sd,or anything but the phone boots and runs factory rom just fine

    • Robert,


      Please post this in the technical support forums of the site so we can help without clogging up the comments. Thanks for understanding.

  • sergio88

    I just got a new g1 and when i try to one click root my phone i get to the point where i have to back up the recovery image and it tells me i could not run command. what should i try and do????

    • Sergio88,

      You have donut, read the writing at the beginning of the post. Look for the How to Root Donut phone procedure.

  • jcastillo

    Hey Unlockr,
    My phone bulid Number is CRC1. is this cupcake? I thought I had cupcake so I just followed the steps but in your directions “Then click on the Flash “CUSTOM” Recovery Image button and wait for it to finish.” But mine didn’t say “Custom recovery” it said just recover image.

    • Jcastillo,

      The Flash Recovery doesnt show until you type the text in correctly and the recovery image is on your sd card and not in any folder. Check for spelling mistakes and make sure the recovery image is in the right place.

  • jcastillo

    Thanks I got it!

  • jonathan

    … IM SSOOOOO lost..

    all i want to do is get the Apps 2 SD for my phone. 🙁
    i followed the steps. im cant get the flashrec.apx file…i go to the site you sent me to… , but i have no idea where i am supposed to get it .. ??



  • zainal

    hi master,

    i get stack of proccess of rooting on step flash recovery image, when i typed path of recovery img in the bar line and the button of flash recovery image is not highlight so what do i do for this problem

    tx a lot for sharing

  • gjeffersonii

    when i boot in recovery i dont have the option to partition the sd card can you tell me what im doing worng……

    • Gjeffersonii,

      Are you getting the ! screen or that custom recovery image? If you are getting the ! screen then start over, otherwise if you are getting the screen in the video, then look for part sd or format sd fat32+ext2+swap.

  • Jason L.

    Is it gonna be different if i have a black mytouch? cause after i install the flash recovery the white box isnt blank as it shows on yours. and i dnt have the same options. pleaseee helppppp!!!! ive been workin on this for lk 3 sdays lol

    • Jason L,

      A newer version of FlashRec came out after the video, that is what you are using. It just has some text preinserted, just highlight it and start typing what the instructions say. Then follow the instructions and Flash Recovery/Flash Custom Recovery etc are all the same thing.

  • John


    Looks like great work here!

    I just read your comment that this procedure does not unlock the phone.

    Does that mean that if ineligible for a T-Mobile unlock that we have to go to one of the $20 sites to unlock?



    • John,

      Correct, it does not unlock the phone. You can usually get an unlock for the phone for less than $10 on most sites though, just Google it 🙂

  • dennis

    i need help bad i have a g1 1.5 i followed all the steps to rooting up to step 12 when i get to the load custom spl because mine is like hboot 0.95 or something i tried to update that to the 1.33.2005 but then i get invailed install etc. and if i boot the phone it sits on the g1 screen so i had to reflash to 1.0 then back to 1.5 and now im stuck how do i proceed successfuly….please help.. i think im almost there

    • Dennis,

      Please post your issue in the tech support forum for your phone and we would be glad to help (just so we don’t clog the comments back and forth with helping you).

  • dennis

    which one theres a milli of them can you give me a link or something,.. and do i have to register too

  • Kix


    i did the unroot from donut to cupcake rc7 (uk) and now i cant download linda file manager or any app from the market. so i cant install flasrec and the other file



    • Kix,

      Post your issue in the Tech Support Forum and someone will be glad to help you troubleshoot there (so we don’t clog the comments with back and forth).

  • cinna30


    im at step 11 when i need to input /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img and when i do so i get the option that saids “backup to flash custom recovery image” and i cant even click that because its shaded. help plz

  • yuheng

    Hi unlockr. I have the same problem as Allan in the earlier post. When I tried to do step 12, which is the part where you get to the Recovery mode, my screen tends to hang at the loading page. I had to reboot my magic by taking out and placing the battery back. Any idea? I did the steps 1-11 correctly.

  • omartate

    i did everything the page said to root my g1 an it keep saying parse error and that their is a problem parsingthe package

  • Ben

    Ok im extremely stuck so i just finished going back to OS 1.5 and i just downloaded all the files i needed to i have the flashrec.apk and the 1.2.1G file and linda file manager, i folowed all the steps but when i get to the part wher you type in the recover flasher “sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img” it doesnt give me the option to load custom image, im getting frustrateed

  • dapps

    wen i hit back up recovery image it says backup failed:could not run command

    • Dapps,

      That is because you have Dount (1.6) Read the Before You Begin at the top and then use the How To Root a Donut phone procedure.

  • I downloaded the two files and when i try to backup, it says ” FAILED” COULD NOT RUN COMMAND….what’s up with that??

    • Anant,

      Read the Before You Begin… Do you have a Donut phone (you are on 1.6)?

  • Ronald

    I have a G1 and i had started all the way from the donut process. I am stuck at step 12 because when i turn it off and try to turn it on in recovery mode it is stuck on G1 screen. and then sometimes when i get to it and try to update it says installation failed/aborted. what am i to do?

  • Ronald

    It says E:No signature (5 file)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted

  • maddox

    i have tried this and others 100 times i have the files downloaded but they dont look in my phone like they do in the videos i have downloaded the (/recovery-ra-dream-v1.2.3.img) file enought times to where i cant even download it again what do i do when i pull up the flashrec.apk app and type in the /sdcard/recovery-ra-dream-v1.2.3.img my phone my phone dose not find it actully to even install the flashrec.apk files i had to hold it and open it under 100 defrent programs and pick the installer my self ALL I WANT IS THE HERO ROM ON MY PHONE THE THEME IS STUPID AND NOT FUNCTIONAL PLEASE HELP MY EMAIL IS PERFECTCURE@YAHOO.COM THANK U

  • Alex

    okay so i have done the unroot process to get to 1.5 and i have done this a couple of times already im on a G1 and everytime i do it and get to the flash recovery part i never ever get flash custom recovery am i doing something wrong i will get the root screen at the end but when i shut it off and turn it back on i get the ! and the phone again am i doing something wrong please someone help i want to be able to root and it stay rooted

  • Brandon

    My recovery mode screen doesn’t have nearly as many options as what is shown. I’m using Amon Ra’s 1.3.2, and I don’t have the same partition option (Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap) etc. Just a general partition option. I’ve done it twice now, is this due to a change in the recovery image?

    • Brandon,

      Use our How To Flash a New Recovery Image procedure (search the site for it) and flash the newer recovery image linked in the procedure here.

  • Aly

    I can’t seem to get to recovery mode, I keep getting the g1 screen. I followed step by step. what am I doing wrong? help?

    • Aly,

      Read the reported issues listed under the post.

  • sean

    when i hit back up on flash rec it says back up failed what can i do?

    • Sean,

      Read the before you begin section. And look at the If You Have Donut section and go from there.

  • Kev

    i get to step 11 and thats were i am stuck. i have to gray buttons one says download recovery image and under that button is another one it says Restore backup image. before that it said Backup Recovery Image. well i type in the string in the text box and does nothing doesnt change the buttons doesnt let me click on the download recovery image it is grayed out and i can still click the restore backup image but i dont want to do that because thats not what it says to do on the steps above. can i have some help on this please.

  • Kev

    Sorry forget the last post i misspelled when i was putting in the typed out string :o/ for taken up space on the comment

  • TDF


    I followed the directions but in Linda File Mgr it won’t let me flash custom recovery…It’s grayed out. Is my version of cupcake patched? Is there any way for me to root still?

  • jason

    i have followed the steps to a t and every time i get to the Flash Custom RecoveryImage the button dont show up? all i get is the restore backup image

    • Jason and TDF,

      Read the reported issue. If it is greyed out it means you either didn’t enter the path correctly, the recovery image file is named wrong, or the recovery image file is not on the root of the SD card (not in any folder).
      You do need to hit backup recovery image first then begin typing the correct info into the text box. Follow the written instructions not the video and keep in mind if you downloaded a different recovery image than I have in the procedure, you need to put the new recovery images name in the text box like this /sdcard/NAMEOFRECOVERYIMAGE.img
      Double check the recovery image you downloaded and make sure whatever it is called is what is in the NAMEOFRECOVERYIMAGE.img section of the text, once you type it in correctly the button will appear.

  • jason


    i have done that, still no button for a custom image, i am using the recovery-RA-dream-v1.3.2.img, i have dropped it on the card (no file) and even triple checked the name in linda. i have even tried entering it without the /sdcard/ in front of the name and deleted the extra space it gives you from spell check

    • Jason,

      Post in the technical support forums and we’ll help you there (so we dont clog up the comments anymore than they already are with going back and forth).

  • jason

    this may seem stupid but i dont see where i can post in the technical support page….. could someone just email me??

    • Jason,

      Click on Forums on the top right of the site…

  • jason

    i was able to use the cm-recovery-1.4 if that helps

  • Garrett

    I downloaded the files and installed the flashrec.apk file opened it hit the backup and it says backup can not be done any help or suggestions on what to do.

    • Garrett,

      Please read the Before You Begin. You have Donut (Android 1.6).

  • John

    Will this method work on the Perfect SPL 1.33.0006?

    • John,

      Yes, SPL does not matter with this procedure 🙂

  • please please please . . . can we root the T-Mobile My Touch 3G with out using the Linda file manager
    “with out booting the device or entering the system”
    cuz i have it as a gift from my family in the U.S
    and its locked to the company -T-Mobile- and its not entering the the system with out the Google account but I cant reach the internet by it cuz Iam out of coverage

    • Somar,

      You can search Google for the Linda File Manager.apk file and manually put it on your sdcard and then install it from there. That should do it 🙂

  • ryan

    i downloaded the flashrec.apk file from the link you get when you click on it there was two versions at the bottom. i tried both and ended up with my g1 saying “open parent folder of flashred=1.1.3-20091107-2.zip”. i saw in sollutions where you said you just have to remove the “.zip” and replace it with “.apk” but there is no .zip that i can replace in the name and if i just put .apk at the end it just says at the end “.apk.zip” ….the file looks like a compressed zip folder as well and does not look like the one in your video . Help please!!!! and if you can copy the exact link to the file i need that would be awesome thank you


    the website that takes you to download recovery rav doesnt work.

    • Devan,

      He has a mirror next to it on the page that our link takes you to, click on that (it is a secondary download site).

  • cantu

    its not working for me i download the flashrec and open it to back up recovery image it has a bunch of letters in it i hav pressed back up recovery image and it says download fail so i deleted the letters and pressed it again and still it didnt work so i was wondering what im doing wrong. there are 3 recovery rec on the websites can uspecofy which one to download thanks

    • Cantu,

      You are pushing back up? Download failed sounds like you are pushing Flash Recovery button.
      There is only one recovery image, it is the amon ra one, I directly linked to the download from Megaupload so there shouldnt be any confusion.
      If you mean flashrec, on that site there is Flashrec 1.1.3 and it says Precompiled next to it.

  • rightbrain

    I have downreved to cupcake on my MyTouch. Verified on phone, and T-Mobile keeps offering to upgrade me. FlashRec runs and allows me to save a recovery image. However, nothing I type ungrays the “Flash Recovery Image” button. I tried FlashRec 1.1.3 and 1.1.2. I tried with and without a slash before “sdcard”. I tried changing the name of the recovery image. But first I followed the instructions carefully several times. (And my failure seems to be different from anyone else’s, though I admit I didn’t read every post.)

    • Rightbrain,

      The issue is that either the recovery image you downloaded is not saved to the sdcard NOT in any folder where it is supposed to be, or you are getting a typo (like an extra space after the .img) when typing it in, or the file is named wrong.

      So in the procedure where it says type /sdcard/NAMEOFRECOVERY.img make sure that the name of the recovery image you download is spelt exactly in that procedure, make sense?
      Just triple check it and you should get the button to come up.

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  • k

    when i got to step 10 it didn’t show recovery backup button it kept saying backup recovery image. it also said the backup failed. what do i do?

  • edyyang

    hi, i think my g1 brick already. Is there chances that i might b able to restore it. now it cant boot, after g1 splash screen come out with little droid and showing me Droid Heaven Inc. any website can guide me tru it? would appreciate your kind guide. thx

    • edyyang,

      Can you get to recovery mode, holding home and power to turn it on?

  • edyyang

    thx trackbacks. but my problem is. i did wipe it before. it still can be done? thx

  • silvio111086

    My work stop here, if I try to apply the update.zip on the SDCard my Google phone says “Installation aborted”.
    help me!!!

    • silvio111086,

      Where does it say to load a update.zip in this procedure? 🙂

  • noobie

    i dont have my g1 yet but i want to know is/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img a zip file and how do i unzip it

    • Noobie,

      You would use WinZip, you can download it fron Download.com for free.

  • Noobie

    I cant unzip the file Amon Ra’s Recovery Image please help i got winzip it saying internal error i dont know what to do.

    • Noobie,

      Sorry man that is a question for WinZip not us.

  • VJ

    I need your help immediately need your help.
    I followed your instructions to root mytouch 3g. rooted device and updated ROM. But device didn’t come up got stuck at mytouch 3g. I took out battery couple of times and started again. Now device doesn’t even power on. I need immediately help.

    I want to know if device has been bricked. Please reply on vijay_k@hotmail.com and let me know what to do and how to proceed.


  • noobie

    thank you i got everything working great so far now its time to flash some roms wish me luck but who needs luck i can just watch your vids ty

  • gutisteve

    I am a newbie and dont know where to post.

    I just rooted and installed 4.2.5 following this videos instructions exactly..


    i am stuck on the green mytouch 3G screen. I removed the battery to reboot and i can get to the recovery mode screen.

    i also tried doing the nandroid backup and then restoring the latest back up and that didnt work. i read about this on a cyanogen wiki and now i am thinking i may have lost my original backup too?

    somebody please help i have no idea what to do!

  • yo unlockr i cant get pass the linda file. when i hit the andriod flashrec it just keep saying open parent folder of flashrec …. but when i use astro it will let me type in the code but will never give me the same option it gives you..when i hit restor it never show anything in that top box but dolwnload recovery even after i type in the code..but hey just hit me back after the thanksgiving holiday and have a good thanksgiving

  • Andrew

    Did Exectly what you said but my recovery screen does not have the same options? Says HTC in background!Build : RA-dream-v1.3.2 at bottom…

    • Andrew,

      You downloaded the latest version of the recovery image. It has the same functionality as the one we use in the video, he just created a tiered menu instead of having it all on one page, you should be able to figure out how to navigate it with a little trial and error, but its not too hard (i.e. instead of Part SD Fat32+ext2+swap, click on Partition card then click on the option etc.).

  • Andrew

    Thank you for your quick response! I thought that is what might have happened i just wanted to make sure before i begin the next steps in loading custom rom…

  • alex

    it send me back to 1.0

  • luiss

    ok so everytime i download the flashrec.apk it comes up as a zip folder i put it just like that in my g1 then when i look for it on the linda file manager it says flashrec…. i hit it but in the bottom of the screen it says “open parent folder of falshrec-1.1.3-20081107-2.zip” and it wont work

    • Luis,

      Please read the reported issueat the bottom of the procedure, your issue and solution are there.

  • Tony

    What’s Sup Unlocker I Need Help I Unrooted My G1 Too Start Fresh But My ? Is I’m Runnin Firmware 1.6 Build DRC83 Wanna Too Know If I Could Just Download Them Too Files Flash The Recovery Image Then Load The Rom But Also I Wanna Too Know If I Had Too Downgrade Frist Too Rc29 Then Upgrade Too 1.5 My Friend Told Me But Only Reoson I Unrooted Because I Guss He Help Me Root The Phone With & My G1 Was Gtalk Status Was Buggin Out On Me So I Need You Guys Help Plz…..Ps Thankz

    • Tony,

      Just follow the How to Unroot the G1 procedure. It downgrades you to RC29 and then back to cupcake.
      GTalk issues sound like Google since this is the first Ive heard of issues.

  • Tony

    Also. After Unrootin My G1 That Was Rooted Still Got Gtalk Issus’s My Gtalk Status Is Allways Stuck On The Away Icon Never Let’s Me Change My Away Is This A Issus With Google Or There Servers……..

  • Tony

    Unlockr I Did The Unroot G1. Procedure That’s All Down I Did Step By Step But My Issus Is I Got The Update From T-Mobile For The 1.6 & I Had Went AHead & Update It So Now I’m On 1.6 Firmware & Build drc83 So I Need Too Know How Too Root Step By Step Like What Too Do Frist So If I Need Too Downgrade Plz Help Then What’s Nexts…..Also My Gtalk Issus Is Fiine Also By The Way But I Really Need Help

  • Tony

    Unlockr. My G1 Phone Was Rooted Before So I Did The How Too Unroot From Your Post On Your Site But I Was On CupCake I Got The UpDate From T-Mobile For The 1.6 Donut Update So I Went AHead & Update So Now I’m Runnin 1.6 Firmware & Build Drc83 But My ? Is I Understand Now How Too Root Not Hard At All But If I Do The Unroot Again & Install The Org Spl&Dreamin.nbh Files Again Will Them Cause My Phone Issus’s Because Like I Said From The Jump I Was Root But Unrooted Then Got The Donut Updatew&Install It From Tmobile So Just Do The Unroot All Over &Install The Org Spl&Dreamin.nbh Again Is My Big ? After That I Would Know What Too Do So Need Help Only On That One Thing That I’m Runnin 1.6 Donut Now Can I Reinstall The Org Spl&Dreamin.nbh Again Too Get Too 1.5 Firmware&Build rc29 Then Root From There?Thankz P.s Need Help Asap

  • Mello25

    Is there anything wrong with this method? Because I tried all the Flash recoveries and they do not work for my G1. I followed all the steps but it seem like nothing is working I dont believe I am doing anything wrong. I even resetted my whole phone and tried but that still didnt work. I just would like to know if it my phone or the method/recovery things. PLZ help me!!!!!!

  • rey

    hey theunlockr there is a new img

  • drae

    i clciked on the flash file and it takes me to a site. what should i download\?

    • Drae,

      The one that says precompiled and is a .apk.

  • dawang24

    Hi unlockr i had a quick question, if this is the root mytouch 3g to why do you put dream as the img instead of magic img , does dream work better because i have a RA-magic-v1.2.3g right but i used the dream one you guys have here on my girlfriends and hers seems faster and i have a class 6 sd and she doesnt, do you think the dream img is better?

    • Dawang24,

      It shouldn’t make a difference honestly to the speed on the phone, the ROM and swap would make the phone faster or slower.
      You can use any recovery you want, I just knew the Dream one worked on the MyTouch and Amon Ra updated his dream recovery first at the time I uploaded them is all.

  • akrelav

    Good Day ” TheUnlockr” prior to proceeding with trying your method of rooting my HTC Magic, I would like to inquire if this method will work with a Rogers Branded HTC Magic? Also as far as I understand it does not matter as to which version of motherboard you have either the 32B or 32A, or does it?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Akrelav,

      Welcome to the site 🙂
      It does matter what motherboard you have as you need to load a ROM and specific recovery image to the motherboard (32A or 32B).
      So click on the Choose a Category dropdown on the top left of our site and then click on the How Tos > Android How Tos> MyTouch/Magic and you’ll see a How To Root the Magic procedure (not to be confused with the How To Root the MyTouch/G1 procedure. Then follow the instructions for 32A for Rogers.
      Good luck!

      If you have any issues, please post in the Technical Support Forums of the site.

  • ricky

    every time i try to back up my image it says back up image failed

    • Ricky,

      Read the before you begin, you have donut, follow the How To Root a Donut Phone procedure.

  • Dmolition

    Hey man thanks, worked like a charm…

    Btw: I love your website, it is way better than other ones with no support or not “noob level” tutorials.
    And thanks for ur support again.

  • Christian

    Hi…. I’m new to this and my question is, How do I know what kind of version of G1 I Have. I keep hearing Cupcake, Doughnut and not sure which one I have. I have installed the Tether on my phone to use it as Wi-Fi, but it keeps telling me Unable to start tethering, please Try again!…. Please Help

  • Dmolition


    Tethering wont work unless you have a rooted phone and im guessing you dont.

    Cupcake refers to firmware 1.5 and Doughnut for firmware 1.6
    Go to settings>about phone> firmware version.

    If you need to root you have to be running cupcake (1.5) so check a video called how to unroot in this website. It will send you back to 1.5 if you are running 1.6, BTW this works even if you have not rooted the phone so dont let the name fool you. Then you can follow the tutorial here and BAM!! you got urself a rooted phone.

    PS: If you are going to root your phone make a backup using Mybackup be reward on the market, the free version will do GREAT!! So you dont lose your contacts.

    I hope i helped you a little.

    • Dmolition,

      Thanks for helping someone out! Really appreciate it!

  • BunnyBubblez

    mine keeps telling me saying “backup failed: could not run command”

    • BunnyBubblez,

      Read the Before you Begin: You have Donut…

  • Johnny

    Hi I really need help bad and I need it now, cause when I downloaded flash rec it just showed up as a folder that i8 need to unzipp but when i unzip it it still shows upp as a folder in my mytouch phone so please please help and give me a response ASAP.

    • Johnny,

      You do not unzip it. Read the reported issues at the bottom of the procedure.
      If your computer automatically makes it a .zip you need to manually change it from .zip to .apk by renaming it. Then put it on the sd card and continue.
      Please post any other issues you run into in the technical support forums, thanks!

  • Al

    People that are having issues flashing. This worked for me

    rename “recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img” to “3.img” then flash again using: “/sdcard/3.img” it will now work.

  • Kevin

    I have a Rogers Dream;

    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (DREA21000)
    Jun 2 2009, 21:33:16

    I just need to know if this ONE-CLICK method will work with my phone…or will I end up with a brick?

    I have searched a ton of threads and websites, but everything seems way too complicated other than this one-click method. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Kevin,

      It will work so long as you dont have Android 1.6 (if you do you need to do the How To Root a Donut Phone procedure).
      Either way the procedure is fool proof, it will simply tell you CANNOT FLASH if it doesnt work so no harm done.
      Good luck!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the quick reply, however, I just tried it, and when i get to step 12, the phone just hangs at the Rogers screen. It will not boot into Recovery mode.

    side note: maybe this is because in step 11, instead of saying “Flash Custom RecoveryImage”, it said “Flash Recovery Image”?
    it didnt acknowledge that it was “custom”

    Thanks again,

    • Kevin,

      Shouldnt be a problem (the new flash rec says flash recovery instead of flash custom, in the video it says that because Im using the older version or flashrec.
      I just realized what you did wrong though, this procedure is for the MyTouch NOT the Rogers Magic, they are different.

      Search for the How To Root The Magic in One Click, you need the 32A recovery image NOT this one.
      Good luck!

  • Kevin

    I tried just flashing back to the recovery image that i made in step 10, then tried booting into recovery mode (via Power+home), and i get sign showing my phone, next to an exclamation point (!) inside a triangle…this is scary.

    i can boot up normally, by just pressing power and letting it do its thing, but recovery mode is not working.

  • TWED


    How do I know which flashrec file to download there are a few on the zenthought.org site.

    And how do I know if I have Android 1.6??

    • Twed,

      Says precompiled next to it and it is the only one that is a .apk

  • robert g

    hey i got a question please help…when ever i download the flashrec and i install it to my phone everything works fine but when i back it up it says it cant back up idk help and is the file suppost to come in a zip…please help unlockerz

  • robert g

    hey i got a question please help…when ever i download the flashrec and i install it to my phone everything works fine but when i back it up it says it cant back up idk help and is the file suppost to come in a zip…please help unlockerz

  • robert g

    i have android 1.6 but i still dont no

    • Robert G,

      Read the reported issues and the before you begin section at the top.

  • Kevin

    robert g,

    it appears that you must be running firmware 1.5 before you can root.


    that link should help you.

  • Kevin


    I have an HTC DREAM, and when I hold Send+Power, it shows me:
    HBOOT-1.33.0010 (DREA21000)

    So just to be clear, you are saying that I need to follow the guide for the Magic? Also, are you sure I need the 32A recovery image? Because my phone is telling me it is 32B.
    Not that dont believe you, i am just trying to be extra cautious.

    Thanks again,

    • Kevin,

      Sorry about that, I thought you had a Magic (even though you definitely said Dream). All Dreams are 32B, so you are good with the 32B recovery.
      Read the reported issues though as the reason you are getting the ! screen instead of the custom one might be that you rebooted once…
      Good luck!

  • Josh

    Amon Ra’s Recovery Image seems to be for the dream…shouldnt it be for the magic if doing this on a mytouch?

    • Josh,

      Nope, they have the same motherboard (the MyTouch and the Dream) so the same recovery works fine.

  • robert g

    i have 1.6 right now but can i root it using 1.6 or do i hav to use 1.5

    • Robert G,

      Please read the Before You Begin.
      If you have 1.6 (Donut), you must downgrade to 1.5 first. Look for the How To Root a Donut phone for an easy step by step.
      Good luck!

  • kevin g

    hi unlockr,

    i’ve been trying to do this for sooooo long now and idk where im going wrong. for some reason when i see the amon ra recovery image that u put in ure phone it comes up as an image file while the one i download is zip. i tried changing the extension but it stays as a zip. i tried it like this and got to opening the flash rec but when i press backup recovery image, it says “backup failed: could no run command.” i will appreciate any help.

    • Kevin G,

      Read the before you begin, you have Donut, you must downgrade first.

  • Kevin

    OK so I am now no longer getting the ! screen, but when i hold Home+Power, the phone just hangs at the Rogers screen. I have looked here, and multiple other websites, but came up with nothing.

    everything goes smoothly until I have to boot into recovery mode.

    sorry for asking so many question, but I cant seem to figure this out.


  • dale

    Mytouch has a update u cant reverse. It’s permanently on my phone. I reset my mytouch and the update is still there. I called the company they say theres no way to downgrade the software back. I think thats why I cant backup the image file. I notice in all your videos your using the old software because I see the google search bar is different. The new software has a smaller google search box. This is how you know you have the update on your phone. If this is the problem, can it be fixed? Or am I just doing somthing wrong? Make a video using mytouch new software update. Thanks.

    • Dale,

      Yes you can downgrade. Find our How To Root a Donut phone procedure and follow those steps, works just fine.

  • i tryed unbooting my nothin works i get the backup failed or flash failed and the rainbow screen arail 10 idk y

    • Sadique,

      You need to downgrade to cupcake. Please read the How To Root a Donut phone procedure and follow that.

  • Garret

    just let you know that it dose work. I’m new to root you explained everything on the video and the instructions real easy thanks.

  • Marcus_FAILED

    i downloaded the files and when i go on to linda and click the backup recovery image, and it goes to the “WARNING DO NOT INTURUPT” thing for a second and then just flashes “Backup FAILED” I have the G1.

    • Marcus_Failer,

      Read the before you begin. You have Donut, do the How To Root A Donut phone procedure.

  • rock

    Hi Unlockr,

    I downgraded from 1.6 to 1.5 and in flashrec when i click on backup recovery image it says backup failed. i also tried better terminal but i get an error erasing i/o sectors or somthing like that with that so i’m really not sure what to do

    • Rock,

      What phone are you using? If it is the MyTouch or G1 then you need to get to cupcake (make sure u do all the procedure).

  • Mike

    can u load droid onto the mytouch if so how?

    • Mike,

      Droid as in the Android version on the Droid? That would be Android 2.0 and you can find ROMs that have Android 2.0 by going to our Downloads section then Android then ROMs and typing 2.0 ROM for MyTouch into the search bar.
      Good luck!

  • Jacob

    i just tried to root it and it says “backup failed..could not run command” but i already unrooted the g1 by your procedures…is it prolly cua i waited long to root it?

    • Jacob,

      You need to do our unrooting procedure first since you have Donut. Then come back.
      If you have any other issues, post in the forums.

  • luis

    hey so i unrooted my donut, and installed cupcake, everything went swell, now that i have the flash rec and the other file on my memory stick, i cant see any of my applications installed, but in market, it says, that i have all of my apps ready to download, but my ohne will not let me do so in order to get a file manager. market says that NOT FOUND the request could not be found

  • Jason G

    Hey, why don’t you guys use RA 1.5.2 instead of 1.2.3?

    Does it not work or something?

    • Jason G,

      You can use whatever recovery you want. We still with that one to simplifiy the procedure for everyone so they arent all using different recoveries and get confused.
      You can do this procedure as is and then use our quick How To Flash a New Recovery procedure after to change to whatever recovery you want.

  • david

    how are u supposed to keep the phone rooted because mines keep going back to normal i did the one touch press

    • David,

      You need to goto the next procedure and load a custom ROM, read the reported issues at the bottom of the procedure.

  • tehila

    ok i followed all the steps and everything work perfect until i got to the file manager.. linda has updated so alot of the options changed.. what shud i do??

    • Tehila,

      Just navigate to the file and install it.

  • usman

    hi when i do the
    “Flash Custom RecoveryImage” in step 12 and start the phone in recovery mode the phone gets stuck at the g1 screen it does not go to the recovery screen.
    if i reinsert the battery the phone loads normally, and if i redo the recovery mode (after battery reinsertion) it goes into the recovery mode normally with no scrolling text.

    i tried loading the flash custom recoveryimage again but with same results please help.

  • tehila

    i dont mean to b a pest but i am not a extreme tech person..

    i was running the donut and someone told me i had to downgrade to b able to root.. so i did it.. then i tried to follow the root ur g1 or my touch with 1 click.. n when i do that and try to reboot it goes to the g1 start up screen..

    so right now im just stuck..
    plz help

  • usman

    tried it again and it worked.
    going to the next step now.
    must have been doing some thing wrong.

  • Big Serg


    I downgraded my MT3G 1.5, I downloaded the cm-recovery-1.4.img and recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img and transferred to sdcard. When I try to install on to mytouch, I get error massage “Parse Error – There is a problem parsing the package.”

    What am I doing wrong here?

    • Big Serg,

      Why are you loading the CMRecovery image? Just load the RA-Dream one like in the procedure and you should be fine.

  • Big Serg

    I got it. Thanks

  • D.J

    Hello i was following the directions to the letter but when i downloaded the files one they werent the same as the video or directions the link takes you to another site, when i found the flash it was a zip then when i tried to rename it just said apk.zip. and everytime i go to linda to install it says cant parse what am i doing wrong. Please help getting a head ache

    • DJ,

      Read the reported issues for some help, they are the same files (just updated versions in some situations). But what is happening is common, your computer is not recognizing .apk and it is making it a .zip file. Just erase the .zip at the end by hitting rename in Linda then it should change its icon to an Android or something and then try to install it.
      Good luck!

  • Ryan

    Ok I have a few questions on this. Ok first one on the Flashrec it takes you to a web site that has a few Flashrec downloads one is the flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk and the other is flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk. I have downloaded all but the 1.1.3 dose not work what so ever and the 1.1.2 dose, but if you put in the /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream_v1.2.3.img as you say it dose nothing as in ask to flash. Now it will work if I don’t put that in and hit the download recovery image and then it will root, but once I am on the page were I hold down home and power buttons aka root page the screen pops up, but I don’t see format FAT32 and so on, all I see is reboot system now, apply sdcard:update.zip, apply any zip from sd, wipe data/factory reset, nandroid v2.2 back up, restore latest backup, repair ext filesystems, go to console. So I have no clue if this is something new and this how to is old or what? I am just wondering because you say the recovery page has to look like yours if not then unroot and start over. So did I do anything wrong or is this the new root page? Please let me know. Thanks

  • Tyla

    How do you kno if you have a donut or a cupcake?

    • Tyla,

      Goto Settings > About and Firmware Version. 1.5 = Cupcake 1.6 = Donut

  • Michael

    I keep getting the ! triangle (instead of recovery mode) when restarting with the latest SPL (which has been renamed as update.zip).

    I know you say repeatedly that this means I did not root properly, but I’ve done this six times–the root all goes perfectly fine but it gets all cocked up when I try to restart in Recovery to update the SPL.


    • Michael,

      Read the reported issues on this and the load a custom ROM procedure. When you do the first procedure and get to the right recovery image, then stay there. Do NOT restart the phone again, when you restart it before you have loaded a ROM you will revert to the ! screen instead.
      Once you are on that screen, just immediately load the SPL and continue. If you cant get the SPL to load then skip it and just load the ROM (most ROMs dont require that SPL anymore like they used to).

  • Blade

    Ok so i follow the steps. I install the flashrec thru linda. I click open but when i click on Backup Recovery Image it says… Backup FAILED: Could not run command. Can someone help me plz

    • Blade,

      Read the Before You Begin. If you have Donut you need to downgrade first, there is a link there for help.

  • Damian

    i tried to download flashrec on my computer but it says windows cannot open this file, filetype is unknown, can anyone help me?

    • Damian.

      You do NOT open it in Windows. Just download it and put it on the SD card of your phone. Good luck!
      If you have any other issues post in the technical support forums.

  • bg

    hi….if i do this will all my data be deleted and do i have to start the phone from the begginin? thanks

  • Ericka

    Okay, so I am trying to root my phone but when i click on the links to download them i notice that the flash rec is not the same as the one on your screen. When i tried to go through with it anyways, the box where u enter sd/….. wasn’t empty like yours it had a link in it. I erased the link and typed it in, but my screen still didn’t look like yours. What should I do? Please help. Thanks

    • Ericka,

      It is just a new version of FlashRec. Just follow the instructions, nothing has changed besides the look. Click backup, then erase what is written in the text box and type in it then click Flash Recovery.
      Good luck!

  • theresa

    i followed all the steps but when i reach backup recovery image it doesnt let me….what am i doing wrong?

    • Theresa,

      Read the before you begin and reported issues. You have Donut, and need to downgrade, it tells you how. Good luck!

  • Blade

    ok i go it finally working now when i open my phone for the keyboard the phone doesnt go sideways and force closes im using JACXHeroSki Hero ROM

  • GCMaynOfDat713

    Ladies and Gentle men please help me out on this one…

    MODEL: T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Firmware Version 1.6
    Baseband Version 62.50S.20.17U_2.22.19.26I
    Kernel Version 2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37 android-build@apa26 #19
    Build Number DRC92

    These r da spec on my phone, I hope its not to much info but can someone please help me root this phone. I know my board is a 32b
    but when i load the Recovery flasher app. it installs well but when i hit Backup recovery image it says
    “BACKUP FAILED:cannot run command” thats where im stuck. I tried flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk then i reset my phone and tried
    flashrec on Google Code and Pre-compiled: flashrec-1.1.2-20090909.apk resetting my phone before every install im not a beginner but
    im not a pro can someone please help with a solution the tmobile build sucks no multi touch and alot of other hang ups

    • GCMayn,

      Read the before you begin. You have donut, you need to downgrade first, it explains how. Good luck!

  • jasper

    Well I Have A Problem, I Downloaded Everything & followed all the instruction but in the step 9-11 the program doesn’t say backup recovery it said restore backup then when i entered the code. nothing happened i turned it off & did the recovery mode but all i get is the ! screen

    • Jasper,

      If it doesn’t show the button Flash Recovery or Flash Custom Recovery or whatever the dev changed the words to and you can’t click on it, then one of the following it happening:
      1. The recovery image is in the wrong place on the SD card, needs to not be in any folders.
      2. You made a typo (maybe an extra space. etc).
      3. Or the recovery image is named incorrectly.

      Double check and good luck!

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – finally I can read Hebrew content on my cell.

  • ej

    tried :backup recovery image” and i get backup FAILED: could not run command.

    • Ej,

      Read the Before You Begin. You have Donut, you must downgrade first.

  • JayJones

    I have a G1 with firmware 1.6 build # DRC83 im trying to root my phone but i need to know if im on cupcake or donut

  • rey

    come on people read read read read before you try to root your phone……………

    Read Before You Begin
    1.This ONLY works on MyTouch 3Gs and G1s.
    2. Also, if you have already Rooted your MyTouch 3G or G1 without using the OUR 1 click method, then do one of our quick unrooting procedures before beginning to start fresh. MyTouch Unrooting or G1 Unrooting.
    3. Your G1 MUST be on Cupcake to proceed, use the G1 Unrooting process above to get to a fresh cupcake install!
    How To Root a Donut Phone

  • Nghi Vu

    Unlockr, if mytouch couldn’t root which your video. Do i need to down grade my phone to older version, my is original from T-mobile. I’m not using data plan so do you know how to bypass activate screen for MT3G

    • Nghi,

      Please read the Before You Begin. You have Donut and need to downgrade, it gives you a link on how to do that.
      Good luck!

  • murdock

    should i use the amon ra recovery image in your text or shoud i just use the latest (i think v1.5.2)?

    • Murdock,

      You can use whatever you want, it’s just easier to follow the instructions here with the one we provided, and then you can use the How To Flash a Recovery Image procedure to change to the new one whenever you want later. But if you can just mentally replace our recovery image name wherever you see it in the procedure with the name of the new one, then you can do that instead.

      Good luck!

  • murdock

    thanks, typing the right name should be no problem.
    one more question: does this method also work on a european g1 (german)?
    i read the guide for the cyanogen mod (http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php/Full_Update_Guide_-_G1/Dream_Firmware_to_CyanogenMod) and there it says i should use the rc7 for a european g1 to downgrade not the rc29. and that it’s possible that i have to use the goldcard method.
    can i use your method and just select the rc7 instead of the rc29?

    • Murdock,

      Correct, just replace the RC29 file with the RC7 file and you should be good to go.
      Good luck!

  • Faizal

    hey wats up buddy i went through all the steps and i got to the step wher u go through bakup recovery image and wen i click on it it says backup failed could not run command so wat do i do write me bak asap please thanks

    • Faizal,

      Read the before you begin. You have donut, you need to downgrade.

  • chico

    backup recovery image failed what do i do please help

    • Chico,

      Read the before you begin, you have Donut. You need to downgrade.

  • Breck

    oh by the way I meant to put those comments on How to unroot but when I went to rainbow it worked nvm thanks unlockr

  • Tom

    I’ve rooted mytouch, but want a different recovery image – when I follow exactly using linda file manager, installing successfully flashrec-20090815.apk, then using Recovery Flasher to recovery-RA-magic-v1.2.3G.img – even when I change file name to something simple like rec123.img – I still get “Backup to Flash Custom Recovery Image” greyed out. I did NOT make spelling error, my path is exactly sdcard/filename.img – no luck. HOW do I change it so I could use different recovery? I have everything checked as suggested – unknown sources checked on, debugging mode on.

    • Tom,

      Search our site for the How To Flash a New Recovery procedure 🙂

  • gio

    I can not backup recovery , ( backup failed ) 🙁

    • Gio,

      Read the before you begin. You have Donut.

  • Mike

    I had to go back to android 1.5 and after i did that i had to sign back to my gmail account for that i did not have data plan so now i am stuck can someoen please help me get back with wifi???????????

  • Mike
    I have the same problem here, I have a G1 with out data plan, because here, Tmobile still using edge and is a waste of money have it. Before that I canceled the data, I had already my G1 root with Cyanogen v4.1.10.1. Now I decided to update my G1 with the How to activated G1 without data plan guide.

    That was I did
    1-Unroot with RC29
    2-Activated it using AndroidSDK method
    3-Update to Cupcake CRB43
    4-Install the FlashRec.apk with Linda and flash Amon Ra’s Recovery Image

    Okay at this point I have already cupcake updated with the last radio but I need the last SPL too, before install it I need to make a WIPE, I did it and loose all the connections, I had to did all the process again, downgrading to DREAIMG-RC29. Remember, after the first wipe you will loose all the connection data with your router.

    I do think that not way to fix that, cupcake cannot be manipulate like DREAIMG-RC29.

  • Mike

    Bengar, are you saying that i could do what you did too for my mytouch 3g?? sorry im not good with the technology vocab, are you saying what i did can be fixed or do i need to order a data plan and activate again 😐

  • jean

    Worked like a charm…

  • idlaxstar

    When i open the flash rec deal and i backup the recovery image. then i type in the deal in the text box but after that i dont have the button that says flash custom recovery image. what do i do

    • Idlaxstar,

      If you don’t see it then only the following could be wrong:
      1. You have a typo.
      2. You put the recovery image in the wrong place (it MUST be on the root of the SD card, NOT in any folders).
      3. You are typing in the wrong thing. It needs to be the exact file name of the recovery image.

      If you have any other issues, post in the technical support forums.

  • Tuc

    when i touch backup recovery image is say failed how i fix that

  • mikestar

    i downloaded the flash and the recovery image, but it kept saying back up failed

    • Mikestar,

      Read the before you begin. You have donut and need to downgrade first.

  • Unlocrks
    I followed this guide to flash the Amon RA Recovery v1.2.3 but I want to update it, I was reading but I am a little confused to do this, What I need to do?, remove the v1.2.3.img from the sd and put the new Amon RA Recovery v1.5.2 in the root and write in the terminal:

    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img

    And thats all?

    regards bro


    • Bengar,

      So long as you not only have a custom recovery right now but you need to have root access (for su to work). If you do then yup, that’s it. Do exactly what you mentioned.
      Good luck!

  • Thank you
    I did it!

  • Michael

    mane i’ve never rooted my phone and everytime i try to i get a backup failure ive tried both ways ive tried to down root to cupcake and it dosent pick up the file can someone help

    • Michael,

      Reported Issues

      Issue: It doesn’t see the Dreaimg.nbh file and goes to the rainbow screen and says Serial 10.

      Solution: Your SD card is formatted to FAT instead of FAT32. Follow one of our readers’ instructions to fix (thanks Clemshady!):

      “To Jess and any one else who is unable to get past the rainbow screen with serial 10, your SD card is most likely in a FAT format and needs to be formatted to FAT32. I had the same issue.

      – Load your SD card in the card reader and connect to PC.
      – Make sure you back up everything on your card. a format will erase all data on the card.
      – Now open “My Computer” and right click on the drive with the SD card (Warning! Make sure its the correct drive).
      – Click on Format and select FAT32 on the file system drop down and click then click Start.
      – Once completed, Copy your files back to the SD card and make sure the “Original DREAIMG.nbh” is at the topmost folder of your SD card.
      – Return to Step 8 of David’s instruction to complete the un-root process and you are all set!”

      Issue: I get an error, failure, or nothing happens when I get to the rainbow screen and try to load Dreaimg.nbh file.

      The files we had in the links above became corrupt. We have replaced the links as of 08.25.2009 so they should now work.
      If you are still having issues; the dreaimg.nbh file is either not on the topmost folder of the SD card OR the file is corrupt or incomplete.

      Delete the file off of your SD card and then re download it from our site or on XDA-Developers.com and then put it on the topmost folder of the SD card. You may have to do this multiple times before it finally works. KEEP DOING THIS UNTIL IT WORKS!

      Issue: I load the SPL (wipe and apply update.zip) but then when I try to hold camera and power to get to bootloader it brings me to the G1 screen.

      Solution: This is because you took out the battery too soon.

      1. Put the SPL back on the memory card and rename to update.zip (using an SD Card reader or adapter)
      2. Boot into recovery by holding down Home and Power to turn on the phone.
      3. At the recovery screen Wipe Data, then Apply Update.zip
      4. Once it is done loading hit Reboot and wait for the phone to reboot (it will show a box an arrow and a G1 on the screen for a bit then it will reboot). Wait at the G1 screen for 20 seconds, it should reboot one more time or it should goto the recovery screen again. If you see the recovery screen or are still at the G1 logo after 20 seconds, THEN remove the battery and put it back in and continue with the next step of trying to hold the camera and power button and so on.

  • John guy

    Hi I have a G1 with DRC92 v1.6 and i have followed the method and when it wants me to Black up recovery image it says “Backup FAILED: could not run command” PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • John Guy,

      Read the reported issues at the bottom of the procedure, or read the Before You Begin.
      You have donut and need to downgrade first.

  • Faizal

    hey wats up man i did the unroot and stuff so now wen i get to the step to 11 and wen i typied in the thing it stil doesnt show wit the flash recovery so wat do i do now

    • Faizal,

      Read the reported issues.
      You need to make sure you are typing it in correctly and the recovery image is on the root of the sd card. Good luck!

  • Thiago

    I have MyTouch 3G with cupcake 1,5 also a perfected SPL, because I went to the fastboot screen and saw this HBOOT-1.33.0006…. therefore i think I have the perfected SPL.

    So that is my question, can I use this guide to gain root, is it safe?


    • Thiago,

      Yes, you can use this. The SPL makes no difference with this procedure. Just flash the recovery image then goto the next procedure and SKIP loading a radio and spl.

  • rstimpymike

    every time i use recovery flasher, i try and click on Backup Recovery Flasher it says “Backup FAILED: could not run command…help please?


      Read the before you begin and the reported issues everyone. You have Donut and need to downgrade.
      Good luck!

  • SKB

    What is the maximum time that should be taken by my G1 to create a complete backup of the Recovery Image by the software flash rec because it has been 1 hour it has started and is still going on (the keys respond by the way).

  • the apk n flash come in zip folders how do i get them out like on ur phone

  • chico

    how do i undo the downgrade too my mytouch back to donut

  • Kentley

    I just wanted to know what is so good about rooting the my touch?
    nd does it still get da updates that google puts out when they are available

  • Kentley

    another question, I have the updated version of mytouch, will i have to downgrade if i finally decide to root it?

  • Shonanthebarbarian

    Hey , i’m trying to root a newer model of the mt3g. amd the sappimg.nbh file is showing up as too old . What’s the deal ?

  • chico

    how do i upgrade back to donut

  • CECE

    Is there any other way to downgrade the mytouch to 1.5 besides the goldcard method (i got the “main version older message”)

    • Cece,

      Not at the moment if you got that error unfortunately. Try searching around and if you see anything promising use the Contact Us here on the site and Ill be happy to take a look and update the procedure if its anything we can use…

  • cece

    Thanks, I’ll let you know if I find anything..

  • I have german g1. I have goldcard.img and I tried to load with ubuntu. nbh said chechking then 0028002
    not allow
    info:110 pvt 32b
    hboot 0.95.0000
    sep 2 2008
    Is this unrootable?(not allow rc7,rc29,original spl does nothing only wipe works…)

  • Anon

    Hmm, I’m following the steps no problem, Flash Rec is successful, everything is good, and I’m sure theres no error in the filename. But when I try to boot in Recovery Mode, I get nothing; just my Rogers splash screen. And I have to take the battery out to reboot the phone.

    What might be the problem?

  • william

    thank you for your video and step-by-step guides! simple and to the point and very easy to go by. however, i’m stuck with a problem i’m hoping i can find an answer for. i have a g1 donut. i got through all the steps (including the unrooting) with a breeze. now i am stuck with flashing my phone. i downloaded the 1.3.2 version btw. anyway, i clicked on flash recovery image and it says “flashing…” and below that it says “WORKING, DO NOT INTERRUPT” i’ve left my phone on for 30 minutes now and nothing has happened. what should i do? anybody run into this problem?

  • william

    sorry for the double post

    update: i finished with flashing.

    now i’ve run into another problem! on the android system recovery utility (after re-booting by holding down home and boot button) i get an error that says: E:can’t open /cache/recovery/comand

  • Brandon

    did everything now to where supposed to hold down home and power at same time but goes to diff screen and wont do nething does not have lots of text is a pic of phone and like hazard sign next to it… Pls help

    • Brandon,

      Read the before you begin and the reported issues.
      You need to downgrade to cupcake, then use this procedure.

  • Chris M

    The one file says dream, wont that brick my phone? Or can i still use it,im using MyTouch 3G the first two files you download. One says dream, do i use that?

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  • shawn1224

    Does this also work for the new MyTouch 3G 1.2?

  • DEX

    my phone can’t get pass the upload it alt l and then alt s but it can’t find the update.zip file. why is that? i also can’t download the signed-kila-ota 148830 file at its 46.mb it show that at the down load but when i drag it to my sd it shows 98mb or 48.8mb can anyone tell me what im doing/ did wrong???

    • Dex,

      What are you trying to flash in recovery? This procedure doesn’t let you go to recovery at all. Are you on the load a custom ROM procedure?

  • drumhead

    I don’t ever get the “flash custom” option. I’ve put both files on my SDcard, I can backup and restore. That’s it. I am on 1.5 for sure, I also followed all the steps on the video.

    Please help!

  • drumhead

    I figured out what I was doing wrong.


  • Tommy Le

    Hello! I saw this video and I really would like to do it! but just a quick question first, does it erase all of your current applications, music, contacts, and other stuff?

    • Tommy Le,

      Musiv and anything on your sd card just save to your computer and then transfer back when done. Contacts are automatically backed up by Google so as soon as you log back in Google redownloads them. As for apps, Google syncs those too just goto the market and click on Downloads and redownload them.

  • raphy

    can i use /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img for the mytouch????

  • luiss

    which HTC HERO rom would you recommend the most? taking in consideration the functionality of the rom

  • celly

    i am getting stuck on step 10. it keeps saying “back up failed: could not run command”

  • celly

    read the what? i tried everything that everyone is suggesting and it still doesn’t work.

    • Celly,

      I. Read Before You Begin

      1.This ONLY works on MyTouch 3Gs and G1s.
      2. Also, if you have already Rooted your MyTouch 3G or G1 without using the OUR 1 click method, then do one of our quick unrooting procedures before beginning to start fresh. MyTouch Unrooting or G1 Unrooting.
      3. Your G1 MUST be on Cupcake to proceed, use the G1 Unrooting process above to get to a fresh cupcake install!
      How To Root a Donut Phone

      Your issue is number 4. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion.

  • celly

    yes i wasnt sure about that but i figured it out :] thanks for the help

  • Josh

    The flashrec file is zipped and it wont give me the option to install it in linda file maneger

    • Josh,

      Read the reported issues at the bottom of the post. You need to just replace the .zip at the end with .apk

  • Josh

    how to i do that

  • Josh

    it wont let me click download recovery image while in flashreck

  • Josh

    the only pronlem i have is when i click restore backup image it still wont let me click download revovery image what should i do?

    • Josh,

      That means the recovery image is either named wrong, you are typing it in wrong, or it is not saved on the root of your SD card (in other words it needs to be on the SD card and NOT in any folders on the SD card).
      Good luck!

  • Marik

    Hey quick question.. I downloaded everything on the MyTouch as listed in the instructions, I finished and it tells me that recovery image was flashed so I exit and turn it off then I try to put it in recovery but it brings me to the old recovery image withthe green and white android guys at the bottom of it

  • Marik

    Nevermind I got it 🙂 thanks for the help. Is there an easy way to install tethering on it?

    • Marik,

      Yes, Install a custom ROM that has Wifi tethering built in is the easiest way.
      Otherwise, check our Downloads >Android Applications section for the Wifi tethering APK.

  • lue

    I have a stupid question about part 5. Where it says download the
    flashRec.apk where do I find it? I click on the link and it takes me to a page full of stuff. Is it this one?

    Version 1.1.3:
    Pre-compiled: flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk

  • ari

    in step number 5 the links don’t work. please help……..

    • Ari,

      Just tested both links and they work fine.

  • Chris

    when i try downloading the flashrec.apk file it takes me to another window and it says “IPv4 host zenthought.org is not configured. As such, /content/project/flashrec is not available.” what should i do?

    • Chris,

      Their site was perhaps down temporarily. I just tried the link and worked fine.

  • Brandon

    so when i open the flashrec program and click ‘backup recovery image’ it saids ‘backup failed’ and when i try to unroot my mytouch, at the end of the update it saids ‘signature incorrect, update fail!’ so how do i go from here?

    • Brandon,

      Which myTouch do you have? The one with the 3.5mm headphone jack?

  • Tim M

    i wasn’t reading carefully and accidentally installed the radio twice… is there any way i can undo this?

    • Tim M,

      If you phone is still functioning after the second install just ignore it, you lucked out 🙂

  • Alice


    I need help I’m stuck. I downloaded FlashRec.apk (Updated: 09/26/09)and Amon Ra’s Recovery Image (Updated 11/18/2009)



    • Alice,

      The new version of Flashrec removed the word custom lol Just click it lol

  • Brandon

    yeah i have the 3.5mm ear buds, is there something wrong with this type?

    • Brandon,

      Different motherboard. Will update the procedure for the 3.5mm MyTouch as soon as I can get my hands on one.

  • Brandon

    oh i see, no wonder. Well is there a way you can notify me once you get the procedures down? Maybe email? Or will i have to just check constantly on this site?

    • Brandon,

      The easiest way would be for you to follow our twitter. facebook, or RSS feed and you’ll be notified once we post it up.

  • Lucas Vargas

    Hey Unlockr, i downloaded both of those files and when i do the whole “backup Recovery Image” it says Backup Failed Could not run command.

    • Lucas,

      Read the before you begin, you have Cupcake. It’ll tell you what to do if you have Cupcake.

  • steven

    Ive done everything until step.10 when i try to backup recovery Image i get an error which says: “Backup FAILED: Could not run command” what do i do? please respond I’m stuck

    • Steven,

      Please read the before you begin. You have Donut and need to downgrade first…

  • EvSouL


    I followed the steps exactly as they are worded.. and when I go into the linda file manager and try to run the recovery-RA-dream file I get a parse error. I downloaded everything as told and followed the directions as said to.. any suggestions?

    • EvSoul,

      Where in the instructions does it say to RUN the recovery-ra-dream file? 🙂 Try again and read the procedure, good luck!

  • adrian

    help my g1 is brick when i try to update de radio y press delete data factory and then I pres apply update from sdcard but i do something wrong becaes i thing I delete the OS on my phone and now my phone is brick someone know how to fix a brick phone i try recoverymode and fastboot mode but nothing is workin palodfw@gmail.com someone can Hlep me pliz

    • Adrian,

      You did NOT delete the OS. What you probably did was not let the Radio update finish and that caused the phone to freeze up.
      Try taking out the battery for 10 secs. Put it back in and turn the phone on normally. Let it sit like that for 10 minutes and then take out the battery out for 10 secs again. Then turn it on by holding down home and power and see if you get to the recovery screen, if not try power and camera.
      Good luck!

  • Tom

    Will these directions work for the Fender 1.6 MyTouch?

  • ash

    Once I load a rom onto it, do I still need the rom file on the SD card to run it? Thanks.

  • Ayush

    I have an unlocked mytouch. I wanted to know what are the chances that my phone will get unlocked after rooting and installing a custom rom?

    • Ayush,

      I think your asking if you will keep your unlock, and yes you will. Just don’t update your Radio.

  • Kok Fong


    I got a new Magic with me and it is running on Cupcake (checked from ‘About phone’ in setting, it says Firmware version 1.5). I’ve never rooted my phone before and I’m stuck in step 10 with “backup failed could not run command” error message. What should I do?

  • GUNZ

    Is it possible to change the splash screen after using this method. I have a MyTouch 3G.
    HBOOT 1.33.0006 (SAPP30000)
    if so where can i find in stuctions for this?

    • Gunz,

      Not a bad idea for a video… I’ll do the how to this week 🙂

  • Ayush

    Whats the difference between radio and rom? also does that mean i can not update the phone if/when official 2.0+ is released for mytouch? Also can a factory reset remove the unlock? Sorry for this many questions I just want to know what i am getting into before i do it

  • rey

    come on people stop sking the same question over and over. please read before you do something to your phone…… read read and read then do it…..

    Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

    Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

    Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

    Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image (OR HAVE DONUT), please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.

    Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

    Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

    Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

    Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image (OR HAVE DONUT), please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.

    Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

    Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

    Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

    Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image (OR HAVE DONUT), please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.

  • juaninamillion

    i downgraded to cupcake on my girlfriends g1. it doesnt have a section to format the sd card. Now im getting the evil eye, please help!

  • juaninamillion

    i downgraded to what i thought was cupcake 1.5. But when i check it says firmware version 1.0

  • rey

    juaninamillion ……………..

    now you must update to 1.5.
    Download the cupcake update, then put it on your SD card, rename it to update.zip Turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Home and Power to get to recovery mode. In recovery mode (the ! screen) hit Alt L to see text, then hit Alt S to Apply the update.

  • Kris

    I’ve followed step by step downgraded to 1.5 on my Mytouch 3g put the Flashrec on the sd card along with the recovery image. When i load flashrec it does let me do the first backup but the other button stays grayed out. Any reason? or anything i’m missing?

    • Kris,

      That means you need to put the recovery image on the SD card and make sure it is spelt correctly and NOT in any folders on the SD card.
      Follow the procedure, good luck!

  • Ayush

    How do I make sure I am not updating my radio?

  • Luiss

    Hello mr unlocked I’m having the same Problem as Kris which is “I’ve followed step by step downgraded to 1.5 on my Mytouch 3g put the Flashrec on the sd card along with the recovery image. When i load flashrec it does let me do the first backup but the other button stays grayed out. Any reason? or anything i’m missing?” I’ve make sure to write the same exact thing that’s says on the step by step not the video /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img and it will still stay grayed out, I took out the first slash just to see nothing, I wrote it like they do on the video nothing.. Does it have to do with me having the flashrec 1.1.3?

    • Luis,

      Means the recovery image is not on the sd in the right place or you are spelling it wrong. Good luck!

  • hello unlocker guys i just bought my mytouh bout a month ago and i just recently tried to root it but while i was in the process of doing it the flash custom recovery was never on my phone to click on i think i did all the processes right pplease help

    • Davin,

      If you have the new myTouch with 3.5mm jack on top, then read the first line in the procedure:

      *If you have a MyTouch 1.2 or Fender Edition, use this procedure instead.

  • how do you root a mytouch 1.5

  • i do not have a fender mytouch but when i try to root it the other way it seems like its not working

  • when i use the flashrec-20090815.apk and try to use the backup recovery image it says back up failed

    • John john,

      Read the first step… downgrade first.

  • Nate

    If you’re using the Ra v1.5.2, does it require either Eng Spl or Danger Spl? Also, does the Mytouch require a radio update? If so, where would I get it?

  • Nate

    If I want to use the Mlign v3.3, would I need to change to a different SPL, like ENG or anything? I’ve also read a bunch of confusing stuff about changing the radio?? Some people say you don’t have to change it for HERO roms and some people do. Any ideas?

  • rey


    the forums are really hard to use.

    • Rey,

      What do you mean? How can we improve them?

  • crayze

    hi my problem is that when i backup recovery image using the recovery flasher it said the my ” back up failed: could not run command” waht do i do??????

  • crayze

    nvm i un rooted the phone

  • nevlogic

    i am stuck @ section 2 step 10! when i press backup recovery image on my G1 it says backup failed: could not run command. please kindly help me!

    • Nevlogic,

      Read the first step. You need to downgrade to Android 1.5 first. Then come back and finish the process.

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  • Aaliyah

    On step 5 i dont get which link to download on flashrec.apk and on everyone I clicked , none are the same of yours please help .

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  • kalia

    While in Recovery Flasher messages pops up saying Application not instaled Recovery Flasher could not be installed on this phone.

    • Kalia,

      Which phone are you using? Did you goto Settings > Applications and check Allow Non Market Apps?

  • Pingback: Was haltet ihr von einem VideoHowTo zum G1 rooten - Android-Hilfe.de()

  • oscar

    i have done all steps to make mt3g go back to 1.5 then followed the steps to root after downloading both file then when its time type in flashrec its doesn’t let me choose anything please help

    • Oscar,

      That means either:
      A. You typed in the name of the recovery image wrong.
      B. You didn’t do the backup recovery image first.
      C. The recovery image is named wrong on the SD card.
      D. The recovery image is not on the root of the SD card (it has to be on the sd card but NOT in any folders).

      Good luck!

  • oscar

    everything looks good but still doesn’t let me do it i followed all steps a gain and nothing. is there a way that video can updated with the new stuff rather the older ones,thanks… ill keep trying

  • oscar

    thank you, the unlockr i got mt3g rooted 😀

  • dakota

    i can not find linda in the market. i did search and it says it cant find it

  • Robert

    i am looking for the flashrec.apk file. every link that is located in that link that is on this page only has the zipped folder, there is no actual flashrec.apk file. so where do i go to get the flashrec.apk file from? i tried all the links avaliable on this page but none are the flashrec.apk file. nothing but zipped folders.

    • Robert,

      It is the link that says “pre-compiled” in front of it.
      If it shows up as a .zip folder that is your computer confusing it for a zip folder. Just find the file on your computer and change the .zip to a .apk and it should then work once you send it to your phone.
      Good luck!

      Read the reported issues as well:

      Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

      Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

  • Robert

    i dident even find a .zip folder. i clicked on the compiled link. it downloads a folder called “flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2”. i looked for the flashrec.zip file in that folder but there isnt one in there that is named anything close to that. am i doing something wrong? >.<

  • Zain

    I got to the part where it says backup complete and i put in what it says to put in, in the space but the only option i have to chose is “Restore Backup Image” what did i do wrong????

    • Zain,

      Issue: I get Invalid Recovery Image or Flash Recovery doesn’t show up, it stays greyed out!

      Solution: Make sure that the spell correction and auto completion are OFF in the Text Settings (Settings > Locale and Text > Touch Input > Text Input then turn off Prediction, spell correction, and word completion) of your phone. If not then it may put in spaces where they do not belong. (I had it put a space after .img and couldn’t see it so couldn’t figure out why it kept saying invalid recovery image, like you guys).

      Other than that, just make sure it is on the root of the SD card (not in any folder) and that you are typing in:


      and it should show Flash Recovery

  • jibbz

    ok i have a g1 unlocked. if i root my g1 will it lock? n than i have to reunloack?

    • Jibbz,

      No it should stay unlocked no problem.

  • Robert

    soooooooo can someone email the flashrec.apk file or something? shouldent be a big file. since i havent got any feed back about my previous comment. i would really apperciate it. bigrob4786@gmail.com 🙂

    • Robert,

      I did respond, you didn’t listen lol


      It is the link that says “pre-compiled” in front of it.
      If it shows up as a .zip folder that is your computer confusing it for a zip folder. Just find the file on your computer and change the .zip to a .apk and it should then work once you send it to your phone.
      Good luck!

      Read the reported issues as well:

      Issue: When I download the FlashRec.apk it shows up as a .zip not an apk.

      Solution: No problem. Do NOT extract it, just simply replace the .zip with .apk and then proceed with the procedure.

      The precompiled link IS the right file, when you download it just put it on the sd card, don’t try to open it etc. Your computer is handling it odd because it doesnt know what an apk file is.

  • Robert

    well i did download that file and put the whole thin on my sd card but it still read just like it did on my computer. even when i checked on my phone from my sc card it dident show any apk or zip file at all. ima noob at this. so sorry if im making this complicated for some reason. idk wtf is going on. i must be doing something wrong >.>

  • Robert

    ok my bro came over and did it for me lol. but it still says back up failed. >.<

    • Robert,

      Read the very first step 🙂
      You need to downgrade to cupcake first then do this procedure.
      Also check to make sure that the phone you have doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone Jack at the top, this would mean it is a my touch 1.2 so you should do the my touch 1.2 rooting procedure instead of this one.

  • Robert

    ok will do. i dont have the 3.5 mm jack though. so it should be the normal OS or w/e i guess. n e wayz ima downgrade to it 🙂

  • jibbz

    it should? or are you sure it will stay unlocked? plz help cuz im not tryna lock my phone again., n also if i root it will all the apps i have stay or will they delete? plz help thank you 🙂

  • rey


    as far as i know yeup you will be lock again. go to xda but i seen unlocks phone to lock again if you flash the radio.

  • josh v

    unlockr__ after i goto linda and click the apk and click restore nothing comes up, it says flash complete i just unrooted my phone. it doesnt say the cynogen or anything. and it doest have the same icon as yours did when its in linda.

    • Josh V,

      You doing the procedure? Just follow what it says (where does it say to hit restore? Lol where are you even hitting restore?)

  • jesus

    hey has any1 tried to root their g1 lately? n if so does it work with the “1 click”? and if so is it recommendable?

  • Kelvin


  • mt3gdude12345

    umm i followed all the steps but i think i installed the wrong flashrec as it gives me differant options than what are listed on the video. i have gone onthe website to try to find the one listed on the video but i cant find it. can anyone provide me with an alternate download site? thank you

    • Mt3gDude,

      Use the Precompiled one on the download page. The options might be named differently (like flash recovery instead of flash custom recovery), but they are identical. Just click backup, then type in the text box according to the instructions and click flash.

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  • chris

    For some reason I can’t get mine to do a backup recovery image. Can anyone give me a possible reason for this

  • Johnny Hamer

    Hello, I followed all the steps and I have rooted before with the old way. I backed up and flashed the new recov img but when I boot into recovery I am still getting the old recover img. And for some reason I did NOT get root access. I opened up terminal and typed SU and got access denied. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Johnny,

      You need to goto the next procedure to get internal root access…

  • when i try to backup recovery image it says- backup failed- could not run command

    • Tim,

      Read the before you begin… You need to downgrade.

  • tim volack

    downgrade what
    the operating system?

  • iiTzJ03y

    Can you use this prosses to root a version 1.5 build CRB43 g1?

    • iiTzj03y,

      Yes. Remember to do the downgrade in Before You Begin first though.

  • TheDuke

    i cant seem to find anything that will help me root my rogers htc dream… i supposebly have, wat u call, the perfect spl and my builsd number is 1.89.631.1 i have searched everywhere and i cant seem to find anything that works. i keep try to do the one step method but it keeps saying recovery failed. i tried pressing to the right of the recovery icon but still says flash doesnt work…ive tried downgrading but it keeps saying wrong model…..pls help…

  • tk

    Hi, Unlockr

    So, I followed all the steps. Applied update.zip for cyanogen rom. But my phone is stuck on the green mt3g screen. I formatted card again, wiped again and applied update.zip. Still no go.
    One thing, though. I am using my camera to upload the update file, as I dont have an sd adaptor. Can’t use phone because it is locked to to mobile and I dont have data plan.
    What do you think I should do. You think using the camera to upload is creating issues?

  • Scroggins

    Hey unlockr I’ve got a couple of quick questions I’m sure you can answer for me. Ive just completed the before steps and I’m about unmount and reformat my sd card. My question is once i reformat.wont i lose my 1.5 cupcake? If so do I put it back on the card when I go to add the apk and revovery image? My last question is ive gone to the apk and recovery download links to save them to my computer and when I do the file name is different than the one shown in the video, is that ok or do I need to rename them? Thanks in advance.

    • Scroggins,

      No the update on the sd card can be deleted, if you flashed the cupcake file already you will stay on cupcake.
      The file name might be different because it is a newer version of flashrec and the recovery image. So long as the flashrec file is a .apk file and the recovery file is a .img file you are fine. (Just make sure to read the procedure for the typing into the flashrec app part as you need to type what is written NOT what is in the video).

  • FrankieV

    Hey there Unlockr. I have a quick question for you here. I have been watching rom review and tutorial videos recently a lot, but most of them are done on a G1 I have a Mytouch 3g and they all talk about SPL i noticed that we dont have to do that stuff when installing roms.

    So my question is do i need to install any kind of SPL or Radios at all to install any type of android 2.1 roms? and Also i recently installed the newest radio i saw on a video Radio 2_22_23_02 Will this cause problems down the line for any ROMS?

    Thank you for you time all your help for what u do is much appreciated

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  • ynyn

    this was asked several time, but I couldn’t find a clear answer.
    I have a T-Mobile USA MyTouch with 1.6, but I don’t have a data plan. I used a neighbor’s SIM to activate it for the first time. Will I have to activate it again using 3G after I downgrade to 1.5 or can I use then wi-fi?
    (the instructions in http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php/Full_Update_Guide_-_MT3G/Magic_Firmware_to_CyanogenMod are also not clear about this )

  • Johnny J.

    The hyper link to Amon Ra’s recovery Image is not availiable. Is there another link I can use???


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  • D’Wan Ellington

    Hello Ynyn,
    Yes you will have to re-activate it. i just used this method on my MT3G.

  • timeracer

    I also find that the Amon Ra’s recovery image is not available. Where can I get it?

    • Timeracer,

      Read the beginning of the post… use the new procedures they have updated recovery image links.

  • Ahmad

    hey bro, do you know if this unlocks my phone to use with other carriers??

    • Ahmad,

      No it does not. You’d need to purchase an unlock code for that.

  • G1rideordie21

    I am about to start this process of rooting my G1 phone. I am at firmware 1.6 and Build number DMD64. Is there anything I need to do before I start the steps above?

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  • samuel

    i had made all the process of unrooting my mytouch 3G.. download the .nbh file, save it on my sd card, put the sd card on my phone, turn on my phone by holding down volume and power and all the rest of the process, but now it says that i have to set a google account but i dont have an internet plan, but i have wireless connection in my house, and the phone doesn’t connect to my router and i cant use my phone!!!! what i have to do ?

    • Samuel,

      Grab a friend that has a SIM with a data plan and put their SIM in, activate and then take their SIM out and put yours back in. Otherwise just add the data plan to your line for 1 day (it will literally cost you $1 for the day of internet, $30/30 days in a month = $1. That is how they calculate it).

  • mizzie85

    I’m stuck in andriod 1.0, everytime I get the air update it goes to RA rcvy img and says installation aborted. I’m trying to install cyan 5.0.8, it won’t let me update the radio version so I can move to the next step. Is that because I’m stuck in 1.0? Please help me

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  • richard

    when i tried doing step 5 to download the apk and recovery image i went to the site and it showed me a bunch of versions so do i choose for my g1


    And whats the link to get Amon Ra’s Recovery Image

  • richard

    what website do i go to get the amon ra’s recovery image ?

  • Ryan

    It is only allowing me to download the first file.. not the recovery image… what can i do?

  • Worked for me. In retrospect this is obvious, but you need to telnet in from *another* machine. I thought originally this was telnet to self on the G1.

  • ?????????

    i get to the backup recovery image, when i click it it says backup failed: could not run command.

    what do i do?

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  • Rillpimp909

    great device, great information, and great operating system, follow the instructions carefully and you can have any version of android os you want. i just installed “HTC HERO’ operating system for “mytouch og” and it works great, i am very satisfied and hope anyone else who trys this will be too. just follow directions!!!! lol

  • Rillpimp909

    great device, great information, and great operating system, follow the instructions carefully and you can have any version of android os you want. i just installed “HTC HERO’ operating system for “mytouch og” and it works great, i am very satisfied and hope anyone else who trys this will be too. just follow directions!!!! lol

  • Haha44haha

    HELP i cant find out where to download flashrec.apk an amon ra’s recovery image at plz email me the site or something haha44haha@yahoo.com

    • Why does no one read the procedures… please read the very first line and use one of te other procedures.

  • Nickandy94

    Okay so My G1 is rooted and i would like to unroot it and so far everything i try to do to unroot is doesnt work help me please

  • Nickandy94

    Okay so My G1 is rooted and i would like to unroot it and so far everything i try to do to unroot is doesnt work help me please

  • Search our site for How To Unroot the G1…

  • Search our site for How To Unroot the G1…

  • Detta

    so i followed the tutorial on how to unroot/downgrade to cupcake, and I did that. then I went through downloading the first file, had to do some searching for the second one, but finally found that. When I open the flashrec program, it says “Can’t verify EBI version.” and the backup recovery image fails and says “could not run command”. how do i fix this?

  • Detta

    so i followed the tutorial on how to unroot/downgrade to cupcake, and I did that. then I went through downloading the first file, had to do some searching for the second one, but finally found that. When I open the flashrec program, it says “Can’t verify EBI version.” and the backup recovery image fails and says “could not run command”. how do i fix this?

  • Yomahaa2004

    none of this Garbage seams to work

  • jesse

    i can’t find the correct downloads on here and when i find files with the names matching what were shown in the video they don’t work with my phone. and i made sure this is the right video.

  • jesse

    i can’t find the correct downloads on here and when i find files with the names matching what were shown in the video they don’t work with my phone. and i made sure this is the right video.

  • Wagyu

    Does this procedure and the following apply to Roger’s HTC Dreams?


  • Usher

    after you format the sd card dose it erase all the apps on the fender?

  • Usher

    i am freacked out if it dose on the fender!!!!!!! tell me what the fuck dose it do to the fender

  • Zkrehj

    if you rooted it u can use any sim card? does this work for mytouch slide 3g?

  • Preferiida Kathy

    I can’t fine the flashrec download

    • Preferiida Kathy


  • hi, i downloaded the file and copied them to my sd card and turned off the phone and held down the camera and End buttons. here’s what i got when i did this:



    Not Allowed..

    i have tried also formatting my sd card and just copied the 2 files but still same error

  • After some trial and error using this method, I was able to successfully root my phone and now am sitting at 2.3.4. Works great. One question — I want to change my 4G SD card to a new 8G SD card. Do I need to do anything special to avoid losing any of my upgrade?

  • I have had my MyTouch 3g since last November and I think the camera
    along with other features is cool. I like the camera because the device
    is more mobile than most cameras and has a pretty decent quality.

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