Multitouch, custom ROMs, maybe even Sense UI on your Nexus One? We’ll it all begins with rooting it first. So thanks to Paul at Modaco here’s how.

I. Before You Begin

You must have setup ADB, you this procedure to do so, then once you can see a Serial Number come back to this procedure and continue.

How To Setup ADB

II. Root the Nexus One

1. Download Superboot (download the one for your build version! To check your build version goto Settings > About Phone > then scroll to the bottom to see Build Number.)


2. Once it is saved to your computer, unzip it to your C: by right clicking it and clicking Extract Files…
Once it is extracted to the C:, rename the folder to Superboot (this will make life easier later).

3. Turn off your Nexus One and then plug it in to your computer via USB cable.

4. Turn the phone back on by holding down the trackball and hitting power (keep holding it down until the fastboot screen comes up).

5. Open the Command Prompt on your computer by opening the Start Menu, then either typing cmd and hitting enter in the search box (for Vista and higher) or by clicking Run and typing cmd and hitting enter (for XP).

6. Once it opens type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd C:\Superboot
fastboot-windows devices

*Your phones serial number should display proving that it is connected and your computer can see it.

Then type:

fastboot-windows oem unlock

7. Then follow what the screen says to do on your phone and select Yes.

*You may get an error in the command prompt, just ignore it.
**Also your phone may reboot, if it does just turn it off, then turn it back on by holding down Power and the Trackball to get back to fastboot before continuing on to the next step.

8. Now, while the phone is still connected, go on your computer to the Superboot folder and open it. Inside you will see a file called, install-superboot-windows.bat

9. Double click install-superboot-windows.bat and wait for it to finish. All done, rooted!

III. Load a Custom ROM (OPTIONAL)

Goto our How To Load a Custom ROM on the Nexus One procedure.

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  • Hey, look at you Mr. Unlockr. You read my mind, I just came over here to send you this link:

    Which of course refers to the “Superboot” you have on this page. Well done!

  • John

    Why is there a brown liquidy substance coming out from between the android pictures legs? is android being sponsored by exlax?

    • John,

      Ha no by Charmin.
      They are roots man not liquid, sheesh.

  • david

    now all i need is an N1

  • Alex

    superboot link is broken. It’s broken on all posts I found about this, too.

  • Bakano

    wow…. amazing. absolutely amazing. It barely comes out and already there is a way to root it… =) GREAT work!!!!

  • spawn

    Issue: when I run the *.bat file it says waiting for device and nothing happens. anyone else having this issue?
    I tried this on Win7 and Win vista.
    please email any suggestions.
    sharath at komputix dot com

  • LoserBaby

    i double clicked the bat file, which opened the cmd window, ran some code and then closed. so i ran it again but this time i ran cmd first then opened the bat file. the last line after running bat says:

    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)

    I can’t figure out if this is because i already rooted it the first time i double clicked the bat or whether the root is failing. any idea?

    • LoserBaby,

      Test it. Download a Root enabled app from the market and try it. Let me know if it works or what errors you get so we can hone the procedure.

  • Luis

    Im getting a nexus one tomorrow, so whats the point in rooting a nexus one? anything that would make me want to root it?

    • Luis,

      At the moment not really. But there will be 🙂 We just have to wait for more devs to get Nexus One’s in their hands and start playing.
      Free themes, WiFi Tethering, Sense UI (possibly even TimeScape UI from Sony), Root enabled apps (like backups hideAds etc), overclocking, etc just to name a few benefits.

  • jessica

    did u get your nexus yet unlockr? do i have to unlock the bootloader to do this? because i tried doing both and im having issues..

    • Jessica,

      JUST ORDERED THE NEXUS ONE 🙂 Should be in Monday or so and then well do the video etc.

  • Ted

    Im having a hard time rooting my nexus one. i have downloaded the appropriate superboot file and unzipped it. that folder is now on my desktop. i am using a Mac and i am unfamiliar with running command prompts and things of that nature. its something ive never done before and could use any direction you guys may have to offer. thanks!

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  • jessica

    sounds good 😀 would you happen to know when i try to run fastboot it says ‘this application failed to start because AdbWinApi.dll was not found…’ so what do i do?

  • bryan

    hey man i rooted my nexus with your instructions but the superuser is not working right and so if u have any help i will really thank you

    • Bryan,

      I will have a Nexus One here tomorrow and will be doing the videos for this procedure tomorrow night so I can alter the procedure a bit and help out. Check back tomorrow night or Tues.

  • bryan

    thank you so much man

  • David Riley

    I,ve been working on unlocking boot loader and root for hours. I’m convinced it’s a hoax.

    • David Riley,

      We are getting our Nexus today so I’ll do a video then for you 🙂

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  • Paul

    Shouldn’t the instructions say to have your N1 connected to your PC via USB?

  • bryan

    Hey its thre a way to unroot the n1

  • LP

    Hi Unlockr,
    If my computer can’t see my Nexus (no serial number confirmation), which drivers do I need to download?

    • LP,

      Goto the How To Setup ADB procedure that is linked here and download the newest SDK (it should have them built in) and follow the procedure to the end.
      Good luck!

  • devo229

    crap. all mine does is hang at su request screen when i try to use set cpu ap or wifi tether ap

  • devo229

    anyone one what root apps work to see if im really rooted?

    • Devo229,

      The one Im using works just fine with rooted apps. I downloaded Better Terminal app and typed SU and no permission denied.
      Usually if it is hanging and doesnt say permission denied it means the Superuser program isnt working properly not that you arent rooted.
      Did you do the entire procedure or go load a ROM?

  • devo229

    its fast

  • bryan

    hey devo229 how did u fix the broblemin su request that what mine and idk wat to do man please help man

    • Bryan,

      Goto the next video and load the Modaco ROM. Its faster, has backup abilities, and will auto install Superuser which will let you get root access easier in apps.

  • devo229

    what do i type is it SU and no permission denied, or SU no permission denied, with spaces or no spaces?? i really didnt wanna load any roms

    • Devo,

      Make sure its NOT capitalized…

  • devo229

    dont konw what you mean by entire procedure, if it is all that was in the video yes i did, also i think i am rooted some root apps work others dont

  • devo229

    i typed in SU no permission denied all i got after that is permission denied

  • jessica

    err.. the serial number doesnt show. i tried installing the usb driver(ur other tutoral) still nothing. couldnt get my damn comp to recognize the phone. plz help 🙁 its very frustrating

  • devo229

    that was a mistake on here i did do no caps same thing

  • @Jessica, Download the Android SDK from here:

    extract files to C:\AndroidSDK\
    run the setup.exe in the directory and download all updates possible (you want the USB driver)

    Then look in C:\AndroidSDK\USB driver\
    You should see some files. Just to make sure you updated/downlaoded them.

    Now turn your phone’s option on for USB debugging under Settings->Applications

    Now your computer will see a new USB device. Go ahead and update its driver pointing to the USB drivers we downloaded.

    Then you should try testing devices again and should work!

  • Another great video from Unlockr. I’ll give it a shot when I decide my phone won’t die or need warranty work in the next couple weeks!

    • Unoid,

      Thanks! I’ve never had an all touch screen device from HTC need warranty replacement. Only thing I have ever go wrong on an HTC was keys on the keyboard going bad and needing to be sent in for warranty, so on the Nexus, the only thing that could break that isn’t software based would be the trackball I barely use lol So not worried about warranty 🙂

  • devo229

    permission denied ,,, anyway around this with out loading a rom?

    • Devo229,

      Not sure, I loaded a ROM.
      You can always load the original ROM back fyi… search XDA for the original ROM or wait a few days and I’ll have it on here.

  • devo229

    is modaco the only rom out??? i dont like the hero rom

  • Davem

    Hello, I tried rooting and got all the way through until I had to double click the “install superboot windows” — the command screen pops up but doesnt go away and it says “waiting for device” ?????? What do I do???

  • jessica

    UNOID: i was trying to open the android SDK but it just flashes and doesnt really open. i got that to open prev but now it wont open.. any ideas why its doing that?

  • onyx


    it doesn’t appear superboot is available any longer via the link you provided. can you download it from elsewhere?

    • Onyx,

      It’s there. I just checked. Scroll down on that page to the Download part.

  • cklooi

    hi unlockr,

    New to android….

    A silly question. After done the process, will all the data and settings gone?

    What is the benefit to root?

    and do we need to unroot the phone when the upgrade from google is ready? and how?

  • jae

    OK now how do I do similar unlock

  • jae

    Sorry I meant sim card unlock

    • Jae,

      On the Nexus One? You don’t it is SIM unlocked from Google… just put any SIM you want in it.

  • jessica

    thanx for the help guys. finally got it rooted! 😀

    • nick

      jessica what did the problem turn out to be. I have done everything i can as far as the guides tell me. I can not root my n1 it says fastboot-windows devices is not recognized as an internal or external command. what did you finally end up doing to get it to work. I am 3 days in and there isnt a guide i havent read> PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE HELP ME

      • TheUnlockr


        Updated the Superboot link, try it now and download the superboot for YOUR BUILD. The procedure shows you how to check your build.
        Also if it is saying not recognized means you didnt follow the procedure correctly.
        You MUST extract it to the C: drive. So when you click on My Computer on your computer then C: then click on Superboot the folder there is fastboot-windows.exe inside (along with all the other files in the superboot folder).

        Good luck!

  • pack

    when i try to switch user to root i get the SU Request screen (as i would on g1/mt3g) except it only says SU Request in the grey bar on top everything else is black… there is no allow/not allow/always allow/never allow… i tried to install the superuser app from one of my other roms but it will not install… is there a superuser for n1 alone or is there another way to get this working…

    • Pack,

      You need to finish this procedure completely (the last step is important to getting Superuser.apk to work properly).

  • rey

    thanks the unlockr less than 10 minutes. that was fast but now what???? i need wifitether any 1 know if itis posible already???????

    • Rey,

      Definitely possible. Download the Modaco ROM from our Downloads section and flash it using our How To Load a Custom ROM on the Nexus One procedure and you’re all set.

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  • pack


    thats an issue because i did that… the cmd prompt came up and said it wrote the files…

    it still force closes whenever the su request pops up… do you thing i should just goto fastboot and try running it again or would you recommend another way?

  • pack


    i put the multitouch browser on here and now my su request are working fine… i know that shouldnt of effected it :/ kinda weird… but thanks for the help

    • Pack,

      Ha odd… but hey whatever works 🙂

  • Chris

    Hey thanks for the write up. I’ve done everything so far but the last step still says “waiting for device”

    what can be wrong?

  • varvaro

    …and now phone, can not run 🙁 Freezes at startup.’ll probably have to send to service ..

    • Varvaro,

      Reload it into fastboot mode and follow the procedure again, don’t panic…

  • shonan

    unlockr ,
    i want to unroot my Nexus. How do i do that with the custom recovery ? Will it work and erase the custom recovery?

    • Shonan,

      There is no way to completely unroot the Nexus yet. You can load the original ROM and recovery image but on your boot up you will still have that unlocked lock at the bottom indicating you have unlocked your bootloader (they are working on reloacking that currently).

  • DocMark

    I have spent two days now trying to unlock the nexus one bootloader and have read all posts. When the nexus one is booted holding down power and trackball, I can get the bootloader screen, but in this mode, the PC does NOT see the nexus one. So how can running the commands fastboot-windows oem unlock work. You get waiting for devices at command prompt since a command prompt does NOT see the drive. IOWm the drive is NOT mounted. I have seen other posts with same issue, then magically they say they fixed it. But how. I am in debug mode. I tried toggling debug mode off and on. I tried toggling power ket in the bootloader screen. Again, how can you issue a command to a device that is not seen. AFAIK, it has to be mounted when the nexus is booted up. PLEASE HELP me get past this issue. I have read every site there is on unlocking Nexus bootloader. Yes, I even tried updating the USB from one site with sdk tools also.

    • DocMark,

      This seems to happen to some computers, and is DEFINITELY a driver issue.
      What I had to do to get it to work was do the How To Setup ADB procedure on this site (and use USBDeview to uninstall the drivers and then reinstall them manually from the file from here as well) and it worked.
      Search the site for that procedure and try to get the phone to be seen in adb.

  • Shay

    thenks! – I had the same problem as DocMark – uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them solved the problem!

  • DocMark

    I finally got the unlock procedure to work. When in the fastboot mode, I looked at my Device manager and it showed an other device with an exclamation. (The Nexus One was seen as and Android 1.0 device, BTW) I then used the update driver procedure and pointed to the unzipped SDK driver located in the download. That fixed the issue. The phone is now seen at the fastboot screen and I now have the “beautiful” unlock icon showing up on my phone. I knew it had to be a driver issue. It was the method to get an update to work, that was baffling, since windows would not let me update when the phone was mounted. It always said the best driver was already in use. Anyways, I hope this helps others that may have run into this.

  • Luis

    i was wondering, i think the Nexus one is suppose to get a OTA next week to fix the 3g issues and stuff, if i rooted my Nexus can i still get it or do i have to wait till a developer has a rooted version?

    and is there a way to Relock and unroot a nexus one?

  • jessica

    would anyone know why im getting an ‘insufficient storage available’ error when i try to install an app. i checked my mem and it shows i still have 128mb left.. oh yeah running modaco rom if that makes a diff

  • confrontation

    when I run the *.bat file it says waiting for device and nothing happens wot can i do?

    • Confrontation,

      Means your drivers are not working properly.

  • miguel

    does anybody know how to unroot the nexus one. no other software was installed on it. was just rooted.

    • Miguel,

      Unroot how? If you load the update it when you receive the OTA and that will unroot it (also there is NO reason to unroot a phone unless you are sending it in for warranty).

  • confrontation

    so i download and install the driver?

  • confrontation

    Do i need to install the sdk? if so can I do it with a 64bit OS?

    • Confrontation,

      Yes and yes. The Google SDK site has more info on how to install it. Or you can goto our How To Setup ADB procedure.

  • confrontation

    i think i have rooted the nexus one , but now im using root explorer but its hanging on the “SU Request” screen. wot can i do?

    • Confrontation,

      Finish the procedure. It tells you how to fix Superuser.

  • miguel

    ok thanks for the info. i was just afraid it would not get the update. but i guess it will. also i tried loading the update manually and it kept giving a error message. after saying “verifying current system” it says “assert failed” then a bunch of numbers. does anybody know what it means.

  • confrontation

    i figured it all out , just one thing , is the market down? anything i seem to download just keeps saying “starting download” been that way since rooted

  • Horace

    I am returning my N1 back to HTC for repair. There are multiple dust particles under the screen. How do I unroot the N1?. I am aware of the inability to relock the boatloader. HTC is aware of this and is willing to honor the warranty. I just want to unroot the device and return it with the original firmware. Thanks.

    • Horace,

      Just flash the latest update with doing a wipe before hand. Then flash the recovery image manually using our how to flash a recovery image procedure.
      As for the dust under the screen, I have that too! HTC told you they would honor the warranty even with the bootloader unlocked? That is awesome of them, but would love to hear more about it?

  • How can I keep a backup of my bootloader/recovery while rooting so I can roll back to the stock one whenever I would want?

    • Haris,

      At the moment there is no way to revert the bootloader (HTC made it that way, we are working on fixing this).
      So if you unlock the bootloader there is no relocking it at the moment.

  • Docmjldds

    <<is the market down?
    No…I am totally rooted, modded out and works fine. I just updated chompSMS btw.

  • Horace


    Thanks for your quick response and guide how to get back to stock. I will keep the forum posted on my success or failure with HTC on the warranty.

  • Alex T

    before i tried to root my nexus it was 2.1 update 1. so when i tried rooting mid process i missed one step.(8. Now, while the phone is still connected, go on your computer to the Superboot folder and open it. Inside you will see a file called, install-superboot-windows.bat) instead of clicking the bat first i clicked the application in the folder. while all this was happening my phone was on the android setup(click android to begin screen) now im not sure whats wrong with my phone but it doesnt let me download anything from the market, HELP!plz!

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  • kong

    hi all, i rooted my nexus usinf the superboot image but the wifi is unable to start, anyone else get this? i then flash the original shipped image back on and it fine, but no root 🙁

  • kong

    ok, gonna try the superboot with himem image…

  • confrontation

    anything i seem to download from the market just keeps saying “starting download” been that way since rooted

  • Austin Davis

    Hello, i just installed this rom and got to the very end where you reset the phone now when it boots up it just shows the firework things coming together over and over. Anyone know what is wrong? Thanks

  • has anyone rooted a nexus one on a mac ? same process ? will the install-superboot-windows-bat file work on a mac or is it mac compatible ?

  • N1-Jhay

    wow this is frustrating, I did everything and went all the way to deleting all the way to uninstalling HTC devices from USBDeview… And reconnected USB, and it isnt installing the device properly… anyone know why this is happening? or how to get this installed? Thanks.

  • N1-Jhay

    Sorry, let me rewrite that last comment…

    Heres what I’ve done so far:

    – Did fastboot-windows devices = no serial number
    – Set up SDK = still no serial number
    – Downloaded USBDeview and followed the instructions to delete HTC devices.
    – Unplugged USB and Replugged it. = Correct drivers didnt reinstall.

    USB debugging has been enabled the whole time. Is there anyone having the same problem? A little help anyone? 🙂 Thanks.

  • iom_jack

    Please Help. Im getting stock in instruction number 6 as it wont show the serial number and it wont go further. im using windows 7 64 bits. did i miss something???

  • Matthew


    For windows 7 you have to install the usb drivers. I was also at this roadblock. Look on this site for how to install usb drivers and it’ll show you how.

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  • Nepalese


    I have the N1 and have been trying to root it using your steps. I downloaded the Superboot and followed the steps but it doesnt show my phone. It is running on 2.1 version. I also tried AndroidSDK but its not working either. I have enabled USB Debugging and all.
    Do I have to be at Donut or 1.5 for this to work?

    • Nepalese,

      No, you need to install the drivers properly. Also your phone needs to be in fastboot mode (not just on).

      3. Turn off your Nexus One and then plug it in to your computer via USB cable.

      4. Turn the phone back on by holding down the trackball and hitting power (keep holding it down until the fastboot screen comes up).

      5. Open the Command Prompt on your computer by opening the Start Menu, then either typing cmd and hitting enter in the search box (for Vista and higher) or by clicking Run and typing cmd and hitting enter (for XP).

      6. Once it opens type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

      cd C:\Superboot
      fastboot-windows devices

  • Chuh

    Is there a how-to version to root the nexus one with a mac?

  • Sony

    My Wifi cannot be turned on after rooted
    Android 2.1 update1

    Where did i go wrong?

    • Sony,

      Try to wipe and then reload the ROM.

  • shockaholick

    So I did everything, and I got to the last step when you Double click install-superboot-windows.bat and wait for it to finish. Well, the command prompt is still there and never popped up and went just stuck there..does that mean it is rooted? I hope so 🙂 someone please let me know! So excited and thank u!

    • Shockaholick,

      Try a root required app from the market.
      Otherwise if it just sat there that means it didn’t see your phone usually. Is your phone in fastboot mode while it is plugged in to the computer before you click the .bat file? It should be.

  • Daniel Roberts

    I followed the instructions to the t and didn’t have any problems, but when I install root required apps it says that it appears that your phone is not rooted, and on the fastboot screen it says that it is unlocked, but does not say anything about being rooted. I tryed it again, and when doing the commands in the command prompt it just says that it is already unlocked. any ideas?

  • Daniel Roberts

    Also anytime I reboot my phone it shows a picture of a lock on the bottom of the screen during the reboot.

  • Daniel Roberts

    The exact warning says “Not Root, sorry but your phone requires root priveleges to run this. You don’t appear to have enabled this. You can continue, but the light wont work.”

    • Daniel,

      You need to finish the procedure. Either make sure the .bat file worked and didn’t just open and close or goto how to load a custom ROM, load one and then you’ll have root.

  • greg

    I do NOT see my sn number!!! how do i ibstall driver so my comp sees my N1 on fastboot?

    • Greg,

      Goto our how to setup ADB and do that. (updated the procedure).

  • boynep

    hey, thanks for ur help. You should add something in ur turorial for nexus one. before you proceed with the rooting you have to enable usb debug from settings>application>development then only the computer is able to recognise it as a phone otherwise it’s just recognised as an memory card.


  • RootedNexus

    Is there a video on how to unroot the Nexus1? I can’t get the OTA updates for multitouch screen capabilities and can’t get the updates for google maps either because the phone I was given as a present was rooted.

    • RootedNexus,

      Unfortunately, no there isn’t. BUT there is NO reason to unroot unless sending in for warranty.
      One of the benefits of rooting is the ability to manually add OTA updates well before the real OTA would normally get to you. Just goto our Nexus One ROMs section in Downloads at the top of the page. Grab a ROM from there you want to use and download it to your phone’s sd card (do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip. Also do NOT put it in any folders on your SD card, just put it on the sdcard itself).
      Now, boot into recovery by turning off the phone then turning it on by holding down power and volume down. Then push volume up and hit the power button to select recovery mode.
      Now in recovery, goto Wipe > WipeData /Factory Reset and click that. Then click volume down to go back to the main menu and click on Flash .zip from sdcard and select the ROM you downloaded. Once it is done flashing click reboot. All done! You can even get Sense UI this way if you load the Modaco Sense UI ROM, works well. Good luck!

  • antoine

    ok so i did everything correctly but at the end when i click install superboot windows the command prompt doesnt go away what does that mean is there a way for me to see if everything went ok

  • n1 phone

    i do everything write adb sees my phone when i go into fastboot on my phone and i do fastboot-windows oem unlock it keeps saying “waiting for device” my serial number won’t come up

    • N1 Phone,

      You need to do the Setup ADB procedure amd do section III.

  • dlok

    As a starter, thank you for the post–clear, concise, and very helpful. Rooted my N1 and everything ran great. Installed torch and SetCPU which ran for a couple of days without problem. Then I turned off my phone last night, turned it back on, and all root requesting programs began to hang on boot up. I tried to run Superuser Permission from the apps menu and it hangs as well (just a black screen). Did a full factory wipe then a Nandroid restore which didn’t fix the issue. So basically my root is useless since every root requesting app hangs as soon as it requests permissions. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for the help.

    • Dlok,

      First, clicking on the Superuser App itself always brings up a blank screen, so nothing unusual there.
      As for the losing Root, I would recommend redoing just the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure for the Nexus One. That should fix it for you.

  • dlok

    Reenabled usb debugging as per the bottom of the rom how-to page and that did the trick! Bizarre!

  • KenF

    I ran the superboot and after words it didn’t seem to work. I realize i downloaded the wrong version of the super boot. I needed EPE54B and i downloaded EPE76. I went back and downloaded the correct one but did the procedure again, but when i ran “fastboot-windows oem unlock” it said my phone was already unlocked. I went to run Wireless Tether for root Users and it says my kernel does not have the access to run it. Needs super user permission and then it freezes for a bit. Is there a way for me to fix this?

    • Kenf,

      Is your issue that you think your not rooted or the fact that wifi tethering is complaining about the kernel? They are too different things. Make sure you are rooted (try to use terminal emulator from the market and type su and see if you get a # symbol. If you do you have root).
      As for wifi tethering, if you go to Google and type in wifi tether you’ll get the wifi tether app google code homepage. There you can find the kernel and flash it manually. The better option though is to goto the next procedure, How To Load a Custom ROM, and load a rom from our ROMs page. They usually have the correct kernel and WiFi tethering built in.

  • Ken Pennett

    Still getting the ” Black Screen Of FC” with SU Requests. Constantly….

    • Ken,

      Thats not actually a force close. The issue is with Superuser.apk. You need to uninstall and reinstall it (that black screen is the superuser prompt for you to approve or deny the root request, but superuser doesn’t pop up the actual buttons that should be on top of that black screen).

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  • Uttkarsh Ashar

    hey there guys…im sort of a noob in rooting n all n i seriously need someone’s help…i set up AndroidSDK as told and also installed the required drivers…later on after downloading superboot,the instructions stated that I should open command promp and enter the given command…but the problem is that when i entered the command fastboot-windows devices,my device’s serial no. did not show up…and also when i tried running the file install-superboot-windows.bat,the command prompt screen only showed “waiting for devices”…but when i had run the command prompt program for AndroidSDK(as given in the instructuions) my phones serial no. showed up…what should I do now??….plz i need some help…waiting for someone’s reply asap…

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  • Kon

    After successfully following the process I find I cannot import my contacts from my sim card anymore. I have a nexus one. I go to Import/export, then select sim card option, numbers are displayed, select import all, all contacts are done, then when I go to contacts icon, nothing is there. I get the information screen again.

    • Kon,

      Rooting the phone with this procedure, does not effect your applications in anyway, so I’d Google that issue and see if others have the same problem. OTHERWISE I would goto the next procedure anyway and load a custom ROM. If you want to keep the stock feel just choose one that is based on the stock ROM (any that isn’t based on the Desire and isn’t themed) and it’ll fix any issues plus give you tons of new features and better performance.
      Good luck!

  • Chet

    I’m having the superuser permissions problem and I noticed you mention that the problem is with the superuser.apk which needs to be reinstalled. Being the newb that I am, how do I uninstall and reinstall this file?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Chet

    I guess I’d also like to add that the app is not in settings-applications-manage applications so I cannot uninstall it that way.

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  • Nick

    I rooted my Nexus One and loaded the Modaco Sense UI rom on to it and everything went smoothly. I have one question though, I made a nandroid backup before hand so if I restore the backup and go back to the stock rom I originally had when I got the phone will I be able to recieve OTA updates even though my phone is rooted?

  • robert

    will there ever be a way to fully factory restore the nexus one?

  • tamir

    after succeeding in steps 1 – 8 with my nexus 1, step 9 failed or worked partly : i duble clicked the install-superboot-windows.bat and the cmd window popped up but did’nt dissapear at all.. now what do i do?
    ohh and what’s the deal with all my apps gone?

  • Rich

    Hi there
    The link to Superboot takes me to a page where you can dl different superboots according to the build info on your “about phone” page. Mine, the ERE27 downloads a zip that when I try to unzip says that it is invalid or corrupt. Is there an alternate place to get this file? Thanks

  • luis

    Quick question, does anyone know of a way to UnRoot the Nexus One? I think i have to send my phone back and I wont be able to get any help if its rooted.

  • matthew

    Can you get the 2.2 update if your rooted? if not how do i unroot my phone so i can get the update. The update consists of the things i rooted my phone for. so no point in the root if it comes stock.

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  • Russ

    Had a stock N1 w/ 2.2 running, decided to take the plunge and root. I followed the instructions and everything worked until the very last step. After typing in the fastboot-windows oem unlock, it said INFOErasing userdata and then FAILED (status read failed (too many links)) am i rooted or not? when I boot, it has the unlocked icon at the bottom. am i finished or do i have to go back and complete the steps described exactly as above? thanks!!

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  • michelle

    just bought a rooted nexus one. kinda new to HTC but is there a way to unroot it?

    • Michelle,

      Unfortunately no. But to be honest there is no reason to (except sending it in for warranty). What is making you want to unroot?

  • khoa

    after I typing: fastboot-window devices the serial# didn’t show up
    It’s say: fastboot window is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file. What I need to do.
    my N1 build# EPE54B.

    • Anonymous

       thats a windows os question. you need to adjust environment variables in your windows system. just how and what you need to insert is to be found by googling

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  • michelle

    i wanted to unroot cause i am having problems with some of the basic apps such as gmail and maps. i’ve tried restoring it to default settings and they will work fine for a bit but then force close or just not open at all. i guess another restore is in my future.

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  • atliay

    hi is this a rooting process or unlocking couse i bought it unlocked from google

  • Garner

    Hello the unlockr i have been trying to root my nexus one now for days i have followed all of these steps and get suck on step 6? it says it does not reconise the command fastboot-windows devices, i have installed sdk tools and superboot just done understand why it wont recognise my phone when its in fastboot mode it show on my computer as android composite adb interface but when my phone is in fastboot it does not show? please could you help me with this thanks in advance. garner

    • Martin

      I had the same problem, I unpluged the nexus from the usb, plugged it back in in with the fastboot screen still on, it then came up with new device, found the right driver and voila, root screen appeared

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  • wily

    hi, what version of superboot do i need if i have “edr56c? thx

  • wily

    it should be erd56c..


    HELP!! Command promt just stays in ‘Waiting For Device” Now What? My drivers are all up to date and phone is recognized so why no connection?

    • Dee Dee,

      Either your phone is in the wrong mode, you the drivers are not setup correctly.

      • robert

        please answer this question, will there ever be a way to full restore my nexus one back to normal so i can send it back for a new one?

        • Robert,

          No. There is no way to relock the bootloader at this time.
          Why do you need to send it back?

          • robert

            cuz i have a couple of dead pixels and the trackball is unresponsive at times. umm are you guys working on that or am i stuck with root forever?

  • Martin

    I’ve set up ADB as per instructions and serial number came up, but when I move on to stage 6 I get waiting for device,, I rechecked the ADB setup and this came up with serial number again so I’m assuming all drivers are correct, so what else should I try?

  • Virak


    I just got my at&t Nexus One and it has the latest FRF91 Froyo. Can I use this instruction to root it?

    • Virak,

      Yes just use the superboot for your build when you download the superboot file in the procedure.

  • Patrick

    My Nexus One has a ERE49B build on it, and I am unable to flash it. Any pointers on this one?

    • Patrick,

      When you download the Superboot file, make sure you download the one for that build.

      • Patrick

        I understand that, but the ERE49B build does not exist on the superboot website that I can see.

  • joeskie

    Hey all, i have a problem i got everything up and running on m9y computer as far as command prompts go but when i follow the link to dl superboot there is no version available for frf91. do i just have to wait for a little while?

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  • Jason

    Hi, I went to the superboot link and there’s no file for frf91.
    Which one do we use?

  • mike

    i did every thing till the end …when i type su in terminal emulator it says permission denied … am i rooted?

  • mike

    btw i have frf91

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  • Vlad

    Hi, i have a question…
    might be already answered and stupid to ask…but i’m what you guys call “newbie” to this whole thing….
    RETURNED to STOCK configuration….so i can do a warranty swap???
    thanks much.
    btw, unlockr….you’re great at your work!! :-))

    • Vlad,

      Through this method, no. Once the bootloader is unlocked it stays that way. BUT I personally have sent my phone in for warranty and have known plenty others who have as well and we all had our bootloaders unlocked and HTC honored the warranty no problem.
      Might have something to do with the fact that the phone is a developer phone or maybe they finally realized that if we unlock the bootloader it has nothing to do with our trackball falling out and so they need to honor that.

      • robert

        can you guys answer me and be honest please, are you working on how to lock the bootloader so we can put it back to stock? im just curious i dont really care if you are or not i just want to know and i think everyone else does as well

        • Robert,

          That is a question best asked on XDA.

  • Arioch

    Any updates on how to root the nexus one on build 2.2.1 frg83?

  • Arioch

    Superboot command prompt will not disappear after double clicking install winodws yada yada…..N1 2.2.1 FRG83 (I used FRF91 Superboot). Is that why it wont finish and apps claim my phone isnt rooted?

  • Arioch

    Ok I re-did the process a second time and while the screen was always on the skateboarding androids the whole time during the second run the cmd prompt window disappeared right away allowing my root access!

    N1 2.2.1 FRG83 using FRF91 superboot

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  • Juanpa_solano

    teh music is reaaaaaaallly anoying

  • Vainkdgurl

    ok, this may be a completely dum/noob question, I have a MAC not a PC. What if anything different do I have to do? No CMD prompt, etc.. I saw this question early on in the comments but I didnt see a response.

  • Vainkdgurl

    ok, this may be a completely dum/noob question, I have a MAC not a PC. What if anything different do I have to do? No CMD prompt, etc.. I saw this question early on in the comments but I didnt see a response.

  • PJLEE38

    is FRG83G same with FRG83?

    • Atlana

      i’dnt bank on it – have you tried it ? and if so, how did that go ?

      • Atlana

        I used the “stock” rooting feature that wipes the system. no big deal though, because if you’ve left Your android set to sync everything by default with the google servers, all your contacts, calendars, adressbooks and applications (paid as free ones) you have downloaded/installed through the google market, will be downloaded & installed again. DOES NOT APPLY ON SIDE-LOADED APPS.
        it also does not backup SMS/MMS/Bookmarks, for that use MYBACKUPS from the market to backup and restore that.

  • Shintu

    i have nexus one with built no. FRG83G. any superboot for this built? thanks in advance.

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  • Kampvuur


    I have a major problem.. everything goes fine, but after I executed the “install-superboot-windows.bat”, my Nexus One is rebooting.. but it stops at the colored (Google) cross (blue, red, green, yellow).. it doesn’t seem to do anything anymore!!!! HELP PLEASE!!

    • parken

      Same problem here!

    • Anonymous

      find an official signed rom and flash it piece by piece. it’s the only way out for you. your phone is the same as mine. if you find the european froyo, you will succeed and later your phone will receive a gingerbread upgrade. good luck.

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  • Sebastian

    Hi there…

    Ijust rooted my Nexus One using your guide. And i got it all through and followed your steps exactly, but now i have a big issue. My wifi is down. All it says is Error, when i try to connect. I cant even get the wifi to turn on on my phone anymore. 

    Please say that you have an answer to this. And as fast as you can.

    /Sebastian Johansson

  • GRK39F build doesn’t have it’s Superboot. It is build for Nexus One that got updated to 2.3.6 recently… any help?