How To Sync Your Google Account on Your Nokia N9

Bought an N9 and perhaps your coming from an Android device? You’re Google account data isn’t showing up properly on the Nokia N9 when you sync it by selecting Google in the Account app (i.e. it isn’t syncing the calendar or contacts)? No worries, we’ll show you a little work around to get the N9 to sync your Google account just like an Android device.

I. Sync Your Google Account

1. On your device, click on the Accounts app.

2. Select Add Accounts at the bottom.

3. Now, instead of selecting Google select Mail for Exchange

4. Fill in the following for the available fields:

  • Put in your Google email address (this also includes Google Apps accounts as well)
  • Your username is the email address as well
  • Your password is the password you use to sign into the email account
  • Leave domain blank.

5. Hit manual setup instead of sign in.

6. Fill in the following for the available fields:

  • Calendar is on
  • Mail is on
  • Schedule is on, and click on it and change it to whatever intervals for peak time and off peak times you want.
  • Server address is
  • Port is 443
  • Leave every other option as is.

7. Click done and wait for it to sync. You should now have your Google contacts, calendar, and mail all working correctly.

7 thoughts on “How To Sync Your Google Account on Your Nokia N9”

  1. hi,

    This is a great help, I have an N9 arriving tomorrow my first time away from the iPhone in 3 years! Could you tell me if you do this do you also have to set up the mail through the google option to get chat and calls or does this confuse things having both?
    Also I tried syncing gmail contacts with os x address book and gave up, kept making duplicates. I found an app called  sync man which does it well and very simply hope this helps.



    1. This is only really necessary for the contacts list. Mail and chat can best be fetched with the normal Google sync option, and for calendar CalDav is the best option as it can sync multiple calendars instead of only your primary.

      You can disable mail and calendar in the Exchange sync settings to avoid fetching them unnecessarily.

      1. Is this working for anyone?
        I just get “Transfers … 1 failed” everytime i try
        I just want the calendar to be sync’d

  2. Hi thanks this worked for me. But there seems to be a bug – would be great if you could help.

    Most things sync fine, but it seems that if i enter (in Google Calendar) a recurring event that starts before 8am, it moves the second and all subsequent events to the next day. If I open the event in the phone, it will set itself back to the right day, but then move again the next time it syncs.

    any ideas?

  3. Hi I am a new owner of N9 and read somewhere the same kind of the above instruction in order to syc with my Windows Live account’s calendar. Nevertheless the calendar does not seem to be syncing with my phone calendar.
    Any suggestions?

    Any help is appreciated

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