How To: Unlock Your iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS (3.0.1 Firmware)


So like the iPhone but not so keen on AT&T? Or maybe you want to travel over the pond to Europe and would rather not get hit with the ridiculous international roaming charges?

No problem, here is how to unlock your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS on firmware 3.0.


1. Follow the procedure for the How To: Jailbreak Your iPhone and then come back to this procedure.

2. After you have jailbroken your iPhone, goto Settings > General > Network and then turn OFF 3G and turn ON Data Roaming.

3. Goto to Settings > WiFi and then turn ON Wifi and connect to a Wifi Network that you have access to.

4. Now,  open Cydia on the second page of the home screen.

5. If this is the first time opening Cydia, it will “reorganize” itself and automatically close. Open it back up after it is done.

6. Select Upgrade Essential when it asks about the upgrades it found and then click Install.

7. Once that is installed and Cydia closes, open it back up and click on Manage, then Sources.

8. Then click on Edit at the top right and then click Add at the top left.

9. In the URL input field that pops up, we are going to type (make sure that the 0 in “ultrasn0w” is the number zero not the letter o):

then click Add Source.

10. After it refreshes the Sources, click Done at the top right.

11. Then click on the UltraSn0w source at the top of the list and it will slide to the left to reveal the UltraSnow application.

12. Click on the UltraSn0w application and click Install then Confirm.

13. It will install and ask you to click Return to Cydia. Do so then click the Home button and turn off the phone.

14. Turn the phone back on, and put in any SIM card you like to test that you have an unlocked iPhone!

Optional: To get internet access for T-Mobile here in the US:

I. Goto Settings > General > Network and make sure 3G is OFF and Data Roaming is ON.

II. Goto Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network and in the field marked APN type one of the following (some work better for others):

III. Leave the Username and Password fields blank and then click the Home button. Open Safari browser and test it out.

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58 thoughts on “How To: Unlock Your iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS (3.0.1 Firmware)”

    1. Hello Stupid (awesome choice of a name btw lol),

      No, you don’t have to use Wifi, I highly recommend it though as it will save time and is also much more stable than using the cell towers and the last thing you want is to lose connection in the middle of a download and have to start over. But again, it is just a precaution and time save to use Wifi, if you don’t have access to Wifi, no worries just use the internet connection on the phone.

  1. Hey the unlockr, i wanted to ask, i have a g1 (obviously with the data plan) and wanted to know if i buy an iphone, jailbreak it then unlock it will it be able to work with the tmobile internet like i have now on my g1 if i just switch the sim card to the g1? I’m asking this because i want to buy an iphone and i want to be able to switch the between the iphone and the g1 once in a while and keeping my internet that im paying for every month by simply just switching the sim card… PLEASE REPLY i need to now that way i know if i should get it or not, i appreciate, thank you!

    1. Hello Gylmar,

      Yes, you could use the same SIM card with the G1 internet plan, but keep in mind that the iPhone will only get EDGE service on T-Mobile, not 3G like the G1.

  2. Thanks! and yea that part i knew because i read it in a article, but i was trying top research my question but couldn’t find it, but thanks alot! your always there when i need help with something, i noticed :). hey btw do you know any good sites where i can get a reasonable price for an iphone. It doesnt have to be unlocked or jailbroken, I can do that by following ur steps on ur vids πŸ˜€

  3. If i have a “iphone 2G” would i still be able to follow the same steps on ur vids for unlocking and jailbreaking for the 3g/3gs ??

  4. Hey the unlockr, i received my unlocked iphone today πŸ™‚ and i put in my tmobile sim card and everything works fne except it gives me a msg saying that it cant receive my celluar data plan. it there something i have to do to set it up? because i also have the g1 and i have the data service on it and you told me that the g1 data service could also work on the iphone, by simply putting the sim card in the iphone. Please answer, thanks.

    1. Hello Gylmar,

      It should work. Just goto Settings, General, Network, turn off 3G and turn on Data roaming.
      Then goto Cellular Data Network and in the APN field put and leave username and password blank then hit the home button and try to open safari. Let me know if that worked.

  5. hey the unlockr. just wanted to ask, which network website think works the best and fastest in your opinion for the APN field for the iphone?

    1. Hello Gylmar,

      Doesn’t hurt to try the other APNs and see what is better. I would assume that the G1 APN I told you would have a slight improvement or none and all, but couldn’t be any worse.
      Also the iPhone browser isn’t the fastest…

  6. Alright cool. well i just put the and looks like it works good, do you know of any tests i could run on my iphone or something i can do on it to see the speed and the difference from other apn’s?

  7. Hi The Unlockr,
    I was hoping you could help me. I have an unlocked 3G iphone I’ve been using with T-Mobile for about 7 months. Previously I used APN with 50MB/moth web + 200 messages plan and it was working fine. Last week I went out of country and used a different SIM card for my iphone at that location, which worked great, including 3G (all settings were sent to my iphone there and updated automatically there and I didn’t have to adjust anything). When I returned and put in my T-Mobile SIM back in, the internet stopped working. I tried,,, with 3G Off and Data Roaming On to no avail – I keep getting a message that I require a plan upgrade or that I am not subscribed to a data plan. Meanwhile, I tried to put my boyfriend’s T-Mobile SIM who has the same plan as I do and it worked fine with APN. Any thoughts of what else I might try? Thanks.

    1. Hello Katie,

      That is odd for sure. I would maybe goto Settings, and reset the Network Settings (do not reset anything else). If you do that and then try again it may work (don’t worry you won’t lose your unlock by resetting the network settings). Good luck! Let us know if it worked so others can use it!

  8. Thank you for your response. I tried resetting network settings and it doesn’t work for me. Also, I saw a recommendation to use your SIM in a regular (non-smart) T-Mobile phone and access the internet – supposedly it “resets” the SIM and it starts working with the iPhone again. I tried that with an old Ericcsson T610, which has T-Zones browser – no problem going online. But it didn’t do anything for my iPhone. Some people recommend to wipe out the entire OS, re-install it and unlock the iPhone again. I haven’t tried that yet – are there any other options left?

  9. The title says this is for the 3.1 firmware. Is this true? From everything else I’ve ready 3.1 (beta of course) cannot be unlocked yet.

    1. Hello Paul,

      Works fine. The method is identical to the 3.0 method (apparently they didn’t fix the loophole in 3.1). Just follow these instructions as if it were a 3.0 phone (load the 3.0 firmware into redsnow and go from there).

  10. hello..

    I did buy iphone on the internett that was stolen..

    And i did use it in 2 days and now there is network and i think i have to delete the imei number..

    are there any body that can help me

  11. hey unlockr, when i try to just jailbreak it, do i need an att sim card in there. cause it’s not letting me connect to itunes with a tmobile or no sim in there

    1. Hello Chris,

      Don’t connect to iTunes. Just turn the phone off and then use RedSnow (it will have you plug the phone in while it is off and holding the home button down until the connect to iTunes logo comes up, then follow the procedure).

  12. thanks unlockr, but now when the phone reboots the picture of the usb pointing to itunes appears, and when i plug it into itunes it says i need to update it before it can connect and it tries to put software 3.01 on it???

  13. hi theUnlocker…
    you say its unlock for 3.1 firmware… are you sure? since what i’ve read, there is now way today to unlock the 3.1 firmware because the baseband already 5.11.04
    i have the problem whit 5.11.04 baseband, and still not solved.
    but if you can do it, can you help me please…?


  14. hi
    sorry, but i a lil’ bit lost…
    its mean that you can help me to unlock the 05.11.04 baseband? if yes please, can you send me how to?

    1. Hello Surfingboy111793,

      Sorry, thought he meant 3.0.1 since 3.1 isn’t out yet.
      There is no unlock or jailbreak for 3.1 yet, there will be most likely within a week or so after 3.1 is released, check back then.

  15. hey mate first timer on this site, nicely done though. just wanted to know and ask, I am on the three network and have unlimited internet package(fair usage) with that in mind does the Iphone 3GS Phone itself have the network free internet connection or is it a 02 thing. I know dumb as it seems I am new to the whole Iphone never had any apple products this will be my first if it meets my expectations. And how to I use my 3 network SIM on this 02 only phone without jail breaking it, and if I do jailbreak it, I will lose my warranty can I un-jail break it and restore it to original software and get warranty back for it if anything went wrong with the phone????? that is my biggest worry. cheers mate for reply in advance.

    1. Hello Kaos,

      Yes it does have an internet connection without needing an internet plan; it has WiFi, which works like a laptop. Just need a WiFi hotspot and you have free access.
      You must jailbreak and unlock the phone (be wary of the firmware version as only firmware that isnt 3.1 can be unlocked using this method at the moment).
      Yes you can unjailbreak the phone for warranty purposes by restoring it in iTunes (which will lock it up, so only do if necessary).
      Good luck!

  16. I need help,i have a iphone 3g i follow the video step by step everything works expect when i put my tmobile sim in it say’s searching. The phone say searching and never find anything what should i do please help.

    1. Hello Tory G.

      This method is for the firmware 3.0.1 and below only. 3.1 will not work.
      If you are on 3.0.1 or lower than just goto Settings > General > Network and turn off 3G, turn on data roaming, and turn off Wifi and then goto the Mobile Network Setting and put in the T-Mobile ‘s APN settings (found on our internet/mms page).

  17. Hey, when I do it, then put my sim card in there is one bar like yours then it just says searching… I can’t get it to wirk with T-mobile. Then when I remove it and put it in my old unlocked 2g iphone it connects to my Tmobile network with no problem. It is running on 3.1 version… Also since I have done all this then put the sim bacvk in & out of it several times and also turned on and shut it off several times. I can no longer even get my WiFi to even connect. But Our 2 Ipod touch & my other Iphone is connecting to WiFi no problem. What am I doing wrong? Did I mess up some setting? It says Wifi ON in the settings. IDK!!!

    1. Hello Liv,

      You have to wait for the 3.1 unlock. This method is only for up to 3.0.1. The 3.1 unlock is still being worked on, but should be out soon. Just DONT update to 3.1.2.

  18. How do I get my internet to work… on a tmobile flex account everything works on the iphone its jailbroken and unlock….but the internet….no youtube no safari no cydia…I use all the on my apn still no internet!!!is there another way to make it work???

  19. Hello!
    Awesome website, VERY helpful.
    But obviously I am doing something wrong, lol.
    I have done EVERYTHING step by step, turned off everything i was suppose to and entered in the APN and done every step over and over, just incase i missed something but it STILL is not working!
    When i enter my T-Mobile sim, it keeps saying its “Searching” then it goes to No Service. I know the Sim works bc I put it in another phone and it worked fine.

    Here is my info:
    Version: 3.0 (7a341)
    Carrier: 4.0
    Modem Firmware: 05.11.07

    Pleaseeeee help me! I am going insane!!

    1. Kelli,

      Goto Settings, then General, then Network and make sure 3G is off and Data Roaming is on.
      Then turn the phone off and on.

      If it still doesnt work then goto Settings, General, Reset at the bottom, and click Reset Network Settings (do NOT reset anything else).

      Good luck!

  20. hi,
    when i unlocked my phone i had to downgrade from a 3.1.3 to the 3.0 and when i unlocked my iphone and jailbroke it with your softwear and i put a tmobile sim card in and it says no service. is there anything that i can do?

  21. So on the last step you had the WIFI turned off, well can you turn it back on so you can use the WIFI or must you have it turned off all the time? Kinda stupid, but just really wanting to know. Thanks!

    1. Steven B,

      Where does it say to turn off the Wifi? lol
      You have to leave 3G off if you are using T-Mobile (since the iPhone won’t work with T-Mobile’s 3G anyway, if that is on it’ll just keep trying to connect, fail, and you’ll have no signal).

  22. I ran a quick search to see if there was a response, but didn’t see if you answered a question earlier in this thread about whether this unlock works for an iphone 2g. I assume it does, but would like to be assured.


      1. Thanks. The instructions look pretty straight forward.

        Also, a great big thanks for your other posts. With the instructions on how to root a g1, I’ve brought new life to an old friend…Continued good luck in all your endeavors.

  23. First things first!! “Theunlockr” Rocks!!! I have an iPhone 3G 3.0 I have Jail broke The phone, disabled 3G, Turned on Data Roaming, and turned WIFI on and logged onto a network..Now Cydia won’t log in, Icy works, but Cydia, doesn’t load!! Please Help!!

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