How To: Unroot the Acer Liquid

I. Before You Begin

1. This will bring you back to the original Acer Firmware.

II. Download and install the Liquid Drivers

1. Download the drivers

Acer Liquid Drivers (x86 for 32bit Windows, x64 for 64bit Windows)

2. Click Acer Liquid Tool Setup and follow the steps to install the drivers.

III. Flash the Firmware with the Acer Flashing Tool

1. Download the Acer Liquid Original Firmware

Acer Liquid Original Firmware (European / EMEA Version)
Acer Liquid Original Firmware (Asian / AAP Version)

Acer Liquid E Original Firmware

2. Extract the .bin file from inside the .rar file somewhere on your computer that you can find it easily later.

3. Download the Acer Flashing Tool

Acer Flashing Tool

4. Run the Acer Download Tool and click Browse. Then look for the .bin file we downloaded earlier and click that.

5. Connect your phone to the computer via usb and then click Start in the Download Tool.

*I ran into an issue where it said Not Connected while Starting AMSS. Wait a good 5 minutes and if it is still stuck, remove the usb cable and put it back in, this fixed it for me.

6. Once it reboots, you are back at your stock firmware from Acer’s UK site.

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  1. Guys, the drivers are .rar files not zipped.bin files. Can you tell me where to find them as I need to unroot my Liquid!??Thanks.

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