How To: UnRoot the HTC Hero/Get Back to Cupcake (Updated for Sprint Hero)

*Updated November 25th – Sprint Hero Support. Download and use the Sprint Hero RUU instead of the Original RUU.

Here is how to get back to the original Hero ROM. You can use this to unroot for warranty purposes OR you can use this if you have the latest Hero ROM (which blocks rooting) and want to downgrade so you can root and re upgrade.

1. Download the follow file and save it to your computer:

Hero Original RUU


2. Download HTC Sync and install it on your computer (if you haven’t already). You can download it from HTC here:

HTC Sync

3. Plug in the phone to the computer via USB cable (HTC Sync should be running and automatically connect to the device).

4. Once HTC is done syncing, double click the RUU file and follow the onscreen instructions.

5. That’s it!

Now if you want to root your phone again, just search our site for Hero Root and do that procedure and then the How To Load a Custom ROM one as well.

Reported Issues

Issue: I get Wrong Customer ID…

Solution: This is because you have a branded HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 for instance). Here is a link to the appropriate RUU for your device, just replace the one we provide with the one that fits your phone from here:

WWE: (World Wide English)
RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.1_R3_WWE_release_signed_ NoDriver.exe
RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.6_WWE_release_signed_NoD river.exe

RUS: (Russian)
RUU_Hero_HTC_RUS_2.73.411.5_release_signed_NoDrive r.exe
RUU_Hero_HTC_RUS_2.73.411.17_release_signed_NoDriv er.exe

SEA: (South East Asia)
RUU_Hero_HTC_Asia_SEA_WWE_2.73.728.5_release_signe d_NoDriver.exe

Orange UK
RUU_Hero_Orange_UK_2.73.61.5_release_signed_NoDriv er.exe

T-Mobile UK

227 thoughts on “How To: UnRoot the HTC Hero/Get Back to Cupcake (Updated for Sprint Hero)”

    1. Hello Christian,

      Yes, but we need the link to the Rogers original RUU or original Roger SAPPIMG.nbh. If you can find either let me know through the contact us form and ill do a video today.

      1. hii der

        i bought from htc hero from uk with orange but now i m using the phone in india unlocked it.
        i cant update it using your method
        its giving me error 132

        Model: HTC Hero
        Firmware: 1.5
        Kernel: 2.6.27-mck-1.2
        Build: MoDaCo Custom ROM 2.8 Core, SSH
        password: Ib_34V
        Software: 1.0.0.A6288

      2. Heyy, ive got a Telus Hero running on the 2.1 Upgrade. Ive tried going back to 1.5 so i can root, but ive had no luck yet, i keep trying to install the Hero RUUs to 1.5 and no luck. Now i tired just rooting with the simple one click process u have written up. But it wont work. So i was wondering if you have any luck, i dont think i can do the cold card as i dont have any other sdcard loaders to pc. Oh and im running HTC sync on 7 64bit, it works on and off gota unplug and plug but it eventually works lol…..n e wayss please help out!

  1. I just got my Hero last week in Sweden. It came with the latest HTC ROM preinstalled and the “skateboarding androids”-screen (the technical term is…?) says:

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO10000)

    Since there’s nothing about 32A or B here, I’m guessing this is some kind of new variant? Unrooting via the method described did not work anyway, I get “WRONG CUSTOMER ID (131)” error. Rooting in the first place worked so-so: I was able to flash the recovery-thing once and then get the MoDaCo ROM onto the phone, but doing anything which requires root fails.

    1. Hello Victor,

      HTC Heros don’t have the 32A or 32B variations, that’s only HTC Magics so your normal lol
      The unrooting wont work because the unrooting is for the WWE (world wide edition) of the HTC Hero. Your unrooting RUU is located here (just follow the steps from the procedure but replace the RUU we provide with the one for your region from that page).
      If you can flash the recovery image, then just flash the Modaco ROM and then download a root required application from the Market (Root Boot is a free one to use). When you click it and try to use it it should pop up with an SU Request. Click Always Allow and then you are all set.
      Let me know if it works.

  2. I see! Sorry about mixing them up.

    I’m not going to try rooting again straight away because last time I had several issues (I’m now back on the stock HTC ROM). The last time I tried and succeeded in putting MoDaCo on my phone, the device got considerably sluggish and apps (Google maps especially) became really unstable. As far as SU Request goes, it would just freeze when I tried it.

    I might try rooting again in the future, but I’ll hold back for a while now. Appreciate the help though! This site is great!

  3. Hi i wanted to unroot my T-mobile UK – G2 touch and It comes up with –> Error[131] Customer ID failed & update fails

    Any suggestion how i can bypass it ? .. or any is there anyother way to unroot G2/hero ?

  4. I get “Wrong Customer ID” too…

    I am locked to TMobile so I guess the WWE doesn’t work for that.

    Any way of getting the original RUU for the TMobile version?

  5. thx but i still cant get it to work
    im trying to get it to 1.76 so i can root it because i updated it
    but both of the old firmware say the same wrong bootloader

    1. Hello Hellboy552000,

      You just do this UnRooting procedure from start to finish to get back to cupcake, then do the How To Root in One Click, then finally the How to Load a Custom ROM and your done.

  6. both of the 1.76 firmware roms do the same thay start off going ok then when its eraseing user data it gets to 11% and says sending then half way through updateing signiture i get
    Error 140 bootloader version error
    and the phone says checking main version and update fail

  7. if u mean the reported issues on this page then yes thats where i got the firmware roms from the 2.73 ones work just not the 1.76 and i want to root it so i need the 1.76

    1. Hello Andy,

      Ok, ya. If it isn’t for your region it won’t work (the only 1.76 ROMs we have are for the WWE version so that won’t work of course).
      We’re still looking for the 1.76 ROMs for the other regions, if you find any let me know.

  8. I tried using the .6_WWE RUU and this time, I got the “140 WRONG BOOTLOADER VERSION” error.

    Since I use 2.73.405.5 WWE on my unrooted phone (it came preinstalled), I don’t think it’s a regional error. Rather it seems the latest phones can’t run older firmware (the bootloaders don’t match)?

    Guess we’ll have to wait for a new security hole in the updated kernel…

    1. Hello Victor,

      I have the Hero as well and I updated to the 2.73 firmware and then I was able to use this procedure to get back down to the 1.73 and then root with no problem…

  9. Hello,

    Ive got the same problem as Victor here, only my phone is bought in Norway.

    Ive updated as you said, with the RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver (which went fine…)

    And when i try to “downgrad” with RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_1.76.405.1_R3_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver, i get wrong customer id error thingy…

    any suggestions…?

    it says this on my android skate ruu update screen:

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO10000)

  10. above my last post:
    “I have the Hero as well and I updated to the 2.73 firmware and then I was able to use this procedure to get back down to the 1.73 and then root with no problem…”

    i have successfully used the latest flashrec with the Recover-RA-HERO-v1.2.2.img and are currently running the modaco 2.2 rom again, and all seems fine, but trying marketenabler, it stalls at where i have to grant it SU access, it show a black window with SU Request in the title, so maybe it isnt rooted…?

    1. Hello Joransrb,

      What was the issue stopping you from getting rooting again? Why did it work all of a sudden (maybe what happened to you and how you fixed it could benefit others with the same issue)?

      Download the latest Modaco ROM 2.3 and wipe then install that and it should work.

  11. I need to know if i have a t-mobile mytouch 32b with the donut update. I unrooted back to cupcake and change the SPL to a perfect one would i be able to get the donut update back again.

  12. well, i think there was no prob getting root again, but i had some problems flashing a new rcovery image, so i tried your unroot tutorial here, wich didnt work, so i updated to the latest ruu, and then used the latest flashrec to apply the custom recovery, and it all works now, currently running the modaco 2.5 rom 🙂
    so i think i will hold off the unrooting for a while 😉

    and thanks for this great site 🙂 keep it up 🙂

  13. the link you posted to the tmobile ruu is just the latest rom which cant be rooted. and i cant find a tmobile 1.76 uk ruu anywhere on the internet. i did the official tmobile update for the phone yesterday and didnt realise that it blocks the rooting process. i cant root the phone anymore. i’ve tried all the 1.76 firmwares and they all fail so i guess i need a tmobile one. please help.

  14. no when i click backup recovery image it says “Backup FAILED: Could not run command”

    here is some info incase im doing something wrong…

    Model: T-Mobile G2 Touch (UK)
    Firmware: 1.5
    Kernel: 2.6.27-0078c992
    Build: CL69351 release-keys
    Software: 1.0.0.A6288

    hope this helps

    thanks for fast reply 🙂

  15. sorry to post again. just for info i downloaded the two files and put them on my blank sd card. and cant get further than backup recovery image.

    FlashRec.apk (Updated 09/26/2009)
    Amon Ra’s Hero Recovery Image (Updated 09/26/2009)

    thanks again

  16. i have tried unrooting. i cant unroot from the latest tmobile update.

    your tmobile ruu is the same as the latest update, so therefore cant be rooted.

    none of the older ruu’s work i have the use this one.

    T-Mobile UK

    which you posted, but you cant root this..

    i need an older tmobile uk ruu like 1.76

  17. I have been trying to root the Sprint HTC Hero (got it yesterday)

    I am able to load FlashRec.apk
    I am unable to flash Amon RA’s Hero Recovery Image
    (grey box when going to /sdcard/recover…img)

    I am unable to use any RUU version get error message
    “incorrect device id”

    I’ll check back later to see if any progress has been made.

    As it stands now. No known process to flash custom rom on sprint htc hero.

    1. Hello Grant Johnson,

      There would be a different procedure for the Sprint Hero (since it is CDMA). We will have to see what people do with it now that it is out. May take a few weeks.

  18. David,

    Any news on what RUU Sprint HTC Hero owners should use? I followed the steps above and have everything working till the RUU errors out since its a different location. Am I jumping the gun, any input would be fantastic. Thanks

    1. Hello Jmales,

      None yet. The procedure will be different for the Sprint Hero, you will have to wait a few weeks (since it was just released). Well have a new procedure (How to Root the Sprint Hero) once it is ready.

  19. hi,

    im using the modaco custom rom 2.5.1 on my g2 touch but i want to flash the new recovery image so i can set up A2SD but im not sure that i will be able to root again if i role back to the older g2 software.

    is there an better way to put a new recovery image on my phone.

    thanks in advance for any help.

  20. Hi there!
    One question (hope not so stupid…):
    I got the Hero (unlocked) bought in England, rooted with the 1click method and with modaco’s rom; that’s my specs:
    firmware: 1.5
    kernel: 2.6.27
    build: 2.73.405.5
    software: 1.0.0..A6288.
    Now, if I follow this unroot method what will I obtain?? Will I be able to obtain Donut on the phone with an update?

    Thanks for your kind reply!!

    1. Hello Freakness51,

      Two things.
      1. There is no donut available for Hero phones yet. HTC is still taking it and putting the HTC Sense on top. They should release it soon.
      2. No need to unroot to get donut. Just wait for Modaco to put it into his ROM (once HTC comes out with the update) and use his custom ROM instead. This way you keep root access (the new HTC Hero updates block rooting). There is no reason to unroot the phone unless you are sending it in for warranty.

  21. Any way to downgrade Tmobile G2. I have the latest 2.73 update from Tmobile installed. As I understand, I cannot root it. As Neil said above, the RUU you have given above is the latest unrootable version. Anyone has the earlier version? Is there any other way to root the latest 2.73 Tmobile G2 ROM..?

    1. Hello Haris,

      At the moment, there is no way to downgrade or root once you have the 2.73 HBoot.
      We’re working on it and it will have its own post when it gets done.

    1. Hello Haris,

      Yes and no. You can flash an update directly from Google, HTC, or your carrier like you normally get over the air, these are basically ROMs that are signed with a code that allows them to be flashed. When we root we tell the phone to allow any ROM we want (hence all the custom ROMs in our Downloads section and all over the internet).
      So again, yes and no I guess lol

  22. Thanks for reply. I cant believe I was tricked into this new “update” from T mobile. I only flashed couple of days ago! Now I am stuck. No wonder they did not give any changelog on the update. When asked HTC replied that there are performance enhancements…no specific answer. Honestly, I could not find any improvement from 1.76

  23. Hello, Unlockr, Can I upload it on my msn skydrive or perhaps 4shared so from there you may be able to download it. Is is just nandroid or the original backed up recovery also? Once uploaded I will give you those links. Thanks.

  24. Hello,

    my Hero loose the USB connection during the update process(at ~80%). What’s the problem?

    Thank you for your help!

  25. Hello Unlockr,

    My Hero is from SEA but i cant use the RUU even if it is specifically for SEA.The utility says : ERROR[131]:CUSTOMER ID ERROR
    Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again
    The RUU provided is a upgrade to the original ROM in my hero which was alr 2.73.707.9

    Im using this method as to unroot my hero because the flaskRec.apk did not work.

    Hope the other info helps
    Firmware Version:1.5
    Baseband Version:
    Kernel Version:2.6.27-44690c1a
    Software Version:1.0.0.A6288


  26. hellounlockr , i have the hero branded to orange , ive done the official update so tried the unroot process first as advised cos cant root , tried worldwide and the orange , neither will work i have 2.73 6.15 , thanks

  27. Hi Unlockr

    Thanks for al your helpful advice and vids.

    I got a carrier free white htc hero (UK). with the old firmware on it. then when the new firmware came out (1.73) i used HTC sync to upgrade my device.

    Its never been rooted. Now i want to root my device and use a new modaco firmware expecting to have better experience and battery life and also for wi-fi tethering (side qst: do i need root to use wifi tethering, and also bluetooth wont work rite so i need usb cable connection btn fone and pc?)

    so now how do i root the device? do i need to downgrade firmware as you have shown here and then follow the rooting and loading modaco custom rom videos?


  28. cheers mate

    one more thing ive seen posts about a “goldcard” procedure for rolling back stock 2.73 rom to the original one….shld i be looking into this.

    ive also got a new 8gb class 6 memory card too which i will start using once i root the phone….i dunno wht the sd card fuss is all about

    1. Hello Soulja24,

      Try this procedure first and then if it stops you, then goto our How To Downgrade Your Hero (So It Can Be Rooted Procedure) and do that instead, then goto How To Root in One Click and then How To Load a Custom ROM and you’re all set.

  29. Hi,
    I have got the same problem as neil and haris got excited and updated the RUU 2.73 from the original version which came with my T-Mobile G2 well that was before i found out about rooting now am stuck and hope Unlockr is going to supprise us before christmas with a solution to unroot this phone any solution will be greatfull. Many Thanks

  30. Thanks Unlockr for the help lucky me i got a bug on the fone took it down to the shop and they replaced it for me now am back to 1.7. Any way ill keep in mind Downgrade the Hero (So We Can Root It in case i need to do it in the future cheers.

  31. Thanks unlockr my fone is rooted and good to go one question may be its to late but if i wanted to backup my original tmobile 1.7 rom can it be done.

  32. Hi Unlockr,

    you know the saying hit first ask questions later well thats what i have done now its the questions lol. All is cool rooted on my hero T-mobile G2 1.7rom done an Nandriod backup transferd a copy to my pc, then updated the modaco 2.8 and on and on.

    now my question is if my fone has a bad day and i need to take to Tmobile for the warreny iv seen the video how to unroot but the files downloaded was the 1.76 WWE and not the 1.76 tmobile if i updated the 2.73 rom and sent it to tmobile for repairs thats cool but then ill have a problem rooting it again as in the post before when i had the 2.73 like haris and neil lucky me i changed the fone the last time coz i had it for less than 7 days.

    sorry for the long tale just a bit paranoid here your reply will be appritiated thanks.

    1. Mbba,

      No problem. Ya in order to do the warranty exchange you’d have to either find a T-Mobile 1.73 ROM (if you do let us know and I’ll host it here so you always have a place to get it from), or you’d have to upgrade to the 2.73 and then use the Downgrade Hero Method to Root it again when it comes back.

  33. okay cool, i am more confident to have a fiddle around now – thanks for the good videos/guides on how to “root” & “unroot” the htc hero

  34. Hi, I was just wondering if any of these rootings work for the htc tattoo. I just got mine, and even though the specs where a bit dissapointing at first, the phone holds up quite good?

  35. I have a few questions:

    1. i recently got a sprint htc hero with the firmware upgrade (build: 1.56.651.2 CL85027). the phone is fairly quick but i’d like to root it in order to remove some of the software it comes bundled with, and possibly to use it as a USB tether. from my understanding i need to roll this firmware version back (unroot) before i can root it. is that true?

    2. will unrooting cause me to lose all my installed apps and settings?

    3. is there a way to backup all of my apps and settings?

    4. is there a sure-fire and easy way to restore my phone to its original state if something goes wrong?


  36. hello..

    i had rooted my HTC Hero from sprint before the current update..

    well i had to unroot it to get the new update. which i wanted to do anyway.

    i followed your guide to a T and everything is back to normal but i cant connect to the mobile network. so i cant update it now because of no mobile network.

    is this a phone issue? or a network problem… my mobile network worked fine a few hours ago…

  37. i just did a regular reboot.. and now its connected to mobile network.. but still wont update.. not even the PRL or profile. just tells me error code 1012…

  38. Hey, It seems the SPRINT Hero RUU website is down? Does anybody have another link? and is there an HTC Sync for OS X?

    Thanks alot guys!

  39. hello,
    i was just wondering how to get rid of the t-mobile g2 touch software (U.K) and replace it with the official htc hero software to make it faster etc.
    please help.

  40. any one know where to get a version that will work for a 3 (UK)baranded Hero? I keep getting the customer ID error but can’t find a version to match

  41. Hi, I have a new T-mobile G2 touch with CL# 79576 release keys. I am trying to root, unroot, and nothing works. So I am not an expert. but as I understood it is still not possible to root. Am I right?

  42. trying 2 downgrade my sprint htc hero but i keep getting htis message “Error 140 bootloader version error” can anyone help

  43. I have a few questions:

    1. i recently got a sprint htc hero with the firmware upgrade (build: 1.56.651.2 CL85027). the phone is fairly quick but i’d like to root it in order to remove some of the software it comes bundled with, and possibly to use it as a USB tether. from my understanding i need to roll this firmware version back (unroot) before i can root it. is that true?

    2. will unrooting cause me to lose all my installed apps and settings?

    3. is there a way to backup all of my apps and settings?

    4. is there a sure-fire and easy way to restore my phone to its original state if something goes wrong?


    1. Phillip,

      1. Correct. Either this procedure or probably the How To Downgrade the Hero procedure. (Just make sure we mention the Sprint Hero in the procedure before you start it.
      2. Yes, you will lose everything, but you can easily just redownload your apps once you log back into the Market.
      3. Yes, once you have a custom recovery image, you can use it to do a Nandroid backup.
      4. Yes, the Nandroid backup.

      Good luck!
      Any other issues, post in the technical support forums!

  44. Hi there,

    I am an asia htc hero user here, i have tried the methods to root and load custom ROMs on the HTC hero but something when wrong when the phone was booting after the installation of the Modaco ROM. The rooting went smoothly and my phone has been rooted properly as instructed in the video, but when the phone boots up after i installed the modaco ROM, the htc boot screen keeps alternating from each other, (meaning the bold “HTC” word with flashing lights and the “hero” logo with the android animation) I left it there for hours and to no avail. I do understand that it is mentioned that there will be a long wait for the phone in the “htc” logo phase but isn’t the infinite alternative transition and hours of wait a little odd?

    Is my phone bricked? Or is there a way to save it with the solution above. Please advice.
    thank you so much.


  45. Hi there

    I tried the loader for my HTC hero which I bought in South Africa. I wanted to go back to stock firmware. Well i tried it and got some error, i can’t recall what it said but since then, i cannot connect to my pc using HTC Sync (when you pull down the notification bar and click ‘HTC Sync’ and it wants to detect HTC Sync on your pc). It just says cannot find HTC Sync on your pc but I can mount the SD card as normal in windows. I have tried different roms and nothing works. Please help me


  46. Hi Unlockr

    I have a question that you would probably be able to answer as you seem very wise in all this Android business. lol

    I got a Hero in South Africa where I live and by law, cell phone companies cannot network lock phones here (hence why the iPhone is network unlocked here by default).

    My problem and question is that I am still getting this Wrong Customer ID and as far as I know, my Hero is unbranded. So please could you give me some advice on this as I would like to go back to my ‘original hero’ and unroot it but now i cannot

    1. Ice,

      Wrong customer ID has nothing to do with the phone being unlocked. It means you have the wrong version of the Hero for that RUU.
      Try to do the How To Root the HTC Hero in One Click procedure first and just see if it lets you flash the recovery image, if it does just continue. If not then look for our How To Downgrade the HTC Hero procedure and try the other RUUs at the bottom of the procedure.
      Good luck!

  47. I have tried everything on this site to root my hero g2 but nothing seems to work. Is this due to the latest t-mobile software on the phone (its I am not able to flash the recovery image either.
    plzzzzz help.

  48. Hello,
    im having problems going back to the earlier firmware version as it says wrong bootloader. its probably here in the comments but ive tried a lot. i want to root my phone. its a HTC Hero G2 – TMobile. could you please please please! give me isntructions on how to do so. i recently installed the Tmobile RUU and found this was a later version which patched rooting.

    any help would be great.

  49. hello. I followed all the directions from the two video’s before on how to root and load a rom. I’ve rooted successfully. But I tried to load a rom My phone will not pass the HTC screen. I used modaco’s 3.1 enchanced rom. Any tips on how to get my phone the way it was?

  50. Hi, i’m using a general .66 rooted hero ROM, with ra 1.5.2, unlocked spl and last radio…i’m trying to unroot the phone with the l ruu but after the reboot in bootloader the update program says that the phone is not connected…bit in the begin it recognise the. Phone and its rom version…quat could ne the problem? Thanks

  51. same problem as hardiman…

    new sprint hero, i rooted it..
    cant recieve any calls or text,
    so trying to unroot before i call customer support
    or take it in


  52. Hey Guys!! I just recently bought a HTC HERO GSM and it came from europe. I ended up loosing the 2gb card which had all the folders and files in it. If someone has a brand new hero with those files in it can you please put them in a .zip folder and upload them. I really need those files. Thank YOu Hope Unlockr can help.

  53. hey i got a SPRINT HERO with google stamp phone and did update to the 1.56 update to be able to root and now get stuck on this screen when i unplug it from usb,htc screen comes on as soon as i plug it in.
    HBOOT-1.41.0000 (HERO20000)
    Sep 1 2009,19:18:45

    it wont respond to and commands(home+power,- volume+power,etc) any sugestions on what to do? id appreciate any help

  54. When you unroot the hero does it have the padlock thing like the nexus one,
    I’m just wondering if the desire will have it so I’m trying to compare with the closest thing available (I think)

  55. Hi,

    I’m getting the Error 140 too – Wrong Bootloader Version. It’s an imported Hero from the UK (I think). I had put Modaco’s ROM on it, but now I can’t seem to be able to go back to stock.

  56. Hi Unlockr

    just a quick clarify on this. does this unbranded the phone?
    I’ve got a HERO which is branded to ORANGE, already paid for unlock code, now using a 3 sim card, but i can only upgrade/update ROM using orange updates ROMs only.

    if not, does rooting the phone helps?

  57. I rooted my HTC Hero for Sprint, and am having trouble un rooting it. I tried the RUU and it gives me the:

    Error (140): Bootloader Version Error.
    The Rom Update Utility cannot update your android phone.
    Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again.

    What do I do? Where can i download the correct version?

    Thank you,

  58. Ok i Think i figured it out. IF you have a htc hero from sprint with google” on the back then u need the Sprint RUU 1.56.651.2 signed version not the one provided above.

  59. I have bought my phone in india and have rooted it. Now I want to revet it back to its original state. Which RUU should I download?

  60. please help i am having a terrible time trying to root my sprint hero with google 1.56 rom i think i have been trying all the one click methods and the extended methods. do i need to revert to 1.26 rom to root or what is the deal.

  61. Hey, I have a HTC Hero from Vodafone, in Hungary Europe, i tried the WWE roms to unroot my phone, but i kept gettin the error 140. What should i do? Could you help me?


  62. HEY HEY!!

    I’ve installed HTC sync on my computer and i plub usb to my phone and press HTC Sync
    Phone shows

    Finding htc sync on your computer please wait
    and says Can’t find.. XD

  63. I just rooted and installed a custom ROM on my hero ..
    everything was working perfectly

    suddenly, whenever i pull up terminal emulator and type su , the su request screen shows a black screen, doing nothing … it was working perfectly like 20 min ago … the su request is just showing a black screen for everything now .. do i have to unroot and start all over..?? or is there a simple fix??

  64. my htc hero has following inform

    firm ware 2.1,

    model number : HTC Legend

    i tried a lot unrooting it but i am unable to do it

    for all the factory RUU’s it’s givig a message “failed Customer ID verification” the phone i brought from asia . is there any way i can unroot it please help me.

  65. i have the error message 140 for my htc hero sprint. i just want my old sprint rom back how can i get the old rom back?? please help me!!

  66. I tried using the sprint ruu and the original but down loader problems. Now all I have is a blank screen. I need help.

  67. i downloaded the sprint 2.1 test version before that i rooted and was going to put damange control rom on it but i decided not to so neways i am using the leaked version of 2.1 and i want to unroot but i cant it wont let me it tells me 140 error please help me i need to send my phone into warranty.

  68. i downloaded the sprint 2.1 test version.But before that i rooted my phone and was going to put damange controls 2.0.8 rom on it.So my friend talked me into putting the leaked version on my phone. And i would like to unroot i have tryed getting 140 bootloader error when i try to load 1.5.6 or 1.2.9.So im really lost i don’t know what to do. I try to boot into recovery mode but it comes up with a red triangle with a (!) in the middle of it. any help would be awesome

  69. Earl Stewart Jr

    I have tried performing the steps listed above for my cdma hero, but still unsuccessful. I still keep getting the Error 140 bootloader error message. i would like to go back to 1.5.6 or 1.2.9. Thanks for any help

  70. I get error every time i try both of the roms, it says its the wrong update or something what to do ???

  71. i have windows 7 and a GSM htc hero, i am trying to unroot and get original bootloader for the new OTA update, but whenever i try to unroot, my pc says, restart to install HTC Bootloalder, so i restart, and it happenes every time, HELP!!

  72. Dear UNlockr. I have a HTC hero (NOT Sprint)

    And I used your one click root Method and worked fine, I want to unroot now and I get that ID error. I bought my phone in Thailand. I have follow all your procedures but I have no luck. tried all your RUU.exe. from WWW SEA all of them and still I get an ID error. I just want the orginal update 2.1 from HTC and upgrade from them.

    Just want 2.1. from HTC.

    Firmware 1.5
    Build number 2.73.707.9 146733
    Sofware version 1.0.0A6288

  73. Hi, I have tried to unroot my HTC, which I rooted with your intructions erlier. However, I can get my phone to sync with the computer. Every time i connect it I just get the mount option and not the sync one, even thou i got the HTC SYNC program running and installed.

  74. just to add an info. if you’r looking for a rom, just go to htc support page, with the serial number of the phone you get the rom especified to your phone model.
    sorry for my bad english

  75. Hi, I have rooted my phone with the 1 click method. Now I would like to Unroot it back again. The RUUs on the page don’t match my build number. I have a HTC Hero build # 2.73.707.9 from south east asia (Thailand) . I have have spent weeks trying to find it all over google. If anyone knows a link or can create a RUU for my build #. It would very much appreciated.

    1. Just reversing the root process with flashrec. First do nand/restore to your first nand/backup ,restarting the phone and open flashrec and click restore recovery img (make sure you still have this file “recovery-backup.img” inyour SD-Card) reboot the phone again. Your you phone are now unrooted. Enjoy!

  76. just to add an info. if you’r looking for a rom, just go to htc support page, with the serial number of the phone you get the rom especified to your phone model.
    sorry for my bad english

    go to htc webpage, you can find the designated ruu for your model there

  77. Hi,
    my phone have 2.73.405.5 build number
    is it unrooted or rooted?
    *i downgrade it from 2.73.728.5 with 1 click method

  78. hello guys from the unlockr

    how do i remove the custom rom that i installed into my htc hero to the original rom thats was intalled into my phone??


    1. I have the same issue. The usb connection does not allow me to sync my phone or install an RUU. Is there anyway to unroot my phone otherwise?

  79. Hi, I have bought an already rooted HTC hero, from spain, I beleive it was on the Orange Spain Network. I want to unroot it and root another newer firmware.

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (HERO10000)

  80. i get the error msg [170], something about that the usb cable is defect, tries all ruu’s and many different cables, what to do??

    1. I had the same problem last night, went in circles until I realised it was (probably/maybe) down to my machine being Win7 64-bit.
      This morning I tried it on a friends Vista 32-bit laptop, the HTC Sync manager program would not install _but_ the update worked!
      Being on Orange, I had to install RUU version, as the link posted above (version wouldn’t complete.
      Make sure everything is USB2.0 (cables and ports) and that you can try all of this on Vista or XP 32-bit (I have no way of trying this on W7 32-bit).
      While trying all of this, I found that two mini usd cables would not work with the HTC Hero, they were not up to scratch.

      I’m a linux kind of chap, use Windows for games and when forced to, in cases like this. Good luck.

  81. What can i do if my HTC Hero won’t sync to my pc?

    please write back i need to unroot it to activate the phone

  82. Please help me out someone, i got an htc hero which i bought from a store in UK, ive been using it in pakistan with SenseHERO-2.1-090610-B5 rom and it was working perfectly. Yesterday i installed the new radio and then i uploaded firmware OTA_Hero_hTC_Asia_WWE_3.34.707.1_R-2.73.707.91_release2o6jt9uzr4lcz00x

    Now after reboting my phone get stucks on window saying HERO and if i tries to open recovery it shows a screen with HTC Phone pic with a red colored exclamation mark on it. when i press power and volume up key it takes me to androide sytem recovery which at start gives me error that recovery command not found, it only gives me wipe data and update from sd card options. I tried many updates even the previosuly working one but everytime it gives me signature verificatoin error.

    Please help me out if anyone know the solution. Regards

  83. hi, i have rooted/flashed my hero a while ago. and im trying to restore it so i can uppdate it “legit” and i have done all of what u have said in the tutorial. but i get the ERROR [171]: USB CONNECTION ERROR. i want this to work >.< halp plz

  84. So many people out there evidently have a huge problem trying to rollback the RUU updates. The Hero is def. locked after the latest RUU updates with no access ever to getting root; no way to get a rollback to do rooting again.

    I have a Hero T-Mobile UK (NL), rolled back 2.73.405 to but no way to get root again
    Flashrec won’t work. Nor will fastboot via adb – all kinds of errors that are described above.

    Who’s gonna help? How do we get the phone unlocked to do a flash recovery, and then load recovery bootloaders? What has S-ON and S-OFF to do with it?

    Is there a guide – did anyone already succeed? Please help!


      1. Thx TheUnlockr!

        Getting root worked fine that way. Great new apk!
        But: still not able to flash recovery image – trying with adb gives nagging error: failed: remote not allow

        during boot only the default HTC hboot loads, with no way to load a recovery

        so no way to flash a custom rom either.

        What should we do?

          1. Yes, worked! I can see you did some cleanup in the guides. Now I have full controll back on my Hero
            Thx a lot.

  85. Hey, I’m having so much trouble rooting my phone. I upgraded my phone to the latest update unfortunately. It’s ridiculous what I’ve been through. Anyways, I can’t seem to downgrade my phone. I did everything on this guide to the letter and I get this notice at the end of the RUU(Sprint Hero) that says it failed because I have the wrong ROM and should update to the correct one. I don’t know what I did wrong since I downloaded the RUU provided in the links. After several failed attempts I tried the advice you gave to Mike and went on over to the G1 page and followed their root procedure. I downloaded the .apk file and the Linda Manager. Anyways, when I open the file on my phone and install it, I arrive at this window that gives me a few options… Root and Unroot with a drop down bar above it. I clicked on root with the Super User 2.0 ~ 2.2 selection. After a few moments it shows the same window with a dialogue at the top that reads “Failed! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~”. I get the failed part but what in the world am I doing wrong!? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance!

  86. Hi Unlockr i love your – firstly let me tell you how much i love your work!!!

    I have a problem…. I have an Orange UK Hero that is rooted.
    I created a gold card, as i need to be on 3 UK original rom (because i have a payg sim and they run a version of skype that is totally free but only works on their network, not via wifi)
    I am running a custom “update-hero-generic-2.73.771.73-rooted-signed” It has the planet3 stuff and skype.
    It is firmware version 1.5

    I am prompted to install system software update.

    System update available is 3.35.771.1 (78.36mb)OTA

    It downloads fine and then when i choose to install it, the phone boots and I get mr android man and an open box and a progress bar, from the install process.

    It seems to do 20% of the update and then just drops to a screen that depicts mr android man and a warning triangle.

    When i press a button on the phone i see:-

    Clockworkmod recovery v.
    Finding update package
    opening update package
    verifying update package
    E:failed to verify whole file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    How can i successfully install this update please

    or… how can i install an original 3 rom on my phone….

    Your the best Unlockr


  87. Hello,

    I have a HTC Hero Granite, That Was orginaly on Orange UK, i Rooted the Hero Following the ‘Root Your Hero in One Click’ and also uploaded a Custom ROM on to the Phone, so i could use a O2 uk Sim Card,

    however now, i am going to use the Orange Sim Once again and want to un root the Phone and have the orignal rom back so i can update it to the latest firmware via the HTC Website.

    i followed this tutorial and it came up with Error 132 _ it couldnt confirm the signature.

    i am using the 2.0 htc sync program for heros with 1.5 firmware, i first tryed uploaded the Hero Original RUU and found it didnt work, then i tryed to use the link for the RUU for Orange, and thats what bought up the Error 132 message about half way through updateing.

    is there something i am doing wrong ?? would you possiblly be able to tell me how to revert the HTC Hero make to its original State.

    Many Thanks

    Any reply is much appriciated

    Dan Anderson

    1. First off, there is never a reason to unroot unless you need to send the phone in for warranty. The custom roms you can find are usually based on the lastest update for the phone and have better performance and features. Just flash a newer custom ROM and put your O2 SIM in.

      Otherwise if you still want to unroot, you might have to Google the specific RUU for your model and carrier then download it and run it.

      1. Thank you very much for your help,

        i will no longer be unrooting my htc, i just need to find a good Custom Rom, with what i want to have, i am running the MoCaDo Custom Rom 3.2.

        you mentioned that there are custom roms that are based on the new update, can you recommend any ?

        Many Thanks

        Dan Anderson

  88. Every time I try to use the Sprint RUU it just keeps telling me that it cant find the phone and to make sure that its plugged in. I let it sync after installing HTC sync like the instructions say and that worked no problem. Soon as I shut the phone off and replug it in and run the RUU I get the error message. Any ideas?

  89. Well I just realized what i think I was doing wrong. i am not supposed to turn the phone off when i run the RUU lol. I can not do it now but when I get home I will do the downgrade and let you all know how it turns out.

  90. ok well i rooted my hero but i didnt like the soft ware so i unrooted it to get a better software called androot an i LOVE IT!!!

  91. I am trying to unroot my Hero.

    I have tried multiple RUU, but all come up with the same error, Wrong Bootloader.

    I was using VillianROM 12.0, downgraded to stock rooted ROM, firm 1.5, kernel 2.6.27, build 2.73.405.66.

    I need to get from here back to stock unrooted.

    How do I rectify this, I have to return my Hero under warranty. Please help!

    1. Right, I’ve managed to go back to a Nandroid backup I did when I was starting my root. I’m on firm 1.5, kernel 2.6.27-8dd, build 2.73.405.5. BUT. Its still rooted. When it tries to do the automatic update, it downloads it, but can’t install it, error 216 (I think)

      Anyone any ideas? I HAVE to return it tomorrow.

  92. Try Googling for another RUU or create a goldcard and then do this again. The other option is to just send it in. To be honest, I’ve seen people send in rooted phones and the manufacturer doesn’t always notice (and if the issue is hardware related and has nothing to do with your rooting, which it better otherwise why are you sending it in. Then they should void the warranty anyway) but try the other suggestions first in case.

    1. I WAS tempted just to send it in anyway, the way it is. Basically, the bottom 1cm of the screen has become unresponsive.

      I have narrowed it down to the bootloader, I think I need to change it back to the stock one. (Duh, why didn’t I think of that before.) Will have to have a look at flashrec when I get home, hopefully I still have the files. If that doesn’t work, I’ll send it in anyway, if its void, its void, its almost out of warrenty anyway. I’ll have a look around for somewhere that can replace/repair screens. Hoping to pick the Desire HD after Christmas, and have the Hero as a backup/toy.

      Cheers UnLockR. Keep up the good work.

  93. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE!!! I seriously thought I was screwed because my phone was stuck on the home page & there were no options. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

    Btw, I also got an error message saying “ERROR [171]: USB CONNECTION ERROR”. I kept clicking on both RUU files until my phone had a connection. Then I saw a green bar, then it rebooted & was back to normal. Hope this helps.

      1. Keep plugging the usb in & out until you get a connection. It took me a few tries, but after awhile, it worked. Then the phone rebooted itself back to factory settings.

  94. Hi! I have tried all RUUs from above but nothing worked for me I get Wrong Customer ID… all the time. I have a T-mobile G2 touch with modaco custom rom in Hungary. Everything on this site worked perfectly for me just the unrooting not. Please help, I have to return the phone because the trackball does not work properly.

  95. Hi… Have had a Credo HTC-Hero CDMA for about a week… Flashed it w/ Cyanogen 6.1… Everything works , phone, texting, wifi… but I seem to have lost mobile network…. is downgrading and rebuilding the best route? to restoring 3G — I’ve tried doing #*#4636#*#* but I can’t find my SMSC number to update it — really art a loss, would prefer to leave the CM ROM but want the network connectivity.

    Thanks so much for the effort you put into helping ppl here — very nice…

  96. Hi, rooted a Credo HTC-Hero with the Cyanogen ROM 5.1 — everything is good except I lost 3g data network, wifi, phone, text all OK… Is back tracking the way to solve this or is there a better way? Prefer to leave it With the Flashed ROM, but am Paying for the network… tried doing #*#4636#*#* to set network type, but didn’t know my SMSC number.

    Thanks so much for the effort you put into helping ppl here. hope it really pays off for you

  97. My htc hero is from Cox communications, which is a new service here in the US. I have the original htc hero 1.5 cupcake version. I want to do the root install for the froyo 2.2. Which would I need to do to install this?

  98. i have big problem, any help is greatly appreciated, i just installed that new ota update that was just released, and after reboot my phnone is stuck at the hero logo screen, can’t boot into reccovery to flash image because it appears only a phone with a red triangle, i can only boot to that hboot, fastboot screen, but i can update from there, any help or suggestion on fixing this, i dont care if the phone is wiped i just want it to work again….

  99. I’m still getting the error 131 even tho i use the HKasia RUU for my hero. what shld i do nxt? can anyone help!

  100. I’m still getting the error 131 even tho i use the HKasia RUU for my hero. what shld i do nxt? can anyone help!

  101. I’m still getting the error 131 even tho i use the HKasia RUU for my hero. what shld i do nxt? can anyone help!

  102. I’m still getting the error 131 even tho i use the HKasia RUU for my hero. what shld i do nxt? can anyone help!

  103. I’m still getting the error 131 even tho i use the HKasia RUU for my hero. what shld i do nxt? can anyone help!

  104. I’m still getting the error 131 even tho i use the HKasia RUU for my hero. what shld i do nxt? can anyone help!

  105. Alexander_be85

    pleasee helpmeeeee i broke my hero i need a orange ruu andorid 1.5 please andy person help meeee

  106. Every time I try to unroot my Hero, it tells me to get the right ROM update utility and try again.  What ROM utility do I need to download?  I tried both of the download links on the page and they both said the same thing.

  107. Hi, thanks alot for the help. Although this guide didn’t ultimately solve my problem it sure helped.

    This is how I got my HTC Hero unrooted on my W7 x64:
    – Downloaded VMware and mounted an XP-image (this creates a virtual WinXP computer)
    – Downloaded HTC Sync 2.0.33 and installed it on my virtual computer
    – Connected my HTC Hero
    – Made my virtual computer pick up the Android USB instead of my “real” computer
    – Downloaded another RUU-version, here you can find plenty:
    – Ran the RUU-installer
    – Profit

    I tried with the RUU-version which is linked in this post, but I got stuck at ERROR [132]: Signature Error.

    Good luck 🙂

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