How To: Unroot the HTC Legend

I. Before You Begin

1. The only reason to unroot a phone is if you have to send it back in for warranty purposes. Otherwise just try loading a different ROM instead…

II. Get Back to Out of Box State

1. Download HTC Sync (if you don’t already have it) and the Original Legend RUU and save it to your computer.

HTC Sync
Original Legend RUU

2. Double click the HTC Sync program and install it.

3. Plug your phone into the computer via USB cable and select HTC Sync when prompted on the phone on how it should connect.

4. Double click the RUU exe you just downloaded and follow the prompt to restore the phone back to factory settings.

Reported Issue:

Issue: After the RUU tries to reboot my phone into bootloader, it sits at Waiting for Bootloader and eventually gives me an error.

Solution: Simply unplug the phone and plug it back in (leaving it on the HTC logo screen), and run the RUU again with it in that mode already.

Issue: After the RUU says sending and updating signature, it brings up an error saying use the correct RUU for this device.

Solution: Either find a different RUU for your phone, or just put your Goldcard back into the phone and start over.

31 responses to “How To: Unroot the HTC Legend”

  1. Tom says:

    i got a problem with unrooting my phone.
    2.x firmware is now on my HTC Legend, but i cannot get the 1.x back.
    can you please help me?

  2. matt says:

    Hi i have the last problem, its tells me to use the correct RUU, i’ve tried the process with my gold card, but it brings the same result, from what i can see upon searching for a legend RUU, it seems that the linked one on your site is the only one avaliable! please Help.

  3. pugi says:


    I hope I didn’t distroy my Legend.

    So I got a brand new Legend this last Friday. It’s 0.43.0001, and 1.31.7xx or something like that.

    Followed all the instructions, created a Goldcard, d/l the zip file, unziped it, started the step1-windows.bat and then it got stuck at a line ending with “system,100….” (sorry I’m at work and can’t remember exactly).

    after an hour, nothing moved, so I stupedly disconnected the phone, and stopped the command prompt, and now my Legend only shows the HTC symbol and on every corner, there’s a warning symbol or something…

    Have I fried my phone completly?



  4. shiznix says:


    it would appear, that with the current bootloader 0.8 and ROM version 1.31 it is impossible to unroot the phone. (even with gold card and w/e)
    would you know of any workaround?

    • shiznix says:


      I figured it out. Just get a new version of the Stock RUU @

      not a hassle at all except for the shitty download speeds (around 200 kilobytes per second)

  5. overdrive says:

    Found some WWE ROMs here:
    Download speed is decent

  6. Steli says:

    after i did the tutorial i still have the clockmode. how i can uninstall it and back the stock recovery ? Please help

  7. Jeppe says:

    Will this also reset to factory settings if i have a custom 2.2 ROM installed?

  8. lex says:

    What about if i did not just rooted my phone but flashed it with a custom rom without htc sense? Then i don’t have the ability to select HTC Sync on my phone right?

  9. Asher9268 says:

    this dont work this is crap

  10. Lightning-1 says:

    my phone wont connect to the computer or the cd player in the car, i thought it was the lead at 1st but my mate used the same lead to connect his bb to my car stereo, so if its not the lead, what the hell can i do? my phone is rooted, and if there is a problem i cant unroot to send it back?

  11. Rammstein7101 says:

    Hi. I tried the downgrade with two different RUU’s (1.31.405.5 and 1.23.405.1) and i’ve got the same error :
    Error 140 : “Wrong bootloader” or something like that but the thing i’m sure is the error code. my legend is on 2.2 froyo by SFR, my RUU is, for my bootloader “hboot – 1.00.0000” (not sure about this) and i’ve already made my goldcard.
    Somebody can help me ? Thanxs in advance.

  12. Jaxxed says:

    can anybody point to a method that doesn’t require windows. I’m surprised that there aren’t more liux based solutions, seeing as android is essentially a linux os.

  13. Jaxxed says:

    can anybody point to a method that doesn’t require windows. I’m surprised that there aren’t more liux based solutions, seeing as android is essentially a linux os.

  14. Danielkaric says:

    when i open the ruu it says error 170 that my device isn’t conected why?
    because when i type adb devices it says device #### conected

  15. Raushan9666 says:

    while flashing my htc legend it shows:-
    Legend Root Step 1

    Erasing cache and rebooting in RUU mode…

    erasing ‘cache’… OKAY
    … OKAY

    About to start flash…

    sending ‘zip’ (121756 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘zip’…

    what should i do????
    plz help me 🙁

  16. Raushan9666 says:

    how much time it takes for writing ‘zip’………
    plz tell i urgently need your help unlockr…

  17. Raushan9666 says:

    plzzz reply me

  18. Sshahul says:

    Great tip.. finally I rooted my Legend after 6 months

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