How To: UnRoot the Rogers HTC Magic/Get Back to Cupcake (Updated 02.26.10)

UPDATE (02.26.10): This procedure has been altered to work for the Rogers Magic ONLY. If you have ANY OTHER MAGIC, there is an updated procedure that should work fine for you:

How To Unroot the MyTouch/Magic

Thanks Jeff for sending this in!
Thanks Cyanogen!

Here is how to get back to the original Magic ROM. You can use this to unroot for warranty purposes OR you can use this if you have the latest Magic ROM (which blocks rooting) and want to downgrade so you can root and re upgrade.

1. Download the follow file and save it to your computer:

Magic Original RUU (Rogers)

2. Download HTC Sync and install it on your computer (if you haven’t already). You can download it from HTC here:

HTC Sync

3. Plug in the phone to the computer via USB cable (HTC Sync should be running and automatically connect to the device).

4. Once HTC is done syncing, double click the RUU file and follow the onscreen instructions.

5. That’s it!

Now if you want to root your phone again, just search our site for Magic Root and do that procedure and then the How To Load a Custom ROM one as well.

Reported Issues

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  • N0b0

    I have downloaded
    “_HTC Magic_RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_HTC_Nordic_release_signed_NoDriver.exe”
    from HTC website, can that be used instead?

    • Hello N0b0,

      Would you mind posting a link to it and I can check the specs on it?

  • Calva

    Is there any way you can do this on a Mac?

  • iScott78

    I install the HTC Sync tool, but when I plug my Rogers Magic in, it never says connected. I am on windows 7, running the HoFo rom. So basically I can’t unroot my magic

  • iScott78

    Never mind, i figured it out. I installed a Hero Rom and now it works.

  • N0b0
  • shohid

    hi, it would be great if someone can find the vodafone uk ruu, cos ive done the rooting and have hero, which is great, but would love to be able to go back to my original settings, if things get a bit problematic

  • shohid

    also i thought when you back up recovery image would revert my phone back to its original settings. BTW if i get a nandroid backup of a vodafone uk magic, can i use that to get my original non rooted state? thanks inadvance

    • Hello Shohid,

      That might work actually… but you’d have their data so not sure if they would give it to you… if that works though let us know!

  • Aamod

    Hey unlocker the HTC sync does not recognize my HTC Magic it says Disconnected.. what do i do? i Have a rom and i need to get it back to the original firmware..
    i followed your one touch method .. but this rom i am using is very unstable.. and no other rom seems to work on it…. it gets stuck on the operator logo.. wt do i do pl let me know

    • Hello Aamod,

      You need to reinstall the drivers, use the How to Setup ADB/USB Drivers procedure to get the computer to see the phone.

      • Carolyn

        i dont know how to reinstall the drivers, how do I get to the how to stepup abd/usb drivers? please help, thanks!

  • Aamod

    please i need your help !! need to send the phone back to the company

  • Aamod

    thx a lot i will try it out

  • arvind

    This rogers rom that was posted here has a perfected spl 1.33.0010 and trying to root that will surely brick your phone.

  • arvind

    My humble apologize .It does work even with a perfected spl the guys at xda scared the pants of me saying it could not be done.I apologize once again and a heart felt thanks to all who made this possible.

  • N0b0

    Hey unlockr you never answered my question about the Nordic RUU.

  • shohid

    hello mr unlockr dude, ive got a nandroid back up, do I flash it the way i would a hero rom? i.e put file to sd root, go to recovery mode, apply update and then reboot? cos im not sure how to use the nandroid utility on the recovery mode, and reading up on it confuses me even more.

    BTW thanks for your noob friendly guides. your the best.

    oh also, is it common different roms not to work, cos alot of the time even wiping then format ext+swap etc then boot does doesnt even load or goes to a boot loop.


    • Hello Shohid,

      Nandroids are done differently. Just boot into recovery and the recovery screen should have an optionb to Restore Nandroid Backup as a separate option. Use that.

      You’re very welcome! Keep checking back, going to start doing a lot more stuff soon as I have some free time lol

      Yes, but when a ROM doesn’t work you can usually do the format, the Wipe Data then Apply the ROM (in that order) and it should work.

  • Niall

    Hi, I have a UK vodafone Magic which I rooted to run the Hero ROM but the lag is so bad I just want to go back to the origional magic ROM. Can I do the proceedure above even though the only link you have at the min is for Rogers? Will that work on my UK vodafone magic?


    • Hello Niall,

      No these won’t work for you. We are still looking for the RUU for Vodafone (if you find it please post a link).
      BUT I would just recommend using a Non Hero Custom ROM instead. Download a Non Hero ROM for 32B Magics in the Downloads section and you’ll be happy with that (no lag at all and you still get root and better features than stock). There is no reason to unroot in my opinion except to send the phone in for warranty.

  • afviernes

    i downloaded both files.And i installed the htc sync.I connected my mytouch to the comp it wont sync?any advice on what i did wrong

    • Hello Afviernes,

      You are reading the wrong procedure if you have a MyTouch… Read the title.

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  • Niall

    Thanks Unlockr. I will do that tonight and let you know how I get on. Which ROM would you recommend?

  • Marc

    I am in the same boat as Niall. I was not happy with the lag but after many attempts I am sort of happy with … the big thing appears to be the “touchflow”, turn that off as recommended and the Magic comes alive.

    Unlockr, what Rom would you suggest?

    Top site, thanks man

  • Aamod

    i gwt an error saying wrong model id update failed.. wt do i do?
    pl help

    • Hello Aamod,

      You are using the RUU for the wrong phone. What phone and carrier are you using?

  • Aamod

    tried it again i am on an airtel india HTC magic 32A SPL phone i need to get back to the original rom please help me out .. i get invalid id??

    • Hello Aamod,

      Sorry but there is no original RUU for the Indian Magic, if you find it post it here.

  • Marc

    Unlocker… I think I found it… what you think?

    This is for the original Rom from Vodafone for the Magic.

    Now how would one go about restoring the Magic to this orginal Rom?

    Any assistance appreciated.


    • Hello Marc,

      Thanks! Downloading it now, will let you know shortly if it is what we need and then if it is will post it up in this post 🙂 Nice detective work!

  • Aamod

    Dear Unlocker which RUU should i use then.. as i said i am on Airtel India.. however the phone is not locked to the survice provider at all. i am on HTC Magic with a 32A SPL

  • Sined

    I’m just wondering, would a nandroid backup with the original Rogers ROM with Cupcake with SPL 1.33.0009 be able to downgrade the SPL?

    I was thinking, of trying a Hero ROM and if I needed to unroot the phone I would use a nandroid backup.

    Is this the right strategy?

    • Hello Sined,

      Yes, it should. But too be honest I don’t use Nandroid (very bad of me I know lol) so not sure what it’s limits are. But from what I gather it might work exactly like that.

  • shohid

    Hello mr unlockr dude,
    im having alot of trouble loading different roms. Format wipe and install rarely works.

    I was thinking of changing my spl from this: HBOOT-1.33.0004 (SAPP10000) : Sapphire PVT 32B SHIP S-ON G : CPLD-10

    to Engineering SPL 1.33.2004.

    Would this help? Thanks in advance

  • Tom

    I’m downloading it right now, but before I’ll use it I’d like to get some feedback from people that already have done it. If that the original one, it would be great to have it handy in case you would have to send the phone back for repairs.

    • Hello Tom,

      That is exactly what this process is for. To send the phone back for warranty.

  • Tom

    Hi Guys
    Did anyone managed to check the Vodafone ROM? (link posted by Marc)
    I’m downloading it right now, but before I’ll use it I’d like to get some feedback from people that already have done it. If that the original one, it would be great to have it handy in case you would have to send the phone back for repairs.

  • Tom

    Hi UnLockr
    Yes I know, sorry that wasn’t probably the most helpful comment by stating the obvious.
    Did you have a chance to check the ROM to which Marc posted link to? I was trying to download it yesterday but unfortunately it stop twice half way through and I haven’t had a chance to try and download it again yet. If you had any luck with it let us know if it is really a legit Vodafone ROM.

    • Hello Tom,

      I have been looking at it, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Magic to test it on… someone will have to try it and let us know.
      If the download is stopping have you tried downloading it on a different computer (in a different house would be best)?

  • xjadow

    hey, great job here, love the site

    heres my problem (on vodafone magic)
    i stupidly updated to donut while in a sleepy daze this morning and have been trying to downgrade since.
    i cannot get the htc sync to work so thought about this

    would i be able to download the file from the link marc posted, put it on my root, go into the recovery menu and just get cupcake that way? or would that do my phone in, cheers (:

    • Hello Xjadow,

      Well I take it that you do not have root access in donut and thats why you want to go back to cupcake right? Cause you would need root access to load the ROM in all likelihood. But you can try it and let us know (worst that could happen is it would say cant update).

  • xjadow

    ah yeh, silly me
    is there any other way i can go back to cupcake without using htc sync? (i tried the adb video, didnt work

  • Tom

    I finally managed to get the ROM and I will test it within next couple of days and post the results – but from what I gather (my Spanish is far from perfect) this is Vodafone Spain ROM and I think the real problem for lots of guys is getting hands on the original Vodafone UK ROM – this hopefully should be solved within next couple of weeks when HTC is going to release Sense UI for Magic and from what I gather this is going to be for all the models. If true that would be probably the best news of the year for all Magic owners, as Sense UI is by far the best Android implementation and that would end problems with getting manufacture approved ROM in some countries.

  • bail0ut

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone else having problems connecting to htc sync? My magic (1.6 voda uk) won’t connect to sync on either vista x64 or xp, usb debug enabled, many restarts performed and still nothing. When i run ‘adb devices’ in dos it lists my phone and all works fine.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • bail0ut

    Thanks for your help Unlockr but this is the original installer I downloaded and installed. Is there a way I can totally format the phone and start completely from scratch so to speak? Everything of importance is backed up safely so I’m willing to try anything!

  • jeezlouis

    Hey TheUnlockr,

    thanks for a great guide! I got one problem; My phone freeze in startup after i rooted it (worked fine), and then applied the JACxHERO 2.2 Hero ROM.

    I suppose I did something wrong, but is it possible to just format, wipe and install another ROM? As long as the root did work i mean. Since i can’t boot up the phone, I assume I can’t do the unrooting since i would never be able to connect the phone to HTC Sync.

    The reason I ask is because I don’t have the SDcard adapter thingy to plug into my PC, and will have to wait a couple of days to get one. So if the wipe/etc thingy works I will patiently wait, if not I will have to work on another solution.


    • Hello Jeezlouis,

      Just do this and you should be good to go:
      Reformat the SD with Fat32+ext2+swap.
      Put the ROM you want on the sd card (make sure the ROM is for your correct motherboard,32A or 32B) but not in any folders.
      Wipe Data
      Apply update.

      Good luck!

  • Tom

    Ok just a quick follow up I managed to get my UK Vodafone Magic to original settings, took few days as I had quite busy weekend and didn’t really have time to play with the phone. This will restore your phone to original ROM and will allow you to get OTA updates from Vodafone, I will post links and how to shortly (as soon as I finish work).

  • dan foster

    Tom u are the man, ive been tryin for a while with no luck, please please please post up your solution! 🙂

  • Tom

    Here it is the link to xda-developers forum

    There you can find a link to stock Vodafon UK ROM for Magic, you should be able to work out what to do. If you have any problems or if you are unsure how to proceed I will hopefully write a simple “how to” tomorrow. I’ve got quite few things going on at the moment (new city, flat and a job) so please bear with me but if anyone has a problem with it please ask I’ll try to help as much as I can.

  • Thomas


    HTC Sync doesn’t recognize my phone. I can use adb and fastboot to show devices, so i guess the drivers are correctly installed. I did reintall them. Still no success. Having a stubborn Magic with Donut…

    • Thomas,

      Goto htcs support section on their site, there is an update for magics to fix htc sync not finding the phone 🙂

  • Thomas

    If I’m correct you’re saying about this: HTC Sync Upgrade for HTC Magic It’s the only HTC Sync version I’ve installed.

    Or… I can’t find it…

    Thanks 🙂

  • Thomas

    I guess, my bad: “update for magics” … that would suggest a RUU for a Magic, but every single instruction oh HTC’s website states to check if HTC Sync is working before using RUU…
    I’m beginning to think really that dumb…

  • Eniac

    Is there another link to the Rogers RUU file? The link don’t seem to be working.

    Thanks for the great video guides!

    • Eniac,

      You’re welcome!
      Thanks for letting me know the link is down, will fix it tonight.

  • pratik


    i have a vodafone htc magic 32b device and i received a OTA and now its 1.6, what should i do as i dont have stock vodafone ruu! is there any other way to do that.

    • Pratik,

      You could try to do the How To Root Donut procedure on the site and pretend you have a MyTouch (the procedure should work for the Vodafone Magic) and then once you are rooted you can load whatever custom ROM you wanted for your Vodafone Magic.

  • Pratik

    hi unlockr

    i have vodafone htc magic 32B and updated to OTA 1.6, and now want to go back to the 1.5 cupcake, is there any other way to do that! and i have found one link but cudnt understand what to do with those files can you check them out for me , link :
    thank you

  • dan

    using the mytouch file will want to write everything including the radio files, is that safe seen as the majority of bricking comes from messing with the radio files

    • Dan,

      I have yet to see a phone actually be bricked beyond repair, anything that happens can usually be fixed.
      The unrooting process loads the official rom/radio/spl etc back onto the phone, the issues come when you load a custom radio that doesn’t belong on a phone. This procedure is just as safe as if you got an OTA update from your carrier (as it is essentially the same thing).

  • Thomas

    I found a small solution. RUU didn’t find my phone’s version number. HTC Sync didn’t work.

    When I run fastboot mode on my Magic and start RUU it finds proper version number and begins to update… until it starts to check CID id, then it stops with an error message.
    Indeed, in there is different CID.
    Why can’t I change CID and recovery and ROM itself in the .zip file? 🙂

  • Gerald

    hey unlockr! i need your help! I can’t seem to dl the megaupload file of the RUU, plus I have an asia HTC Magic. will the Rogers magic original RUU work for me?

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  • rhizon

    Hi unlockr, I got my my touch 3g. ,sapphire pvt 32b ship s-on G,
    Hboot 1.33.0006(sapp30000), CPLD-10, radio,
    I really like to have a root.. pls. Help me,, what procedure should
    I use. .. tnx..

  • rhizon

    And its already updated to 1.6

    • Rhizon,

      Please post in the technical support forums so we can help you without clogging up the comments.

  • Milos

    Whic RRU should I use for: sn HT97EKF01080, SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H
    HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP100000)
    MAy 8 2009 21:02:32 ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • JovannyA

    if i root my phone, add a rom, and dont like it can i go back to donut.
    and if i do like it but decide to want to unroot when eclair comes out is that possible?

  • thzoon


    Was wondering does this un-oot only work for HTC Magic (Rogers) unit only? Can this official ROM work for other HTC Magic in Asia which is 32A also?


  • Fred

    Ive tried to get my magic back to cupcake version but i get all this errors while updating. i just dont get it back to cupcake. any ideas? i get error [130]: wrong updating tools or something like that.

    Sapphire PVT 32A Ship sS-ON H
    HBOOT-1.33.0014 (SAPP10000)

    dosnt tell me much but it might help u guys help me?

    • Fred,

      Trying using the Goldcard way to root the Magic. Search for Goldcard in the search box at the top right of our site and see if that procedure works for you.

      Good luck!

  • Daniel

    Hi Unlockr,

    On 31st of October Patrik asked you about how to go back to cupcake with a Vodafone Magic.
    I also have one, updated to Donut, that I would like to root to be able to load custom ROMs.
    I’m not sure if I understood you well that I can follow the MyTouch procedures to UnRoot, Root, and load ROM?

    Thanks in advance, Daniel

    • Daniel,

      No, we have a How To Root a Donut Phone procedure. If you look at that post it has separate procedures for Magic and for MyTouch. If you have a Magic and not a MyTouch, follow the Magic procedures NOT the MyTouch procedures.

      Good luck!

  • Daniel


    Thanks for the answer.
    Maybe I misunderstood something:
    In the first step the procedure I got here.
    I have a Vodafone Magic.
    Can I use the Rogers RUU or what can I do?

    Sorry if the question is stupid, but I’m beginner in these things. 🙂

    Regards, Daniel

  • Mazlan

    hey unlockr, i have an unlocked htc magic. not specific to any carrier here is malaysia. And i applied the official HTC rom a few weeks back, and it seems now that when i try to root my phone it says “Backup failed, could not run command”. Does this mean i have to unroot my phone? and if so, how? could you perhaps provide the link?

    HBOOT- 1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)

  • Bankai

    Hi Unlockr! Thx for ur great tut’s.

    There are couple things in the comments that r very confusing. This is what i dont understand.

    On October 31st, 2009 at 10:50 am u said to someone that he can go back to cupcake with his htc magic vodafone using the mytouch 3G method.

    And on December 12th, 2009 at 5:04 pm u said its not possible with a htc magic vodafone to downgrade back to cupcake using the mytouch 3g method.

    On October 14th, 2009 at 4:02 pm you said to niall that he cant use the HTC Magic Original RUU (Rogers) to downgrade his HTC magic vodafone.

    I have an htc magic vodafone (donut). does that mean i cant go back to cupcake, cuz the Magic Original RUU (Vodafone) isn’t available yet?

    Or can i use use the rogers RUU, and when i am on cupcake i use the one click root, and then custom rom?

    See how confusing i am 😛

    Thx for da help !

  • Daniel

    Hi Unlockr,

    Can you tell me what can I do to root my 32B Vodafone Magic which is updated to 1.6?
    It is not clear if I can use the Rogers RUU or there is no solution for me or … ?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Al

    Hi Unlocker,

    U did great job here (thumb up)… I try to unroot the HTC Magic with RUU Rogers and it said that update failed … The one I have is HTC Magic (Vodacom)
    HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP10000)
    May 8 2009,21:02:32

    So, which one original RUU best fo me??


  • easyGeeza

    Hi I have a Magic(voda uk Version) 32b im trying to get htc syc working after several attempts and change and updates of drivers to no avail. can someone lead me in the right direction as I want to drop back to cupcake and flash a rom to the unit?

  • Callum

    I second Calva
    Is there a way to do this on a mac?
    Please reply

  • tammie

    I have a question will you device update to 1.6 once you unroot it to 1.5

  • HELLO, i really was hoping i could root, but im afraid this is not possible because i have a vodafone uk phone and need the Magic Original RUU (Vodafone)thingy me shing, ive looked around for alternatives to revert back to cupcake, but it seems impossible, please help me out 🙁

  • teknogeek

    Hi Unlockr,

    I’m on the 1.6 donut software.. i downloaded the file from here – its supposed to be for htc magic 1.5 donut vodafone but the downloaded file has no RUU.. is there an alternative to downgrade back to donut 1.5 so I can root and add a custom rom??

    • Teknogeek,

      No, you have to get to 1.5 for us to be able to root and then upgrade back to 1.6 (or 2.0 etc).

  • Teknogeek

    Hi mate, thanks but the problem is that I do not hav tthe original htc vodafone

  • teknogeek

    no help for us htc magic members who NEED the original vodafone RUU???

    • Teknogeek,

      Im not sure Vodafone released their ruu, if anyone finds it please send us a link and well host it here so it doesnt get lost.

  • noname

    No RUU exist for 32b Vodafones…

    So please, take down that link. IT´S A NANDROID BACK UP!!!!

    • Noname,

      Thanks for testing it out for us. Taking it down now.

  • teknogeek

    does this mean us htc magic vodafone 32b users cannot downgrade to 1.5??? i really want to downgrade so i can use custom roms

  • zaharache

    when i aplly the unroot method exposed here it says wrong model id update failed and i use a htc magic non branded but its blocked in vodafone romania and i have a hero rom haw can i go back to original pls??

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  • Mappefar

    Hey The Unlockr

    I have a HTC Magic
    HBOOT-1.33.0014 (SAP10000)
    Sep 2 2009,17:42:56

    Ive tried to get my magic back to cupcake version but my Sync Manager doesn’t really cooparate, and the RUU gives me an error when a try it without the Sync.

    I tried using the GoldCard method and everything went smooth until I was trying to update the (Main Version is older – Update fail)

    I am stuck!
    What would you advice me to do now?

    • Mappefar,

      If you have any issues, please post in the technical support forums for assistance.

  • Rob

    I have a UK Vodafone magic with donut and want to try out wifi tethering, so I need root access. Will downgrading to cupcake and installing a custom rom mean losing all my currently installed apps / files etc?

    • Rob,

      Yes, you will lose your apps, but you can just redownload them from the Market. Files, no. JUst save them to your computer or somewhere and transfer them back when you are done.

  • Mappefar

    Hi The Unlockr
    I solved my answered question…

    Used the goldcard method to get to 1.33.2010 and followed the guide to its end.
    Now the HTC screen loads, the new Android logo appears, and I get “SIM card is locked”.. I type in my normal Pin-code, and immedealy after gets a “Sorry! Process system is not responding”-message! It restarts over and over again, but always gives me this screen!

    What should I do, I am shaken!
    I was going to update to a Hero rom, is there anyway I could just do that right now?

    • Mappefar,

      Try to take out the SIM card and turn the phone on without it inside. (Just to make sure it is your SIM card). Then you might need to use a friends SIM card to get past the login. After that goto the How To Root procedure.

  • Keitho

    Hi Unlockr,

    I’m on Android 1.6 with an htc magic on vodafone UK.

    I’m confused and need some help….

    I think I need to downgrade to 1.5 using the help above in order to root the phone? But if it won’t work using the rogers RUU, how do I go about it? I’ve tried using the one touch root before but it doesn’t get anywhere.

    Can’t get my head round it… sorry!

  • Mappefar

    I think something has given me other clues!
    I tried to take out my SD-card (not the Gold-card), and I was able skip the activation and get to my Home-screen!
    I tried to plug in my SD-card while having it turned on, and it accepted the SD-card. However, when i try to use camera/video/loading music from the SD card, i get a “Sorry! process etc” note.
    I am not able to plug in the SD-card before booting the phone. I tried to plug in my Goldcard, start the phone, and it worked. But the notificationbar told me it was destroyed, as expected!
    Well, I have got a rooted phone, with half of my apps not working! I was going to install a hero ROM! Could I install that directly now?
    TheUnlockr says in “How to load a custom ROM/Hero ROM” that: [I]This method requires that you used OUR super easy 1 click method of rooting on your MyTouch or G1 BEFORE doing this procedure![/I]
    Does that mean I should unroot – root – and load a Hero ROM?

    • Mapperar,

      So long as you can get to the homescreen and you are rooted you should be fine. Do you have a custom recovery image that you can boot into? Do that, partition the card and load the Hero ROM (should negate all the issues you are having with ROMs). Also make sure you are doing the correct Magic procedures and loading the correct ROMs. Only load ROMs for the motherboard you have (32A or 32B). The procedures all explain this.

  • Mappefar

    For those interested:
    I took out my SD-card, and I was able skip the activation just by pushing SKIP all the way to my Home-screen!
    I tried to plug in my SD-card while having it turned on, and it accepted the SD-card. I couldn’t get on to my Google Account and I thought it would be best to get back to cupcake 1.5 – then root – and then load a rom!
    Downloaded the “RUU_Sapphire_Rogers_WWE_2.17.631.2_release_signed _NoDriver” and got it back to cupcake by pluging out my SD card. I got the same problems on the homescreen – forceclosing programs and no Google account login. Market won’t load without Google Account and I needed a file explorer to be able to work with flash recovery. Sent the Linda.apk to my mail, went on WIFI, downloaded it, extracted, and followed the rest of TheUnlockrs guides to get a Hero ROM! IT ROCKS, FINALLY FREEDOM!
    TheUnlockr – you are godlike, thanks a lot for your hard work, couldn’t do it without you!

    • Mappefar,

      Thanks glad to help! And thanks for sharing your solution, hopefully it helps some others having the same issue.

  • w00x

    I have a question regarding this method.

    I have a 32A Device. Unlocked. And i seem to have the Taiwanese RUU installed (bought it second hand and it was already installed).

    The phone is:

    HBOOT-1.76.0007 (SAPP10000)
    Aug 4 2009, 19:43:401

    Will I be able to revert to the stock SPL and RADIO using this method?

    • Woox,

      Yes, you should. But it depends on the RUU. Worst comes to worst, it will tell you error so no harm done to try.
      Good luck!

  • abhiroopb

    I was trying to get my HTC Magic back to the stock HTC version which I got when I bought my phone from Singtel (ie. before I upgraded to the HTC Sense UI). Unfortunately, the Rogers link did not work for me as it said “ROM update failed”, is there a ROM image that would work for my phone?

    NB: I only wanted to do this as rooting was not working for me (see your thread about rooting, I left a comment on it).

  • Egis

    When I launch that RUU_Sapphire_Rogers_WWE_2.17.631.2_release_signed_NoDriver.exe it is opening in Russian language. Why is that? Is everyone understanding Russian?? Where to get English Magic Original RU?

  • Egis

    Never mind about my last question, solved it myself.
    Now it is in English, but i cant connect my phone. The HTC Sync is saying Disconected and Original RUU software is saying ERROR[170]: USB CONNECTION ERROR.
    But the phone is connected physicaly and it charnging in via USB.

  • spences10

    Hi guys, I’m currently researching rooting my phone [UK Vodafone HTC Magic – 32B motherboard] and have read the posts about having to downgrade to Cupcake v1.5, do I need to unroot as I have not rooted it yet?

    I got my phone back in November 09 and the firmware version was 1.5 a few days after this I got a system update message which I okayed and I now have firmware 1.6 [Donut I believe] does this mean I’m still screwed if I’m trying to downgrade to Cupcake? I say screwed because no one has the ‘Magic Original RUU (Vodafone)’
    I found these files which I have not downloaded yet, would you recommend using them.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


  • Tomm

    i downloaded this vodafone on the shelf backup

    How do i restore my vodafone magic to 1.5 without nandroid backup?

  • Egis

    So does anyone know how to connect the phone to the computer, that software would say Connected?

  • surfer

    Does anyone know what to if the HTC sync doesn’t work? It won’t sync with the magic and just shows disconnected. I want to unroot to install the rogers update.

    • Surfer,

      There is an update for HTC Sync from HTC. Check the support site for HTC.

  • surfer

    The Unlockr,

    I tried that download as well. I’ve installed and uninstalled a couple of times with no luck. It keeps saying it’s disconnected.

    Would the root on the phone have anything to do with it? I have the Amon Ra rom on the phone using your one click method.

    • Surfer,

      Shouldn’t matter. Can you try a different computer?

  • surfer

    I was able to get it to work using the Windows 7 instructions that can be found here:

    hope it’s ok to post the link.

    • Surfer,

      Definitely ok, anything that can help others is 100% ok 🙂

  • Egis

    Surfer, it is the same problem for me too, and no one can help me here.
    The Unlockr, I tried different computer, but still the same prob.

    • Egis,

      Surfer just posted what worked for him with that phone, check out his link in the comments and let us know if it worked for you too.

  • Jeff


    Does that mean we can’t unroot vodafone Magic until the RUU is found?

    I found this thread on xda-developers, and I’m wondering if this can be of any help.

    I have vodafone Magic which I believe is from UK but currently using it on Fido in Canada.

  • Aamod

    The Magic RUU India is now available on the HTC web site India…

  • hey unlocker

    well i had the donut version on my phone
    then i rooted my phone
    they i unrooted my phone and went back to cupcake
    will i ever go back to donut
    will the phone automatically update itself to donut

  • nimdeos


    I unrooted my magic successfully with the suggestion surfer made above. HTC Sync was then able to recognize the device. I was then able to do the rogers update.

    Will I be able to root my phone again?

    • Nimdeos,

      Not sure what the Rogers update did… so you can try and check.

  • Jeff


    Rogers allowed their customers to have HTC Sense on their UI now.

  • xenon

    i have a 32a that i updatet whit sens now i cant fastboot or use the 1 click to get recovery can sombody help

  • Chris

    Hi Folks,

    I’m having a ‘mare trying to get my phone rooted.
    I have a UK vodafone HTC Magic
    HBOOT-1.33.0004 (SAPP10000)

    I have installed HTC Sync 2.0.18 which will not see my phone at all. I have enabled USB debugging.
    I tried running the RUU

    which sees my phone, and when trying to update the ROM fails saying it cannot update ROM. It is able to see my device as it confirm vfpioneer-user prior to failing.

    Can anyone assist?



    • Chris,

      It is because you are trying to use the Rogers RUU on your Vodafone Magic. At the moment, noone can find the Vodafone RUU…

  • S.Carter

    I have the same question as Jose. Is there a way to get back to stock T-Mo Donut after you unroot?

    • S Carter,

      Yes, you need to call your provider and ask them to resend the OTA for Donut as your phone “never got it”.
      Or Google around and their might be an official update for your phone floating around on the internet.

  • omida100

    I have the htc magic vodafone Germany and i have the android 2.1 on it and it’s beautiful and working like a charm thank to your instructions but is there a possibility to unroot the phone with the new android because I already got a mail from Google welcoming me to my new NEXUS ONE (????)

  • Chris

    Hi Unlockr.

    I got it sorted in the end.

    I used the SDK and Amon Ra recovery image method and I’ve managed to test out a couple of ROMS so far.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Jeff

    Hey Chris, do you mind sharing the method? I have the same model, and the methods out there are usually too complicated for me :S

  • Patt

    I had took my mytouch 3g overseas to get it unlock so i could use it there. The store that i took it to tried to unlock it but they couldnt. When i got my phone back instead of the Mytouch on my phone it turned out to be Magic. When i got back to the states and tried using my phone it works but i can’t send or receive any texts. Is there any way to fix it or change my phone back to the mytouch rom?

  • Jeff

    Hey unlockr,

    I successfully rooted my donut vodafone magic using the cyanogenmod way in the non T-mobile 32B Magics.

    Although I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it lol

    I thought people might find it useful. Although the HERO ROM was slow on my phone so I just went back to cyanogenmod. Cheers!

    • Jeff,

      Nice find. I haven’t seen that (we did that procedure for the MyTouch, didn’t know someone found the Sappimg for the non MyTouch magics. Nice 🙂 Will update the procedure ASAP so others can use it.

  • Jeff

    No problem! Glad I could be some help! Although I didn’t use the sappimg.nbh method, I used the method in the non T-mobile section! I started learning stuff from your website though, keep up the good work 🙂

  • Jeff

    Oh what I meant was, I tried the sappimg method, didn’t work.

  • pat

    hi i have a htc magic unlock
    sapphire PVT 32A ship S-on H

    i try to root it, and nothing work, not the goldcard or 1 click method, i try the unroot for roger and went i try to downgrade to Magic Original RUU (Rogers) the prog said ERROR[170] usb connection error, even if in command line i see my device with adb.exe devices !!
    any suggestion

  • Jeff

    When did you buy your HTC Magic? If it has been updated to HTC Sense, there’s nothing you can do right now because it has a perfect SPL and no one has been able to root the updated Rogers HTC Magic.

  • pat

    thx jeff

    i not sure, i did buy it on ebay, but it been updated to sense.
    so i will be patient !!!

  • Jeff

    No problem. You’ll probably have to wait a while. There’s a thread on rooting Rogers magic on XDA-developers, and of course no one has figured it out yet.

  • Vicki


    Does this unroot procedure work for Vodafone HTC Magics in Australia please???


  • Kakyoin


    the procedures on this site does work for Vodafone 32B Magic, u just gotta make sure u do it the rite way 4 ur mobile

  • Kakyoin

    Hi Unlockr,

    i follow the goldcard method 2 root my 32B Magic to cupcake and load a HERO rom into it (all methods r from unlockr site)

    now i would like to ask, is there a way to upgrade cupcake to higher versions and the Magic remains root and using different types of roms?

    bcos there r a few Goggle apps cant b use in 1.5 e.g. voice search, google, etc


    • Kakyoin,

      Not until we have a Hero ROM that is based on version 2.1. When we have that and it gets ported to the Magic then you can flash that.

  • N0b0

    It kept having error message saying USB is not connected!!Do u know why? : (

  • aaron

    Hey Unlockr,

    I am having trouble when I run the RUU. I end up getting an error [140]bootloader version error and I am using a Rogers Magic 32A with the sense UI ROM can you tell me what is going on, what am I doing wrong?? DX

    • ChrisL

      I got this error today as well. What gives?

      • Adam

        I have this error too. 32A Rogers HTC Magic

        Please help

  • Fahabio

    aaron, N0b0 and others with [170] error: I just had it:

    Uninstall ADB driver from Device Manager and let windows install HTC Driver, that is the way you need to go 🙂


    • Sylvain

      And how we do this ?

  • Kees Rodriguez

    hello there unlockr.

    ill get straight to the point. I tried to update my phone to 2.1 and it didn’t run as smoothly as i wanted so i downgraded the phone to 1.5 (so its unrooted). Now the problem is that when i turn on the phone i can’t go past welcoming instructions, i need to go through the instruction and then log in to my gmail account…. now this is an unlocked my touch 3g with Google from t-mobile (32B). And i need to sign in but the provider i use (Claro DOM.REP) doesn’t have any wireless network or at least the service i’m using… so i’m stuck i cant get out of here please help me.

    To make a story short i cant get past the welcoming screen without logging into Google without being able to even connect to internet.

    thank you in advance and for you’re time best regards kees.

    PS: I tried syncing but it doesn’t even recognize the phone or the card so i don’t have any options left.

    • Kees,

      Only thing you can really do is to get a SIM card with a data plan (either borrow your friends or just add the data plan to your SIM for the day and take it off tomorrow after you’ve gotten past the welcome screen).

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  • Daniel

    I dont get why my phone says bootlogger error . It says that before I do the update is complete.

  • Daniel

    Forgot, my phone is rogers

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  • ChrisL

    Hi Unlockr,

    So I read through several root tutorials and now that I know I’m on the right one, I’m hitting a huge issue that I can’t seem to get around.

    I have the Rogers HTC Magic (32A). First I was having the Error 140 (Bootloader Version Error) like aaron was having. I saw Fahabio’s response and tried that. Everything went well until I tried the RUU again. Now I’m getting the Error 170 (USB Connection Error). I’ve tried different USB ports and cables with no success. I can mount my SD via USB and sync with no issues, but the RUU doesn’t work at all. I can even get as far as it rebooting my phone to the bootloader, but then it doesn’t detect it and the RUU fails with a similar USB connection error.

    Any ideas?

  • momo

    IF you’re getting an Error 170 you’ve got 1 or both of these problems…
    1st problem is that you have USB debugging enabled… This needs to be disabled as it conflicts with the RUU bootloader as they’re trying to both communicate on the same port…

    2nd problem, the RUU you may have downloaded may be corrupt… Find another suitable download location for that specific RUU file

    I and my friend have run into these issues and resolved them by doing this.

  • Asad Hameed

    I have unrooted Magic 32A with new radio 6.35 and new SPL, can I unroot/downgrade it to 1.5 cupcake using official RUU. I am afraid I might brick the device. Any suggestions.

  • Sylvain


    Do the step and said: error (140) wrong Bootloader version

    HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)
    Jan 14 2010,00:14:58

    Device: Sapphire
    Model: HTC Magic
    Board: Sapphire
    Product: HTC Magic
    Brand: Rogers
    Release 1.5
    SDK: 3
    Build: CUPCAKE.eng.u70000.20100114.191317

    • Sylvain

      Ok have read all the post and it seem that I cant root rogers magic + phone. Will wait darn…

  • Jason

    Same problem as Sylvain. Anyone have any info on the Error 140 bootloader version issue?

  • Jason

    I do have a workaround for the people with the driver issue running windows 7:

    First time you plug in your phone the wrong driver will be installed, go to device manager and click update driver software -> Browse computer -> Let me pick from a list -> Have Disk, locale htc magic drivers for win7 from stc sync directory (Program Files (x86)/HTC/HTC Drivers … ), this will put My HTC driver on.

    continue in next post…

  • Anonymous

    Ughh I’m still getting the 140 error! Help Unclockr please!

  • Taylor

    Still getting 140 error trying to unroot please Help!!!

    • Taylor

      HTC Magic Rogers 32A

  • Farhan Sabir

    I have an HTC Magic. Upgraded to Hero ROM and rooted. I tried the above procedure to unroot rogers htc magic, but on the phone i get:

    Checking Model ID…
    Update Failed!

    on software it shows: ERROR[130]: MODEL ID ERROR

    additionally, i got this phone repaired once – dunno if that has done something.
    Can you please help?

    H.BOOT 1.33.0009 (SAPP10000)
    May 8, 2009,21:02:32

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  • Beshoy_rizkalla

    Error [140]: Bootloader version error i want solve it plz 

  • Anonymous

    how about the Mac user ?

  • Jeff Marshall

    I have an HTC Magic which has been rooted and I am trying to go back to factory. I have tried your fix and the problem I am running into is driving me insane. I have downloaded HTC sync and the original RUU but neither my home computer nor my work computer will even recognize my phone. I can access it as a USB storage device but it will not sync to HTC sync. When I try and run the install for the RUU it says my phone is not connected… What am I missing here?

  • Islahuddin112

    I have htc magic vodafone , i have tried to downgrade it form 2.2.1 to 1.6, and i download a rom of 1.6 and from root i installed it from sd card problem is that it is stuck on start showing just vodafone screen nothing else . what should i do know . please can anyone reply my problem????????