How To Use Google+ Circles

Trying to figure out what’s so different about Google+ over Facebook? Well, one of the big features are called Circles and they are pretty cool. Problem is, most people, aren’t quite sure how to use them. Let’s see if we can show you how these groups can be used to your advantage.


  • Circles can be used to avoid sending messages to everyone when you may only want specific people to see them (talking about a drunken night to friends, might not want to be shared with coworkers or family members etc.)
  • You can also use them to stop people from being annoyed with your posts by creating some for topics and then sending posts to those topic groups only when appropriate. I.e. You can create one for technology and put all of your techie friends in there, this way when you feel the urge to nerd out and talk about the latest iPhone rumors etc., you can post specifically to those people only and your other Circles won’t see it.
  • You can create circles within circles. Say you have friends that live in your area, so you might put them in their own circle (and keep them in your other circles as well) this way you can click on their circle in your stream to see what your local friends might be up to tonight.

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  1. Faribacristina

    lovin these “how to’s” for google+! i’m so excited for it! & love that i see myself in your vid hahah! 

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