How to Use UberEats to Get Lunch Delivered in Minutes

If you haven’t heard, Uber just extended their free lunch delivery in Manhattan for another week to help promote their new UberEats service and this got me curious. How exactly does UberEats, from the people that take me to and from bars at ungodly hours, work to get me food faster than a traditional delivery service? I opened the app, ordered some food, and figured I’d show you what I learned. Here’s how to use UberEats:

1. Open the Uber app.

Open Uber

2. Select your location (like you would in Uber for a car). Important Note: At the moment, UberEats only delivers between 14th St and 59th st aka where all the large offices are located in Manhattan, but plans to “expand that area soon”.

View Menu

3. Tap view menu then select the item you want to order and how many (I can eat 4 orders of those darn chicken fingers myself, but to each his own).

Choose Food

4. Check out and wait for the Uber to arrive.

Check Out

5. Fight the habit to jump into the car when it arrives and just take the food from the driver. Eat and get back to work!

Right now, this only works if your pick up location is between 14th St and 59th St in Mahattan and only works between the hours of 11am and 2pm Monday through Friday.

The food arrives in the time they say (give or take a few minutes like any Uber service), but I have to say that it’s still pretty impressive. Essentially what’s happening is that the drivers have the food ready to go in their car so when you order they just show up, making it faster than you could get from a normal delivery place –since no need to wait for them to make it.

Now, there are obvious drawbacks, from the very limited menu (each day this week only has two items to choose from each day) to the fact that it’s ready made and so chances of it being slightly cold are probably prevalent, to the fact that – after this week – it’ll cost some nominal fee for them to deliver it. Despite this though, I always find it fascinating how Uber tries to add to their already impressive line up of products (and how darn fast they roll them out).

Anyone in NYC try it out yet? And anyone else wondering what happens to all those left over chicken fingers in the car at 2pm?

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