HTC Evo View 4G / Flyer Review

So I know what you’re thinking. Another Android tablet? They’re all the same, what makes this one so special. Well, one word; stylus. We’ll show you what we mean in this HTC Evo View 4G / HTC Flyer review.



  • 1.5 ghz processor
  • 7″ Capacitive touchscreen
  • 5MP Camera on the back
  • 1.3MP Camera on the front
  • Wifi only version is called the Flyer, Wifi and 3G/4G version runs on Sprint and is called the Evo View 4G
  • Optional Active Stylus (should be included in our opinion as it is what makes all the difference on this device)


  • Sound quality is quite good thanks, in part, to the dual stereo speakers on the back
  • Volume is great


  • 5.0MP on the back
  • Unfortunately, no flash or dedicated camera button
  • 1.3MP on the front for video calling and self portraits
  • Picture quality is grainy in low light situations (as to be expected without a flash)
  • Well light shots come out as expected from a 5MP camera
  • Image and video samples:
Image Samples
Video Sample

Data Speeds

  • N/A, our review unit was the Flyer and WiFi only

Battery Life

To test battery life, we use the device as if it were our own for a day. We make phone calls, surf the internet, read and respond to emails, text, etc. in a way that we think your average user of this device would. We wanted to test real world battery life and figured, while this way of testing has many variables, it is the closest to what an average user would actually experience and care about. We then determine how many hours off of the charger the device lasted before it completely died and post the results here:

Lasted 30 hours before completely dying.


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How To’s

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Bottom line is if you are someone who still carries around a notebook, whether it’s to draw with, take notes with, etc. this might be the one tablet, that for you at least, might actually make your life easier and not just sit on your coffee table…


Please feel free to leave your own reviews of the device below in the comments!

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2 responses to “HTC Evo View 4G / Flyer Review”

  1. Excellent review.

    It seems like most of the other reviews that I have read just focused on the fact that it doesn’t have a dual-core processor (personally I am tired of all the nearly identical honeycomb, tegra-2 powered tablets, so like you, I was also glad that HTC did something different) and/or criticized it for being too much like an “oversized phone” while making light of the stylus, almost implying it was just a gimmick.  That may be true for some, and consequently they should avoid this tablet… but I feel like those reviews completely missed the point, because for the audience this tablet is made for, it’s a very mobile, capable note-taking tablet that offers a completely unique experience from anything else currently available.

    The 1.5GHz SoC powering the View is pretty unique by itself, so I was hoping to hear your impressions on its performance, and maybe some benchmarks.  I can find plenty of benchmarks online, but it would have been nice to hear them in the context of your review, too.

    Great work, thanks!

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