HTC Trophy Review

Well, Verizon users, the wait is over. Windows Phone 7 has finally arrived on Big Red. The HTC Trophy is the first Verizon Windows Phone and on paper it can hold it’s own with the rest of the Windows Phone devices being launched lately. A 1ghz processor, 576mbs of RAM, 5.0MP camera with a flash and dedicated camera button (oh, how I love dedicated camera buttons), and a 3.8″ 800×480 resolution capacitive screen are just some of the specs for this new addition to Verizon’s lineup. Wondering whether this could be your next device when that Verizon upgrade is ready? Well, let us break it down for you in the above video review of the HTC Trophy.



  • Light and small, yet solid feeling (compared to other Windows Phone 7 devices)
  • Matte backing, no fingerprints and yet clean look
  • Relatively same internal specs as all Windows Phone 7 devices (1ghz processor, 576mbs or RAM, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Accelerometer, 5.0MP Camera w/ Flash, etc.)


  • 3.8″ Capacitive LCD screen is a perfect for someone who wants decent screen real estate without carrying around a brick of a phone
  • Thanks to Windows Phone 7 and that 1ghz processor, swiping, scrolling, and pinching on the screen is fluid and flawless.


  • Volume is decent, crisp and clear
  • HTC’s Sound Enhancer app can add SRS Enhancement, makes it slightly louder without becoming too tingy


  • Camera is decent and quick to load even from sleep mode
  • Camera quality is a little bit grainy compared to other windows phone devices by HTC
  • Image and video samples:
Image Samples

Video Sample

Data Speeds

  • Using BandWidth, a free app available in the Marketplace we hit the following speeds (an average of three tests):
Our Office, Brooklyn Heights 1.33 Mbps Down / 0.52 Mbps Up

*Keep in mind these above tests were done using a third party testing app that we cannot guarantee accuracy on. Actual speeds may vary.

Battery Life

To test battery life, we use the phone as if it were our own for a day. We make phone calls, surf the internet, read and respond to emails, text, etc. in a way that we think your average user of this device would. We wanted to test real world battery life and figured, while this way of testing has many variables, it is the closest to what an average user would actually experience and care about. We then determine how many hours off of the charger the device lasted before it completely died and post such results here:

Lasted 13 hours before completely dying.


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How To’s

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All in all, if you want a Windows Phone 7 device on Verizon, this is your only option… Besides that though, this is a pretty good option. It is similar in size to the iPhone 4 with a slightly larger screen, it’s not as bulky as some other HTC Windows Phone 7 devices and thanks to Windows Phone and that 1ghz processor it runs like butter. The design is sleek, small, and sexy. Battery life is better than most smartphones we’ve tested, oh and the $149.99 price tag (making it one of the less expensive smartphones on Verizon) doesn’t hurt either.

Please feel free to leave your own reviews of this device in the comments below.

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