Huawei P10 Giveaway!

Thanks to Huawei reaching out, I have a P10 to giveaway to you guys! Fairest way I know how is to use the Gleam widget (that I’m sure you are all familiar with by now), so here we go.

Few Things to Note:

  • The giveaway is international so no matter where you are, if you win, I’ll personally ship to you myself.
  • The winner will be chosen at random by the giveaway widget.
  • It will run from 2pm EST on the 17th of April to 1:59:59pm EST on the 24th of April.
  • The winner will be announced in this page and emailed directly so check back on this page and your spam folder after that to see if it was you. You will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.
  • Good luck and thanks for your support!

Huawei P10 Giveaway

Let me know in the comments below if you think this was a good giveaway! Or if you have suggestions for future ones!

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45 responses to “Huawei P10 Giveaway!”

  1. MANJIT SARMA says:

    Wow!!! Another Giveaway!!! Entered; thanks…

  2. kg says:

    hope I win this time. thanks!

  3. keith james says:

    I need a new phone badly.

  4. SxmTech says:

    Thanks David for doing one international again, hope I get this one this time

  5. Chemy says:

    this is great, this smartphones are really a good investment, the only think I think could be better is getting rid of the referral option and instead adding a daily action, like tweeting something or maybe even watching and commenting a different video each day. The reason I think this way is because they are a lot of sites dedicate to repost their referral links and because of that they get thousands of points with referrals, so they regular people have really lower chances than the guys running those sites.

    • David Cogen says:

      Hi Chemy,

      So I get what you’re saying about the referal option. I can’t remove it for this one, but I actually think this will be the last giveaway I do like this. I think I’m going to start doing once just for readers that comment the most, engage with me, help with polls or suggestions, send in photos, etc. etc. But for now, good luck in this one and I’ll let you know about the newer ones when I figure that out 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, as always!

  6. megatec45 says:

    Huawei makes the best phones HANDS DOWN!

  7. Giorgio Scampini says:

    Gran smartphone, como todos espero ganar, sobre todo porque no tengo un smartphone,

  8. Jitendra Sakariya says:

    It’s awsome & International Giveaway via Gleam. Hope we can be helpful each other in all good activities & engage more, for better outcomes.
    Thanks Mr. David for this opportunity.

  9. Angela Mason says:

    Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity! Enjoy your week!

  10. Mart Rod says:

    Very good

  11. kittylt says:

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway ,Hope to win.

  12. Debbie Snell says:

    I think it’s a fantastic giveaway I mean it looks like a fantastic phone thanks for the chance very kind

  13. baron bull says:

    Being out of work for some time ,Never had a High End phone ,wouldn’t it be lovely .

  14. Helena Oops says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Cross my fingers !

  15. Saku says:

    Amazing stuff! Thanks for the generosity, sir Unlocker.

  16. j4m3z says:

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks.

  17. MOHIT KADIAN says:

    Love the P10 due to its sleek design.

  18. carltodasco says:


  19. Bernard Chua says:

    I love Huawei for the battery life and this P10 look fantastic in design with features that’s I like t get my hand on it.

  20. Tonnio says:

    Like It , Love It,

  21. Rodel Mercurio says:

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks.

  22. Tomasz says:

    Extra Super Giveaway !!!

  23. Prabhath says:

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks.
    Hope to win.

  24. Giorgio Scampini says:

    Para mi por favor

  25. Randy Ra says:

    Wish me luck

  26. John Agwazim says:

    Great camera. Thumbs up……..

  27. Alexandra Barros says:

    Sincere Congratulations for another master #Giveaway initiative & splendorous #Huawei prize!

    Last but not least, my most sincere Thank You for the kind and unique opportunity to transform my #HuaweiP10 high tech mobile dream, into unforgettable reality!

    Kind Regards and wishes of continuous success to all your projects, from Portugal!

  28. Salim Guessoum says:

    good luck for evry one

  29. Popescu iulian petrisor says:

    great camera, design —awsome, the best

  30. tantip1 says:

    I love that the Huawei P10 has a great camera and that the battery lasts all day long and that it has
    a beautiful design and solid construction.

  31. amankh says:

    Great features, ergonomic design and a fab brand all put in one #P10 which is why I love it

  32. Saku says:

    Eight hours to go…
    Dream big and pray hard, mateys! Good luck to us, fellas!

  33. Saku says:

    Gonna sleep now and I hope by tomorrow, lady luck is beside me.

  34. Maxim Aguilar-cruz says:

    Good luck everybody

  35. Irish Stanford says:

    Good luck everyone

  36. Alexandra Barros says:

    Sincere Congratulations to the winner!

    Enjoy ‘Til the Max your wonder prize!

    To master staff & crew #TheUnlockr, for the initiative + prize, and that way, transform high tech mobile dreams into unforgettable reality… BRAVO!

    Last, but not least, my most sincere Thank You for the kind and unique opportunity!

    I’ll keep on trying my luck, smiles!

    Kind Regards and sincere wishes of continuous success, from Portugal!

  37. Saku says:

    Yohohoho! Grats to the winner

  38. Chemy says:

    Congrats to the winner!

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