Giant Eclair? Yes, Please. Can You Deliver It to Me? Great.

So Google is an interesting company to say the least. But one of their unique quirks has made its way onto YouTube.

Apparently Google orders a giant foam dessert every time a new version of Android is being worked on. A Cupcake, then a Donut, and now… an Eclair.

Check out the video done by one of the Android Google Team and you guessed it, an Android device 🙂



8 thoughts on “Giant Eclair? Yes, Please. Can You Deliver It to Me? Great.”

  1. Ummm I’m in what we call building 45 here. It’s good here I save hundreds a month from eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner here =]. Yes every time I walk past those things my teeth start hurting looks so sweet -_-“.

    1. Hello Eddie’,

      I meant what is the building for or what do you do in building 45 besides look at the delicious pastries out the window lol
      That’s awesome! They don’t ever want you to have to leave, eh?

  2. Oh ummm well in this building we have a lot of engineers for Google apps and Android OS. I can’t say much, but I do get to see phones not released yet and some you guys have not mentioned yet on here =X

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