How to Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad on iOS 7 / 7.0.4 / 7.0.5 / 7.0.6 (Video)

It’s finally here. Thanks to the evasi0n team, the iOS 7 jailbreak is here (and just in time for Christmas). As with most of their jailbreaks, you simply need to plug in and run their super simple program to jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. With that in mind though, there are a few things you should definitely know/do before you click that big blue jailbreak button (backing up being a biggie). Here’s our how to to make this as smooth as possible.

Worried about this? Here’s our how to unjailbreak your iPhone video to see how easy that is.

I. Before You Begin

1. This works on all iPhone and iPads (and iPods) running on iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.6. If you have a different version or device, please check our How To section for the video on how to jailbreak your particular device and firmware version.

2. This works on Windows and Mac (simply download your version of the jailbreaking software when necessary).

3. You must have the latest version of iTunes installed. If not, head here, download, and install the version there.

II. Disable Your Passcode

1. Tap on Settings.

2. Tap on General.

3. Tap on Auto-Lock and change it to Never.

4. Hit back.

5. Tap Touch ID & Passcode (or it’s just Passcode on devices besides the iPhone 5S) and tap Turn Passcode Off.

6. Enter your current passcode to confirm.

III. Perform a Backup

1. Plug in your iPhone / iPad into your computer via the USB cable.

2. Open iTunes on your computer.

3. Click Back Up Now.

IV. Jailbreak your iPhone / iPad / iPod

1. Download the latest version of the Evasi0n jailbreak for your computer and save it to your computer (remember if this all works for you to donate or at least thank them for making this possible and so simple).

2. Double click the .dmg file if using a Mac and install the Evasion program (if using Windows right-click the .zip file and click Extract all then double click the exe file inside to install the program).

3. Click on Jailbreak.

4. Unlock the phone screen when prompted.

5. Tap the Evasi0n app icon on your device’s homescreen and wait for it to reboot.

6. Exit the Evasi0n app when it’s done and you should see Cydia on your device now.

Reported Issues:

Issue: Device gets stuck on Apple logo after the jailbreak says it is done on the computer.

Solution: Follow our how to restore your iPhone / iPad video, restore your backup, and start over.

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  • juan_413

    I did all this and my iPhone 4 as been in the apple logo since yesterday what can I do to fix it plz help

    • Carmelo Mercado

      hold power and home button. hard reboot

    • darioqqo948

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      XC60 SUV only from working off a macbook air… why not look here B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Techh Eaglle

    nice post

  • Hassan Diab

    I have an iPhone 5 7.0.4 it got stock

  • Tyler Marshall

    Can you make one for windows phone 8? (Nokia Lumia?) thanks

  • Kasey

    i did all of this step by step but after i clicked the evasion 7 app on my iphone 5 it rebooted then it did not wait for me to unlock my phone again and it just closed the program and afterwards i was not left with cydia

    • tsamways

      ^Same here what can I do??

      • Brennen

        same but i have an iphone 4s. what do you do to make it work?

    • connor

      did it wrong

  • Kalakalaha

    cydia asks if i am an user , hacker or developer…. what am i supposed to click on?

    • kimeey


    • JailBreak Masters

      Pick user because hacker gives you more problems

  • not really happy

    it works and everything… until the end, then right at the end the program closes and jsut leaves me confused. the logo never cahnged to cydia and nothin else has happened, why does it jsut close like that at the end?

    • swedish man

      Same for me on my iphone 5. But i did it on my ipad 2 earlier and it`s worked perfect. Can someone explain?

      • Kasey

        Same thing for my iphone 5 too. Please help

        • julian

          for me the same thing cydia isn’t coming

      • farhaan

        evasion is for hacking your bank password they are making fool to us…after doing this they can hack our bank password

        • Hahah no it definitely isn’t (and not one person of the literal millions who have used it have ever reported their bank account being hacked after). But thanks for sharing the conspiracy theory.

    • Not happy

      Yeah me too

  • peter99

    i have followed all the steps but evasion logo stays on there and cydia dont comes now it goz stuck and i cant do anything please help me

  • zaher hanna

    Thank you>>>>

  • Rence

    i need help.. the evasion app just stay white when i try to open, but when when it closes, cydia is still not there

  • Hariman

    thx for the cydia I love it.

  • chad

    my keeps saying Failed during configuring sysem (1/2) then has me exit evasion I’m doing on a mac for my iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4

  • Krushinator

    When ever i try to download Evasi0n it brings me to a screen with a m in the middle then freezes! HELP PLEASE!!!

  • Alexander Lillé

    Everything went fine but i didnt got cydia, what am i supose to do??

    • Start over but make sure to leave pin code off and autolock set to never.

  • Natalie

    mine comes up with the evasion program can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer ? help please

    • Clashypoobatman

      go to system preferences, security, and at the bottom it should say something about it and you click on open anyway or allow.

  • Jimmy1

    I followed the steps, along with the video. Once the Evasion app is done doing its thing after I touch it I am left with the Evasion app with no Cydia app I have all updated Itunes and OSX (I use a Mac)

  • Mad Max

    I did it and nothing changed… no cydia icon… what do I do now?

  • Eugene Warren

    i have the macbook air and everything is updated to where it is supposed to be but evasion won’t open what should i do?

  • Sarah

    – what should I do when it says that evasi0n failed to retrieve package info from the internet?

    • Chad

      Make sure your computer has a good constant internet connection. Restart computer and router to fix.

  • itsmelol

    i did everything correctly, but when i rebooted the ipod. im still left with evasion 7 app and it never changed to cydia. help me

    • ggreg4dam

      I am having the same problem, the evasi0n7 program on the computer was at ‘Modifying rootfs’ and then it just closed out and left my phone with just the evasi0n7 app..

  • Avery

    Thank you so much! I love cydia! I had it before but someone restored my phone and I couldn’t do it again on that phone until I got a new one and I still couldn’t do it cuz I had iOS 7 But this worked!!! everyone do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! 🙂

  • Hannah

    when i open my evasion app, it doesn’t load for a long time and then it crashes. Help!

  • fsas

    mine gets stuck at configurating system 1/2 what should i do

  • please help

    mine doesnt load cydia it just exits program on iphone 5

  • Happy

    It worked perfectly!!!! Wonderful!!

  • s

    at 3:25 in your video it knows your device but when I do it it doesn’t know mine what should I do?

  • please help

    at 2:02 my device doesnt come up

  • akib

    i have iphone 4s wid ios7.0.4 version. i am running it wid gevey. & the gevey jst let me run to msg & call bt it can’t let me to run internet. now i want 2 jail break…….so can i apply dis formula which is shown????? with putting ta gevey inside????? i already damaged 2 geveys! dis tym i dn’t want 2 damage dis one!!!!

  • Abdullah Nazar

    when i click evasion 7 n ma fone a white screen apears and nothing happens 🙁 plzz help me asap

  • Kel

    evasion wont install on my mac computer

    • fatima

      yeah mine is too i download it but it doesn’t work
      plzzzz someone help me

  • Nurul Misbah Fahim

    Brother thank you so much its done was looking lots of website for jailbreak finally.Actually i can’t afford to donate something Sorry but many thanks to you all Out there who are helping people. 🙂

  • comkiq


  • kala

    whenever i try to download the evasion i get stuck on a megashare page and it wont let me download it

  • craaaaaaaaaaap

    yeah do i did everything it told me to do and im left with just the evasi0n 7 app and no cydia…

  • Tech Support

    Redo the process again and this time it should work

  • Happy Maan

    Thank you so much it works for me 🙂

  • Sad !

    Did Not Work At All.. Sad iPhone 4s iOS 7.06 did not work..

  • happy but confuced

    it worked for me and thanks for that but when i installed airdrop from cydia ….i dont know why cydia got deleted n there was no jailbreak left

  • Not happy

    I was using iPad mini and it didn’t have right wears ion of IOS and I have 7.1??

  • Not a bit happy

    i did everything as i was suppose to, but when i rebooted my ipod no cydia icon but instead still left with evasion 7 app and never changed to cydia. Why? Need some help. Thank you!!! I have done it 5 times lol

  • marie

    Je viens d’essayer de jailbreaker mon téléphone ios 7.0.4 et il beug.
    Vous pouvez m’aider ?

  • David

    I did everything as instructed and All I have is a the white apple popping in and out???? What now?

  • danny

    does it work on ipod 5

  • alex

    will this work with iOS 7.1?

  • dyhr2703

    It seems like i aint able to download the “evasiOn7” to windows. it keeps saying “starting” but doesnt download… help!!

    • Sorry maybe it’s down right now try again later.

  • ggreg4dam

    After tapping the evasi0n7 icon and the reboot, the evasi0n7 program on the computer was at ‘Modifying rootfs’ and then it just closed out and left my phone with just the evasi0n7 app and no cydia.. What do I do?

    • Are you on iOS 7.0.6 or below? If not, it won’t work.

  • pink

    the evasi0n7 program when says sorry the version on iOS (11D201) of the attached device is not supported, I have the iPhone 5 iOS 7.1.1, it isn’t working..

  • nithinissuper

    y the link is block

  • Geertvd

    Cydia didn’t download into my iphone 4, 7.0.4 Why? Do I need to jailbreak it all over?

    • Yes and make sure you don’t have a pin or password set before beginning.

  • Not happy with this so far

    Mine gets stuck configuring system 1 and it then fails

  • Aderemilekun Yusuf Akande

    Pls any1 hia got a new download links,i need to download this 7.0.1-7.0.6 but all the download links are dead,all mega links for mac windows are down!