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OnePlus One Unboxing

Today I have the OnePlus One finally in my hands and, as always, that means it’s time to do an unboxing. OnePlus, like it’s apparently affiliated company Oppo, have been in the press quite a bit lately. Sometimes for not so good reasons, and sometimes for good ones (like the fact that their phone has similar specs to the top of the line flagship devices from HTC and Samsung, but is about half the cost). The OnePlus One is a bit elusive though, requiring you to acquire an invite somehow before being allowed to purchase the device on their website. …

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Motorola Moto E Unboxing (Video)

Motorola’s new budget friendly device, the Moto E, is getting a ton of praise from around the web for it’s extremely low price tag coupled with “better than expected” performance, styling, and pretty much all other aspects of it. I plan to do a full video review ASAP, but in the meantime, figured it was best to get a quick unboxing up for anyone interested in what comes with the device (or what doesn’t come with it as I’d imagine is the bigger question) and how it looks and feels when first unwrapped from it’s box. Check out said unboxing …

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