Microsoft’s AI Powered Camera Recognition for Businesses is Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie (Video)

During Microsoft’s developer conference Build a bit ago, Microsoft demoed something that I thought was pretty damn cool.

The new tech they’re using can analyze images from everyday security cameras to detect people and objects and then automatically direct those people to those objects, notify other people, etc. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Straight outta a sci-fi movie, right?! Not quite sure how close Microsoft is to this being a reality, but Director of Commercial Communications Andrea Carl explained how it’s working and named all systems Microsoft already has running (including¬†Azure Stack, Azure Functions, & Cognitive Services). The big draw for large companies (besides the insane scenarios mentioned above) is that it can use an existing company’s cameras meaning that it’s simply a software addition and that makes it way easier to implement, of course.

In addition to what they show in the video above, the system can also automatically detect if a user has a specific certification for a specialized piece of equipment and then if it sees someone unauthorized pick it up, can automatically notify someone that it’s happening. (Insert typical big brother-like comments here.)

Regardless of how it’s used, you have to admit it’s crazy to see how far tech is coming in the image recognition field and AI, no? What do you guys think¬†of all this?

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