New Phone: Nokia N900

So the newest Nokia phone, is being market as an “internet device”. Makes sense, since it runs an operating system, meant for an internet tablet, according to, instead of the company’s usual favorite OS (Symbian). Nokia reps claim that this device is not meant to compete with it’s Symbian smartphones, but is meant to cater to a totally different market (not sure how true that is, would you rather have this phone or a N97? Hmmm).

The new N900 runs on Maemo OS 5 which is a Linux based operating system meant for an internet tablet. It is a pretty smooth operating system, and since it is an open source project (similar to Android), it has a nice community of developers and free apps on But a video will do much better than me blabbing about it, take a look for yourself:

Now, the other thing that is interesting about this phone, is the 3G frequencies it supports; 1700mhz is one of them according to the spec sheet. What does that mean? Well, that would mean that either Nokia thinks T-Mobile is the optimal place to use the device, OR T-Mobile USA picked it up and it is scheduled for a USA release on T-Mobile’s network. 1700mhz, for those who do not know, is the oddball frequency that T-Mobile USA uses for their 3G network.

I kind of think the OS, looks too similar to Symbian; the menus, the title bars, the font, the reactions, etc. But the way it functions seems a lot nicer. Now, one thing that immediately pops into my head about the device though, is that since it is linux based and so is another nice operating system (cough, Android), how long will it be before people develop a port for Android to run on it… Hmmm….

One last vid:

What do you guys think? Does it peak your interest?

6 thoughts on “New Phone: Nokia N900”

  1. Pictures and camera can be quite misleading. Got the HTC hero the othe day and was surprise just how small it was. Expected it to be a little bigger.

  2. The future is bright for techy consumers. Someone finally targeting our market. Other phone manufacturers are targeting the “average consumer” cash cow that they forgot about people that care to learn how to use their phones. Finally Nokia, finally. Glad to see you step up.

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