Phone Review: Dell Streak

3 responses to “Phone Review: Dell Streak”

  1. Eric says:

    That phone is HUGE. Is it the size of a PSP?

  2. Y314K says:

    Great review…

    I would of bought this device at launch if there would of been a TMobile version available… I think Dell really screwed itself by making it ATT only… Must be one of those 6 Month exclusive deals… By the time this phone makes it to a thru unlock multi carrier device… It’s tech would be old news… Although I wish HTC was working on a 5″ Android Phone device….

    That might come out in years from TMobile since they are barely making a Nexus One with a keyboard over half a year after that tech debuted… Sucks…

    Guess I’ll wait some more for the fist TMobile Dual Core Android phone for Dec. or probably not till mid 2011 by the way TMobile sucks at releasing high end devices…

  3. Dropp says:

    I love my streak but would love a stock android 2.1. Much like ya self i think the streak would be so much fastster.

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